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Recent Acquisitions
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December, 2007



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1. Alcock, Sir Rutherford. Art and Art Industries in Japan. London; Virtue and Co.: 1878. An important early work on the arts and crafts of Japan, including woodblock prints, which Alcock was the first Westerner to classify. Alcock was also organized the ‘Japanese Court’ at the International Exhibition of 1862. An early and influential work on Japanese arts. Hardcover. 5.5"x8", vii + 202 pages, colored frontispiece and 105 wood-engraved illus- trations. Covers covered with adhesive plastic panels of some type (and priced accordingly). Lacks endpapers, several signatures a bit "sprung", but else tight. [31396] $125.00


2. Aldred, Cyril. Hair Styles and History. [contained in the] Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin: February, 1957. A portion of this Bulletin is devoted to an essay on ancient Egyptian hair styles as seen on surviving sculptures. Softcover. 7.5"x10", [article- 7 pages, 10 b/w illustrations]. Light soil. [31152] $20.00


3. Andrews, Gail C., et al. Silver from the Collection of the Birmingham Museum of Art. Birmingham, Alabama; Birmingham Museum of Art: 1982. A nicely written and photographed catalog of selections from this collection. Most of the pieces are 18th-early 19th century English, with some American and Irish examples as well. Softcover. 8"x10", 81 pages, b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31356] $25.00


4. Ashbee, C.R. Modern English Silver Work: An Essay by C.R. Ashbee, together with a series of designs by the author drawn upon a hundred separate lithograph plates and coloured by hand, with a descriptive index. London; B. Weinreb: 1974. 2nd edition. Limited to 1000 copies. A facsimile of the limited 1909 edition, with new introductory material on Ashbee's life, work and this book, by Alan Crawford and Shirley Bury. When Ashbee described the lithographs as "tinted by hand" he meant a bit here and there -the pieces are silver so the tints are of the gemstone or enamel inlays. This handsome facsimile provides about 200 Ashbee designs for silverwork produced or drawn between roughly 1890 and 1909 -Ashbee was never much good at keeping exact records. Added to the designs is Ashbee's own rather polemical introduction, which was written at the time that his beloved Guild of Handicraft had finally collapsed under a mountain of debts. As Shirley Bury puts it- "If few of his pronouncements can be accepted as literal truth, it is not because he deliberately set out to distort and deceive, but because he always wrote to create an effect. In this instance, the Guild was in dissolution, and he had both to justify the past and proclaim his faith in the future". Hardcover. 10"x12.5", xxiii + 12 pages plus 100 plates, plus 34 pages; a little light wear, but a very nice copy. [31430] $175.00


5. Ashdown, Mrs. Charles H. (Emily Jessie). British Costume during XIX Centuries (Civil and Ecclesiastical). London; Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd.: nd (ca.1970). A facsimile of the 1910 edition. A very well illustrated survey of dress in Britain over 19 centuries, to 1820. Ashdown was a lecturer on costume and Medieval head-gear. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", xiii + 376 pages, loaded with b/w illustrations and plates, plus 8 color plates. A very nice copy. [31435] $40.00


6. Ashdown, Charles Henry. History of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers of the City of London, otherwise the Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass. London; Blades, East and Blades: (1919). The origin and rise of the Glaziers Company and the art of glass painting in England, descriptions of the charters and deeds, regalia, arms, masters, and the Minute Book from 1697 to 1919. Hardcover, 6 plates and 2 maps, folding copy of a document showing "Prices for Glazier's Work" in 1818; some light soil; covers a bit rubbed. Inscribed "To Ben Gillett Esq. MP. From Geo Paget Walford, past master of the Glaziers Company 27 Nov 1922". [31410] $250.00


A Very Early Collection of American Ceramics-

7. Barber, Edwin Atlee. Pottery. Catalogue of American Potteries and Porcelains. Philadelphia; The Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art: 1893. Edwin Atlee Barber and the Pennsylvania Museum made the first comprehensive collection of American ceramics formed by any institution, beginning in 1890 in conjunction with Barber’s researches for his book "The Pottery and Porcelain on the United States" (1893). This early catalog of nearly 300 pieces is divided into sections describing early porcelains, white ware, art pottery, majolica, stoneware, yellow ware & Rockingham, terra cotta, earthenwares, tobacco pipes and tiles. There are brief introductions to each sections and thumbnail descriptions of each piece, including dates and any marks. An early and uncommon catalog. Strong 122. Softcover. 6"x9", 43 pages, color frontispiece and 17 line illustrations. Light wear, period ink inscription of an owner’s name on the cover, but a very nice copy of a very fragile catalog. [31328] $200.00


8. Barnhill, Georgia B., et al, [eds.]. The Cultivation of Artists in Nineteenth-Century America. Worcester; American Antiquarian Society: 1997. "This collection of essays published by the American Antiquarian Society brings the role of history back into exploring how young people began and developed as artists in the nineteenth century. The essays here cover topics including engraving, lithography, drawing, sheet music, chromolithography, wood engraving, alternatives to art school, educating designers for industry and art museum schools". Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 226 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. New. [90239] $32.50


9. Barrington, Lois Hall. The Discovery of John Wilkie, Early American Folk Artist. Published by the author: 1990. The author’s researches into 8 folk portraits painted in the 1830s and 40s by a Columbia County, New York, artist. Softcover. 7"x10", 28 pages, b/w illustrations. Ex-library with several stamps, cover label, etc. [31309] $20.00


10. Baumgartner, Eric W. A Marvellous Repose. American Neo-Classical Sculpture, 1825-1876. New York; Hirschl & Adler Galleries: 1996. A beautifully photographed exhibition featuring the sculpture of Hiram Powers, William Henry Rinehart, William Wetmore Story, and others. The essay by Eric Baumgartner and the catalog entries describing each piece are enjoyable and informative. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 47 pages, color and b/w illustrations; near fine. [31402] $40.00


11. Benes, Peter. The Masks of Orthodoxy. Folk Gravestone Carving in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1689-1805. Amherst; University of Massachusetts Press: 1977. "A pioneer effort... [drawing on] data provided by approximately 4000 stone markers found in over 100 colonial burial sites in southeastern and central New England, and offers an explanation of the curious facial distortions, markings, and caricatures which have baffled students of early New England iconography for almost a century." Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 273 pages, b/w and line illustrations, dj. A nice copy. [31322] $65.00


12. Boigey, Maurice. La Science des Couleurs et l’Art du Peintre. Paris; Librairie Felix Alcan: 1923. A wide-ranging study of the science of color as it applies to art, with a chapter on the "Daltoniens", those like 19th century English chemist John Dalton who are unable to see red. Softcover. 5.5"x8", vi + 176 pages, with 18 line illustrations. Light soil. [31378] $50.00


13. Bolles, Albert S. Industrial History of the United States, from the Earliest Settlements to the Present Time: being a Complete Survey of American Industries...together with a description of Canadian Industries. Norwich; Henry Bill Publishing Company: 1881. 3rd ed. A wide-ranging and comprehensive survey of American industry and manufactures up to the late 19th century, divided into seven parts, covering agriculture & horticulture, manufactures, shipping & railroads, mining & oil, banking, insurance & commerce, trade unions & the Eight-Hour Movement, and the industries of Canada (30 pages worth). Topics are as diverse as butter & cheese making, tobacco, gold & silverwares, shoe manufacture, steamboats and iron ships, railroads, fisheries, mines of all types, salt, trade unions and insurance. Illustrated with a wide variety of wood engravings, many showing interesting views, factory details, or machinery. Hardcover. 6"x9", x + 936 pages, about 300 wood-engraved illustrations. Publisher’s brick-red cloth with gilt titles. Covers rubbed and a bit threadbare, binding tight and internally very clean. [31389] $125.00


14. [Books] The Stock and Reference Library of E.P. Goldschmidt and Co. Ltd. London; July 8-9, 1993. The auction of the remaining stock of this renowned firm, mostly 15th-18th century material, as well as the reference library, which takes up more than half the catalog. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 383 pages, 666 lots, many b/w and some color illustrations. A very nice copy. [31177] $35.00


15. Bothmer, Dietrich von. A Gold Libation Bowl. [contained in the] Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin: December, 1962. A portion of this Bulletin is devoted to an examination of a 3rd Century gold phiale from Greece, and related examples. Softcover. 7.5"x10", [article- 13 pages, 20 b/w illustrations]. Light soil, cover slightly scuffed. [31153] $20.00


16. Brewington, Dorothy E.R. Dictionary of Marine Artists. Mystic Seaport Museum: 1982. A standard reference listing more than 3,000 marine artists of the last 4 centuries, including some Oriental artists. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", xix + 431 pages, several b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31343] $45.00


17. Brother Thomas. Recent Gifts - Porcelains. Boston; Pucker Gallery: 1992. A very colorful gallery catalog of new work, with a short introduction by Pamela Fletcher. The color photos are of superior quality. The vases are also, of course. Softcover. 7"x10", 30 pages, many color illustrations. Near fine. [31313] $40.00


18. Brown, C.W. Salt Dishes. Illustrations and descriptions of 1359 different salt dishes from the collection of C.W. Brown. Leon; Mid-America Book Co.: 1968. Originally published by the author in 1937. This is one of those charming self-published books from that first Golden Era of American glass collecting, the 1930s. Whether they collected salts or goblets, the era's collectors were completists, as must anyone be who would amass 1359 salts, and then take photographs of every single one of them. Even at that Brown knew he had not snagged them all -by a long shot. He mixed pewter and silver amongst the glass and cared not much for naysayers -he even has a page or two of pottery and lustre salts. Hardcover. 5.5"x9", 148 pages, b/w plates, dj; light soil, a little wear, but a nice copy. [31305] $25.00


19. [Brown Collection] The Americana Collection of Marc and Laurie Krasny Brown. New York; Sotheby’s: January 21, 2007. Sale 8279. The very individualistic collection of the creator of the ‘Arthur’ series, featuring 19th century gameboards, furniture and folk art, as well as a series of lots of original Arthur and other illustrations by Marc Brown. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 147 pages, 191 lots, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31163] $45.00


20. Brunhammer, Yvonne, et al. Art Nouveau -Belgium/ France. Catalogue of an Exhibition... Chicago; Institute for the Arts, Rice University: 1976. A massive loan exhibition of Art Nouveau paintings, graphics, posters, sculpture, decorative arts, and architecture. The sculpture and decorative arts section (which is mostly decorative arts) takes up the bulk of the catalog (200 pages), with furniture, metalwork, glass, ceramics and jewelry all well represented. Of added interest, the architecture section includes not only buildings, but architectural elements and decorations as well. Softcover. 8.5"x9", 512 pages, some color plates and hundreds of b/w illustrations; light wear. [31438] $85.00


21. Butler, Joseph T., et al. The American Eagle. Spirit and Symbol, 1782-1882. Katonah Museum of Art: 1988. "Symbol of the Republic, America’s eagle surfaced in many places, enhancing furniture, household items, architecture, military artifacts, broadsides, posters, and more. Its appearance reflected popular culture, and its representation mirrored changing aesthetics. The catalogue includes a sampling of the exhibition with black-and-white illustrations." Softcover. 8.5"x11", 16 pages, b/w illustrations. New. [90230] $12.00


22. Carson, Gerald. Rum and Reform in Old New England. Old Sturbridge Village: 1966. Well, yes, it's true- New England Society in the late 18th and early 19th centuries was lubricated by a never-ending river of rum and other spirits. This illustrated essay explores the "problem" and attempts to reform it, with many period quotes and descriptions. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 16 pages, b/w illustrations; light soil. [31307] $15.00


23. Cennini, Cennino & Merrifield, [Mary Philadelphia]. A Treatise on Painting, written by Cennino Cennini in the Year 1437; and first published in Italian in 1821, with an introduction and notes, by Signor Tambroni: containing practical directions for painting in Fresco, Secco, Oil, and Distemper, with the art of Gilding and Illuminating Manuscripts adopted by the Old Italian Masters. Translated by Mrs. Merrifield. London; Edward Lumley: 1844. Cennini’s "Trattato" is a remarkable and comprehensive technical manual to methods employed by 14th and 15th century Italian artists for tempera painting, early oil painting and gilding. This was the first English translation and was very popular and influential with artists and art enthusiasts of the period, although it had a number of deficiencies stemming from Mrs. Merrifield’s lack of knowledge of tempera painting and also because the manuscript she was using lacked sixteen chapters. A year after publishing this translation she would publish a very important work on fresco technique.
            As important as Mrs. Merrifield’s several books on art history were from a practical standpoint for the 19th century artist, among whom she was especially influential with the Pre-Raphaelites, "the main importance of her work lies in her development of the historical study of documents" (Ernstrom, Grove Dictionary of Art). The two chromolithographed title pages are executed in a style reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts. An important and noted Victorian art study. Hardcover. 6.75"x10.5", xii + lxviii + 177 pages, plus 2 chromolithographed title pages and 9 lithographed outline plates. Rebound with a plain blue cloth spine and cream boards, leather and gilt spine label. New endpapers. Contents with light wear & soil and a few spots. [31383] $375.00


24. The Chinese Scholars Desk -17th to 18th Century. An exhibition held in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Oriental Ceramic Society: 1979. A loan exhibition of brush jars, water pots, brush washers, brush rests, ink boxes & stones, seals, wrist rests, paper weights, desk screens, snuff bottles, incense burners, vases, and other accessories from private collections. The descriptions are brief and the photographs are small, but the subject matter is very interesting. Uncommon. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 20 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31314] $50.00


25. [Chinese Arts] Illustrated Catalogue of the Remarkable Collection of Ancient Chinese Bronzes, Beautiful Old Porcelains...Fine Old Carpets, Rugs and Furniture, from Ancient Palaces and Temples of China Comprising the Private Collection of a Chinese Nobleman of Tien-Tsin and Objects Procured by the Senior Member of Messrs. Yamanaka & Co. and his staff during a recent visit to Ancient Cities of China, some of which have heretofore been unexplored by Foreigners. New York; American Art Association: January 29-31, 1914. An auction of a remarkable selection of ceramics, jades, bronzes, carpets and furniture. One notable aspect of this catalog is that, unlike many catalogs of the period, a very large percentage of the items are illustrated, many one-per-page. The color plates illustrate a Shang bronze ritual vessel, a K’ang hsi Imperial celadon vase, three superb Yung Cheng coral-red vases, a K’ang hsi apple-green crackle-glaze jar, a K’ang hsi Sang-de-boeuf vase, and a pair of portraits on glass. If you like Chinese arts, this catalog will please you. Card covers. 7"x10.5", 519 lots, about 150 pages plus 6 color plates with tissue guards and 38 b/w plates and 1 b/w double-page plate. Light wear, a little soil. Binding slightly shaken. [31192] $150.00


26. Chinese Ceramics from the Cottle Collection. London; Eskenazi Gallery: 1973. The catalog of a collection of select pieces of T’ang pottery, with a few Han and Sung pieces as well. All 29 pieces are illustrated in large, clear, black & white photos. Softcover. 8.25"x11.5", 57 pages, 1 color plate and 29 b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31315] $35.00


27. Chipman, Frank W. The Romance of Old Sandwich Glass. Sandwich; Frank W. Chipman: 1932. An interesting early text on Sandwich- both of Chipman’s parents worked at the factory, as did two uncles. Full of interesting anecdotes and reminiscences, notes on local collectors, and illustrated with a number of interesting photographs. Not the only book to have on Sandwich, but of great interest to collectors with a curious twist of fancy. Hardcover. 7"x10", 158 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear, covers a bit rubbed, else a nice copy. Inscribed by Chipman to Sandwich collector Dr. Charles W. Green. [31340] $60.00


28. City of Manchester. Bye-Laws with respect to Hackney Carriages and Omnibuses. 1890. Manchester: 1890. A late-Victorian rule book for hackney and omnibus drivers, dealing with licensing requirements, rules of the road, lighting of lamps, charges for luggage, markings on carriages, driver and passenger conduct, horns & bells, touting, and all sorts of other everyday details. Stiff cloth-covered card covers. 6"x4.5", xiii + 103 pages. Publisher’s plum-colored cloth with gilt title. Light wear, but a very nice copy. This book belonged to cabman Arthur Jones, dated May 14, 1895, License number 986. [31391] $85.00


29. [Clocks] The Dr. Eugene and Rose Antelis Collection of Important French Carriage Clocks. South Kensington; Christie’s: November 26, 1998. The beautifully illustrated auction catalog for the sale of a superb collection of 19th century French carriage clocks. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 110+ pages, profusely illustrated in color, dj. A near fine copy. [31156] $75.00


A Nice Early 19th-Century Miniaturist’s Manual-

30. Constant-Viguier, et al. Nouveau Manuel complet de Miniature, de Gouache, du Lavis a la Sepia, de l’Aquarelle et de la Peinture a la Cire, par Mm. Constant-Viguier, Langlois-Longueville et Duroziez. Paris; La Libraire Encyclopedique Roret: 1845. Nouvelle edition. First published in 1828, this treatise on miniature and watercolor painting includes instructions for preparing and painting on ivory, glass, concave and black glass and other materials, creating and outlining designs, gives suggestions for colors and mediums and discusses subject matter and effects, thoroughly going over every technical and artistic aspect of the subjects. One of the plates illustrates a painter's kit, with paintbox, brushes, suggested set ups for the palette and a hand-colored color wheel. The other plate illustrates how to effectively chose and frame a view from a natural landscape, including dealing with its geometric elements. A charming manual, nicely bound. Softcover. 4"x6", viii + 356 pages plus 2 folding plates, one with an attractive hand-colored color wheel. Publisher’s original printed paper covers, covers with some slight chipping, a little toning and spotting throughout, page tips and fore-edge a bit browned, etc. Still, an attractive copy in the publisher’s original paper covers. [31376] $250.00


31. Cooke, Edward S., Jr. [ed.]. Upholstery in America & Europe from the Seventeenth Century to World War I. New York; W.W. Norton & Co.: 1987. This volume grew out of a 1979 Decorative Arts Society conference, co-sponsored by Old Sturbridge Village and Boston’s MFA. Contributors include Jonathan Fairbanks, Jane Nylander, Robert Trent, Margaret Swain, Brock Jobe, Morrison Heckscher, Florence Montgomery, Martha Gandy Fales, Anne Farnam and Richard Nylander. An essential book. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 273 pages, many b/w and some color illustrations, dj; a near fine copy. [31353] $50.00


32. Copeland, Robert. Parian. Copeland’s Statuary Porcelain. Woodbridge; Antique Collector’s Club: 2007. "Parian - a high-quality, unglazed porcelain - was developed in the early 1840s by Copeland & Garrett, which was the first company to exhibit it in 1845. Its purpose was to provide small sculptures for the public at a time when full size marble statues were gracing the homes of wealthy people. Examples exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition stimulated the demand initiated by the Art Union of London in 1845 and promoted further in the next forty years by other Art Unions. ‘Parian - Copeland’s Statuary Porcelain’ tells this fascinating story in detail. The debate in the columns of the Staffordshire Advertiser as to which firm was the first to introduce Parian is also examined here in detail. The book goes on to describe the manufacturing processes of mold-making and the casting of the figures. Also included is a comprehensive catalogue of Copeland’s productions of statuettes, groups and portrait busts." Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 352 pages, profusely illustrated in color and b/w, dj. New. [90237] $89.50


33. Curl, James Stevens. The Egyptian Revival. An introductory study of a recurring theme in the history of taste. London; George Allen & Unwin: 1982. A wide-ranging study of the influence of ancient Egyptian arts on Western art and architecture, from ancient Rome, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and into the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. An important study, with an extensive bibliography. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 249 pages, b/w illustrations, dj; annotated; bibliography; a fine copy. [31442] $50.00


34. [Darling Foundation] Early American Silver 1670-1820, Including the Darling Foundation Collection and Silver from the First Church in Salem. New York; Christie’s: January 18, 2007. Sale 1839. An auction which encompassed two famous and exceptional small collections of outstanding American silver. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 96 pages, color illustrations. Prices realised sheet laid in loosely. A fine copy. [31164] $45.00


35. [Delftware] Dutch Delft from the Collection of Dr. Jan Boyazoglu. January 28, 1986. The auction of the collection of a noted connoisseur and expert on Delftware. Dr. Boyazoglu was also the author of a standard study of delftware. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 53 pages, 153 lots, light wear, but a nice copy. [31181] $75.00


36. Die Parler und der Schone Stil 1350-1400. Europaische Kunst unter den Luxemburgern. Vol.I-II-III. Koln: 1978. The massive three-volume catalog to an exhibition of European arts of the last half of the 14th century held at the Cologne Kunsthalle. A year later two further volumes were published with the results of an international colloquium held in conjunction with the exhibition. Hardcover. 3 vols. 9"x12", 1,044 pages; thousands of b/w and some color illustrations. Light wear, a nice set. [31145] $175.00


37. Dietz, Ulysses Grant. The Decorative Lighting Devices of Dietz and Company of New York, 1840-1875. U.S. Dietz: 1980 / Ann arbor, UMI Reprint. A thesis for the University of Delaware’s Winterthur Program. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 155 pages; poor b/w reproductions of photographs; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90257] $65.00


38. [Donahue Collection] Collection of Jessie Woolworth Donahue. New York; Sotheby Parke Bernet: April 28-29, 1972. Sale 3358. Jessie Woolworth Donahue was one of three heirs to the Woolworth fortune, along with Barbara Hutton and Helena W. McCann. She had once had $600,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her hotel room while she was taking a bath. This auction sale included fine English silver, Continental porcelains, and 18th century French and English furniture. Softcover. 8.5"x9", 146 pages, 469 lots, b/w and color illustrations; prices realised sheet stapled to cover; a little soil. [31184] $40.00


39. Downs, Joseph. American Furniture, Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods in the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum. New York; Macmillan: 1952. The first edition of this cornerstone reference work, which remains the standard study of this period. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 10 color plates and 401 b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, light rubbing and some wear to the jacket. [08921] $65.00


40. [Dreyfus Collection] Contents of the Residences of the Late Victoria Dreyfus at Madrey Farm, Brewster, New York. New York; Sotheby Parke Bernet: June 9-12, 1976. The contents of the Bronxville and Brewster, New York residences of Victoria Dreyfus, widow of showbiz legend Max Dreyfus. Max Dreyfus built the music publishing firm T.B. Harms into a show business empire, discovering Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Richard Rogers along the way. The sale included fine American, English and European furniture, oriental antiques, garden statuary, rugs, paintings, porcelains and more. Softcover. 9"x9", about 125 pages, 1,110 lots, b/w illustrations; light wear. [31187] $35.00


41. Dupaty, Charles M. Lettres sur L’Italie par feu M. Dupaty. Rome; Chez differents Libraires du Royaume: 1789. A series of 115 letters about Dupaty’s travels from Avignon through Genoa and Florence to Rome. They were written by Charles Marguerite Jean Baptiste Dupaty, a well-known French advocate-general and magistrate who also had something of a literary reputation, based in part on these extremely popular letters. Dupaty makes observations on buildings, gardens, fountains, sculptures, customs, institutions and other matters. 2 vols. Hardcover. 4"x6", viii + 252, 263 pages. Period blue boards with blue and gilt leather spine labels. Interesting early 19th century paper ownership labels on the pastedowns. Text slightly browned, but overall very nice copies. [31397] $250.00


42. Early American Probate Inventories. Boston University: 1989. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1987. Includes essays on matching inventory terms and domestic furnishings, household inventories in Surry County, Virginia from 1690-1715, an inventory-based reconstruction of how people dressed in 17th century Cambridge, Massachusetts, and more! Softcover. 6"x9", 184 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [90255] $30.00


43. Elder, William Voss III. Maryland Queen Anne and Chippendale Furniture of the Eighteenth Century. Baltimore Museum of Art: 1968. A "pioneering loan exhibition" (Ames & Ward) which includes descriptions and illustrations of 76 pieces, photographs of details, an appendix with photographs of cabinetmaker's labels, and a list of known 18th century Maryland cabinetmakers. "Particularly helpful in drawing distinctions between Maryland furniture and its closely related counterparts from the Philadelphia area" (Ames & Ward). In addition, there are several clocks included, and a list of Maryland clockmakers of the period. Semowich 883. Hardcover. 8"x8.5", 128 pages, b/w illustrations, dj; a very nice ex-library copy with a spine label, card pocket, bookplate and small stamp, but really quite neat, clean and tight. [31318] $150.00


A Wonderful Catalog of Victorian Plate-

44. [Elkington] The Manufactures of Elkington & Co., Silversmiths, and Patentees of the Electro Plate. New Edition. Birmingham: 1873. A wonderful catalog of Victorian hollow ware, flatware, lighting and other fancy silver/silver plate. Elkington had secured the patent for the electro-plating process in 1840 and began producing wares in 1841, in a move that doomed the Sheffield plate industry but made Elkington’s fortune. They produced an enormous and successful display at the Great Exhibition in 1851, and became a leading manufacturer. Although famous for their plated wares, this catalog notes that almost all of these items could also be purchased in solid sterling.
            The wares illustrated here include everything you needed to outfit an elaborate Victorian table- flatware and serving pieces, tea and coffee pots and sets, hot-water kettles, toast racks, tea caddies, egg frames, table bells, mustard pots, salt cellars, butter coolers, sugar baskets, cake baskets, salvers & trays, biscuit boxes, bottle stands, goblets, candlesticks, cruet frames and liquor frames (with glass bottles illustrated), covered serving dishes and dish covers, tureens, sauce boats, pickle frames, wine coolers & ice pails, fruit stands, inkstands, flower stands, silver-mounted glass claret and hot water jugs, and a series of elaborate centerpieces and candelabra featuring ferns and trees, classical and baroque motifs, stags, hounds and hunters, giraffes under palm trees, sphinxes, and more, many with fancy glass inserts. A wonderful Victorian trade catalog.
            Stiff card covers. 6"x9.5", index page and 29 pages of item listings, plus 45 lithographed plates. Rebound a bit crudely in stiff, cloth-covered card covers with the title portion of the original cloth cover remounted on the front. Some light soil throughout, some page tips thumbed and soiled, a few pages with short closed tears, and the bottom edge re-trimmed not-quite straight, but not close to any lettering or images. [31368] $875.00


An Elegant Study of Japanese Costume-

45. Ema, Tsutomu. A Historical Sketch of Japanese Customs and Costumes. Tokyo; Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai: 1936. "The record of a lecture given by Mr. Tsutomu Ema, President of the Society for the Study of Japanese Manners and Costumes, on November 27, 1935, at the Peers’ Club as the final public lecture of the first ‘Series of Japanese Culture’...the gorgeous stage presentations of the costumes of each period were given by the dance pupils of Mr. Kanjuro Fujima and Miss Mitsumi Bando. The period costumes and furniture illustrative of the historical periods up to the Momoyama era are reproductions supplied by Mr. Ema. But those of the Yedo period are original". Hardcover. 7.5"x10.25", 41 pages, tipped-in color frontispiece and 26 b/w illustrations. Publisher’s brown boards with gilt title. Covers a bit scuffed around the edges, faded. [31294] $85.00


A Very Scarce Booklet by a Walpole Society Founder-

46. Erving, Henry Wood. An Incident of ’62. Hartford; private printed: 1932. "Sixty copies have been printed for the author on Glaslan paper at the Wayside Press". An interesting privately-published booklet by a Founding Member of the Walpole Society, and noted amateur historian and Americana collector. Erving had boyhood memories of the Civil War, and here recounts a story told him many years later by Lt. Col. E.N. Phelps of the 22nd Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, about an incident at church when a substitute preacher who opposed the War tried to condense the weekly prayer for Abraham Lincoln. The booklet is illustrated with a photographic reproduction of a Civil War-era photograph of Phelps in uniform, and an original silver-print portrait of Phelps as an old man. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 21 pages, with 2 photographs tipped-in. Light wear at the coiver margins, else a nice copy. Inscribed by Erving. [31365] $150.00


47. Fleming, Arnold. Scottish and Jacobite Glass. Glasgow; Jackson & Son: 1938. A careful examination of the glass of Scotland, the first to be written on the subject. Fleming traces the history of Scottish table, bottle, window and painted glass, and treats important cities and glass-making centers individually. Fleming was the former Director of the Royal Scottish Museum and the National Museum of Antiquities in Scotland, as well as an advisor to the Marquese Cantagalli, the owner of the Della Robbia pottery in Florence. He writes- "I have tried to avoid that dread thing -a tombstone biography of the intrepid, accomplished and inventive proprietors of our native glassworks. Their products bear witness to their considerable influence in the past. I have endeavoured to enliven my story with personal opinions and incidents regarding these men and their work. It has, therefore, been a joy for me to recall them. Scotland may well be proud of the high quality of the glass produced within her borders. Moreover, other countries have published volumes on the subject, so I felt the time was opportune for a Scot to do likewise. This is the 'fons et origo' of this labor of love". Hardcover. 9"x11", xv + 196 pages, plus 57 b/w plates, dj; light wear, jacket lightly worn. A very nice copy in the seldom-seen dust jacket. [31417] $175.00


48. Flemming, Louis A. Practical Tanning: A Handbook of Modern Processes, Receipts, and Suggestions for the Treatment of Hides, Skins and Pelts of Every Description, including various patents relating to tanning, with specifications. Philadelphia; Henry Carey Baird & London; Crosby Lockwood & Son: 1916. 3rd ed. A very thorough and in-depth examination of the entire process of tanning hides as it existed 100 years ago. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", xxi + 594 pages, + 28 pages of advertisements, 6 b/w plates. Covers somewhat worn and pulled at the tips, threadbare at spine head, etc. Front hinge wonky, rear hinge extra wonky, with fries. [31388] $40.00


49. [Folk Art] American Folk Art from the Collection of Peter Tillou, Litchfield, Connecticut. New York; Sotheby’s: October 26, 1985. Sale 5375. The auction of the famous collection of American folk portraits assembled by the noted collector/dealer. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", about 100 pages, 97 lots, color and b/w illustrations. [31160] $45.00


50. Foote, Henry Wilder. Benjamin Blyth, of Salem: Eighteenth-Century Artist. Boston; 1957. The results of Foote’s researches into the Salem-based portraitist’s life and work, spurred by the gift of a pair of portraits of John and Abigail Adams to the Massachusetts Historical Society. This includes the text of a paper read on the March 14, 1957 meeting of the Society, and republished, after its printing here, in the Proceedings. There is also a very detailed listing and description of some 40 other portraits located by the author. Scarce. Softcover. 6.25"x9.5", 46 pages plus 2 b/w plates. Light soil. [31311] $60.00


A Superb Copy-

51. French, H.W. Art and Artists in Connecticut. Boston; Lee and Shepard: 1879. An early, quite comprehensive study which includes biographies of over 150 Connecticut painters and sculptors, both well-known and obscure, who lived and worked between the late 18th century and the 1870s. Given this time-frame, the compilers were able to "gather many personal recollections concerning almost every artist, and the greater part of each history given hereafter will be formed from entirely new matter. Every living artist has been consulted, either personally or by letter; the former being the case with a very large majority. If any thing in the coming papers shall prove of value, it is due to the fact that hardly an artist who has been consulted has expressed an unwillingness to assist...". Hardcover. 7"x9", xiii + 176 pages, illustrated throughout with b/w line illustrations. In the publisher's original highly-decorated red, black & gilt pictorial covers. A very bright, clean, fresh copy with only very minor wear and soil. Really a superlative copy. [31346] $500.00


52. Gardner, Paul V. The Glass of Frederick Carder. New York; Crown Publishers: 1971. The massive, standard reference on Carder and his work at Steuben. Extensively illustrated, including reproductions of hundreds of old catalog and pattern book pages. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 373 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj; a very nice copy. [31418] $100.00


53. Garrett, Rhoda & Agnes. Suggestions for House Decoration in Painting, Woodwork and Furniture. Philadelphia; Porter & Coates: no date (ca.1880). A popular guide to the Aesthetic, or "Queen Anne" style as it was applied to the furniture, wallpaper, draperies and other decorations of a middle-class Victorian home of good taste- "Every one who has a house of his own may find useful hints, for the rules of good taste apply to the cottage as well as to the manor house...Expensive decoration has not been advocated; nothing, in fact, but what may be secured at the same cost as the ugliness which at present pervades too many even of our wealthiest homes". The text is illustrated with 6 wood engraved plates, three of which feature grand mantelpieces. Hardcover. 5"x7.25", viii + 90 pages, with 1 b/w text illustration, plus 6 b/w plates. Publisher’s brick-red cloth with black decoration; covers a little worn, front endpaper missing, else a very nice copy. [31386] $150.00


54. [Garvan Collection] Important Silver from the estates of Mabel Brady Garvan, Donald S. Morrison and Pearl D. Morrison. New York; Sotheby Parke Bernet: June 6, 1980. English silver from the Garvan and other collections, including some outstanding de Lamerie pieces. Also other superb Georgian silver, Charles II and Elizabethan items, etc. Hardcover. 9"x9.5", about 80 pages, 123 lots, b/w and some color illustrations, dj; light wear, prices realized list stapled to endpaper. [31168] $40.00


55. [Globes] Vincenzo Maria Coronelli. I Globi Terrestre e Celeste, l’Edizione Speciale di Venezia, 1692-93. Milano; Sotheby’s: December 13, 2005. The catalog for the auction sale of a magnificent pair of terrestrial and celestial globes, made around 1692 by Vincenzo Maria Coronelli for Cardinal Piettro Ottoboni. In addition to descriptions and many photos of the globes, there is a good deal of additional text about Coronelli and globe making. Italian/English text. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 47 pages, 1 lot, many color illustrations. A fine copy. [31170] $45.00


56. [Goddard/Townsend] Important American Furniture. The Collection of Doris and Richard M. Seidlitz. New York; Sotheby's: January 30th, 1988. Sale 5682. A small but exquisite collection of furniture, including many Goddard/Townsend pieces. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 40 pages, 30 lots, color and b/w illustrations, light wear. [31159] $40.00


57. Grancsay, Stephen. The New Galleries of European Arms and Armor. [contained in the] Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin: May, 1956. An issue of the Bulletin devoted to the newly re-opened gallery at the Met. Includes armor, helmets, a few edged weapons and several early firearms. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 32 pages, 49 b/w illustrations. [31151] $25.00


58. Greg, Thomas Tylston. A Contribution to the History of English Pottery, with Special Reference to the Greg Collection. City of Manchester Art Gallery: 1908. A lecture given in Manchester on February 23rd, 1906. Thomas Greg assembled an important and magnificent collection which was eventually presented to the City of Manchester. It was catalogued in 1923, and a smaller but more up-to-date catalog was issued by the Manchester Art Gallery in 1969. In it, Michael Parkinson notes that the Greg Collection is "one of the most valuable collection(s) of English pottery ever to have been made by one man" ...and here we have the thoughts of that man on the subject of English pottery. Softcover. 5"x7", iii + 81 pages; light cover wear, tips a little thumbed, etc. [31413] $60.00


59. Griffith, Lee Ellen. Line and Berry and Inlaid Furniture: A regional craft tradition in Pennsylvania, 1682-1790. Lee Ellen Griffith: 1988 / Ann Arbor; UMI Reprints. A dissertation for the University of Pennsylvania. The author's research included privately owned examples. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 260 pages, line illustrations and very poor b/w reproductions of photographs; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90114] $65.00


A Thin But Action-Packed Catalog-

60. Grigsby, Leslie B. English Slip-Decorated Earthenware at Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: 1993. An important and well-illustrated catalog, featuring examples from the very fine collection at Colonial Williamsburg. The wares are organized by region, and there is much technical detail. A thin catalog, but action-packed. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 80 pages, 91 color and b/w illustrations. Light wear, a nice copy. [31324] $250.00


61. Grimwade, A.G., et al. Treasures of a London Temple. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Ritual Plate, Mantles and Furniture of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Synagogue in Bevis Marks. London; Taylor’s Foreign Press: 1951. "Published by the authority of the Warden and Elders of the congregation on the occasion of the 250th Anniversary of its opening". Hardcover. 7.5"x9.5", xii + 68 + v pages, plus 21 b/w plates and several b/w illustrations. Light wear, a little soil, bookplate removed. [31323] $125.00


62. A Guide to the Works of Art in New York City. New York; Florence N. Levy: 1916. A fascinating tour of New York cities artistic and architectural sites almost a hundred years ago. Includes long sections on the Met. and the Brooklyn Museum, also lists of art societies, art schools, and more. Hardcover. 5"x7.5", 59 pages, plus 19 b/w plates. Light wear, very slight stain on the margin on the outer corner, small margin chip on last few pages, else neat, clean and tight. [31342] $25.00


63. Guillon, J-M., et al. Les Grands Vins de Bordeaux. The Fine Wines of Bordeaux. Bordeaux; Societe de l’Annuaire de la Gironde: 1948. A complete guide to the vineyards of the Bordeaux region, with much detail on each grower, including photos of vineyards, some labels, and so on. The introductory text is in both French and English, and there are English summaries of the information on each Chateaux. Softcover. 7"x11", xxx + 247 pages, b/w and several color maps. Light soil. [31373] $125.00


64. Gunter, W. Gunter’s Confectioner’s Oracle containing Receipts for Deserts... London; Gunter & Co.: ca.1910. A facsimile of parts of the 1830 edition, unfortunately not the parts with the desert recipes (no matter what the title says). The text mainly deals with thoughts about food, digestion, the proper approach to eating, and so on. Hardcover. 4"x6.75", 80 pages, 1 b/w illustrations. A little soil and wear. [31371] $40.00


65. Halpert, Edith G. American Folk Art. A Collection of Paintings and Sculpture Produced by Little-Known and Anonymous American Artists of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Colonial Williamsburg: 1940. Mrs. John D. Rockefeller began collecting folk art in 1931, and in 1940 she gave her collection to Colonial Williamsburg. Most of the collection was made up of paintings and watercolors, with pastels, weathervanes and sculpture also included. Softcover. 6"x9", 50 pages, b/w illustrations. Some wear and soil- cover illustration rubbed and creased, endpapers lightly spotted. [31354] $40.00


The Opening of the American Wing, 1 of 500 Copies-

66. Halsey, R.T.H., et al. Addresses on the Occasion of the Opening of the American Wing. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1925. 500 copies printed by D.B. Updike at the Merrymount Press. The construction and opening of the Met’s American Wing was one of the most important steps forward in the study of American furniture and decorative arts in the first half of the 20th century. This book includes the text of the addresses given at the Opening Ceremonies by Robert W. de Forest, the Met’s President, Edward Robinson, the Director, R.T.H. Halsey, Chairman of the Committee on American Decorative Arts and one of the most important moving forces behind the development of the Wing, Grosvenor Atterbury, the architect, Henry W. Kent, the Secretary, and Elihu Root, a Met. Vice President and all-round man of accomplishment. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 34 pages. Printer’s chain-lined paper-covered boards with linen spine. Gilt titles on cover and spine. Light rubbing and a little wear, but a very nice copy. With a tipped-in card "Compliments of Robert W. de Forest, President" on the endpaper, to which is attached a clipping, apparently from ‘Who’s Who", about de Forest. [31367] $250.00


A Superb Early Book on Electric Lighting-

67. Hammond, Robert. The Electric Light in Our Homes. London; Frederick Warne and Co.: 1884. A very early work on electrical illumination, notable for being illustrated with 3 Woodburytype photographs showing a drawing room and dining room illuminated with electric lights, which are among the earliest such photographs to appear in any book. Light bulbs for home use had only been introduced in Britain three years previously, so this effort to popularize them was a groundbreaking work indeed. The text was based on a series of popular lectures the author had given the prior year, and touch on the disadvantages of all other forms of illumination and the safety of electric lights, and explain in detail how electricity is installed in the home and the types of bulbs that can be used. The line illustrations include a wide variety of bulbs and some fixtures for home use.
            Hardcover. 5.5"x7.5", xii + 205 pages, + 6 pages of publisher’s advertisements, line illustrations, + 3 pasted-in photographs. Publisher’s dark green cloth with black titles and gilt decorations showing 4 different light bulbs and a fancy hanging lamp. Covers with minor scuffing and soil, but generally clean and bright. Institutional stamp on title page, and small number label at the base of the spine, but no other marks. The page mounts for the photos and surrounding pages have some moderate spotting, but the images are fine. The title page also has some brown offsetting from the photographic frontispiece. [31298] $650.00


68. Hannavy, John. Case Histories. The Packaging and Presentation of the Photographic Portrait in Victorian Britain, 1840-1875. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors Club: 2005. "The cased photographic portrait was fashionable in Britain from the early 1840s to the end of the 1860s. There grew up around it a considerable industry supplying everything from simple leather covered cases to sophisticated creations in molded thermoplastic. In this book, the author looks at the photographic portrait from daguerreotypes to carte-de-visite, and at the range of cases in which they were marketed. Lavishly illustrated." Hardcover. 10.5"x8.5", mostly color illustrations, dj. New. [90226] $49.50


69. Harlan, Marl L. Art of Glass: Selections from Columbus Collections. Columbus Museum of Art: 1981. A wide-ranging loan exhibition of 19th and 20th century glass from local private collections. From fruit jars to Steuben, which may seem a bit schizophrenic, but it works. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 96 pages, 21 color and many b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31316] $35.00


70. [Haskell Collection] The Americana Collection of the Late Mrs. J. Amory Haskell. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: April 26th, 1944 through February 16th, 1945 (six sessions). One of the largest and most distinguished collections of American furniture and decorative accessories ever assembled by one person. Mrs. Haskell spent 60 years putting it together, and it took six sales to disperse it. The American furniture falls into what Leslie Hyam, in his introduction to the catalogs, terms the "decisive hundred years"- 1730-1830. It includes the largest and most complete collection of Philadelphia seating furniture ever assembled privately, and examples of the best pieces of many other types, largely of Pennsylvania and New Jersey origin. The "country" furniture included a magnificent selection of Pennsylvania and New England windsors. There were also 50 cabinetmakers’ models. And much, much, much more. Softcover. 6 volumes, bound into 2. 7.5"x10.5", 1,413 pages, 5,875 lots, hundreds of b/w illustrations. Original softcovers bound into neat blue cloth. Cloth covers a bit rubbed and faded, but tight. Some penciled notes and prices. [31155] $450.00


71. Haskell, John D., Jr. & Margaret C. Cook. Treasures of the College of William and Mary Library. Williamsburg; College of William and Mary: 1988. A nice survey of highlights in the areas of Americana, Virginiana, literature, science & technology, history, and book arts. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 69 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light cover soil. [31357] $20.00


72. Hawkins, Daisy Waterhouse. Old Point Lace and How to Copy and Imitate It. London; Chatto and Windus: 1878. An interesting Victorian crafts book showing the reader how to imitate 17th century Flemish and Italian point lace patterns. Most interesting for the 17 folding plates showing lace patterns, some printed in colors. Hardcover. 5.5"x7.5", 21 pages plus 17 plates, some colored, and a 35-page catalog of other Chatto and Windus books. Publisher’s decorated card covers, with the original green cloth and gilt decorated spine. Ex-library with stamps on the title page and plate margins. General wear, covers somewhat scuffed, some soil throughout, front endpaper removed, etc. [31364] $125.00


73. Hedlund, Catherine A. A Primer of New England Crewel Embroidery. Old Sturbridge Village: 1971. 3rd ed. A basic primer to the patterns and needle stitches used in traditional NE cruel embroidery. Sorry- crewel embroidery. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 72 pages, b/w and line illustrations. Some soil and wear, a few sports. [31361] $15.00


74. Hiatt, Noble W. & Lucy F. The Silversmiths of Kentucky. Together with some Watchmakers and Jewelers, 1785-1850. Louisville; The Standard Printing Company: 1954. After a brief introduction the authors list and give biographical information on more than 240 smiths, firms and partnerships. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 135 pages, 9 b/w plates; ex-library, with bookplate, pocket removed, several blindstamps, spine marks, etc. [31423] $175.00


75. Hill, Dewey D. & Elliot R. Hughes. Ice Harvesting in Early America. New Hartford Historical Society: 1977. A survey of ice harvesting, focused on the upstate New York region. Discusses the development of ice harvesting, tools and methods, ice houses, delivery and marketing, and so on. The perfect book for a hot summer’s day by the pool. Uncommon. Comb bound. 6"x9", 44 pages, b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31359] $65.00


76. Hill, Harry W. Maryland's Colonial Charm Portrayed in Silver. Baltimore; privately printed: 1938. The story of the 200-odd piece silver service presented to the cruiser U.S.S. Maryland in 1906, and later given to the battleship of the same name. The service, created by the Kirk company of Baltimore, was paid for by the donations if citizens and school-children, and is decorated with scenes and personages from Maryland history, and is among the most intricate and unusual of the U.S. Navy's silver services. Admiral Hill became interested in it while serving as an officer on board the Maryland, and later spent time researching the set and its vignettes, the result being this book. The set is now on display at the Maryland State House. During WWII Admiral Hill commanded the cruiser Wichita on the Murmansk Run, and later returned to the U.S.S. Maryland and commanded Naval task forces during the invasions of Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Before his retirement he served as the Commandant of the U.S. Naval Academy. Hardcover. 7"x10", 269 pages, plus 38 b/w plates; spine slightly faded, spine head just a bit threaded. [31422] $200.00


77. House and Home. Boston University: 1990. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1988. Includes essays on setting up housekeeping in the 18th century, domestic service in New England, cookstoves in American culture 1815-1900, lower-class life in Connecticut in 1815, female work in the household from 1724-1782, and more. Softcover. 6"x9", 136 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [90254] $28.00


78. Howard, Alexander L. The Worshipful Company of Glass-Sellers of London from its inception to the present day. London; Glass-Sellers' Company: (1940). The Glass-Sellers sold drinking and table glass, as well as bottles, and stoneware goods, and were allowed to make looking glasses. They were historically one of the "poor" companies of London, although this did not keep them from assembling some nice items of plate, which are illustrated here. This history of the Glass-Sellers Company provides an interesting and important history of the retailing of glassware in England since the 17th century. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 152 + 3 pages; b/w illustrations, plus a folding plate and 14 b/w plates; light wear, but a nice copy. [31408] $250.00


79. [Hutton Collection] The Collection of Mrs. Edward F. Hutton. New York; Sotheby Park Bernet: June 7-10, 1972. Sale 3383. An auction of Chinese export porcelain, European and English ceramics, ivory carvings, English silver, and English & European furniture. Edward F. Hutton was the co-founder of the EF Hutton brokerage firm. His wives seemed to cultivate a taste for fine decorations- his second wife (from whom he was divorced in 1935) was Marjorie Merriweather Post, founder of the Hillwood Museum. Softcover. 8.5"x9", 212 pages, 1,052 lots. Many b/w and several color illustrations. Prices realised lists stapled to cover. Light soil and wear, slight crease, very slight cellar odor. [31185] $35.00


80. Illustrated Catalogue Third Annual Exhibition of the Art Students’ Club. Worcester, Mass.: 1883. A catalog of oils, watercolors, drawings and "bric-a-brac" (mostly hand-painted china). Many of the artworks are reproduced as pen drawings, and a list of the members is included. Softcover. 5.5"x8", 58 pages, many line illustrations, plus several pages of advertisements. Front and back covers detached but present, spine covering partially perished. Covers chipped. Fragile, but clean. [31345] $85.00


81. Isaacson, Mark, et al. Venini & the Murano Renaissance. Italian Art Glass of the 1940s and 1950s. New York; Fifty/50 Gallery: 1984. The colorful catalog to an exhibition at this important New York gallery, with a Foreword by William Warmus of the Corning Museum. The exhibition included the work of 10 glass artists and firms, including many pieces, of course, by Paolo Venini. There are paragraph-long biographies included, but, alas, no glass samples. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 12 pages of text plus 28 color plates illustrating 63 pieces; light wear, slight cover rubbing. [31312] $125.00


One of 35 Copies on All-Rag Ppaer-

82. Isham, Norman Morrison. Early American Houses. The Walpole Society: 1928. From an edition of 35 copies printed on Hadrian All Rag Paper by the Wayside Press. In its early years the Walpole Society sought to disseminate correct information about early American arts and standardize nomenclature. This was their fourth effort, after books on furniture, silver and ceramics. "The main purpose of this book has been to set out clearly the actual form of the house as it developed in plan and construction as well as in exterior and interior treatment, during the seventeenth century, along the whole Atlantic coast. The examples have been purposely chosen, as far as has been possible, from houses not hitherto published or, at least, not well known, and, where noted houses are used, it will be found that the features presented are, in most cases, far from familiar". This study is a valuable source of detailed plans and photographs of 17th century American houses as they still survived in the first decades of the 20th century. An additional "trade" edition of 175 copies was also printed. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 61 pages with 50 line illustrations, + 33 b/w plates, + [10 pages]. Spine label chipped, some very light internal spotting. Unopened, with most gathers still uncut along the top or side. [31366] $375.00


83. Jervis, Simon. High Victorian Design. Woodbridge; The Boydell Press: 1983. A revised reissue of the 1974 exhibition catalog, covering nearly every aspect and facet of Victorian design and arts, from 1840 to 1900. An important exhibition and text. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 188 pages, profusely illustrated in color and b/w. A fine copy in a rubbed dj. [31440] $60.00


84. Jones, Yvonne. Georgian & Victorian Japanned Ware of the West Midlands. Catalogue of the permanent collection and a temporary exhibition. Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Museums: 1982. Wolverhampton was one of the leading centers of the Midlands japanning industry, and although most japanned wares were unmarked, many of the pieces in this collection are identifiable by manufacturer because the manufacturers had given them to the gallery. The exhibition was augmented by loaned examples. In addition to the catalog there is a good text describing the rise and fall of the Midlands japanning industry. Softcover. 6"x8", 126 pages, 51 b/w illustrations; light wear. [31433] $75.00


A Superb 1816 Napoleonic Catalog -

85. Keller, Major Baron von. A Description of the Costly and Curious Military Carriage of the Late Emperor of France, taken on the evening of the Battle of Waterloo; with its Superb and Curious Contents, As Purchased by Government. Now exhibiting (by permission) at the London Museum, Piccadilly. London; printed for the proprietor, William Bullock and sold at the place of exhibition, London Palace, Piccadilly: 1816. Napoleon’s magnificently outfitted carriage was captured on June 18, 1815 at Jenappe by Major von Keller of the Prussian army as Napoleon escaped just after the Battle of Waterloo. It was a close thing- Napoleon scrambled out one door of the carriage as Major von Keller came in from the opposite door.
            The carriage and all its accoutrements were exhibited for a time in London, complete with four of the original horses that pulled it and it’s entire equipage, which included the Emperor’s gold toilette set, writing desk, gold breakfast service, gold wash basin, set of perfume bottles, portable bar, Napoleon’s Legion of Honor and diamond-encrusted snuff box, and much more. The text of this booklet carefully describes the carriage itself, all its contents, and the circumstances of its capture, including pieces written by Major von Keller, Prince Blucher, and the Emperor’s coachman, who survived the ordeal and traveled with the carriage to London for the exhibition.
            Hardcover. 5.5"x8", 20 pages, folding engraved frontispiece showing the capture of the carriage. Bound in quarter dark-blue leather with hand-marbled boards. Raised spine bands with gilt decorations of a crown and script "N" in each spine compartment. Marbled endpapers. Covers with moderate scuffing and rubbing, front hinge a little wobbly. Two bookplates. Text just a bit browned, minor soil. Extra-illustrated with a folding, hand-colored plate from Ackermann showing another image of the capture of the carriage. [31369] $450.00


A Scarce Ceramics Study-

86. Kenworthy, Joseph. The Early History of Stocksbridge and District. Midhope Potteries, or The Place of the Little Don Valley in the Evolution of English Ceramics. Published by the author: 1928. Edition limited to 750 copies. An antiquarian’s study of pots and potting in the Little Don Valley in Yorkshire from the earliest times, though mostly concerned with the 18th and early 19th centuries. There are also two chapters on the Bolsterstone and Gawber Glass Works. An rather uncommon title. Softcover. 6"x9.5", 170 pages, b/w illustrations. Covers with some soil, tips thumbed, etc. Small tape repair to last page. A little internal soil, corner bump. [31375] $375.00


87. Kenyon, G.H. The Glass Industry of the Weald. Leicester University Press: 1967. The first comprehensive account of glassmaking in the forested Weald District of Sussex and Surrey. The focus is on the Medieval period, and into the 16th century, at which point the switch from wood to coal as fuel for the furnaces abruptly doomed the Weald glass industry. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 231 pages, 22 b/w plates and numerous text illustrations, dj. From the Augustus Kelley purchase of the remainder of the stock and marked with their "reprint" sticker, but this is, in fact, the original printing. [31416] $50.00


88. Keyes, Wilma. George Freeman, Miniaturist. 1789-1868. Mansfield Historical Society: 1980. The story of the life and work of a Mansfield, Connecticut-born miniaturist, based on much research into family papers. Includes a list of known works. What would be really useful is a list of unknown works, but it’s surprising how rarely you see such. Softcover. 7"x8.5", 71 pages, b/w illustrations. Cover sunned. [31344] $45.00


89. Kimball, Fiske. Before Columbus. Selections from the Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection. [contained in the] Philadelphia Museum Bulletin: Autumn, 1953. An issue completely devoted to pictures of 20 pieces of Pre-Columbian art from the Arensberg Collection, with a short introduction by Fiske Kimball. Softcover. 6.5"x9", 15 pages, 20 b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31148] $20.00


90. Kirk, John T. Early American Furniture. How to Recognize, Evaluate, Buy, and Care for the Most Beautiful Pieces... New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1970. An essential work, and one of the classic books showing how to analyze and understand a piece of furniture. "It is Kirk's gift to be able to see furniture and to communicate his understanding of the form and ornament to others. This introduction remains the best guide to the essential skill of learning to look" (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 9"x12", 208 pages, 204 b/w illustrations; dj; light wear. [31348] $40.00


91. Klein, Herbert, et al. Ausstellung Schone Madonnen, 1350-1450. Veranstaltet vom Salzburger Domkapitel. Salzburg Domoratorien: 1965. An exhibition of 14th and 15th century sculptural Madonnas in a variety of materials, drawn from European collections. A marvelous and merry medley of magnificent Madonnas. Softcover. 6"x8", 126 pages plus 49 b/w plates; light wear. [31399] $30.00


92. [Knowlton, Charles]. Fruits of Philosophy. A Treatise on the Population Question. New York; The Truth Seeker Company: no date [1890s]. A scandalous and suppressed early family-planning manual. Originally published in New York in 1832, the original American edition is a famous rarity, although English editions were sold for many years before being suppressed. This edition was edited by Charles Bradlaugh and Annie Wood Besant. All 19th century editions are now uncommon in the marketplace. Softcover. 5"x7.25", 58 pages, plus 6 pages of publisher’s ads. Printed orange softcovers. Covers soiled and a bit worn, spine chipped, rear cover with several large chips and a tear which extends to the page of publisher’s adverts. [31393] $175.00


93. Landreau, Anthony N. America Underfoot. A History of Floor Coverings from Colonial Times to the Present. Washington; Smithsonian Institution Press: 1976. Designed to accompany the traveling exhibition, this catalog provides a good, concise history of the development of floor coverings in the U.S., and a valuable analysis of the early coverings included in the exhibition. An interesting study of a subject we all take for granted and pay little attention to- until it's too late. Softcover. 9"x10", 76 pages, 92 color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31319] $45.00


94. Langdon, John E. American Silversmiths in British North America, 1776-1800. Toronto; printed at the Stinehour Press:1970. Edition limited to 350 copies. An important piece of research work which documents 39 silversmiths who were forced to flee the Colonies during and after the American Revolution because they were Loyalists. These craftsmen settled in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario and built new lives for themselves. Langdon begins by discussing not only silversmiths but also other craftsmen who were forced to flee the American colonies and resettle in Canada, and then offers full biographies of the 39 silversmiths. The superb text carefully documents these individuals, using both printed and manuscript records; the text is fully footnoted. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 82 pages; a finely printed book with marbled endpapers -an elegant volume. A near fine copy in slipcase, case slightly soiled. [31421] $450.00


The Lansdowne Marbles-

95. [Lansdowne Marbles] Catalogue of the Celebrated Collection of Ancient Marbles the property of the Most Honorable the Marquess of Lansdowne, M.V.O. D.S.O. London; Christie, Manson & Woods: March 5, 1930. The auction sale of one of the finest private collections of ancient sculpture put together by an 18th century English collector. Lord Shelburne’s collection was assembled mainly by the Scottish painter and excavator Gavin Hamilton, much of the material coming from his excavations in the vicinity of Hadrian’s Tiburtine villa. William Petty-FitzMaurice [1737-1805], the 1st Marquess of Lansdowne, Earl of Shelburne, was a noted collector and Whig politician who quarreled on and off with George III and was instrumental in ending England’s war with its’ American colonies. Hardcover. 6"x10", 109 pages, 121 lots, plus 38 b/w plates. Covers with light wear, spine with a short split. An ink inscription on the endpaper states that this copy was given to the owner by Lord Lansdowne during a visit in 1934. [31193] $100.00


96. [Lee, Jean]. Two Bequests of Oriental Art. [contained in the] Philadelphia Museum Bulletin: Autumn, 1955. An issue completely devoted to illustrations of Oriental ceramics and carpets from the bequests of Alfred & Margaret Caspary, and Joseph Lees. Softcover. 6.5"x9", 15 pages, 12 b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31149] $20.00


97. Levine, Louis. The Women’s Garment Workers. A History of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. New York; B.W. Huebsch: 1924. A very detailed history of the ILGWU and its antecedents, along with some background material on the Industrial Revolution and its’ relationship to labor. Written for the Union, making full us of the archives and records. I don’t know if it was written for the Union by union writers, but that’s life. Hardcover. 6"x8.5", xxiii + 608 pages, b/w illustrations. Publisher’s dark green cloth with gilt spine title. Covers lightly scuffed, hinges just a bit shaken. [31291] $40.00


98. [Levy Collection] The Joseph P. Levy Collection of Early American Furniture, Silver, Liverpool, Leeds & Staffordshire, Wedgwood Ware, Paperweights. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: December 1-3rd, 1960. Sale 2002. The auction of a very fine collection of early American furniture and accessories, including many items from North Shore Massachusetts families. Softcover. 7"x10", 155 pages, 758 lots, b/w illustrations; a nice copy. [31179] $35.00


99. [Lighting] The Pamela & Donald Levine Collection of American Glass and Lighting, 1825-1875. Portsmouth; Northeast Auctions: November 6, 2004, April 1, 2005, and August 5, 2005. The auction sale of a collection 25 years in the making, focused on rare Sandwich and other New England glass. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 104 pages, 707 lots, profusely illustrated in color and b/w. Light wear. [31158] $75.00


100. Lipski, Louis L. & Michael Archer. Dated English Delftware. Tin-Glazed Earthenware 1600-1800. London; Sotheby Publications: 1984. A massive and important study, compiled over a period of 30 years, and featuring over 1,800 entries. Almost all the pieces are illustrated. Objects are arranged chronologically within chapters which are divided by function, such as chargers, drinking vessels, jugs, bowls, bottles, tea & coffee utensils, salt cellars, stands & trays, ink stands, pharmaceutical wares, plaques & tiles, and miscellaneous pieces. Louis Lipski was one of the preeminent collectors of English delftware of the 20th century. Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 446 pages, 16 color plates and almost 1800 b/w illustrations; dj; a near fine copy. [31420] $800.00


101. Lloyd, Clive L. The Arts and Crafts of Napoleonic and American Prisoners of War, 1756-1816. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors’ Club: 2007. A profusely illustrated history of the intricate and beautiful objects made by American, French and English prisoners of war during the period 1756-1816. Chapters are included on straw-work and marquetry, bone work, ship models, rolled paper-work and paper sculpture, automata and mechanical toys, games and game-boxes, and paintings, as well as Freemason prisoners of war, the brokers and markets for prisoner of war work, and gambling and forgery among prisoners. Objects were drawn from museums around the worlds and the author’s own extensive collection. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 334 pages, profusely illustrated in color, dj. New. [90243] $89.50


102. Lovell, Margaretta Markle. Boston Blockfront Furniture. Margaretta Markle Lovell: 1975 / Ann Arbor; UMI Reprints. A dissertation submitted to the University of Delaware Winterthur Program. A study examining the differences between Boston and Newport blockfront furniture, and outlining how the style developed in Boston and neighboring communities. Semowich 930. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 89 pages; very poor b/w reproductions of photographs; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90125] $65.00


103. [Maclay Collection] Early American Bottles and Flasks and Other Rare American Glass Collected by the Late Alfred B. Maclay. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: March 7-8th, 1945. Sale 644. The third and last of the great Maclay glass auctions. This one was devoted to his stellar collection of early American bottles and flasks. Sam Laidacker wrote a short introduction. Softcover. 7"x10", 100 pages, 504 lots, b/w illustrations; light wear. [31288] $75.00


104. Mann, Kathleen. Peasant Costume in Europe. London; A. & C. Black: 1931. The first edition of a very popular illustrated survey, with chapters for France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Central Europe, Sweden and Russia, and many line illustrations of costume details as well as 7 highly-stylized Deco-type colored plates of classic "ethnic" costume which are quite striking. Hardcover. 8"x11", 109 pages, 7 color plates and hundreds of line illustrations. Publisher’s red cloth with gilt spine title. Covers with some wear and soil, spine slightly split at the base. Hinges a bit shaken. [31293] $35.00


105. Mansion, L[eon Larue]. Lettres sur la Miniature, par Mansion, eleve d’Isabey. Paris; Chez Louis Janet, Libraire: 1823. Originally published in London by Ackermann in the same year. The folding frontispiece is an attractive, hand-tinted palette of 12 colors for flesh tones and shadows. Softcover. 4.5"x7", 244 pages, folding hand-colored frontispiece. Publisher’s original printed paper covers, covers with some slight chipping, a little toning and spotting throughout, page tips and fore-edge a bit browned, spine paper chipped and cracked. Still, an attractive copy in the publisher’s original paper covers. [31377] $275.00


106. McCarthy, Rita E. & Olivia M. White. Eighteenth-Century English Pottery. Selections from the Collection of Harry A. Root. Art Institute of Chicago: 1991. Root collected rich glazes and intriguing forms. An amusing catalog, but not presumptuous. Softcover. 8"x10", 48 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Near fine. [31325] $20.00


107. McConnell, Andy. The Decanter. An Illustrated History of Glass from 1650. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors’ Club: 2004. Stunning color photographs & many period woodcuts and other miscellaneous pictures of decanters in the 18th and 19th centuries. McConnell, who spent seven years on this book and illustrates 2,250 examples in it, leaves no stone untouched and no stopper stopped. Hardcover. 9"x11", 575 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj; bibliography. [90161] $89.50


108. McDowell, A. Instruction Book for Drafting and Cutting Dresses, Basques, Sacques, Coats, &c. by the Garment Drafting Machine as invented and patented by A. McDowell. New York; McDowell Garment Drafting Machine Company: 1889. 25th ed. An instructional book, meant to be used with a "drafting machine" which is not pictured, but there are many patterns for period garments which will be of interest to clothing historians with or without the machine (hopefully). Softcover. 7"x10.5", 48 pages, line illustrations. A rough copy, with soil and wear, some closed tears to the covers, etc. [31363] $60.00


109. [Medieval Arts] Medieval Antiquities from the Estate of the Late Joseph Brummer. [contained in the] Bulletin of the City Art Museum of St. Louis. Winter-Spring, 1950. This issue of the Bulletin was completely devoted to a catalog of 27 rare and fine Medieval antiquities purchased at the Brummer auction. Softcover. 6.5"x95", 31 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31147] $20.00


110. Miller, M. Stephen. From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands. A Survey of the Industries. Hanover; University Press of New England: 2007. This book "documents the surprising breadth and depths of the industries pursued by the Shaker communities, from the well-known Shaker chairs to seeds, herbal medicines, textiles, and foodstuffs.This lavishly illustrated full-color book documents the products, their sophisticated packaging, and the marketing strategies employed by the Shakers over a span of two hundred years". Softcover. 8.5"x11", 190 pages, color illustrations. New. [90245] $29.95


111. [Miniature Rooms] The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. Abbeville Press: 1983. 3rd prtg. A beautiful survey of the 68 miniature period rooms designed by Narcissa Thorne and created by master craftsmen between 1937 and 1940. Each room is illustrated in several views and described, and there is a biography of Mrs. Thorne. Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 168 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Fine. [31358] $25.00


112. [Morgan Collection] The Collection of Louise C. Morgan at Salutation, West Island, Glen Cove, Long Island. New York; Sotheby Parke Bernet: May 30-June 1, 1074. Sale 3649. The auction sale of entire contents of this noted Long Island estate. Most of the furnishings, though striking, were "style of" pieces. Salutation was built in 1929 by Junius P. Morgan, J.P. Morgan’s grandson. It was the setting for the Harrison Ford remake of ‘Sabrina’. Softcover. 8.5"x9", 160 pages, 1,199 lots. Light soil, rear cover corner and last 60 pages bumped. [31186] $35.00


The Deluxe Edition of a Superb Auction Catalog-

113. [Morgan, Mary J. Collection] Catalogue of the Art Collection formed by the late Mrs. Mary J. Morgan... New York; American Art Galleries: March 3rd-15th, 1886. Subscriber’s Edition, limited to 500 numbered copies. The very scarce Deluxe, illustrated edition of the catalog to one of America’s earliest blockbuster auctions and what was, for a time, the most famous art auction in America. Mary Morgan was the widow of a shipping tycoon, and collected a vast array of paintings and other art in her New York mansion. Upon her death Thomas Kirby of the American Art Association, the forerunner of Parke-Bernet, decided to make the Morgan sale a "can’t-miss" event.
            The collection was controversial -Mrs. Morgan had simply walked in and bought her pictures from leading dealers instead of ingratiating herself personally with the artists as was the tradition of the day. Further, Lot 341 was an 8-inch Peachblow vase which Mrs. Morgan had bought from the American Art Association’s own retail galleries for $12,000 a few years previously. A print war broke out between the New York Times, which claimed Mrs. Morgan had paid a zero or two too much for the vase, and that in any case, there was no such thing as "Peachblow", and Charles Henry Dana and the New York Sun, who stoughtly defended the AAA and the vase. During the 3 week exhibition at the galleries prior to the auction 100,000 people viewed the paintings and Oriental art.
            The sale itself was standing-room only, and when they got to the vase, Baltimore connoisseur William T. Walters won it for $18,000 (which in no way stopped the controversy over its actual worth). The sale finally totaled $1,205,000 -with the exception of the 1882 Hamilton Palace sale in England, this was the highest total for any art collection at auction anywhere in the world. The catalog itself was a groundbreaking achievement-
            "[Kirby’s] most striking innovation was the Mary Jane Morgan catalogue, a 305-page quarto volume that so far surpassed any cynosure of art collecting previously published in the United States that it not only launched the business at hand but synthesized Kirby’s whole new concept of the elite auction. Printed on heavy rag paper, with twenty-nine etchings, bound in pristine white boards with rich gold lettering, this weighty tome cost $40,000 to produce. It was a book to rest in splendor on the tables of the proudest salons. There was, of course, an ordinary catalog, without illustrations, for ordinary customers, the deluxe edition being limited to 500 numbered copies. The price was $10, but if mere money could have bought such a book, its propaganda value would have been lost. Except for a few copies sent to other cities, the entire edition was delivered by hand, with the compliments of the American Art Association, to the front doors of the most exclusive mansions in New York".
            For those wanting a more in-depth account, Wesley Towner devotes an entire chapter to Mrs. Morgan, her collection, this auction, the catalog, and the Peachblow vase in his book, "The Elegant Auctioneers".
            Limp covers. 9"x12", 305 pages, plus 29 etchings and 24 photogravure plates. 2,628 lots. Original limp boards with a parchment-covered cover with gilt lettering. Front cover somewhat soiled, spine and rear cover perished and replaced with sympathetic limp boards and parchment. Some soil and offsetting on the endpapers, but else clean internally. Housed in a new custom, quarter-leather clamshell case, with raised bands and fancy giltwork on the spine and a black leather title label. The front of the case features an inset collage made with black, crimson and peach leathers showing the famous peachblow vase on its stand. A lovely and elegant case. [31290] $1,500.00


114. [Movies- 20th Century Fox] Movie Memorabilia. Inactive Properties including Furniture, Decorative Objects, Paintings, Posters, Set Sketches & Other Decorations, Full Size & Model Boats and Ships, Airplanes, Model Trains, The Property of Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. Los Angeles; Sotheby Parke-Bernet: February 25-28, 1971. Grand period-style furniture, stagecoaches, and the complete fleet of 30+ foot models of American and Japanese ships used in the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora", as well as the actual converted "Japanese" aircraft used in the movie. Softcover. 7"x10", 275 pages, 868 lots, b/w illustrations. Tips thumbed, light wear. [31173] $45.00


115. [Movies] Prop Art. The Ken Paul Collection. London; Sotheby’s: March 13-15, 2002. Just before the movie boom of the 1950s, London antique dealer Ken Paul decided to become a prop supplier for movie sets, eventually spending 50 years supplying antique and modern props to the biggest movie studios. The furniture, silver, textiles and art auctioned here was used in movies and television shows including 101 Dalmatians, Band of Brothers, I Claudius, Harry Potter, Lawrence of Arabia, Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chocolat, Gladiator, Gosford Park, Howard’s End, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as well as many James Bond films. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 334 pages, 1,687 lots, color illustrations. Near fine. [31174] $60.00


116. Neal, Avon & Ann Parker. Early American Stone Sculpture Found in the Burying Grounds of New England. New York; Sweetwater Editions: 1981. Edition limited to 475 numbered copies. A very important and elegant study of early New England gravestone carving, featuring 42 color reproductions of rubbings of the decorative details on selected stones, which are also illustrated with a full-stone black & white photo and discussed in detail. Neal and Parker began rubbing stones in the 1960s, and presented their first portfolio on the subject in 1963. This second portfolio is begun with an interesting illustrated essay on early New England stone carving, followed by the rubbings and discussion of 42 selected stones. There is also an interesting bibliography. Hardcover, pictorial boards with leather spine. 16"x11", 114 pages with b/w illustrations, plus 42 toned plates. Clamshell box with paper label. Book fine, box a bit worn and slightly bowed along the edges. These books were issued with a separate, additional hand-rubbing, matted and ready for framing, which is NOT PRESENT here (evidently somebody went and framed it, go figure). The book is priced accordingly, which represents a good opportunity to buy this important book for about half what is normally charged for it. [31300] $1,000.00


117. New England Collectors and Collections. Boston University: 2006. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 2004. Includes essays on William Bentley and the American Antiquarian Society, the formation of Old Deerfield, china collecting in 19th century New England, Hartford’s role in the origins of antiques collecting, Civil War memorials and collecting by Victorians, and much more. Softcover. 6"x9", 224 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [90251] $35.00


118. Niall, Ian (& Christopher Wormell) English Country Traditions. Boston; Published by David R. Godine for Members of the Hoc Volo Club in an edition of 1200 copies: 1990. A celebration of the traditional crafts and sights of the English countryside- hay-making, the hedger, the cottage garden, thatching, cider-making, fen skaters, and much more. Christopher Wormell’s engravings are cut in the end grain of boxwood with a burin, the distinctive technique perfected long ago by Thomas Bewick. His vignettes are charming and distinctive. Hardcover. 7"x9", 74 pages, b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31370] $35.00


119. Nixon, Rev. John. A Dissertation on the Antiquity of Glass in Windows. In a Letter to the Rev. Tho. Birch, D.D.Secret. R.S. Northampton; Joslin Hall Publishing: 2007. Foggygates Album #1. A pane of opaque glass excavated at Herculaneum causes the author to ponder the antiquity of glass windows. A transcription of an 18th century letter which originally appeared in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, in, 1758. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 10 pages. New. [90244] $12.95


120. Noakes, Aubrey. Ben Marshall, 1768-1835. Leigh-on-Sea; F. Lewis: 1978. Edition limited to 500 copies. A standard study of this prolific and popular equestrian artist. Includes a carefully researched biography and detailed entries on 170 paintings Noakes was able to track down, most in private collections. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 80 pages plus a tipped-in color frontispiece and 51 b/w illustrations, dj; a near fine copy. [31404] $75.00


121. Nutting, Wallace. Furniture of the Pilgrim Century 1620-1720, including colonial utensils and hardware. Boston; Marshall Jones Company: 1921. The first book published on the subject of American 17th century furniture. Like all Nutting books, caution is required in figuring out where the good examples end and the restored or re-manufactured examples begin. This book was beset by controversy almost from the start, as within a year a broadside was circulated by an ironworker stating that he had made many of the examples of ironwork illustrated by Nutting. Still, as with other Nutting books, the sheer volume of furniture illustrated, as well as the important place these volumes have occupied in the literature for over three-quarters of a century, make them worth having. Ames & Ward, speaking of both editions of the title (which were different enough to really qualify as two different books) notes that they "occasionally contain nuggets of information of use to modern researchers". Hardcover. 8"x11", 587 pages, hundreds of b/w illustrations. A very nice, clean, tight copy. [31349] $65.00


122. Nutting, Wallace. Furniture of the Pilgrim Century (of American Origin) 1620-1720, with maple and pine to 1800, including colonial utensils and wrought-iron house hardware into the 19th century. Framingham; Old America Company: 1924. A much revised and enlarged edition of this classic, the first book published on the subject of American 17th century furniture. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 716 pages, 1,559 items illustrated in b/w. Light wear, a little rubbing to the covers, owner’s name on endpaper, but overall a nice, tight, clean copy. [31350] $100.00


123. Pach, Walter, et al. Letters to an Artist. From Vincent Van Gogh to Anton Ridder van Rappard 1881-1885. New York; Viking Press: 1936. Specially bound edition limited to 650 copies. Translations of a fine collection of letters written by Vincent Van Gogh to a friend and fellow artist between the time Vincent set out to become a full-time artist and the time he left Holland for France. They had recently been discovered by a descendant of the recipient and translated. The text is illustrated with facsimiles of some of the letters which are very interesting as Vincent often included sketches and drawings with his text. Hardcover. 7"x10", 229 pages, numerous facsimiles and b/w plates, all tipped-in; bound, as issued, in cloth with a thin-wood veneer on the front and back cover and spine; slipcased; minor soil to the case, else a very nice copy. With the original stiff glassine wraps, a bit torn, around the veneered covers. [31403] $125.00


124. Painting and Portrait Making in the American Northeast. Boston University: 1995. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1994. The book is divided into sections on ‘Arts of Portraiture in the Early Colonies’, ‘New England Portrait and Miniature Painters of the Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Centuries’, ‘Imaging and Reproduction Technologies’ (19th century), ‘Gender, Iconography and Aesthetics’, ‘Portrait Making in the Era of Daguerreotypes and Photographs’, and an extensive bibliography. Softcover. 6"x9", 288 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [90249] $35.00


125. Palliser’s Model Homes. Showing a Variety of Designs for Model Dwellings. Bridgeport; Palliser, Palliser & Co.: [1878]. "Tenth thousand". "Also, farm-barn and hennery, stable and carriage house, school house, Masonic association building, bank and library, town hall and three churches". First published in 1876, the Palliser designs include both the Stick Style of the 1860s and the Queen Anne styles of the 1870s. Some of the houses are identified by their actual location and owners. Of added interest in this copy, there are a number of illustrated advertisements for architectural accessories at the end, including a two-page advertisement for John Lucas & Co. of Philadelphia, a paint manufacturer, which has mounted paint samples on both pages. Hardcover. 6"x9", 98 pages, plus 28 b/w plates (pages 85-98 are illustrated advertisements). Publisher’s decorative green and black cloth, light soil, a little wear, but a very nice copy. [31395] $200.00


126. Parsons, Charles S. The Dunlaps and Their Furniture. Manchester; Currier Gallery of Art: 1970. "This exhaustive presentation of information about the Dunlap family of woodworkers in southern New Hampshire in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries is based on a large body of surviving manuscripts, including accounts books, tools and furniture... it has been treated thoroughly and intelligently" -Ames & Ward. This catalog, in addition to illustrating and discussing furniture by the Dunlaps, contains an enormous amount of information of interest to all students of American furniture. The analysis of documents, notebooks and inventories, and the discussion of tools, materials and other facets of these cabinetmakers' lives and problems, all provides a detailed study of cabinetmaking. Semowich 157. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 308 pages, b/w illustrations. Original softcovers bound intoi neat red cloth. A nice, clean copy. [31352] $150.00


127. Pelletier, Pierre. Les Verriers dans le Lyonnais et le Forez. Paris; Chez l’auteur: 1887. An elegant history of glassmakers in the Lyon and Forez districts. The text covers journeymen glassmakers working before 1789, and then in the 19th century, in great detail. Both the author and his father, Mathias-Andre, who began this book, were glassmakers. The book itself is quite handsome, printed on heavy, creamy paper with wide margins, ruled page borders and elegant typography. Duncan 10014. Hardcover. 8"x11", xvi + 291 pages, portrait frontispiece; bound in handsome half-leather with marbled boards, raised bands, gilt title. Original softcovers bound in. A subscriber’s copy, belonging to Gilbert Cuel, a noted French decorator and upholsterer. Light wear, but a nice copy. [31414] $750.00


128. Percival, Maciver. The Glass Collector. A Guide to Old English Glass. London; Herbert Jenkins: ca.1920. 2nd ed. An early collector’s guide to 18th century English wine glasses and other stemware, with a chapter on Greene’s glasses, and other minutiae of interest. Although certainly dated, this book has aged like a fine wine rather than a sour old bottle of vinegar. Hardcover. 5"x7.5", xvi + 331 pages plus 30 b/w plates, with line illustrations in the text. Light cover soil, else a nice copy. [31339] $25.00


129. [Persian Art] Persian Art from the Aryeh Family Collection. London; Sotheby’s: October 13, 1999. An auction catalog featuring miniatures, paintings, lacquer and steel objects from this collection. Most of the paintings and miniatures are from the late 18th and 19th centuries, though there is an important pair of Safavid portraits and other Safavid work. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 68 pages, 44 lots, color illustrations. Near Fine. [31172] $35.00


130. Pillsbury, William Mitchell. The Providence Furniture Making Trade 1772-1834, As Seen in the Account Books of Job Danforth and William, Samuel and Daniel Proud. William Mitchell Pillsbury: 1975 / Ann Arbor; UMI Reprints. A dissertation submitted to the University of Delaware Winterthur Program. A study based on two account books in the collection of the Rhode Island Historical Society. Danforth was a cabinetmaker, and the Prouds were chair makers. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 143+ pages; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90131] $65.00


131. Pim, A[lan].W. A Monograph on Woollen Fabrics in the North-Western Provinces and Oudh. Allahabad; North-Western Provinces and Oudh Government Press: 1898. A study of the woolen fabric trades in the northern sections of British Colonial India, with information on raw materials, spinning and warping, weaving, felting, dyeing, and local traditions connected with these activities. Sir Alan Pim [1871-1958] wrote a number of studies on British Colonial agriculture and related topics, and would later criticize the British government for not spending more on local Colonial infrastructure in Africa to benefit the native population. This early title is uncommon- OCLC locates 2 copies of this edition, and a single copy of a variant printing. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", iv + 17 pages. Publisher’s printed boards with newer cloth spine. Ex-institutional with newer endpapers and a blindstamp on the title page. Covers somewhat worn and soiled, 1-inch chip on upper corner. Brittle paper is starting to crack along the gutter at the bottom of the first few pages. [31296] $350.00


132. Pinto, Edward H. The Pinto Collection of Wooden Bygones. Northwood; Oxhey Woods House: 1961. Enlarged ed. Edward Pinto and his wife were the greatest collectors of treen ever, and devoted an entire floor of their grand house to the collection, keeping it open for viewing by visitors. This guide book was meant to be read as one walked through the collection, and discusses types of treen as well as noting interesting specimens. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 40 pages, plus 8 b/w plates. A little wear, minor soil, sticker remnant on rear cover. [31360] $40.00


133. Plenderleith, H.J. The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art. Treatment, Repair, and Restoration. London; Oxford University Press: 1969. 4th prtg. A wide-ranging survey by the Keeper of the Research Laboratory in the British Museum. Although technical in some respects, it was written for the advanced collector as well as the laboratory conservator or museum curator. The first main section concerns Organic Materials- skin, papyrus, parchment, paper, prints, manuscripts, textiles, wood, bone & ivory, and easel paintings. The second section covers Metals- gold, silver, copper and alloys, lead, tin, pewter, iron and steel. The third section covers Siliceous Materials- stone, ceramics and glass. There are also numerous technical appendices. Hardcover. 7"x10", 375 pages, plus a color frontispiece and 55 b/w plates; with 11 text figures. A little light wear, but a very nice copy. [31437] $85.00


134. Pope-Hennessy, John, et al. Victorian Church Art. London; Victoria & Albert Museum: 1971. Much more than just an exhibition of ecclesiastical gew-ga's, this was an important examination of some of the finest examples of Victorian design, focusing largely on the Gothic and Medievalist revival styles. The objects, their creators and practitioners are all minutely examined and discussed in this scholarly catalog which is filled with illustrations. A blockbuster exhibition and catalog. Softcover. 8.5"x11.5", 184 pages, profusely illustrated in b/w; some cover wear, tips thumbed, a little soil and wear. [31441] $85.00


135. Powers, Steven S. North American Burl Treen. Colonial & Native American. Private published: 2005. A scholarly, well illustrated book on a sadly under-studied subject. This book selects and examines nearly 200 objects from private and museum collections, and illustrates them in more than 250 color photographs. Chapters include- American Colonial Burl Bowls; The Patten Family; The Covered Burl Bowl; The Burl Mortar; Assorted Burl Treen; Burl Effigy Bowls of the Woodland Indians; Native American Burl Bowls; Native American Burl Effigy Ladles, Paddles and Scoops; Atlantic White Cedar Burl of the Abenaki; and much more! Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 208 pages, 260 color illustrations, dj. New. [90149] $125.00


136. [Pre-Columbian Art] Pre-Columbian Art, including Mexico, Central and South America, from the Inventory of the Arts of Four Quarters, Ltd. Part One and Part Two. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: April 8 and October 28, 1972. The two auction catalogs to this fine set of sales, featuring ceramics, stone carving, metals, and even some textiles. 2 vols. Softcover. 9"x9.25", 64 pages and 163 lots; 40 pages and 143 lots. B/w and several color illustrations. Light soil, a little wear. [31182] $85.00


137. Priest, Alan. The Korean Government Exhibition. [contained in the] Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin: February, 1958. A portion of this Bulletin is devoted to an illustrated report on the exhibition of Korean arts touring America. Softcover. 7.5"x10", [article- 15 pages, 32 b/w illustrations]. Light soil. [31154] $20.00


138. Puritan Gravestone Art [and] Puritan Gravestone Art II. Boston University: 1996 (4th prtg) & 1990 (2nd prtg). The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1976 and 1978. Includes essays on a wide variety of aspects of stone carving, stone carvers, iconography, traditions, and more. 2 vols. Softcovers. 6"x9", 142 and 160 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [90256] $50.00


139. Quilter, James Henry. The Trimming and Finishing of Hosiery & Hosiery Fabrics. Bradford; Charles Greening, printer: 1889. A complete technical guide to tacking, scouring, fulling, bleaching, stoving and related processes, illustrated with a number of wood engravings of machines. Based on a series of articles the author wrote for The Hosiery and Lace Trades Review, with added material. Quilter was the author of several other books on knitted fabrics. Scarce- OCLC locates two copies. That’s simply a comment on the book’s physical scarcity today, not indicative of what I’m sure was a bestseller-like popularity in 1889, when everyone doubtless read a copy on the trolley on the way to work. Hardcover. 5"x7.5", 76 pages (plus pages 60a-d), plus xi pages of advertisements. 13 wood-engraved illustrations. Publisher’s red pebbled cloth with black rules and title. Covers a bit soiled, a little wear at the tips, endpapers browned. [31295] $250.00


140. Ramsey, William. The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London. London; Printed for the Glass Sellers Company by Thomas Connor: 1898. The Glass-Sellers Company was founded under Charles II "for the better reforming and suppressing the falsities and deceits now commonly used and practiced in the wards and manufactures belonging to the trades of glass sellers and looking-glass makers". The Glass-Sellers sold drinking and table glass, as well as bottles, and stoneware goods, and were allowed to make looking glasses. This early history includes a history of the glass trade in early England, papers relating to glass-sellers, and the Bylaws of the Company. An early, most pleasing, and scarce history of the glass trade in England. OCLC locates 15 copies. Hardcover. 6"x9", 152+ pages, b/w and line illustrations; [31409] $375.00


141. [Ramsden] Omar Ramsden: Silver from the David and Vivian Campbell Collection. London; Christie’s: April 20, 2005. The auction sale of a superb collection of the work of the early 20th century British silversmith Omar Ramsden. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 99 pages, 85 lots, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31166] $45.00


142. Reed, Edward Bliss. Christmas Carols printed in the Sixteenth Century, including Kele's Christmas carolles newely Inprynted, reproduced in facsimile from the copy in the Huntington Library. Cambridge; Harvard University Press: 1932. A study of 16th century printed Christmas Carols, with an extended study of "Kele's Carolles" (which once was lost and now is found) and its printer. Indeed, it was the search for, and eventual discovery of, an extant copy of the mysterious "Kele's Carolles" that began this entire project. The book includes photographic facsimiles of Kele's book, and much more merriment (of a scholarly kind) besides. Hardcover. 5.5"x8", lxiii + 104 pages, 48 b/w plates. A fine copy. [31431] $65.00


143. Rheims, Maurice. L'Objet 1900. Paris; Art et Metiers Graphiques: 1964. A wonderful early pictorial survey of French Art Nouveau objects, from glass, silver, statues, pottery and jewelry to bookbindings, card cases and clocks. The color plates are beautifully lit and composed, and the objects exemplify the wild and wandering spirit of art nouveau splendidly. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", 157+ pages, 101 color illustrations; colorful pictorial covers; a very nice copy. [31439] $40.00


144. Ripper, R.C. von. The Jewels of Dali. [contained in the] Philadelphia Museum Bulletin: Winter, 1955. An issue mainly devoted to an exhibition of jewelry by Dali, with an essay by R.C. von Ripper. Softcover. 6.5"x9", 15 pages, 6 b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31150] $20.00


145. Roberts-Jones, Philippe. Beyond Time and Place. Non-Realist Painting in the Nineteenth Century. New York; Oxford University Press: 1978. From Goya and Blake, Friedrich, Turner, Dore and Rousseau, to Ensor, Munch and Whistler, 19th century artists delved into dreams, nightmares and other fantastic visions having nothing to do with "reality". The fact that some of them also delved into absinthe might have something to do with it, but that’s a different book... This interesting survey is illustrated with 24 color plates and 186 b/w illustrations. Hardcover. 10"x11", 228 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj; bibliography; light wear. [31406] $40.00


146. Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair. The Old English Herbals. London; The Minerva Press: 1972. Edition limited to 500 numbered copies. A nice reprint of this classic 1922 study of English herbals from Anglo-Saxon times through the 17th century. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 243 pages, b/w illustrations, dj; light wear, a little soil. [31432] $50.00


147. Rural New England Furniture: People, Place, Production. Boston University: 1999. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1998. Includes essays on deceptive "17th century" cupboards in Essex county, cabinetmaking in revolutionary Concord, artisan-entrepreneurs in Worcester County, Sterling, Massachusetts chair-making, female chair seaters, Shaker furniture in Enfield, and much more. Softcover. 6"x9", 256 pages, b/w illustrations, fine. [90250] $35.00


148. Ruutz-Rees, Janet E. Home Decoration: Art Needlework and Embroidery; Painting on Silk, Satin, and Velvet; Panel-Painting; and Wood-Carving. New York; D. Appleton and Company: 1889. A charming little manual which provides insight into Victorian needlework and craftwork design rules and methods. Includes chapters on materials & prices, stitches, window hangings & portieres, screens, lambrequins & small panels, incidental decorations, and a short section on wood craving. Features designs by George Gibson. From the ‘Appleton’s Home Books’ series. Hardcover. 5"x7.5", 65 line illustrations. Publisher’s decorated covers, front hinge cracked but tight, name cut from front free endpaper, light soil, covers a bit rubbed. [31387] $85.00


149. [Ryan Collection] Art Collection of the Late Clendenin J. Ryan... New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: January 19-20th, 1940. Sale 164. The quite extraordinary collection of Clendenin J. Ryan, son of Thomas Fortune Ryan, one of the most celebrated collectors of the early 20th century. "Gothic and Renaissance Paintings and British XVIII Century Portraits; a set of twelve Limoges painted enamel placques by Nardon Penicaud; bronzes of the Renaissance and Barye, Rodin, Frishmuth; English, French & Italian Furniture; Stained Glass; Textiles, Silver, Linens, Table Porcelains, Oriental Rugs". Card covers. 8"x11", 162 pages, 418 lots, b/w and gravure illustrations; color plate of the Limoges enamels; covers with wear and soil; priced. [31289] $50.00


150. Saldern, Axel von. German Enameled Glass -The Edwin J. Beinecke Collection and Related Pieces. Corning Museum of Glass: 1965. The definitive reference work on German enameled glass of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. An enormous and comprehensive study, profusely illustrated. Published by the Corning Museum of Glass as Publication 2 in their Monograph series. Hardcover. 9"x12", 474 pages, b/w illustrations, with several color plates; a nice copy. [31412] $200.00


151. Schaldach, William J. Upland Gunning. Collected Etchings & Watercolors of Sport in the Field and Allied Subjects. New York; A.S. Barnes: 1946. A classic work on upland gunning by one of the 20th century's most beloved sporting artists and writers. Schaldach is well known in both upland gunning and fishing circles. His books- "Coverts and Casts", "Currents & Eddies", and "Upland Gunning" are all well-known and perennial favorites. "Upland Gunning" is a collection of drypoints, etchings and watercolors with Schaldach's short but interesting commentary for each item. Hardcover. 9"x12", 5 pages of text plus 8 color and 48 b/w plates with facing descriptions. Light wear, spine slightly faded, a little scuffing at the tips, etc., bookplate. [31405] $60.00


152. Scherer, John L. New York Furniture at the New York State Museum. Alexandria; Highland House Publishers: 1984. An important catalog which covers the period 1680-1910. "Most of the objects are labeled or can be traced back to their original owner; thus this catalog is an important resource for the identification of unmarked objects and is a significant addition to the relatively scarce literature on early New York furniture" (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 142 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [90248] $45.00


153. as above, Softcover. 8.5"x11", 142 pages, b/w illustrations. [90247] $25.00


154. Scherer. John L. New York Furniture. The Federal Period, 1788-1825. Albany; New York State Museum: 1988. A great, well illustrated catalog with some beautiful examples. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 28 pages, color illustrations; a very nice copy. [90246] $25.00


155. Scheurleer, D.F. Lunsingh. Chinese Export Porcelain. Chine de Commande. New York; Pitman Publishing: 1974. One of the first studies in English on this subject, by a leading Dutch authority on Chinese Export wares. He made use of Dutch East India Company records, as well as old catalogs, estate inventories, 17th and 18th century paintings, etc. Hardcover. 8"x10", 256 pages, 8 color plates and 361 b/w illustrations, dj. Bibliography. Light soil. [31326] $75.00


156. [Science] The Stanitz Collection of Science and Technology. Important Books and Manuscripts. New York; Sotheby’s: April 25, 1984. The auction of a collection that took 33 years to assemble, spanning the 16th through early-19th centuries. Softcover. 8.5"x9", about 100 pages, 460 lots, many b/w illustrations. Light wear, a nice copy. [31175] $20.00


157. [Scientific Instruments] Le Cabinet Scientifique: The Philip W. Pfeifer Collection. Philadelphia; Freeman’s: March 2, 2007. The auction of a wide-ranging collection of a variety of scientific instruments and related antiques. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 86 pages, 743 lots, color illustrations. Near fine. [31169] $20.00


158. Scott, William. A Glance at the Historical Documents relating to the church of Saint Mark in Venice. Venice; Ferdinando Ongania: 1887. Bound with- "Le Tresor de la Basilique de Saint Marc a Venise" by Emile Molinier [Venice; Ferd, Ongania, Editeur: 1888], which includes mention of many silver reliquaries, candelabra, etc. Hardcover. 7.5"x10.5", 53 pages, and 106 pages; 2nd title with line illustrations; both volumes with their original softcovers bound in; some light soil, but overall very nice copies. [31429] $100.00


159. Seaver, Esther Isabel, et al. Thomas Cole, 1801-1848. One Hundred Years Later. A Loan Exhibition. Hartford; Wadsworth Atheneum: 1949. The catalog to one of the most important early loan exhibitions of Cole’s works, described by Karpel as "still indispensable". Softcover. 6"x9", 60 pages plus 21 b/w plates with 39 illustrations. Light cover soil. [31310] $35.00


160. Semowich, Charles J. American Furniture Craftsmen Working Prior to 1920, An Annotated Bibliography. Westport; Greenwood Press: 1984. An essential reference because it is more or less complete (up to 1984), although the annotations are brief. Periodical literature is included. The entries are divided into groupings of works about individual craftsmen, works about regional groups of craftsmen, general books, and trade catalogs. Everything is cross-indexed by craftsmen, author-title, and subject. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 381 pages. A fine copy. [31321] $150.00


161. Sharp, L. Corwin. The Janvier Family of Cabinetmakers of Odessa, Delaware. L. Corwin Sharp: 1980 / Ann Arbor; UMI Reprints. A dissertation submitted to the University of Delaware Winterthur Program. The Janvier family of cabinetmakers of Cantwell’s Bridge, Delaware, were "among the most prominent and productive cabinetmakers in Delaware at the turn of the nineteenth century", but except for several articles in the Magazine Antiques, there had been no real study of them or their work. Semowich 353. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 219 pages; very poor b/w reproductions of photographs; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90122] $65.00


162. Shep, R.L. Corsets: A Visual History. Mendocino; R.L. Shep: 1993. A short introduction of the history of the corset is followed by hundreds of reproductions of illustrations from catalogs, advertisements and other 19th and early 20th century sources. Softcover. 8.5"x11", about 250 pages, b/w illustrations; light wear. [31144] $75.00


163. Sheraton, Thomas. The Cabinet Dictionary. New York; Praeger Publishers: 1970. A new edition of Thomas Sheraton's important 1803 work, with a new introduction by Charles Montgomery and Wilford P. Cole. Fastnedge notes that "The designs given by Sheraton in the Cabinet Dictionary differ considerably from those of the Drawing Book, and the two series, despite their close relationship, are not complimentary; indeed, they illustrate styles that are distinct and in many ways antithetical." The text provides a complete glossary of cabinetmaking terms, and the plates provide the first published illustrations of the Regency style. Hardcover. 2 volumes. 5.5"x8.5", 440 pages, plus 80 + 4 + 4 plates, many folding; dj’s. The dust jackets have both had a label removed from their spines, but no other marks anywhere and an exceptionally clean and nice set. [31351] $200.00


One of 65 Copies-

164. Sherman, Frederic Fairchild. Sonnets Suggested by Paintings. Springfield; 1937. One of 65 copies "privately printed by the Pond-Ekberg Company for Cordelia Sargent and John Dudley Pond and their friends during the month of December MCMXXXVII". Frederic Fairchild Sherman (1874-1940) was a well-heeled collector and the editor-publisher of 'Art in America', who also published beautifully-printed, extremely limited edition studies of American art and artists in the 19-teens, 20s and 30s. This Christmas offering was printed in several very limited editions, of which we have seen two- both for friends of the printer, Pond-Ekberg (one for Pond, one for Ekberg). It features sonnets apparently written by Sherman himself, each suggested by a painting which is pictured on the facing page. Botticelli's 'Primavera' begins the selection, followed by 'Homer', "suggested by a portrait by Caravaggio"; then come three Albert Pinkham Ryder paintings and sonnets- 'Sunset at Sea', 'The Road of Life', and 'The Spirit of Autumn'. 'Mother and Child' by Robert Loftin Newman ends the series. If this is nothing else it is an intriguing Ryder item for the completest- Sherman was a fan of the eccentric American artist, and wrote the first book-length monograph on his work in 1920. Hardcover. 8"x10", [i] + 6 pages plus 6 b/w plates; light wear, a little soil, a somewhat fragile printing, but in fairly good shape. [31400] $150.00


A Unique Wine-Related Collection-

165. [Sherry] Schedule Showing Specimens of a Number of British Sherry Labels with Details of Origin and Dates of Commencement of Usage in the United Kingdom. Apparently prepared by the lawyers for the Defendant, 1967. A very interesting court exhibit of old sherry labels, mostly dating from the late 19th century, but one apparently vintage 1740.
            The exhibit was (apparently) prepared for the Defense in the case of Vine Products Ltd. v. Mackenzie & Co. Ltd., where Spanish producers, through Mackenzie, an importer, sued to stop the use of the term "Sherry" on wines not originating from the Jerez district of Spain. The labels are all for British sherry from a variety of producers and distributors, although there is a label for a Palestine Sherry, and almost all use the word "British Sherry" or a phrase to that effect. The aim in assembling them was to show that the term ‘British Sherry’ had been in use for over a century with no apparent confusion on the part of customers. Interestingly, although this case occurred in 1967, the file was apparently assembled for a similar case in 1925, as all the letters with the labels are dated in that year. The court eventually ruled that only the unqualified use of the word "Sherry" could be banned from products not originating in Jerez. The case is still regarded as important, and is quoted in a number of legal articles and following court decisions. A very interesting and certainly unique piece of wine-related history.
            Folder. 9.5"x13.5", 4 typed pages listing the contents, with 33 actual labels attached to sheets of paper with thin pins, 7 letters from manufacturers and distributors, and 1 folding chart from the ‘Trademark Journal’. A pre-printed label, with details filled in in ink, on the er cover states- "High Court of Justice Chancery Division, Mr. Justice Cross, The 14th day of Feb’y, 1967, Vine Products Ltd v Mackenzie & Co Ltd. This exhibit marked P30. was produced at the Trial of this Action on the examination of James Edward Mitchells, (illegible). A typed label inside the front cover states- "South African Wine Farers Association (London) Ltd.". A little light soil, a few labels with rubbing or soil, but overall in very nice condition. [31374] $675.00


166. Siddons, Henry. Practical Illustrations of Rhetorical Gesture and Action, adapted to the English drama. From a work on the same subject by M. Engel, member of the Royal Academy of Berlin. London; Printed for Richard Phillips: 1807. "Embellished with numerous engravings, expressive of the various passions, and representing the modern costume of the London theatres". Siddons writes that Engel’s work had a distinctly Germanic feel, and featured figures from the German stage. For this reason he did not simply translate Engel’s work, but adapted it as well, for the English reader. The plates illustrate Actors and actresses in a variety of historically-oriented costumes which appeared on the English stage, and actors is all modes of histrionic athleticism. Hardcover. 5.5"x8", iv + 387 + [xxv] pages, plus 67 (of 68) figures on 65 (of 66) engraved plates (two plates each having two figures) as called for in the plate list. Bound in full period leather with a new leather spine. The boards have a gilt Greek Key design along their edges. Boards somewhat rubbed and with some soil, spine new, with a black label and gilt title. Old marbled endpapers. Light internal soil, slight staining to the edges of some plates, etc. Rubberstamp of "Mr. Edmund Burke, Professor of Elocution, Mountjoy Square, Dublin". [31384] $350.00


167. [Silver Magazine] The Magazine Silver. The issues for 1980. Milwaukie, Oregon: 1980. All six bi-monthly issues for 1980, January-February through November/December. Softcover. 6 issues. 8.5"x11", about 45 pages each, b/w illustrations. Light soil, a little wear, some pen notes on the first page of the first issue. [31142] $100.00


168. As above, the issues for 1981. 6 issues. Light soil, a little wear. [31143] $100.00


169. Simon, Andre L. Bibliotheca Vinaria. A Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets Dealing with Viticulture, Wine-Making, Distillation, the Management, Sale, Taxation, Use and Abuse of Wines and Spirits. Martino Publishing. A facsimile reprint of the original 1913 limited edition, which listed over 6,500 items. "Simon is one of the most famous of bibliographers in the field of gastronomy, and his Biblioteca Vinaria is one of the most important works in the subfield of books relating to wine and spirits." Hardcover. 6"x9", viii 340 pages. New. [90221] $60.00


170. [Simpson Collection] Property from the Residence of O.J. Simpson. Los Angeles; Butterfield & Butterfield: February 16, 1999. Property "seized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, sold on behalf of Michael D. Myers, State Court Receiver appointed to collect the judgments obtained by the Brown and Goldman families". Includes a large amount of sports memorabilia and trophies, including Simpson’s Heisman Trophy and NFL Hall of Fame plaque, as well as some antiques. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 17 pages, 77 lots, color illustrations. Near fine. [31171] $50.00


A Very Scarce American Silver Survey-

171. Smith, Helen Burr. Early American Silversmiths. A Collection of Articles Published by The New York Sun, Charles Messer Stow, Antiques Editor. np; nd: (self published, probably ca. 1941-2. Martha G. Fales writes in "Early American Silver" (p.310) - "Another source of information apt to be overlooked is the series of articles which appeared in the New York Sun from about 1938 to 1945. Written by Helen Burr Smith on a variety of subjects, these brief articles contain the results of her original research." This book was apparently assembled by Smith to give to friends. There are ten articles on colonial silversmiths, ranging in date from 1938 to 1941; the articles are mimeographed or otherwise copied from clippings of their newspaper appearances. The whole is neatly bound in dark blue cloth with gilt cover lettering. A somewhat crude but nonetheless very rare American silver book. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 19 pages, b/w illustrations; light wear, spine cloth a bit damaged. [31427] $350.00


172. Smith, Reginald A, et al. A Guide to the Antiquities of the Early Iron Age of Central and Western Europe (including the British Late-Keltic Period) in the Department of British and Mediaeval Antiquities. London; British Museum: 1905. Metalwork and ceramics from Europe, England and Italy; based on the Gaulish collection of M. Leon Morel, Sir John Evans, and earlier collections. A cornucopia of pre-Medieval artifacts. Hardcover. 5.5"x8.5", 158 pages, 1 color and 6 b/w plates, 147 b/w illustrations; bound into library cloth, w/leather spine label; ex-Harvard, Peabody Museum library, w/bookplate, etc. [31434] $40.00


173. Smith, Yvonne Brault. John Haley Bellamy. Carver of Eagles. Portsmouth Marine Society: 1982. John Haley Bellamy [1836-1914] was one of America’s best-known woodcarvers, and the phrase "Bellamy eagle" will always cause folk art enthusiasts heart to beat faster. Creator of the famous "Lancaster" eagle and many more distinctive, vibrant carvings, Bellamy was a gifted craftsman. His personal life did not mirror the beauty of his creations, and he led an often troubled, restless life, toiling long days for meager wages. This well-illustrated study remains the definitive study of his life and work. Softcover. 7"x10", 103 pages, b/w illustrations. New. [90187] $20.00


The Scarce 1st Issue, with a Color Plate of Tile Designs-

174. Specimen Book of One Hundred Architectural Designs, showing Plans, Elevations and Views of Suburban Houses, Villas, Sea-Side and Camp-Ground Cottages, Homesteads, Churches, and Public Buildings, including specifications, bills of materials, etc. New York; A.J. Bicknell & Co.: 1878. The rather scarce first issue of this book, which was re-issued a year later, apparently without the colored Minton tile plate. This provides a very interesting survey of Victorian architectural designs, with some churches, a library and a few gazebos thrown in as well. Most of the designs were taken from a selection of other Victorian building books, so this provides an overview of the various types of designs which were then popular. There are also illustrations of some furniture and mantels. At the rear there are 20 pages of illustrated advertisements, including one for Minton Encaustic floor tiles, with a facing full-page chromolithographic illustration showing 6 patterns. Hardcover. 6"x9.5", 80 pages with line illustrations, plus 1 color plate. Publisher’s dark blue cloth with gilt spine title and black rules and an inset picture of a Morgan dollar, colored silver. Some cover scuffing and a little soil, cloth worn through in a few patches along the edges, and spine head and base chipped. Internally quite nice. [31297] $750.00


175. Spillman, Jane Shadel. White House Glassware. Two Centuries of Presidential Entertaining. White House Historical Association: 1989. A very well illustrated study of glassware used and ordered by the presidents over the last several centuries. Illustrated with modern photographs as well as period prints and paintings. Published in conjunction with the Corning Museum of Glass. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 148 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, a nice copy. [31341] $60.00


176. [Sporting Books] The Library of John M. Schiff. New York; Sotheby’s: December 11, 1990. The auction of the sporting and horse-related library assembled by John and Mortimer Schiff. Also included Presidential autographs and 19th century literary manuscripts. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", about 100 pages, 350 lots, b/w and several color illustrations. Prices realised sheet laid in loosely. A nice copy. [31176] $20.00


177. Sprigg, June, et al. Shaker. Masterworks of utilitarian design created between 1800 and 1875 by the master craftsmen and craftswomen of America’s foremost communal religious sect. Katonah Gallery: 1983. The catalog to a loan exhibition of furniture, photographs and other crafts. Includes photos and biographies of some craftsmen. An elegantly-presented exhibition catalog- I’d add some fancy-schmancy superlatives, but that doesn’t seem appropriate in this context, does it? Softcover. 8.5"x11", 56 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil, a nice copy. [31355] $45.00


178. [Stained Glass] Catalogue of Fine Early German Stained Glass...A Magnificent Early Persian Carpet...Valuable English & French Furniture (etc.). London; Sotheby & Co.: May 16, 1929. This auction featured two outstanding items- a set of 8 North German 16th century stained glass panels (6 are illustrated) depicting 8 saints, nearly life-size, from the collection of Colonel Shaw of the Manor House, Stoke Poges, and a magnificent Persian 17th century carpet (illustrated in a folding plate), given by the Shah of Persia to Empress Maria Teresa, now property of H.R.H. Prince Alexander Dietrichstein. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 26 pages, 152 lots, plus 8 b/w plates (2 folding). Cover chip & slight stain, some overall soil and a little wear. [31189] $45.00


An Important Art Memoir, 100 Copy Edition-

179. Stillman, W[illiam] J[ames]. The Autobiography of a Journalist. Boston & New York; Houghton Mifflin: 1901. Edition limited to 100 uncut copies. William James Stillman [1828-1901] seemed to be at the center of most important art history in the 19th century. Born in Schenectady, he studied landscape painting with Frederick Edwin Church and was acquainted with other Hudson River School artists. During his art studies in England he became friends with Ruskin and Rossetti, and founded the art journal ‘The Crayon’ upon returning to America. In 1859 the indefatigable Stillman took up photography and made a series of photo studies while walking the Adirondacks with Emerson and Louis Agassiz. He would later serve as US Consul in both Crete and Rome. As one might suspect, his memoirs make most entertaining reading. 2 vols. Hardcover. 6"x9", vi + 743 pages, several b/w plates. Publisher’s red cloth with paper labels, very small library "duplicate" stamp, but no other marks. Light wear, spines lightly sunned, else a lovely set. [31394] $150.00


180. Stromberg, Edv., et al. Modernt Svenskt Glas. Utveckling - Teknik - Form. Stockholm; Jonson & Winter Forlagsaktiebolag: 1943. A well illustrated survey of modern Swedish glass at mid-century including much work by Orrefors, with chapters by Edv. Stromberg, Gosta Ostlund, J. Arvid Hedvall, Erik Wettergren, Elisa Steenberg, and Ake H.Huldt. Hardcover. 7.5"x11.5", 256 pages, b/w illustrations; original softcovers bound into brown cloth; cloth a bit sunned, else a very nice copy. [31415] $200.00


181. Taunton, Nerylla. Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors Club: 2007. A beautifully illustrated examination of needlework tools from the seventeenth century to the Edwardian era. From 17th century sewing kits and Georgian boxes to Victorian work tables and all sorts of other wonderful things, this is an extravaganza for the needlework tool enthusiast. First published in 1997. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 216 pages, many color and several b/w illustrations, dj. New. [90227] $49.50


182. Textiles in Early New England: Design, Production, and Consumption. Boston University: 1999. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1997. Includes essays on coverlets, lace production, the growth of the NE textile industry between 1700 and 1830, hand tools, youths’ clothing in the early 19th century, men’s ready-to-wear clothes in the early 19th century, and more! Softcover, 6"x9", 240 pages, b/wq illustrations. Fine. [90252] $35.00


183. Textile in New England II: Four Centuries of Material Life. Boston University: 2001. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1999. A follow-up to the 10997 conference. Includes essays on bed rugs, cooperative quilting from 1750-1850, beds & bed hangings in 18th century Massachusetts, rag carpet weaving in Connecticut from 1850-1880, Shaker textile production at Canterbury, 19th century textile commemoratives and broadsides, textiles in the Victorian home, and more. Softcover. 6"x9", 272 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [90253] $40.00


184. Theatrum Majorum. The Cambridge of 1776: Wherein is set forth an Account of the Town, and of the Events it Witnessed: with which is incorporated The Diary of Dorothy Dudley... Cambridge; 1876. Also includes an historical sketch of the city, poems, anecdotes, descriptions of the town and its inhabitants in 1776, Harvard University, and more. Hardcover. 5.5x8", 123 pages, b/w illustrations. Rebacked with the original decorated front panel laid back down, new endpapers. Grand Lodge bookplate, and several internal marks. [31306] $25.00


One of 385 Copies-

185. Tinker, Chauncey B. The Wedgwood Medallion of Samuel Johnson -A Study in Iconography. Cambridge; Harvard University Press: 1926. Edition limited to 385 copies printed by Bruce Rogers. A study of the famous jasperware medallion of Samuel Johnson issued in 1784 and probably modeled by Flaxman. Tinker sets himself two questions- what sources did Flaxman use as inspiration for the portrait, and how was the medallion "missed" by subsequent Johnson biographers who set out to catalog all known Johnson likenesses? Tinker’s quest provides a wealth of intriguing details on the processes undertaken at Wedgwood in the preparation of models for their portrait medallions, in addition to specific details about probable sources for this one. In the midst of all this, Tinker also stumbles upon a very rare (and quite ugly) medallion of Johnson which was withdrawn from production by Wedgwood in favor of the Flaxman model. Quite an interesting Wedgwood tidbit. Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 17 pages plus 1 color and 7 b/w plates with tissue guards; light cover scuffs, endpapers a little toned, etc. [31419] $175.00


186. Tomes, Robert. The Champagne Country. New York; George Routledge & Sons: 1867. A tour of Rheims and the surrounding countryside by an American "adopted son" who had lived there several years. He deplores the fact that while thousands of American visit Paris, fewer than two dozen have ventured into Rheims during his time there. He probably should have left well enough alone... Tomes includes details of all aspects of Rheims life, including much on the vineyards and wines. This was the first book in English to focus specifically on Champagne country and its wines. Hardcover. 5"x7.5", xv, 231 pages. Bound into modern plain brown cloth, with new endpapers, cloth a bit rubbed. Pages very lightly toned, else fine. [31146] $500.00


187. Towner, Wesley [and Stephen Varble]. The Elegant Auctioneers. New York; Hill & Wang: 1970. The story of the rise and fall of Anderson Galleries, the American Art Association and Parke-Bernet, auctioneers to the magnates of the Gilded Age and the early and mid-20th century collectors who assembled legendary collections, only to see them dispersed at legendary sales. This is also the story of the coming-of-age of collecting in America, an often tumultuous and entertainingly raucous tale. Towner was given unprecedented access to Parke-Bernet’s files, records and veteran employees in researching this book. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", 632 pages, b/w illustrations, dj; jacket spine with neat, surgical cut which is not really noticeable, else a nice copy. [31317] $35.00


An Important Survey of Art Deco in France-

188. Van de Velde, Henry. Der Neue Stil in Frankreich [Cover title: Der Moderne Stil in Frankreich]. Berlin; Verlag Ernst Wasmuth: 1925. A wonderful survey of Art Deco design in France, chosen by one of the leading architects and designers of the era. Van de Velde writes an introduction (in German) and then 64 plates present the work of Legrain, Jeanneret, Puiforcat, and dozens of others, in furniture, silver, glassware, lighting, interiors, architecture, and even hair styles and a motorcar. Board portfolio, 8"x10", 12-page text booklet plus 64 loose plates, including 5 single and one double-plate in color. Covers a bit scuffed and soiled, cloth ties perished. Small white number on the upper corner of the front cover. Ownership plate of "Henry Boehm, Architect" on the front pastedown, and stamp of "G.A. & Henry Boehm, Architects" of 5th Avenue, NY on the pastedown, and the Boehm stamp on the title page and the back of every plate. Light soil, rub mark on pastedown. [31299] $1,500.00


189. Vose, Margaret Lentz. Identification of the Origins and Sources of Selected Scrimshaw Motifs of in 18th and 19th Century Contemporary Culture. Margaret L. Vose: 1992 / Ann Arbor, UMI Reprints. A wide-ranging survey of folk motifs as used in scrimshaw and their sources. A dissertation submitted to New York University. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 453 pages; very poor b/w reproductions of photographs; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90258] $65.00


190. Wadleigh, R.H. Head-Gear, Antique and Modern. Boston; Coleman & Maxwell: 1879. The author ran Wadleigh’s Fashionable Millinery and Cap Rooms in Boston, and this booklet presents a broad historical survey of women’s headgear from the ancient Egyptians to the 1850s as well as several plates of "modern" hats which are, of course, available at his establishment. Uncommon. Card covers. 6"x8", 41 pages, plus an extra page with text on one side and a lithographed plate on the other. Publisher’s pictorial covers with some wear and soil, and a few small chips and closed tears. Several gentle creases run through the book. Some general wear and soil throughout. [31362] $125.00


191. Walkling, Gillian. Antique Bamboo Furniture. London; Bell & Hyman: 1979. A well-illustrated survey of all sorts of antique bamboo furniture, both 18th century China Trade pieces imported to England and America, and Victorian manufactured bamboo and imitation-bamboo furniture. Also includes lists of bamboo furniture manufacturers and cane importers. A smallish book, but fierce. Hardcover. 6"x9.5", 127 pages, 4 color plates, 136 b/w illustrations, dj; jacket with a little wear and rubbing. [31320] $100.00


192. Waring, Janet. Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture. New York; William Scott: 1937 (1942?). Waring writes- "Fine furniture has remained, but the common things, the four walls which surrounded everyday comings and goings, have crumbled away or been buried beneath layers of paint and paper by new generations who thought the decoration crude and out-of-fashion". Lacking access to expensive imported wallpapers, Americans of the late 18th and early 19th century stenciled their walls in all sorts of patterns and colors. The succeeding decades often saw these decorations covered or even erased entirely, but some survived, and others were rediscovered by 20th century renovators. The realization that this heritage was largely unexplored led Janet Waring on a quest to study and document these charming decorations. This is a slightly abridged re-issue of Waring's groundbreaking 1937 limited edition. Hardcover; 8.5"x11.5", 86 pages plus 7 tipped-in color and 96 b/w plates, dj. A very nice copy in a somewhat worn jacket with a tear or two and a few pinholes. [31436] $75.00


193. [Washington-Custis] Washington - Custis Silver, Property of a Direct Descendant. New York; Sotheby’s: May 19, 2005. An outstanding auction of a wine cooler, waiter, tablespoon and set o coat buttons belonging to George Washington, as well as 6 pieces of Custis family silver. An extensively illustrated, explanatory catalog with much historical detail and background. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 76 pages, 10 lots, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31165] $45.00


194. Weigl, Francis C. American-Mitchell Text-Book of Fur Designing, Pattern-Making and Grading. New York; American-Mitchell Fashion Publishers: 1935. A comprehensive pattern book for 1930s fashions for women’s furs, issued by the publisher’s of ‘American Furrier’. I guess the publisher of ‘Field and Stream’ was busy. Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 157 pages, 8 line illustrations and 72 patterns. Publisher’s blue pebbled cloth with gilt title emblem. Covers with light soil, a little wear. A nice copy. [31292] $75.00


195. White, Francis Sellon. A History of Inventions and Discoveries: Alphabetically Arranged. London; Printed for C. and J. Rivington: 1827. Begun by the author as a personal project, this compendium soon grew to the point where publication was possible. An eclectic mix, which veers from bombazine, bonfires, books, and borax to stockings, stoves, sugar and Sunday. Of great entertainment value, something like an 1807-era game of Trivial Pursuit. Uncommon. Hardcover. 5.5"x8.5", iv + 547 pages. Rebound in old green cloth with a leather spine label. Covers with light wear, a little rubbing. Bookplate. Light spotting to the preliminaries, else a nice copy. [31385] $200.00


196. White, Robert. Treatise on the Knowledge Necessary to Amateurs in Pictures. Translated and Abridged from the French of M. Francois-Xavier de Burtin. London; Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans: 1845. The original edition, published in Brussels in 1808, contained an extensive and detailed catalog of the personal picture collection of M. Burtin, which White judged to have not been of sufficient interest to his English readers to warrant the expense of including here. White has also updated some material to reflect current scholarship, and has added information concerning prices realised at auction for pictures in major collections in France over the prior hundred years. The main text remains as close to the author’s original as White was able to come, and begins with a lengthy discussion of what makes a good picture before moving on to how to judge pictures, how to judge a picture’s state of preservation, how to recognize copies, how to analyze and describe a picture, a description of the principal schools of painting, classification of pictures by subject, why 16th and 17th century pictures are superior to 18th century works, the differing manners of the Masters, signatures, DePile’s ‘Balance of Painters’, cleaning pictures, varnishes, remarks on public galleries in Europe, and how to form a private collection. Hardcover. 6"x9", x + 338 pages, 4 lithographed plates, 1 tinted. Bound in old quarter leather and marbled boards. Covers somewhat worn, tips rubbed, gilt rubbing off raised bands, etc. Front hinge leather cracked and hinge a bit loose. Some internal foxing and discoloration, including to the plates. [31379] $175.00


197. [Whiteley Trust] Important Silver from The Whiteley Trust. London; Christie’s: June 13, 2000. The auction sale of 19 superb lots of English silver including Storr and de Lamerie, an Elizabethan beaker and the Brownlow James II Chinoiserie tankards. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 80 pages, 19 lots, illustrated in color, dj. A near fine copy. [31167] $30.00


198. Wick, Wendy Caroline. Stephen Girard: A Patron of the Philadelphia Furniture Trade. Wendy Caroline Wick: 1977/Ann Arbor; UMI Reprints. A thesis submitted to the University of Delaware. Between about 1780 and 1820 Girard, a successful Philadelphia businessman, patronized many Philadelphia cabinetmakers, silversmiths and other artisans. After his death his collection was preserved intact, along with many of the original invoices, bills and other notes. This all provides a valuable record of how a wealthy Philadelphia merchant furnished his house during an especially exciting period in American arts. This thesis focuses on his patronage of cabinetmakers. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 284 pages; very poor b/w reproductions of photographs; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90224] $65.00


199. Williams, Carl M. Silversmiths of New Jersey 1700-1825. With Some Notice of Clockmakers Who Were Also Silversmiths. Philadelphia; George S. MacManus Company: 1949. A detailed study, based on an exhaustive search of New Jersey town archives. Hardcover. 7"x10", 164 pages, b/w illustrations; light cover soil, some minor internal spotting. [31428] $150.00


200. Williams, Robert Folkstone. An Historical Sketch of the Art of Sculpture in Wood, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time; with notices of the most remarkable sculptural works in the same material now remaining in Europe, and some Account of the Designers. London; published at the Library of the Fine Arts: 1835. Williams begins his essay in the dim ages of antiquity before exploring the woodcarver's art in Europe and England from the early times through the 17th and 18th centuries. He spends most of his time in England and Italy, although France and Germany are certainly not neglected. He then returns to the Far East and ancient times in an appendix. The author came from an architectural background and approached his subject with the eye of the architectural historian, treating not only sculpture but also all other types of decorative carving to be found in churches, cathedrals and the great houses. Mantelpieces, railings, even furniture fascinated him, and he treated all as more or less equal products of the chisel. Williams has an eye for the odd-
            "There are many bas-reliefs, particularly those carved underneath the seats of the choirs of different religious structures, that represent grotesque, and even obscene subjects, altogether at variance with the sacred character of the buildings in which they are placed. What may be thought most singular, is, that these sculptures sometimes represent priests and other religious persons, engaged in actions of a very profane description. The sculptors who executed those carvings were the caricaturists of the time; and, as different religious communities were frequently at variance with each other, they employed these artists to satirize their mutual follies and vices. Under their seats they concealed from the public eye, but exposed for their own private gratification, a series of pictorial libels. In one place, the monks of a certain order are represented as licentious, ridiculous, and depraved: -in the building belonging to these holy fathers, will, probably, be found a similar series of bas-reliefs, exposing the secret debaucheries of the sacred brotherhood by whom they have been libelled- but never, in any church, will a priest of that order be represented in an unholy character".
            Williams has great sympathy for these carvers, a sympathy which seems to echo the first stirrings of interest in indigenous folk crafts as arts- "The savage who tattoos his flesh," he declares, "is a painter -the barbarian who ornaments his club with carvings, is a sculptor -the Indian who constructs his wigwam in the forest, is an architect -the cannibal who sings in triumph while his enemy is burning at the stake, is a musician -and all are artists." Uncommon in the marketplace.
            Hardcover. 5.5"x8", 96 pages, original "satined" cloth covers recased with a new spine and new endpapers; contents with some moderate foxing. [31398] $350.00


201. [Williamson Collection] Illustrated Catalogue of the Important Collection of Rare and Choice Specimens of Old English and American China, Rare Color-Glass, Pewter, Copper and other Interesting Objects Collected by the Connoisseur Mr. Frederick J. Williamson of Montclair, New Jersey. New York; American Art Association: December 4-8, 1916. The auction of an important early collector of early English pottery, Staffordshire, Stiegel and other glass and pewter. Softcover. 6"x9", 1,247 lots, 158 pages, plus 12 b/w plates. Light wear, a little soil. [31191] $60.00


202. [Wine Wheel] Mixter Albert Correct Wine Service Guide and Mixed Drinks Finder. Pittsburgh; Alba Publishing, William Penn Hotel: 1934. A wonderful 1930s revolving "drinks wheel"- align the bottom arrow with any of 48 drinks, and die-cut windows will tell you what ingredients, juices, and twists to use, whether to stir or shake, and what to serve it in. Want a "Morning Bracer"? a third absinthe, 2 thirds vermouth with a twist of seltzer, served in a Delmonico glass. Bronx cocktail, Salome, Gin Flip, all your favorite 1930s drinks are here. The other side of the wheel is a wine-service guide, giving 4 choices of wine to be served with a dozen different dinners or courses (interestingly, a number of American wines are recommended, including NY champagne, Missouri Riesling, and Napa Valley Sauterne). A great conversation piece for your next party. Diameter- 8". Light soil. [31372] $100.00


203. Wood, John. An Elementary Treatise on Sketching from Nature: with the Principles of Light and Shade, the Theory of Colours, &c. Worcester; Whittaker and Co.: [1850]. An engaging provincial art manual, intended to give readers practical instruction on drawing, sketching, perspective, light & shade, colors, and figures. For the Victorians there was not only profit to be gained from attaining artistic skills, but by better understanding nature as well, and Wood notes that "the contemplation of nature" gives "an ample reward for any time and pains we may bestow in its attainment". The two hand-colored plates are also quite charming- the frontispiece shows an artist’s palette with primary, secondary and tertiary colors, and the other shows three stages in the coloring of a landscape with watercolors. Uncommon. Hardcover. 6.25"x10", 52 pages plus 7 engraved plates, 2 hand-colored. Publisher’s embossed cloth with gilt title. Covers somewhat faded and worn, hinges a bit wobbly, light internal soil and a few spots, small marginal stain. Mounted on the front endpaper is the original engraved manuscript receipt from the author for the purchase of this copy in 1850 for 6s. 6d. Binder’s ticket of Remnant & Edmonds. [31380] $250.00


204. Wood, Richard H. & Virginia A. A Catalogue of American Historical China Cup Plates. Baltimore; self-published: [1969]. A scarce title, the only study devoted to these rare transferware pieces. Illustrates 134 cup plates from the authors’ collection; each plate has a picture, thumbnail description and maker noted. Softcover. 9"x12", 1 page of text and 22 b/w plates; corner crease, light soil, a little wear. [31327] $125.00


205. Woods, R.A. English Furniture in the Bank of England. London; Printed for the Governor and Company of the Bank of England: 1972. An elegantly-photographed survey of some of the more important or interesting pieces in the Bank’s collection, following a survey of the furniture by Norman Adams. Most of the pieces are late 18th and early 19th century. Uncommon. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", [vi] + a tipped-in color frontispiece and 3 tipped-in color and 81 b/w plates, all with facing descriptions. Spine lightly faded, some adhesive offsetting on the rear of the color plate pages, else a very nice copy. [31304] $250.00


206. Wroth, Lawrence C. Abel Buell of Connecticut. Silversmith, Type Founder & Engraver. New Haven; printed for The Acorn Club: 1926. Edition limited to 102 copies. A nice copy of one of the rarest of all American silver titles. The 1958 Wesleyan reprint is common enough, but I have seen just three copies of this first edition of this limited edition book in the last fifteen years (I bought all three on the spot), and this is one of them. Abel Buell was trained and worked as a silversmith, but he was also an engraver (as many silversmiths were), a type-founder, engineer, armourer, inventor, auctioneer, ship owner and mill operator... Wroth, an eminent and indefatigable antiquarian, spent three years researching Buell for this study, which was printed for the Acorn Club by Carl Purlington Rollins of the Yale University Press. Softcover. 6.25"x9.5", 86 pages, 7 plates, 2 folding. Some light wear along the edges, just a wisp of soil; spine cover split in several places; a fragile item in fairly good shape; do not use this copy for reference -buy another copy of the 1958 edition and keep this one on the shelf. [31425] $400.00


207. Zea, Philip & Suzanne L. Flynt. Hadley Chests. Deerfield; Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association: 1992. An excellent exhibition catalog, with a lively and interesting text and wonderful color illustrations. Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 31 pages, color and b/w illustrations; address label on endpaper, else near fine. $20.00


Some Publisher’s Overstocks-


208. Albrecht, Donald, et al. Russel Wright. Creating American Lifestyle. New York; Cooper-Hewitt/Harry N. Abrams: 2001. "This book describes Russel Wright’s career and shows his work in 154 photographs, most in color, including page-filling settings created for this book and images of his Hudson Valley home Dragon Rock." Hardcover. 8"x10", 176 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95087]

Published for $35.00
Available for a limited time for- $20.00


209. Brown, Roxanna M. The Ceramics of South-East Asia. Their Dating and Identification. Chicago; Art Media Resources: 2000. 2nd ed. "When this catalog was first published, it was hoped that it would revive a serious interest in the ceramic traditions of Southeast Asia, and it did, inspiring original research and works in English devoted to Khmer, Vietnamese, and northern Thai wares, as well as Burmese ceramics. This second edition takes into account the developments of the following decade, and offers a large number of new illustrations." Softcover. 8"x11", 130 pages with b/w and line illustrations, + 50 color and 63 b/w plates. New. [95079]

Published for $49.95
Available for a limited time for- $25.00


210. Bushell, Raymond. The Inro Handbook. Studies of Netsuke, Inro and Lacquer. New York; Weatherhill: 2002. 3rd prtg. "Illustrated with 136 color plates, scores of color thumbnails, and hundreds of black and white figures and drawings, this volume describes a superb Japanese art object, the small carved boxes called inro, traditionally suspended from the kimono by silk cords and netsuke buttons to carry personal items". Hardcover. 7.5"x10.5", 263 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95082]

Published for $75.00
Available for a limited time for- $25.00


211. Coleman, Brian D. Historic Arts & Crafts Homes of Great Britain. Salt Lake City; Gibbs Smith: 2005. "Exquisitely photographed and produced, this volume tours ten magnificent British homes designed in the Arts and Crafts tradition. Red House, the only house that William Morris ever built, is here, as is Hill House- family home to prominent Glasgow publisher Walter W. Blackie, designed by Scotland's Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Also included are Charleston, home to Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant; Kelmscott Manor, and Edward Lutyens' eccentric medieval Castle Drogo". Hardcover. 10"x10", 159 pages, color illustrations, dj. New. [95081]

Published for $39.95
Available for a limited time for- $20.00


212. Goodwillie, Christina (ed.). Shaker Songs. A celebration of peace, harmony, and simplicity. New York; Black Dog & Leventhal: 2002. The simple beauty of Shaker craftsmanship and architecture was also reflected in their music, which long played a central role in Shaker worship. This elegant book includes a CD of 28 traditional songs, some performed by the Boston Camerata, and features more than 200 years of Shaker music in beautifully and simply illustrated pages of scores and lyrics, as well as explanatory text. Hardcover. 7.5"x9", 128 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Music-CD in front pocket. New. [95062]

Published at $15.95
Available for a limited time for- $9.95


213. Madigan, M.J. Steuben Design: A Legacy of Light and Form. New York; Harry N. Abrams: 2004. "Since its founding in 1903 by glass master Frederick Carder, Steuben glass has evolved to become the epitome of American crystal, a gift of presidents, and the treasured possession of generations of collectors. Mary Jean Madigan's text emphasizes the years after 1933, when Arthur Amory Houghton Jr. curtailed the production of colored art wares to focus on making ‘the most perfect crystal the world has ever known.’" The text and illustrations provide a breathtaking survey of the glass itself, as well as many behind-the-scenes period photos of the workmen, studios and showrooms as they have appeared over the past six decades. Hardcover. 9"x11", 144 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95075]

Published for $29.95
Available for a limited time for- $20.00


214. Mirabella, Grace. Tiffany & Co. London; Thames & Hudson: 1997. A slim explosion of a book, a pictorial survey of Tiffany & Co. advertising and photography over the last century. Great fun. Hardcover. 6.5"x8.5", 79 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New.

Available for a limited time for- $10.00


215. Noppe, Catherine & Jean-Francois Hubert. Art of Vietnam. New York; Parkstone Press: 2003. "From the Au Lac kingdom of the 3rd century BC to the painters from the École des Beaux-Arts of Indochina, in 1925 Hanoi, the arts of Vietnam have interpreted the country's own cultures and the fusion between Asia and the West. This volume, with 250 color and black and white photographs and reproductions, presents superb art objects of Vietnam, including medieval pottery, sandstone sculptures, elaborately carved and tiled dinh buildings, and the 20th-century paintings of Bui Xuan Phai." Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 271 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95086]

Published for $39.95
Available for a limited time for- $25.00


216. Roehrig, Catherine H. (ed.). Hatshepsut. From Queen to Pharaoh. Metropolitan Museum of Art/Yale University Press: 2005. "The female pharaoh Hatshepsut-whose mummy was positively identified in Cairo in June 2007-reigned for nearly 20 years in the 15th century BC, first as a regent for her stepson Thutmose III and then as senior co-ruler. By tradition she was often depicted as male, and was one of the most successful of the female pharaohs; yet after her death monuments bearing her image were defaced and her name was erased from historical accounts. This catalog presents 200 objects in color from this unique and highly creative period, including architecture, royal sculpture and reliefs, ceremonial objects, personal items, and dazzling jewelry". Softcover. 9"x12", 340 pages, color and b/w illustrations. New. [95080]

Published for $45.00
Available for a limited time for- $25.00


217. Studebaker, Sue. Ohio is My Dwelling Place. Schoolgirl Embroideries, 1800-1850. Athens; Ohio University Press: 2002. In this catalog, American decorative arts scholar Sue Studebaker documents the samplers created in Ohio prior to 1850, describing the girls who made them, their families, and the teachers who taught them to stitch. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 310 pages, color and b/w illustrations. New. [95077]

Published at $34.95
Available for a limited time for- $20.00


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