O  S  L  I  N     H  A  L  L     R  A  R  E     B  O  O  K  S

  ~ Part one ~

1. Anderson, Mark J., et al.  Cadwalader Study.   Winterthur; Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1995. 2nd prtg.  The results of a landmark project to examine, compare and document every single piece of furniture that could be found that was made for General John Cadwalader and his wife Elizabeth, of Philadelphia. But you knew that already.  This study has become almost impossible to find.  Softcover. 8.5"x11", about 125 pages, b/w and several color illustrations; light wear.  [31635]  $675.00 

2. Apicella, Mary Ann.  Scottish Cabinetmakers in Federal New York.   Hanover; University press of New England: 2007.  "The first full-length study of the Scottish community of craftsman in Federal New York. Extensively researched throughout the United States and the British Isles, this lavishly illustrated volume brings to light the influence of Scottish cabinetmakers and designs on furniture made in Federal America."  Hardcover. 9"x12", 183 pages, 118 color and 43 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. In fine condition.  [90333]  $75.00 

3. Baltimore Furniture. The Work of Baltimore and Annapolis Cabinetmakers from 1760 to 1810.   Baltimore Museum of Art: 1947.  Although much of the material in this important catalog has been updated by other authors, it remains as the publication which first focused the attention of collectors and scholars on Maryland furniture. The 125 objects illustrated were selected for the exhibition by Joseph Downs and Henry Francis du Pont. Ames & Ward. Semowich 881.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 195 pages, b/w illustrations. Minor wear.  [35908]  $150.00 

4. [Barbour Collection] Koda, Paul.  Frederick K. and Margaret R. Barbour's Furniture Collection.   Hartford; The Connecticut Historical Society: 1963.  The Barbour's were discriminating collectors from the second generation of American furniture collecting, specializing in Connecticut furniture. Judging from this catalog, they were also involved in a contest to see how many highboys you could stuff into a house... Semowich 825.  Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 71 pages, 1 color plate and many black & white illustrations. Some soil, light wear.  [34285]  $60.00 
5. as above, Softcover. Some soil.  [34284]  $35.00 

6. [Barbour Collection] Koda, Paul.  Frederick K. and Margaret R. Barbour's Furniture Collection [with] -A Supplement.   Hartford; The Connecticut Historical Society: 1963 & 1970. The Supplement features 14 additional pieces purchased after the first catalog was issued in 1963.  Includes several more highboys and chests-on-chests. My God, what were they storing?  Semowich 825.  2 volumes. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 71 pages, 1 color plate and many b/w illustrations [and] Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 31 pages, b/w illustrations. Some soil, light wear.  [34287]  $100.00 

7. Barbour, Frederick K.  The Stature of Fine Connecticut Furniture.   Printed for the author in an edition of 200 numbered copies: 1959.  Barbour's first publication featuring pieces from his collection, which he more or less denies is a collection here. His text is in no way scholarly or overly descriptive, but rather wanders pleasantly from piece to piece as an after-dinner conversation might after too much brandy.  Hardcover. 7.5"x11", 5 pages of text plus 1 color and 22 black & white plates. Slipcased. Inscribed to a friend. Light wear.  [35079]  $125.00 

8. [Bartlett]  Important American Furniture. The Collection of Scott Bartlett.   New York; Sotheby's: February 2, 1983.  A very fine small collection focusing on Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Great River Valley furniture.  Softcover. 8.5"x10.5", about 40 pages, 12 lots, color and black & white illustrations. Prices released sheet stapled to the first page. Fine.  [36065]   $25.00 

9. Bivins, John, Jr.  The Furniture of Coastal North Carolina, 1700-1820.   MESDA/University of North Carolina Press: 1988.  A massive and important study of this early furniture-making center. With examples drawn from a number of public and private collections, this was not an attempt to document every piece of furniture that could be found, but to survey and document the "unique regional" style.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", xiii + 562 pages, color frontispiece, hundreds of b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket a little worn, else a nice copy.  [32267]  $1,000.00 

10. Boor, John William, with Allison, Jonathan, Christopher, & Peter Boor.  Philadelphia Empire Furniture.   Hanover; University Press of New England: 2006.  "This volume looks closely for the first time at Philadelphia Empire furniture and the development of decorative arts in Philadelphia between 1800 and 1840."  Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 596 pages, 495 color and 126 b/w illustrations, dj. New.  [90232]  $110.00 

11. Bowers, William S.  Craftsmen of Franklin County, Penna. 1784-1884.   Mercersburg; Irwinton Publishers: 1984.  An important study of artisans in this south-central Pennsylvania county. Chapters include- cabinetmakers, chair makers, clockmakers, silversmiths, metal workers, potters, limners, and much more! Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 220 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine.  [35204]  $250.00 

12. Brainard, Newton C.  Connecticut Chairs in the Collection of The Connecticut Historical Society.   Hartford; 1956.  A  catalog of 30 pre-1800 chairs, interesting not only because of the wide variety of Connecticut chairs it illustrates, but also because of the frank and at times brutal commentary. No punches are pulled here.  Softcover.  7"x9.5", 67 pages, each chair illustrated with a black & white plate. Covers somewhat soiled.  [35061]  $50.00 

13. Buff, Barbara Ball, et al.  A Celebration of Westchester: Arts and Decoration of Three Hundred Years.   The Scarsdale Historical Society: 1981.  A loan exhibition of 18th, 19th and 20th century paintings, folk arts, furniture, silver and more. Uncommon.  Softcover. 8"x9", 84 pages, black & white illustrations. Light wear. Binding crack but pages still intact. One small pen note. Inscribed by Buff.  [35504]  $40.00 

14. [Christie]  Property from the Estate of Mrs. Lansdell K. Christie.   New York; January 27, 1996.  The Christie's collected American furniture through the 1960s with the help of Harold Sack, and built up a superb collection of the finest examples, some of wich were sold at Lansdell Christie's death in 1972. The rest, including the Derby Family painted Federal side chairs and Newport and Boston block-front furniture, was sold at this sale.  Softcover. 8"x10.5", 59 pages, 40 lots, color illustrations.  [35138]  $40.00 
15. as above, Newly bound into neat dark cloth with the original front covers bound in. Bookplate, signature, otherwise near fine.  [35903]  $40.00 

16. Colglazier, Gail Nessell.  Springfield Furniture, 1700-1850. A Large and Rich Assortment.   Springfield; Connecticut Valley Historical Museum: 1990.  the catalog to a loan exhibition of 32 pieces from private and public collections. The catalog includes a checklist of identified Springfield cabinetmakers of the period. Uncommon.  Softcover. 9"x8.5", 56 pages, b/w and color illustrations. Covers a bit soiled.  [33904]  $100.00 

17. Comstock, Helen.  The Looking Glass in America, 1700-1825.   New York; The Viking Press: 1968.  A very popular study of William & Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Adam and Sheraton-style mirrors in America. A book which reflects well on the author's diligence, without mirroring too closely the work of others.  Hardcover. 9.5"x6.5", 128 pages, tipped-in color frontispiece and numerous b/w illustrations, dj.  [35072]  $35.00 

18. Conradsen, David H.  Useful Beauty. Early American Decorative Arts from St. Louis Collections.   Saint Louis Art Museum: 1999.  the catalog to an exhibition of 35 pieces of furniture, 16 pieces of silver and 1 piece of needlework, all 18th century American, all from private collections in the St. Louis area. Each examples is presented in a stunning full-page color photo and accompanied by a complete scholarly description. A large, beautifully-crafted catalog which features 52 pieces of stunning 18th century American craftsmanship. The text includes a Foreword by Patricia Kane.  Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 124 pages, color illustrations, dj. Jacket with small tear, else fine.  [33654]  $350.00 

19. Cooper, Wendy A.  In Praise of America. Masterworks of American Decorative Arts, 1650-1830. Fifty Years of Discovery Since the 1929 Girl Scouts Loan Exhibition.   New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1980.  A series of essays on topics such as object documentation, upholstery, approaches to regionalism, production outside major style centers, and more. The introduction describes the Girl Scout Exhibition and the state of collecting and scholarship in 1929.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 280 pages, 52 color and 308 b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear.  [35075]  $45.00 

20. Cummings, Abbott Lowell (ed.).  Rural Household Inventories.  Establishing the Names, Uses and Furnishings of Rooms in the Colonial New England Home, 1675-1775.   Boston; Society for Preservation of New England Antiquities: 1964.  A very interesting study of 109 period inventories, and an attempt to "translate" them. "A valuable compilation that has helped to draw attention to the inventory as a way of providing insight into the domestic life of the past" -Ames & Ward. This book has become quite uncommon.  Hardcover. 7"x10", 306 pages, some b/w illustrations; a very nice copy.  [36008]  $350.00 

21. D'Ambrosio, Anna Tobin.  Masterpieces of American Furniture from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute.   Utica; Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute: 1999.  The elegant catalog to this fine collection. The major emphasis is on Victorian furniture, with some exemplary examples of Federal furniture also included. Beautifully photographed, and well-written.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 171 pages, color illustrations, dj. Fine condition.  [90304]  $50.00 

22. Davidson, Marshall B. & Elizabeth Stillinger.  The American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.   New York; Harrison House: 1987.  A stunning visual and textual survey of one of the most important Americana collections in the country. The bulk of the book is, of course, devoted to furniture, but there are also extensive chapters devoted to silver, ceramics, glass, paintings & prints, and sculpture.  Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 352 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear.  [35733]  $35.00 

23. Dorman, Charles G.  Delaware Cabinetmakers and Allied Artisans 1655-1855.   Wilmington; Historical Society of Delaware: 1960.  Includes biographical notes on identified Delaware cabinetmakers. Semowich 841. "An essential source for the study of Delaware furniture" -Ames & Ward.  Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 107 pages, 31 b/w illustrations.  A fine copy.  [31460]  $150.00 

24. Downs, Joseph.  American Furniture, Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods in the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum.   New York; Macmillan: 1952.  The first edition of this cornerstone reference work, which remains the standard study of this period.  Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 10 color plates and 401 b/w illustrations. Light wear, bookplate residue on the endpaper. Signed by Downs on the title page.  [33402]  $75.00 
25. As above,  Bonanza: 1977. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 10 color plates and 401 b/w illustrations. Some wear.  [35910]  $35.00 

26. [Downs] DuPont, Henry Francis.  Joseph Downs, An Appreciation and A Bibliography of His Publications.   Reprinted from the 1954 Walpole Society Note Book.  Joseph Downs [1895-1954] was one of the foremost scholars of American decorative arts of his era, and an important writer on the subject of furniture and related crafts. His career took him from the Curatorship of the Decorative Arts department at the Pennsylvania Museum to the Metropolitan's American Wing to Winterthur. This eloquent remembrance of Downs was written by his friend and employer, the great collector Henry F. Du Pont, and includes a complete bibliography of his articles and publications.  Softcover. 6.5"x9", 20 pages, portrait frontispiece; light wear.  [30515]  $35.00 

27. Elder, William Voss III & Lu Bartlett.  John Shaw. Cabinetmaker of Annapolis.   Baltimore Museum of Art: 1983.  An exhaustive documentation of Shaw's life and work, along with meticulous descriptions of 61 pieces he made. "In many respects a model investigation of a craftsman and his products" (Ames & Ward).  Softcover. 9"x11", 174 pages, color frontispiece, b/w illustrations.  [33642]  $85.00 

28. Elder, William Voss III.  Baltimore Painted Furniture 1800-1840.   Baltimore Museum of Art: 1972.  The catalog to an important loan exhibition which drew on both private and public collections. William Voss Elder contributes the introductory essay, and there is a checklist of cabinetmakers working in Baltimore in this period. Softcover. 11"x9", 132 pages, b/w illustrations. Covers a bit worn.  [32668]  $125.00 

29. Elder, William Voss III.  Maryland Queen Anne and Chippendale Furniture of the Eighteenth Century.   Baltimore Museum of Art: 1968.  A "pioneering loan exhibition" (Ames & Ward) which includes descriptions and illustrations of 76 pieces, photographs of details, an appendix with photographs of cabinetmaker's labels, and a list of known 18th century Maryland cabinetmakers.  Hardcover. 8"x8.5", 128 pages, b/w illustrations, dj; a very nice ex-library copy with a spine label, card pocket, bookplate and small stamp, but really quite neat.  [31318]  $150.00 

30. [Ernst]  The Early American Collection of Mr. & Mrs. G.G. Ernst, Norwalk, Conn.   New York; American Art Galleries: January 20-23, 1926.  The sale of a famous and noted early collection of fine American Colonial and Federal furniture. The Ernsts began collecting in 1898, and formed part of the first generation of serious collectors of American antiques. Some of the pieces are noted as having been purchased from Charles Pendleton's pioneering collection.  Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 201 pages, 860 lots, black & white illustrations. Originally a softcover, bound into green cloth with the paper cover mounted on the front panel. Paper covers shows soil, otherwise clean.  [35139]  $125.00 

31. Failey, Dean F.  Long Island is My Nation. The Decorative Arts & Craftsmen, 1640-1830.   Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities: 1998. 2nd, revised edition.  An augmented edition of this important study which was first published to coincide with a major loan exhibition in 1976. The catalog is primarily devoted to furniture and secondarily to silver, with other arts also making an appearance. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 49 + 304 pages; b/w illustrations, dj; fine.  [90127]  $45.00 

32. Fairbanks, Jonathan L., Robert Trent, et al.    New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century.   Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1982.  The famous catalog to the landmark loan exhibition, and a wonderful work of scholarship as well, with essays delving into various aspects of 17th century New England decorative and fine arts. This catalog includes essays by Fairbanks, Trent, David Grayson Allen, David D. Hall, Robert Blair St. George, Susan Gibb, and Albert S. Roe.  Softcover. 3 volumes. 8"x11", 575 pages, b/w and color illustrations. Light wear.  [33651]  $450.00 

33. Fales, Dean A.  American Painted Furniture, 1660-1880.   New York; E.P. Dutton: 1972.  An important reference work. "Special attention is given to federal-period fancy furniture, Windsor chairs, and painting on Shaker and Pennsylvania German furniture... this remains an excellent overview." (Ames)  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 299 pages, 510 illustrations, some in color, dj. Light wear.  [32630]  $125.00 
34. as above, New York; Bonanza Books: 1986. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 299 pages, 510 illustrations, some in color, dj. Light wear.  [31706]  $85.00 

35. Fales, Dean A.  The Furniture of Historic Deerfield.   New York; E.P. Dutton: 1976.  The beautiful and scholarly catalog of this very important collection of 17th and 18th century New England furniture. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 294 pages, 578 illustrations, several in color, dj. Jacket with some soil, bookplate.  [34102]  $100.00 

36. Fede, Helen Maggs.  Washington Furniture at Mount Vernon.   Mount Vernon Ladies Association: 1966.  A well illustrated and detailed handbook illustrating and describing some of the most interesting furniture at Mount Vernon.  Softcover. 6"x9", 72 pages, many color and b/w illustrations. Light wear, minor soil.  [35713]  $25.00 

37. Fennimore, Donald L., et al.  Eye for Excellence. Masterworks from Winterthur.   Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1994.  This lavishly-illustrated book documented an exhibition of "masterpieces" from the Winterthur collections, with each curator left to decide exactly what that word meant. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 144 pages, color illustrations, dj. Fine.  [35689]  $40.00 

38. Flanigan, J. Michael.  American Furniture from the Kaufman Collection.   New York; Harry N. Abrams for the National Gallery of Art: 1986.  Anyone lucky enough to see the exhibition in person will be impressed with how well the beauty and distinctiveness of the pieces is captured in this colorful book.  Flanigan's scholarly text and explanation of the pieces and their subtleties makes this a model catalog.  Hardcover. 10"x12.5", 262 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Near fine. Nice presentation inscription.  [35911]  $150.00 
39. as above, Softcover. Light wear.  [35847]  $60.00 

40. [Flayderman]  American Furniture including labeled, pedigreed and historic examples, from the Collection of Benjamin Flayderman, Boston, Mass.   New York; Anderson Galleries: April 17-18th, 1931. Sale 3908.  This sale of fantastic pieces included an entire McIntyre room with original furniture, carved and painted panels and walls -the whole thing! (which must have made Sack happy). Also Goddard - Townsend pieces, and a set of chairs owned by Artemas Ward... those were the days, eh?  Softcover. 7.5"x11", 165 pages, 368 lots, b/w illustrations, priced. Light wear, light soil, cover edges worn.  [31968]  $150.00 

41. Forman, Benno M.  American Seating Furniture, 1630-1730.  An Interpretive Catalogue.   New York; Winterthur / W.W. Norton: 1988.  A major work on American seating furniture. Benno Forman spent much of his time at Winterthur working on his research into American seating furniture, and had planned a comprehensive study, which his untimely death prevented. This work was nearing completion, however, and covers the first hundred years in unrivaled depth.  Hardcover. 9"x12.5", 397 pages, many b/w illustrations, dj. Minor wear.  [35896]  $100.00 

42. Garrett, Wendell, et al.  Neo-Classicism in America. Inspiration and Innovation 1810-1840.   New York; Hirschl & Adler Galleries: 1991.  A wide-ranging exhibition featuring furniture, paintings, prints, silver and some ceramics and glass, beautifully photographed and meticulously described.  Softcover. 9"x10", 135 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Fine.  [34087]  $85.00 

 43. Garvin, Donna-Belle, James L. Garvin & John F. Page.  Plain & Elegant, Rich & Common. Documented New Hampshire Furniture, 1750-1850.   Concord; New Hampshire Historical Society: 1978.  A loan exhibition which explored the regional characteristics of New Hampshire furniture as they related to other cabinetmaking centers in Maine and Massachusetts. The documented pieces of furniture often include labels or advertisements, and interesting biographical information on the cabinetmakers. Semowich 980. Ames & Ward.  Softcover. 7.5"x11", 153 pages, b/w illustrations; light wear.  [30647]  $75.00 

44. Garvin, Donna-Belle.  Concord, New Hampshire: A Furniture-Making Capitol.   [a special issue of] Historical New Hampshire, Spring, 1990. New Hampshire Historical Society.  A special issue, devoted entirely to Concord, New Hampshire furniture and cabinetmakers. Includes the title essay by Garvan, a catalog of the accompanying loan exhibition, and a checklist of furniture craftsmen, manufacturers and dealers in Concord prior to 1901 compiled by Deborah Tapley.  Softcover. 6"x9", 108 pages, b/w illustrations; covers rubbed and a bit worn.[31092]  $85.00 

45. Girl Scout Loan Exhibition.  Loan Exhibition of Eighteenth Century and Early Nineteenth Century Furniture & Glass... Portraits by Stuart, Peale and others, for the Benefit of the National Council of Girl Scouts, Inc.   New York; American Art Galleries: 1929.  The importance of the Girl Scouts Loan Exhibition cannot be overstated, although sometimes it seems it has become something of a clichÇ. Simply put, it was the most important and richest loan exhibition of American antique furniture and other decorative arts ever staged to be drawn in large part from private collections; although it did not start the popularization of American antiques, it contributed largely to its continued success and gave both scholars and collectors new focus; it brought a large number of prominent dealers and collectors together in a way which had not been accomplished since the Hudson-Fulton exhibition of 1909; it provided the first broad popular showing of American Federal-period antiques; finally, it inspired an enthusiasm which gave impetus to new books, catalogs and research. The Girl Scout Exhibition is seen by many as the starting point for all serious modern scholarship in the fields of American decorative arts. The catalog features illustrations of fine furniture, textiles, glass, ceramics and paintings, drawn from notable collections from across the country.  Hardcover. 8"x11", 926 items, hundreds of b/w illustrations. Newly bound into hardcovers with most of the original front cover bound in. Minor wear.  [35912]  $500.00 

46. [Goddard/Townsend - Seidlitz Collection]  Important American Furniture. The Collection of Doris and Richard M. Seidlitz.   New York; Sotheby's: January 30th, 1988. Sale 5682.  A small but exquisite collection of formal furniture, including many Goddard/Townsend pieces.  Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 40 pages, 30 lots, color and b/w illustrations, light wear.  [31159]  $40.00

47. Graves' Patent Improved Sofa Bed.   Boston; Samuel Graves & Son: c.1880.  A very pictorially pleasing circular illustrating 10 fancy Victorian "sofa beds" (which look like fainting couches), 7 on one side and 3 on the other. These apparently looked like couches until opened when they could double as a bed for somebody you didn't really like, much like today's versions, or futons.  Advertising circular, 10"x7.5", printed both sides. Folded twice, some soil and wear.  [32637]  $45.00 

48. [Green Collection]  The Notable American Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Norvin H. Green. Superb Eighteenth Century American Furniture and Silver, Early American Portraits and Miniatures...(etc).   New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: November 29-December 2nd, 1950. Sale 1202.  The auction of an exceptional collection of formal furniture and silver, including work by Phyfe, McIntyre, Randolph, and Seymour.  Hardcover. 7"x10", 233 pages, 681 lots, b/w illustrations. Bound into neat dark cloth, with the original covers bound in. Minor wear. Prices noted in the margins.  [35900]  $50.00 

49. Greenlaw, Barry A.  New England Furniture at Williamsburg.   Charlottesville; University Press of Virginia: 1975. 2nd prtg.  A very fine catalog of the collection assembled by Colonial Williamsburg; 164 objects are described. The collection is strongest in 18th century furniture. Greenlaw also discusses the importation of New England furniture into Virginia in the 18th century. Semowich 765.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 195 pages, 164 b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket rubbed.  [34689]  $60.00 

50. Gusler, Wallace B.  Furniture of Williamsburg and Eastern Virginia 1710-1790.   Richmond; Virginia Museum: 1979.  An important study, published to coincide with an important exhibition co-produced by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 194 pages, several color and many b/w illustrations, dj. Minor wear.  [35730]  $150.00 

51. Hageman, Jane Sikes.  Ohio Furniture Makers, Volume 1, 1790-1845.   Privately published: 1984.  This well illustrated study documents the work of early Ohio cabinetmakers, and has an alphabetical checklist of many of them. Illustrated with color photographs of furniture as well as reproductions of period documents, invoices, letters and portraits. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 190 pages, b/w and color illustrations. Light wear.  [35726]  $50.00 

52. Haines, Carol L. & Lisa H. Foote.  "Forms to Sett on" A Social History of Concord Seating Furniture.   Concord Antiquarian Museum: 1980s.  A very interesting exhibition of seating furniture forms from 1680 to 1850.  Softcover. 8.5"x11", 36 pages, b/w illustrations.  [8494]  $35.00 

53. Hall, Elton W.  New Bedford Furniture. With a checklist of New Bedford Cabinetmakers and related craftsmen to 1870.   New Bedford; Old Dartmouth Historical Society: 1978.  An offprint from the Magazine Antiques, with an additional 11-page listing of New Bedford cabinetmakers with short biographies.  Softcover.  9"x12", 27 pages, 3 color and 21 b/w illustrations.  [31702]  $45.00 

54. Hanley, Hope.  Needlework Styles for Period Furniture.   Scribner's: 1978.  An interesting, well illustrated study which includes both illustrations of period upholstery as well as charted designs. Covers 1603-1900, period by period.  Hardcover. 7.5"x9", 176 pages, color, b&w and line illustrations, dj.  [35717]  $25.00 

 55. Harris, Marleine Reader.  Virginia Antiques. A History and Handbook for the Collector.   New York; Exposition Press: 1953.  An interesting survey of antique furniture found in Virginia, much of it of Virginia origin. The author worked extensively with dealers and collectors and provides a snapshot of the state of collecting at a time when she could write with perfect honesty that "many fine examples are still to be found on the back roads of the mountainous sections as well as the more populated areas". In no way a deeply scholarly work, but fascinating and intriguing nonetheless. Uncommon.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 183 pages, 231 b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with some wear.  [36073]  $165.00 

56. [Haskell Collection]  The Americana Collection of the Late Mrs. J. Amory Haskell.   New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: April 26th, 1944 through February 16th, 1945 (six sessions).  One of the largest and most distinguished collections of American furniture and decorative accessories ever assembled by one person. Mrs. Haskell spent 60 years putting it together, and it took six sales to disperse it. The American furniture falls into what Leslie Hyam, in his introduction to the catalogs, terms the "decisive hundred years"- 1730-1830. It includes the largest and most complete collection of Philadelphia seating furniture ever assembled privately, and examples of the best pieces of many other types, largely of Pennsylvania and New Jersey origin. The "country" furniture included a magnificent selection of Pennsylvania and New England windsors. There were also 50 cabinetmakers' models. And much, much, much more.  Softcover. 6 volumes. 7.5"x10.5", 1,413 pages, 5,875 lots, hundreds of b/w illustrations. Light wear, a little soil, spines faded.  [33227]  $450.00 
57. as above, Hardcover. 6 volumes bound as two. 7.5"x10.5", 1,413 pages, 5,875 lots, hundreds of b/w illustrations. Newly bound into neat dark cloth with the original front covers bound in. Light wear.  [35901]  $450.00 

58. Heckscher, Morrison H.  American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art II- Late Colonial Period: The Queen Anne and Chippendale Styles.   New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art/Random House: 1985.  A massive, scholarly and well illustrated survey of the Met's collection. "Entries are lengthy, authoritative on points of connoisseurship, and strengthened by Heckscher's substantive amounts of original research..." (Ames & Ward).  Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 383 pages, black & white and several color illustrations; dust jacket. Light jacket wear. Inscribed.  [35913]  $150.00 

59. Heckscher, Morrison H. & Leslie Greene Bowman.  American Rococo, 1750-1775. Elegance in Ornament.   Metropolitan Museum of Art, LACMA, and Harry N. Abrams: 1992.  The catalog to, and text which accompanied, the important loan exhibition. In addition to describing the pieces exhibited, the authors discuss the European Rococo influence on American arts and architecture of the period, including furniture, silver, prints, glass, ceramics and many other objects, from bookplates to clock faces.  Hardcover. 9.5"x11.5", 288 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Near fine. With a warm inscription.  [35914]  $85.00  
60. as above, Softcover.  9.5"x11.5", 288 pages, color and b/w illustrations; a fine copy.  [1693]  $25.00

61. Hewitt, Benjamin A., Patricia E. Kane & Gerald W.R. Ward.  The Work of Many Hands, Card Tables in Federal America 1790-1820.   New Haven; Yale University Art Gallery: 1982.  A standard and much sought-after reference. Ames & Ward note: "The culmination of a decade of research by Hewitt, this publication marked the first time that a scientific method of connoisseurship was applied to the study of American furniture on this scale and suggests a methodology - rigorous and precise - that can be applied to other large, homogeneous groups of objects".  Softcover. 9"x10.5", 198 pages, b/w and some color illustrations. Covers with wear and soil, name on endpaper.  [35069]  $650.00 

62. Hipkiss, Edwin J.  Eighteenth Century American Arts. The M. and M. Karolik Collection of Paintings, Drawings, Engravings, Furniture, Silver, Needlework & Incidental Objects Gathered to Illustrate the Achievements of American Artists and Craftsmen of the Period from 1720 to 1820.   Cambridge; Harvard University Press: 1941.  The well illustrated and important catalog of this major collection of American furniture, silver and accessories. "This beautifully printed volume established a high visual standard for furniture catalogs that was emulated by Joseph Downs in the 1950s and Morrison Hecksher in the 1980s. The catalog includes 125 examples of high-style furniture, the vast majority from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, although some superb Philadelphia objects are included. These objects are not included in Richard Randall's 1965 catalog. Karolik's musings, "As I Reflect upon the Collection", provide a fascinating look at the mind of an idiosyncratic collector" -Ames & Ward.  Semowich 1352.  Hardcover. 9.25"x12", 366 pages, 318 b/w illustrations; light wear, but a nice copy.  [35943]  $200.00
63. As above, Inscribed on the front endpaper to Boston-area collector, and Karolik "cousin-in-law", Margaret Codman.  [35944]  $250.00 

64. As above, Cambridge; Harvard University Press: 1950. 2nd prtg. Hardcover. 9"x11", 366 pages, 318 b/w illustrations. Minor wear.  [35942]  $125.00 

65. Hopkins, Thomas Smith & Walter S. Cox.  Colonial Furniture of West New Jersey.   Haddonfield; The Historical Society of Haddonfield: 1936. Edition limited to 300 copies.  The work of an early collector, and more of a tribute to enthusiasm than scholarship. The authors make no attempt to identify cabinetmakers or even the location a piece was made, but they do present a fairly complete provenance of each piece, most of them having been passed down in the same family since the 18th century.  Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 113 pages, b/w illustrations; a nice copy with a small wrinkle on the bottom edge of the pages, but o/w nice, bright, clean and tight.  [32127]  $350.00 

66. Hornor, William M.  Blue Book of Philadelphia Furniture, William Penn to George Washington, with special reference to the Philadelphia-Chippendale School.   Philadelphia; privately printed: 1935.  "Much work has been done on Philadelphia furniture in the past fifty years in the form of articles, catalogues and theses, but no single book has yet superseded Hornor; it remains essential to research on Philadelphia furniture..." (Ames & Ward). The new edition does not contain Hornor's original preface included here. Semowich 1109.  Hardcover. 8"x11", 340 pages, plus 502 b/w illustrations; a very nice, clean, tight copy with a slightly faded spine with some of the gilt spine lettering chipping.  [30678]  $375.00 
67. As above, Newly bound into dark cloth with the original front covers bound in. Minor wear.  [35915]  $250.00 
68. As above, Alexandria; Highland House Publishers: 1988. 3rd printing.  A reprinting of the 1935 classic, with a new foreword which includes some color pictures. Light wear, covers slightly scuffed.  [35930]  $85.00 

69. Hornor, Wm. Macpherson, Jr.  A Loan Exhibition of Authenticated Furniture of the Great Philadelphia Cabinet-makers.   Philadelphia; Pennsylvania Museum of Art: 1935.  The catalog to a loan exhibition of 112 examples of Philadelphia high-style (mostly Chippendale) furniture. The pieces are grouped by maker, and the entries include thumbnail descriptions. Hornor includes a three-page essay concerning putting the exhibition together. The exhibition was held in April and May, shortly after the publication of Hornor's famous "Blue Book of Philadelphia Furniture", which is referred to several times. An important example of an early exhibition catalog of American colonial furniture. Semowich 1126.  Softcover. 5"x8", 26 pages, 15 b/w illustrations.  Covers a bit worn around the edges, several very short closed tears, slight chipping.  [32491]  $100.00 

70. Howe, Katherine S. & David B. Warren.  The Gothic Revival Style in America, 1830-1870.   Houston Museum of Fine Arts: 1976.  An important loan exhibition, and the first major modern study of the Gothic Revival style. Furniture accounts for more than half the 195 items exhibited and catalogued, with the remainder comprising clocks and lighting, lacy and other glass, ceramics, silver, paintings, cast iron birdhouses, wallpaper and stoves. Softcover. 10.5"x9", 101 pages, profusely illustrated in b/w with several color plates. Light cover wear and a little soil.  [35891]  $100.00
71. Hummel, Charles F.  A Winterthur Guide to American Chippendale Furniture.  Middle Atlantic and Southern Colonies.   New York; Winterthur/ Crown Publishers: 1976.  A good study, based on the Winterthur Collection. Hardcover. 6"x8.5", 142 pages, 16 color and 135 b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket soiled.  [35916]  $40.00 

72. Jobe, Brock, Gary R. Sullivan & Jack O'Brien.   Harbor & Home. Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1710-1850.   Hanover; University Press of New England: 2009  "Through furniture, this exhibition catalogue explores the cultural identity of a little-studied region of 18th and 19th century New England: southeastern Massachusetts, an area that stretches from just south of Boston to Providence, east to the tip of Cape Cod, and includes the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard"  Hardcover. 458 pages, 284 color and 37 b/w illustrations, dj. Fine.  [90335]  $75.00 

73. Jobe, Brock.  Portsmouth Furniture.  Masterworks from the New Hampshire Seacoast.   Hanover; University  Press of New England/ SPNEA: 1993.  A massive and important work, based in part upon an exhibition but, as Jobe notes- "The book is more comprehensive than the exhibition, including furniture dating from as early as 1675 and extends beyond a simple cataloguing of the salient characteristics of the objects to tell the story of the development of Portsmouth furniture. Both the ornate and the ordinary are represented, though the former predominate". Softcover. 9"x12.5", 454 pages, color and b/w illustrations; a near fine copy.  [32030]  $400.00 

74. Kane, Patricia E.  300 Years of American Seating Furniture. Chairs and Beds from the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University.   Boston; New York Graphic Society: 1976.  A scholarly and well illustrated catalog of 298 chairs at Yale, preceded by a brief essay on the history of chairmaking in America. With a foreword by Charles Montgomery. Ames & Ward notes: "The entries are models of connoisseurship". Semowich 1368.  Hardcover. 10"x10.5", 319 pages, b/w illustrations and a color frontispiece; dj. Jacket quite worn.  [33640]  $125.00 

75. Kaye, Myrna.  Fake, Fraud, or Genuine? Identifying Authentic American Antique Furniture.   New York Graphic Society/Little Brown: 1987.  An absolutely essential book, showing the reader how to look at a piece of furniture and recognize the telltale signs of a fake.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 214 pages, black & white and color illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear.  [33449]  $45.00 

76. Kennedy Galleries.  Age of the Revolution and Early Republic in Fine and Decorative Arts: 1750-1824.   New York; Kennedy Galleries & Israel Sack, Inc.: 1977.  A joint exhibition of paintings, prints, furniture, silver and other decorative accessories.  This must have been quite something to see.  The catalog includes good b/w photographs and descriptions of the items.  Softcover. 8.5"x11", 95 pages, b/w illustrations; light cover wear.  [31286]  $75.00 

77. Kenney, John T.  The Hitchcock Chair, The Story of a Connecticut Yankee...   New York; Clarkson Potter: 1971.  "The story of a Connecticut Yankee- L. Hitchcock of Hitchcockville- and an account of the restoration of his 19th century manufactory". Hardcover.  8.5"x11", 339 pages, 11 color plates and 400+ b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear.  [35731]  $60.00 

78. Kenny, Peter M. , et al.  American Kasten. The Dutch-Style Cupboards of New York and New Jersey, 1650-1800.   New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1991.  A well illustrated exhibition catalog exploring the origins and uses of these cupboards, their construction, and extant examples. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 80 pages, color and b/w illustrations; near fine.  [31451]  $350.00 

79. [King Hooper Mansion]  The Important Collection of American Antiques from the King Hooper Mansion, Marblehead, Mass. Sold by Order of Mr. I. Sack, Boston.   New York; The Anderson Galleries: December 10-11, 1926. Sale 2112.  The first of Israel Sack's famous "King Hooper Mansion" sales. Sack filled the historic Marblehead mansion with period furniture and accessories, left them on display there for a year, and then sold them all at auction; and then he did it again.  Softcover. 7.5"x10", 104 pages, 304 lots, b/w illustrations. Covers a bit worn with a few creases and tips thumbed and creased, minor soil. Small, faint water stain in the very corner of the lower gutter.  [31971]  $125.00 

80. [King Hooper Mansion -2]  Important American Antiques from the King Hooper Mansion, Marblehead, Mass. [Part Two]. Sold by Order of Mr. I. Sack, Boston.   New York; The Anderson Galleries: November 11-12, 1927. Sale 2192.  The second of Israel Sack's famous "King Hooper Mansion" sales. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 141 pages, 291 lots, b/w illustrations. Light soil, a little wear, slight stain at the top corner near the spine. Spine head chipped, very light water "wave" along the top of the first pages.  [31972]   $125.00 

81. Kirk, John T.  Early American Furniture. How to Recognize, Evaluate, Buy, and Care for the Most Beautiful Pieces...   New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1970.  An essential work, and one of the classic books showing how to analyze and understand a piece of furniture.  Softcover. 9"x12", 208 pages, 204 b/w illustrations; light wear. Signed.  [9147]  $25.00 

82. Kirk, John T.  American Chairs, Queen Anne and Chippendale.   New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1972.  A valuable reference to American Colonial chairs. "Kirk emphasizes the regional approach to American furniture through a study of construction and design details and an analysis of regional aesthetics... Although Kirk's approach is a visual and aesthetic one, as in his other works he makes use of the objects as documents of the nature of eighteenth century society" (Ames).  Hardcover. 11"x12", 208 pages, color frontispiece and 252 b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, jacket chipped.  [34693]  $125.00 

83. Kirk, John T.  American Furniture and the British Tradition to 1830.   New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1982.   A groundbreaking study which examined the sources and background of American furniture design in the Colonial and Federal periods. "Kirk was the first modern scholar seriously to investigate the relationship between American and English furniture, and this important study is the culmination of twenty years of research" -Ames & Ward.  Softcover. 9"x12", 397 pages, 1,508 illustrations, some in color; dj; a nice copy; Signed.  [9138]  $50.00 

84. Kirk, John T.  American Furniture. Understanding Styles, Construction, and Quality.   New York; Harry N. Abrams: 2000.  "What style is it? How is it put together? Is it real or is it a fake? How can I make it look its best without destroying its value? John T. Kirk answers these and many other questions about when, where, how, and even why a piece of furniture was made."  Hardcover. 9"x12", 234 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Select bibliography. New. Signed.  [90202]  $40.00 

85. Kirtley, Alexandra Alevizatos.  The 1772 Philadelphia Furniture Price Book. A Facsimile, with an Introduction and Guide.   Philadelphia Museum of Art: 2005.   A facsimile of the only known complete copy of this rare Philadelphia price book, with an introductory and explanatory text by Alexandra A. Kirtley.  2 vols. Softcover. 6"x3.75", 59 pages with b/w illustrations, and 36 pages. Slipcased. New.  [90260]  $21.95 

86. Kopper, Philip.  Colonial Williamsburg.   New York; Harry N. Abrams: 1996.  A large, beautifully-illustrated history of Colonial Williamsburg -both in Colonial times and as a living museum today. Includes a history of how Williamsburg of the mid-20th century became today's Colonial Williamsburg.  Hardcover. 10.5"x12", 320 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Minor wear.  [35919]  $45.00 

87. [Lawton]  Rare and Valuable American Furniture, Paintings, Silver... from the Collection of Herbert Lawton, Boston, Mass.   New York; American Art Association: April 2nd-3rd, 1937. Sale 4314.  An important sale of American silver and furniture, including pieces by Phyfe, Townsend, Goddard, Seymour, McIntire, Coney, Revere, Burt, etc. There was also an outstanding collection of American portrait miniatures, including works by Peale, Fraser, Malbone, Inman, Copley, the Birch enamel of Washington, and Ellen Sharpless' bust of Hamilton. Lawton was a prosperous textile manufacturer who "assembled collections" of American antiques and then sold it all off from time to time...  Softcover. 7"x10.5", 168 pages, 410 lots, 150 lots illustrated in b/w. Covers with light soil, a few chips. Title page browned, light soil, half-title slightly spotted.  [31956]  $75.00 

88. [Lawton]  Early American Furniture, Silver and Paintings from the Collection of Herbert Lawton, Boston, Mass.   New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: January 4th, 1940. Sale 158.  An auction of fine furniture, silver and portrait miniatures. Amongst the silver is the Col. William Lee tankard by Paul Revere. Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 64 pages, 200 lots. Light wear, a little soil. Priced.  [35835]  $65.00 

89. Lea, Zilla Rider (ed.).  The Ornamented Chair, Its Development in America 1700-1890.   Rutland; Charles Tuttle: 1960.  A major pictorial and textual reference -and also the only one devoted solely to this subject. There is also a helpful bibliography. Semowich 1385.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 173 pages, 7 color plates and several hundred black & white illustrations, dj. Near fine.  [32770]  $65.00 

90. Lerch, Lila.  Pennsylvania German Antiques.   Allentown; Schlechter's: 1970.  A pleasant ramble which covers painted chests and other furniture, cookie cutters, ceramics, frakturs, glass, ironware, textiles, tole & woodenwares, and architecture & interiors. With oversized red-printed "carved" initial letters at the start of each chapter, this book looks very much like one of the Pennsylvania-German Society's productions.  Hardcover. 6"x9.5", viii + 157 pages, many black & white illustrations. Covers a bit soiled, otherwise clean and nice.  [34100]  $65.00 

91. [Lewis Collection]  Important American Eighteenth-Century Cabinetwork, Decorative Objects, Notable Currier & Ives Prints, Property of the Estate of the Late Reginald M. Lewis.   New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: March 24-215, 1961. Sale 2026.  This sale reads like a dissertation on the finest Philadelphia furniture, and many of the pieces had been purchased from Joseph Kindig's shop. Includes a Philadelphia Chippendale secretary-cabinet pictured by Hornor and described by him as "one of the very best"; an upholstered Speaker's chair made by Thomas Affleck for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court; a pair of Randolph side chairs with labels; and so on...  Hardcover. 7"x10", 103 pages, 270 lots, b/w illustrations. Newly bound into neat dark cloth with the original front covers bound in. Minor wear.  [35904]  $40.00 

92.  Little, Nina Fletcher.  Little by Little. Six Decades of Collecting American Decorative Arts.   New York; E.P. Dutton: 1984.  The Littles were unparalleled trendsetters and a moving force in the world of American country and folk arts for some sixty years.  This is the story of their unique collection and how they built it, piece by piece, trip by trip, deal by deal. Along the way they met or dealt with most of the major figures in the antiques and arts, and many unforgettable minor ones, and they tell many interesting stories about their journey.  The text is illustrated with hundreds of fabulous color photographs of pieces from their collection.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 292 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Name black out on the endpaper, else a nice copy in a slightly worn jacket, wrinkled at the spine base and with a short closed tear at the top.  [31577]  $125.00 

93. [Little]  Important Americana: The Bertram K. Little and Nina Fletcher Little Collection. Parts I and II.   New York; Sotheby's: January 29th, 1994 and October 21-22nd, 1994.  One of the most famous and beloved Americana collections of the twentieth century. Bertram and Nina Little were more than simply preeminent Americana and folk art collectors -they were the embodiment of an entire generation, the Golden Generation, of Americana and folk art collectors. From her book on American folk art to her classic "Little by Little", Nina Fletcher Little's works will continue to be regarded as cornerstones of the literature of Americana collecting. The Little Collection will retain its status long after these pieces have changed hands two, three, four or more times -the Little Collection was more than the sum of its parts (which were not all outstanding) -it was that most catholic of accumulations, assembled with keen eyes and open minds, from a collecting epoch which will never be revisited. Softcovers. 2 volumes. 8.5"x11", about 400 pages, 1072 lots, packed with color and b/w illustrations. Light wear, corner crease.  [36036]  $100.00 

94. Lockwood, Luke Vincent.  Colonial Furniture in America.   New York; Charles Scribner's Sons: 1901.  A classic work. While not quite as famous as Nutting, Lockwood has stood the test of time better. "Lockwood's stylistic survey was based on a visual analysis of the material and most of the text is devoted to a written description of the objects illustrated, emphasizing the architectural nature of the moldings and analyzing the success of the design... This book enjoyed a long life as a principal survey of American furniture and retained its influence for many years" -Ames & Ward. An iconic figure among the first generation of American furniture historians and collectors, Luke Vincent Lockwood was a founding member of the Walpole Society and a collector of furniture and silver. He wrote several books and articles, including the "Furniture Collector's Glossary". Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 352 pages, 293 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. The uncommon dust jacket has moderate wear and some chips. The book itself is fine -the jacket has kept the covers, with their white lettering which rubs off, in pristine condition.  [35386]   $125.00 

95. Loughlin, David.  The Case of Major Fanshawe's Chairs.   New York; Universe Books: 1978.  A set of five Chippendale chairs unearthed in an Irish manor house turn out to be the long-lost Philadelphia Cadwalader chairs by Benjamin Randolph... A true story of antiquarian sleuthery.  Hardcover. 6"x8.5", 160 pages, b/w illustrations, dj.   $20.00 

96. [Lowndes Collection]  The Stanley H. Lowndes Collection of American Furniture and Decorations.   New York; Anderson Galleries: April 29th-May 4th, 1935. Sale 4178.  The catalog to the auction of a noted early collector. Stanley Lowndes [1857-1914] was a Long Island oysterman who made a fortune cultivating large-scale beds off Connecticut and New York, and collected fine American furniture, textiles, glass, ceramics and Staffordshire transferware. His furniture included important examples in the best traditions of cabinetmaking, including a set of chairs attributed to Duncan Phyfe that had been owned by President James Monroe.  Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 250 pages, 1,293 lots, black & white illustrations; light wear.  [33825]  $60.00 

97. Luther, Clair Franklin.  The Hadley Chest.   Hartford; Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company: 1935.  "Luther, minister of the Second Congregational Church in Amherst, Massachusetts, devoted years to his pursuit of the Hadley-type chest, a type of object from the Connecticut valley decorated with an allover pattern of tulips and leaves... (this work is) still used routinely as pictorial sources, although it is recognized that Luther was overzealous in attempting to link these chests to specific makers and to specific owners on the basis of detective work which was more creative than sound. His pictures and objective data continue to be valuable; his brief text, largely surpassed by later work, nevertheless remains a delight to read, possessing style and flavor not usually encountered in writings on American furniture" -Ames & Ward. "The most important reference on the so-called Hadley chests...still considered the definitive work" -Semowich 932.  Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 144 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear.  [35921]  $250.00 
98. As above, Ephrata; Science Press: 1985.  A facsimile of the 1935 edition. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 144 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear.  [33088]  $100.00 

99. Lyon, Irving W.  The Colonial Furniture of New England. A Study of the Domestic Furniture in use in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.   Boston; Houghton Mifflin and Company: 1924. Revised 3rd edition. Limited to 515 copies.  The first book on this subject, initially published in 1891. As the Wards point out (Ames & Ward), Lyon introduced many techniques used by later researchers, including the use of estate and inventory records, newspaper advertisements and cabinetmaker's price books, and he also traveled to England to investigate the origins of his beloved 17th century New England furniture. A pioneering study. Semowich 771.  Hardcover. 8"x11", 285 pages, plus 113 b/w plates. Covers with some wear.  [35032]  $150.00 

100. Mayer, Lance & Gay Myers.  The Devotion Family. The Lives and Possessions of Three Generations in Eighteenth-Century Connecticut.   New London; Lyman Allyn Art Museum: 1991.  An exhibition suggested by a pair of 1772 portraits featuring Eunice Huntington Devotion & her daughter Eunice, and Judge Ebenezer Devotion, of Windham, Connecticut. Using these portraits as a starting point, the museum assembled, from public and private collections, many items owned by the Devotion family in the 18th century. The catalog includes 8 period portraits as well as a number of pieces of furniture and some silver, linens, books, etc.  Softcover. 8"x10", 64 pages, 25 b/w illustrations. Minor wear.  [35842]  $40.00 

101.  Maynard, Ross H.  An Early American Queen Anne Escritoire, 1715-1730.   Privately printed for the author by D.B. Updike at the Merrymount Press: 1929. Edition limited to 200 copies.  Maynard owned this distinctive piece; he asked Carl G. Beede to write the poetical, if slightly overawed essay describing it. The piece was subsequently purchased by John J. Gunther of York, Maine, and sold at the dispersal of his important collection in 1960. A beautifully produced early American furniture monograph which has become exceedingly difficult to locate in the marketplace. Semowich 898.  Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 10 pages of text plus 5 gravure plates; original paper covered boards and cloth spine; marbled endpapers. Light wear, but in nice condition.  [32988]  $375.00 

102. [Maynard]  A Collection of Fine Early American & Old English Furniture, Silver, Glass, China, & Contemporary Embellishments, to be sold by the order of Mr. Ross H. Maynard, East Middlebury, Vt.   New York; The Anderson Galleries: November 6, 1926.  Ross H. Maynard was one of the early collectors of American furniture who spent 30 years developing a fine eye and collection to match. This collection included a signed 18th century Windsor comb-back writing chair, and other fine pieces. Just a few years after selling this collection, he was back collecting, and would purchase "An Early American Queen Anne Escritoire, 1715-1730", and publish a rare monograph of the same name about it.  Softcover. 6"x9.25", 40 pages, 168 lots, b/w illustrations. Covers with some soil, corner chips, spine worn. Priced.  [31884]  $65.00 

103. McClelland, Nancy.  Duncan Phyfe and the English Regency 1795-1830.   New York; William R. Scott: 1939. Limited edition, limited to 350 numbered, signed copies, bound in Regency-style red & white fabric.  This remains the standard work on Phyfe although, in common with many early works, some attributions have been changed over the years. McClelland is especially valuable for tracing "the English background of Phyfe's work and in placing his shops' production in the context of his competitors, both in New York City and elsewhere" -Ames & Ward. Semowich 488.  Hardcover. 9"x12.5", 364 pages, 295 b/w illustrations. Some light soil and minor wear.  [35027]  $500.00 

104. As above, New York; William R. Scott: 1939. Trade edition, limited to 1350 copies. The following is written on the endpaper in Nancy McClelland's hand- "Mr. Charles Messer Stow - His Book - Nancy V. M'Clelland". Stow was a moving force in the editorial world of the American antiques trade in the 1920s, serving as the Antiques Editor of the New York Sun and author of a number of articles about American antique furniture for The Antiquarian magazine. A fascinating and unique association copy.  [35058]  $500.00 

105. As above, New York; Dover Publications: 1980.  A reissue of the 1939 edition. Softcover. 6.5"x9", 364 pages, 295 black & white illustrations. Light wear.  [36078]  $50.00 

106. Melchor, James R., et al.  Eastern Shore, Virginia Raised-Panel Furniture 1730-1830.   Norfolk; Chrysler Museum: 1982.  A scholarly and detailed study of Eastern Shore raised-panel clothes presses, blanket chests, flat-wall cupboards, bookcases, turkey-breast cupboards, and corner cupboards, drawn from a variety of public and private collections.  Softcover. 9"x12", 7 color plates and 107 b/w illustrations. Light soil, small rubbed spot at the spine head, small label on title page, slight corner bump.  [33149]  $375.00 

107. Mercer, Henry C.  Ancient Carpenter's Tools.  Together with Lumberman's, Joiner's and Cabinet Maker's Tools in use in the Eighteenth Century.   Doylestown; Bucks County Historical Society: 1951. 2nd edition.  A very important study of woodworking tools, illustrating early tools and describing how they were used.  Do not misunderstand the word "ancient". As Mercer pointed out, most of these tools were used from ancient times right through the 18th century. What can one say about Henry C. Mercer, except that he was exactly the right man to write this study? Architect, founder of the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, historian, collector, archeologist, student of craftsmanship and its tools...  he began collecting old tools in 1897 while rummaging through an old barn, and would eventually write this book, the Bible on joinery tools, as well as an important book on cast-iron stoves. He would also design and build his own castle ("Fonthill") and tool museum; today the Mercer Museum houses 50,000 tools and artifacts. This is an indispensable work.  Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 339 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear.  [35108]  $85.00 

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