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1.  [African Art] Contemporary African Art from the Jean Pigozzi Collection. London; Sotheby’s: June 24, 1999. The auction sale of a collection of contemporary African paintings, sculpture and mixed-media work. Biographies of the artists are included. Softcover. 8.5"x10.5", 129 pages, 57 lots, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31613] $45.00


2. Alcorn, Ellenor M. English Silver in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Volume 1- Silver before 1697 [and] Volume II - Silver from 1697 including Irish and Scottish Silver. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1993 & 2000. An elegant set of catalogs, which illustrate part of the MFA’s collection of early English silver, recognized as one of the finest in the world. The catalogs feature scholarly entries which fully describe and discuss each piece. Many of these pieces had not previously been published elsewhere. Marks are illustrated with each item. The second volume includes separate sections on spoons, Scottish silver, Irish silver, and items of "Doubtful Authenticity". 2 vols. Hardcover. 9.5"x11.5", 236 & 384 pages, color and b/w illustrations; marks; djs. Light wear. [31736] $100.00


3. American Paintings from the Masco Corporation. New York; Sotheby's: December 3, 1998. Sale 7230. The catalog of an auction devoted to American paintings, mostly of the 19th century. The collection included a good selection of work by important 19th century artists, including a magnificent F.E. Church landscape of Stockbridge, and one of four known version of "The Spirit of ‘76" by Willard. Softcover. 8"x11", about 80 pages, 139 lots, color illustrations, artist index, prices realized sheet taped to inside front cover. Institutional stamp on title page, else a fine copy. [31675] $35.00


4. American Paintings, Drawings and Watercolors from the IBM International Foundation. New York; Sotheby's: May 25, 1995. The catalog of an auction devoted to American paintings, drawings and watercolors from the IBM International Foundation, including works by Raphaelle Peale, Thomas Cole, James McNeill Whistler, Winslow Homer, Thomas Eakins, John Singer Sargent, Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, and Andrew Wyeth. Hardcover w/dj. 8"x11", 113 pages, 39 lots, color illustrations of each lot. Institutional stamp on front endpaper, else a fine copy. [31683] $45.00


5. [American West] The American West. The John F. Eulich Collection. New York; Sotheby's: May 20, 1998. Sale 7135. The catalog of an auction devoted to a very fine collection of 19th and 20th century American western art. Includes works by Bierstadt, Borg, Catlin, Farny, Ranney, Remington, Russell, Schreyvogel, and N.C. Wyeth. Hardcover w/dj. 8"x11", about 75 pages, 88 lots, color illustrations of each lot, artist index. Institutional stamp on title page, else a fine copy. [31678] $45.00


6. [American West] A Distinguished Collection of Western Paintings and Sculpture. The Property of a Gentleman. New York; Christie's: December 1, 1989. Sale 6974. The auction of a small but select collection which included important paintings and bronzes by Remington as well as works by Charles Russell, O.C. Seltzer, and others. Softcover. 8"x11", 33 pages, 128 lots, color illustrations of each lot. Fine condition. [31679] $35.00


7. [Americana] The collection of Mr. and Mrs. Bertram D. Coleman. New York; Christie's: January 16, 1998. Sale 8842. The catalog of an auction of a very nice collection of American furniture, paintings, Marine art, silver and early lighting. The Coleman’s had also owned the famous Million Dollar tea table bought by Eddy Nicholson in 1986. Softcover. 8"x11", 151 pages, 292 lots, mostly color, some b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet taped to inside cover. Institutional stamp on cover, else fine. [31671] $45.00


8. [Americana] American Furniture and Decorative Arts including the Estate of W. Torrey Little. Bolton; Skinner: March 23rd, 1997. Fine semi-formal / country furniture and accessories; the cover lot is a pair of Federal painted side chairs from the Elias Hasket Derby House in Salem. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 112 pages, 506 lots, many b/w and several color illustrations. Prices realised sheet stapled to first page. Institutional stamp on first page. A nice copy. [31629] $25.00


9. [Ames] Bolton, Theodore & Irwin F. Cortelyou. Ezra Ames of Albany. Portrait Painter. Craftsman, Royal Arch Mason, Banker. 1768-1836. New York Historical Society: 1955. A standard biography of the Albany-based portrait & miniature painter Ezra Ames [1768-1836], including material from his account books, a complete catalog of his known works, and entries on misattributed and questionable works. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", xix + 398 pages, b/w illustrations. Light cover wear, a nice copy. [31644] $85.00


10. Anderson, Mark J., et al. Cadwalader Study. Winterthur; Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1995. 2nd prtg. The results of a landmark project to examine, compare and document every single piece of furniture that could be found that was made for General John Cadwalader and his wife Elizabeth, of Philadelphia. The co-authors were Gregory J. Landrey and Philip D. Zimmerman. Despite the late date, and apparently having been two printings, this study has become almost impossible to find. Softcover. 8.5"x11", about 125 pages, b/w and several color illustrations; light wear. [31635] $1,000.00


11. Anderson, Marna. A Loving Likeness. American Folk Portraits of the Nineteenth Century. Princeton; The Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb: 1992. The catalog to an exhibition of important works by a number of known and unknown American folk painters from the private collection of Raymond & Susan Egan. The exhibition also included silhouettes by the "Red Book Artist" and the "Puffy Sleeve Artist". With the color illustrated, 7-page folder issued in 1997 by the Egans, illustrating additions to, and listing deletions from, the collection. Softcover. 9"x11.5", 60 pages, color illustrations. Light wear. [31763] $125.00


12. Andrews, John. The Price Guide to British Antique Furniture. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors’ Club: 1985. 2nd, revised ed. An early edition of this very popular pictorial survey of fine British antique furniture. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 290 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. Dealer Wayne Pratt’s copy, with his stamp on the bottom edge. [31701] $35.00


13. [Architecture] Tableaux Anciens et du XIXe Siecle et Dessins d'Architecture. Monaco; Sotheby's: June 30, 1995 & July 1, 1995. The catalog of an auction which included 50 lots of 16th-18th century architectural drawings and plans attributed to Claude Perrault, plans for Versailles, and so on. Softcover. 8"x11", about 75 pages, 298 lots, color & b/w illustrations, 298 lots. Institutional stamp on title page, else in fine condition. [31660] $25.00


14. Arnold, Janet. Patterns of Fashion. Englishwomen’s Dresses and Their Construction, c.1660-1860. London; Macmillan/Drama Book: 1977. A complete guide, with patterns, to making a variety of fashionable dresses of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, with a great deal of detail about vintage garment construction and techniques. Softcover. 14.5"x10.5", 76 pages, b/w and line illustrations. A nice copy. [31540] $35.00


15. [Art Nouveau] Property from the Collection of Arnold R. King and the Estate of Hank Helfand. New York; Sotheby's: December 1, 1989. The auction of a superb collection of Art Nouveau sculpture, graphics, ceramics, glass, and furniture, with Tiffany glass, lamps and windows. Softcover. 8"x11", about 50 pages, 431 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Institutional stamp on cover, else fine. [31668] $45.00


16. [Arthingworth] The Arthingworth Collection. Important English Furniture, Country Life Paintings and Decorations. New York; Sotheby's: December 12, 1996. Sale 6931. The catalog of an auction devoted to the contents of Arthingworth, an English country estate smack in the middle of Rancho Santa Fe. The house was filled with fine Georgian and Regency furniture, and "country house" paintings. Hardcover with dj. 8"x11", about 150 pages, mostly color & some b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Institutional stamp on front end paper, else fine condition. [31665] $45.00


17. [Automobiles] The Philip Wichard Collection of Exceptional Motor Cars and Memorabilia. New York; Christie’s: April 1, 1995. The auction sale of an outstanding collection of vintage automobiles. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 69 pages, 87 lots, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31605] $45.00


18. Axelrod, Alan [ed]. The Colonial Revival in America. New York; W.W. Norton, in association with Winterthur: 1985. A collection of 14 essays, based on papers presented at the 1981 and 1982 Winterthur Conferences, which examine various aspects of the Colonial Revival movement in America between 1876 and 1930. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 377 pages, b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31551] $45.00


19. Ball, Joanne Dubbs. Costume Jewelry. The Golden Age of Design. West Chester; Schiffer Publishing: 1990. A beautifully illustrated survey of the work of the leading "costume" jewelry designers of the 1930s-50s. Includes many period fashion shots as well as newer color photographs. The text explores the evolution of costume jewelry design and the work of the leading designers. Hardcover. 9"x12", 208 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31490] $35.00


20. Barnard, George. Handbook of Foliage and Foreground Drawing. Illustrated by Numerous Examples of Trees, Shrubs, Climbing, Meadow, and Water Plants. London; George Routledge and Sons: 1876. 3rd ed. A charming Victorian drawing-instructor which also illustrates the Victorian interest in the natural world. Hardcover. 5"x7.5", 128 pages, plus 60 lithographed plates. Publisher’s green and gilt decorated covers. Binding dry, with several gathers of pages detached but present. Covers bright and fresh. [31586] $65.00


21. Barquist, David L. American Tables and Looking Glasses in the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University. New Haven; Yale University Art Gallery: 1992. In addition to detailed entries on 140 tables, 25 related objects and 47 looking glasses, there are two interpretive essays by Elisabeth Donaghy Garrett and Gerald W.R. Ward, and a special section devoted to 43 fake, altered or misidentified objects. Hardcover. 10"x10.5", 423 pages, packed with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket worn. [31707] $60.00


22. Bassett, Lynne Z. & Jack Larkin. Northern Comfort. New England’s Early Quilts 1780-1850. Nashville; Rutledge Hill Press: 1998. An interesting survey of quilts, with much background information. Quilts were selected from the Old Sturbridge Village collection. Softcover. 8.5"x9", 118 pages, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31791] $50.00


23. [Bauhaus] The Bauhaus and Bauhaus Designers. Amsterdam; Christie’s: October 26, 1989. The auction sale of an important assemblage of graphics, furniture, silver and metalware, ceramics, lighting, original designs, and more. Includes much material from the state of Bauhaus designer Christian Dell. Softcover. 8"x10", 67 pages, 83 lots, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31624] $125.00


24. Beckman, Elizabeth D. Cincinnati Silversmiths. An In-depth Study of the Cincinnati Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watch and Clockmakers through 1850. Also Listing the More Prominent Men in These Trades from 1851 until 1900. Cincinnati: B. B. & Co.: 1975. An important study of Cincinnati silver and silversmiths, based on a great deal of original research by the author. The book also includes extensive excerpts from the diary of silversmith Jacob Deterly from 1819 to 1833. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 167 pages, b/w illustrations, marks; near fine; bookplate. [31446] $375.00


25. Belknap, Henry W. Artists and Craftsmen of Essex County, Massachusetts. Salem; The Essex Institute: 1927. One of the first studies to gather together period newspaper notices, advertisements and other data on cabinetmakers, carvers, turners, glass makers, silversmiths, potters, engravers, paper cutters, silhouette artists, etc. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 127 pages, b/w illustrations; font hinge a bit wobbly, a little soil, name rubbed off title page. [31447] $250.00


26. Bennett, David & Daniela Mascetti. Understanding Jewellery. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors Club: 1990. 2nd prtg. A very detailed, practical guide to understanding jewelry and gemstones, written for the collector. Covering the periods between the late 18th century and World War 2, the authors discuss design, designers and materials, and how to assess quality, recognize fakes, and more. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 386 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [31497] $60.00


27. Bishop, Robert C.H. The Borden Limner and His Contemporaries. University of Michigan Museum of Art: 1976. A groundbreaking exhibition of the work of this mysterious folk portraitist, dubbed the "Borden Limner" for a pair of portraits he had done of Captain Borden of New Bedford and his wife. Bishop identified the artist as John S. Blunt (1798-1835) of Portsmouth, NH. Softcover. 10"x8", 90 pages, 1 color and many b/w illustrations. Covers a bit worn and rubbed, spine rubbed, a little overall wear and minor soil. [31475] $40.00


28. Bittker Gallery. A 400 Year Retrospective of the Chinese Chair commencing with the Ming Dynasty. Birmingham (MI); D & J Bittker Gallery: 1987. A very nicely illustrated dealer catalog. Softcover. 7"x9.5", 28 pages plus 8 color plates. Small label on spine, pen mark on cover, else a nice copy. [31758] $30.00


29. Bivins, John, Jr. The Furniture of Coastal North Carolina, 1700-1820. MESDA/University of North Carolina Press: 1988. A massive and important study of this early furniture-making center. With examples drawn from a number of public and private collections, this was not an attempt to document every piece of furniture that could be found, but to survey and document the "unique regional" style. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", xiii + 562 pages, color frontispiece, hundreds of b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket a little worn, else a nice copy. [31594] $1,000.00


30. Bolton, Ethel S. & Eva Johnston Coe. American Samplers. New York; Weathervane Books: 1973. A reprint of the 1921 edition. The study is based on over 2,500 descriptions of samplers, 400 illustrations of them, and an examination of over 300 examples from the 18th and 19th centuries. "This book is an unusual chronological history of the American sampler...this standard reference work will be of value not only to needleworkers but to museum curators and historians" (Sestay). Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 416 pages, plus 126 b/w plates, dj. Light soil. [31590] $45.00


31. Bourne, H[erman]. Flores Poetici. The Florist’s Manual: Designed as an Introduction to Vegetable Physiology and Systematic Botany, for Cultivators of Flowers. Boston; Munroe and Francis: 1833. A nice copy of an early and uncommon American florist’s manual. The book is most notable for its 73 delicately hand-colored wood engravings of flowers. Bourne was a former editor of the ‘Literary Magazine’ who apparently found hot-house primulas preferable to New York prima donnas. Hardcover. 6"x9.5", 288 pages, with 73 hand-colored engravings in the text. Original green floral-patterned cloth. Covers a bit rubbed and soiled, with some wear at the spine head and base, tips bumped. Contents with some light scattered browning and a little scattered soil. Bookplate. Evidently ex-institutional, with a very faint blindstamp on the title page and several light inked numbers on the reverse. [31589] $4,500.00


32. Brainard, Newton C. George Dudley Seymour's Furniture Collection in the Connecticut Historical Society. Hartford; Connecticut Historical Society: 1958. What makes this catalog especially interesting is the inclusion of comments about each piece from Seymour's carefully kept and sometimes caustically honest notebook. Softcover. 7"x9.5", 141 pages, b/w illustrations; some cover soil, some general wear. [31555] $50.00


33. Brandon, Reiko Mochinaga & Loretta G.H. Woodard. Hawaiian Quilts. Tradition and Transition. University of Hawaii Press: 2004. Quilting began in Hawaii shortly after the first missionaries landed. This traveling exhibition toured Japan with 24 antique and 30 contemporary quilts. Softcover. 9"x12", 140 pages, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31529] $25.00


34. Brant, Sandra & Elissa Cullman. Small Folk. A Celebration of Childhood in America. E.P. Dutton/Museum of American Folk Art: 1980. A wonderful study of "the rising status of American youth as it is revealed through the folk art of the late seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." The authors include folk toys, furniture, textiles, mourning pictures, dolls & doll houses, portraits, paper work, and other objects. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 180 pages, filled with color and b/w illustrations, dj. A very nice copy. [31476] $50.00


35. Bridenbaugh, Carl. The Colonial Craftsman. Dover Publications: 1990. A reprint of the classic 1950 study of the craftsman and his place in colonial America. Softcover. 5"x8.5", b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31553] $20.00


36. Bryk, Nancy Villa. Susan McCord’s Quilts. A Farmwife’s Legacy. Henry Ford Museum: 1988. A catalog of ten masterful quilts made in the late 19th century by Indiana housewife Susan McCord, including her masterful "Vine" quilt. Uncommon. Softcover. 8.5"x10", 26 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear, small black label on spine. [31536] $75.00


37. Buck, John H. Old Plate, Ecclesiastical, Decorative and Domestic; Its Makers and Marks. New York; The Gorham Manufacturing Company: 1888. One of the first attempts to study old silver as an item of interest to collectors, and without doubt the best of these early studies. It was also the first study to treat American colonial silver seriously, albeit with only a single chapter, and that was mostly devoted to church plate. Hardcover. 6"x9.5", 268 pages, 82 b/w and line illustrations. Light wear, spine head a bit worn, name on endpaper, but overall a very nice, clean copy. [31731] $50.00


38. Burks, Jean M. Birmingham Brass Candlesticks. Charlottesville; University Press of Virginia: 1986. "An outstanding addition to the published material on English brass, this book investigates the brass founders who worked in Birmingham and the patented devices they incorporated into their products. It includes short biographies of Birmingham brass founders and American instrument makers" (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 128 pages, 121 b/w plates, dj; a near fine copy. [31456] $150.00


39. Cable-Alexander, Melanie (ed.). Living National Treasures. A celebration of British craftsmanship through the eyes of Country Life. London; Pavilion Books: 1997. In the spirit of the Japanese, who celebrate craftsmen and others as "National Treasures", Country Life began running a series focusing on the practitioners of "lost arts"- a rope maker, gin-noser, silent-film pianist, fish smoker, miniature painter, raven master, gilder, huntsman, bell-founder pub-sign painter, and so on. 150 of these craftsmen are presented in this wonderfully illustrated survey. I want to take up rustic-hut making... Hardcover. 10.5"x13", 143 pages, color illustrations, dj. Near fine. [31473] $85.00


40. Cahill, Holger, et al. American Folk Art. The Art of the Common Man in America 1750-1900. New York; Museum of Modern Art: 1932. The catalog to the first major exhibition of American folk art, with a very influential essay by Holger Cahill. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 52 pages, plus 80 b/w illustrations. A little light fading along the spine, but as sweet a copy as you are ever likely to find. [31640] $85.00


41. Campbell, Tyrone & Joel and Kate Kopp. Navajo Pictorial Weaving 1880-1950. Folk Art Images of Native Americans. New York; Dutton Studio Books: 1991. Although Navajo traditional geometric-design weaving has been well-documented, less attention has been paid to pictorial weaving, which has changed dramatically since the Navajos came into daily contact with traders and other collectors. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 128 pages, color illustrations, dj. A very nice copy. Inscribed by Kate Kopp. [31528] $45.00


42. Carlisle, Lilian Baker. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century American Art at Shelburne Museum. Shelburne Museum: 1961. Revised ed. An early catalog featuring the paintings in the Shelburne Museum collection, with thumbnail notes. Softcover. 6"x9", 26 pages plus 31 b/w plates with 55 [31506] $30.00


43. Carlisle, Nancy. Cherished Possessions. A New England Legacy. Boston; SPNEA: 2003. More than 175 items- silver, furniture, textiles, paintings, books, photos, ceramics, and other objects, from the SPNEA collections are illustrated and described in this beautifully photographed, oversize book. More than simply a catalog of the objects themselves, the text explores their context and importance in society of the time. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 448 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Fine. [31470] $50.00


44. Carroll, George D. The Art of Dinner Giving and Usages of Polite Society. New York; Dempsey & Carroll: 1880. A fascinating collection of dinner menus from the 1870s. Carroll was partner in the stationery company that designed and printed these menus, so he was compiling this volume to promote his own work, but what we are left with is a complete picture of fine dinners given at restaurants and private clubs in New York at the height of the Victorian era through 50 actual menus. There is also an introductory text detailing (quickly) the history of dinner-giving. A wonderful snapshot of fine Victorian dining. Scarce. Hardcover. 7"x9.5", 128 pages, engraved frontispiece. Some decorations, red & black decorated covers. Front cover with light soil, a few spots, light wear. Rear cover with moderate soil, small hole in the spine. Contents with some light, sporadic marginal stains, endpapers lightly spotted, light soil. Frontispiece tissue guard torn. [31464] $375.00


45. Chaffers, William. Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain with Historical Notices of Each Manufactory... Los Angeles; Borden Publishing: 1960s. 14th ed. The classic, standard reference work to the history of pottery and porcelain marks. This book was first published in the late 19th century. Hardcover. 7"x10", 1,095 pages, marks, dj. Jacket somewhat worn and soiled. [31576] $40.00


46. Christy, Miller. The Bryant and May Museum of Fire-Making Appliances. Catalogue of the Exhibits (with the) Supplement. London; Bryant & May Ltd.: 1926 & 1928. A fascinating collection of fire-making tools, from prehistoric implements through 16th-19th century devices of brass and iron, early matches and Victorian match boxes, tinder boxes, tinder pistols, and much, much more. An essential book for the lighting enthusiast. 2 volumes. 5"x8.5", 331 pages, with 65 b/w plates; heavy card covers; first volume with light soil, a little wear, a few spots, etc. Supplement with somewhat worn and soiled covers, internal spine split, but tight. Former owner’s stamp inside both books. [31458] $200.00


47. [Chrysler] The Estate of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. Important Art Nouveau and Art Deco. New York; Sotheby's: June 16, 1989. Sale 5877. The catalog of an auction devoted to the Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. Collection of superb Art Nouveau and Art Deco silver, ceramics, glass and furniture. Softcover. 8"x11", about 60 pages, 429 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Fine condition. [31669] $35.00


48. [Chrysler] The Estate of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. Old Master and 19th Century Paintings. New York; Sotheby's: June 1, 1989. Sale 5866. The catalog of the auction devoted to the magnificent Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. collection of Old Master and Victorian paintings. Elegant. Hardcover w/dj. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 128 lots, color illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Jacket with light wear, else a fine copy. [31694] $45.00


49. [Church] Frederic Edwin Church's "To the Memory of Cole". New York; Sotheby's: May 27, 1999. The auction sale of Frederic Edwin Church’s 1848 memorial to his friend and teacher, Thomas Cole, rediscovered in 1980. The painting was part of a larger sale but merited a separate catalog. Softcover. 8"x11", 7 pages, 1 lot, color illustrations. Institutional and date stamps on inside title page, else a fine copy. [31684] $25.00


50. Clain-Stefanelli, Vladimir & Elvira. Medals Commemorating Battles of the American Revolution. Washington; National Museum of History and Technology: 1973. The catalog to an exhibition of medals, mostly of French design, struck near the end of the Revolution to commemorate victories at Saratoga, Stony Point., Cowpens and Yorktown, the liberation of Boston, the victory over the Serapis, and so on. Includes details of the design and production, the medallists, etc. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 43 pages, b/w illustrations. A nice copy. [31725] $60.00


51. Clark, Charles E., James Leamon & Karen Bowden (eds). Maine in the Early Republic. From Revolution to Statehood. Maine Historical History/University Press of New England: 1988. A well-illustrated survey of material and social culture in Maine between about 1780 and 1820, including arts & crafts, social movements, religion, two essays on Jonathan Fisher, and much more. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 258 pages, b/w and color illustrations. [31469] $85.00


52. Cleveland, Richard L. & Donna Bister. Plain and Fancy. Vermont’s People and Their Quilts as a Reflection of America. Quilt Digest Press: 1991. 2nd prtg. Hey, it’s darn cold in Vermont- Vermonters have always taken great care making their quilts! Softcover. 8.5"x11", 103 pages, color and b/w illustrations. A nice copy. [31530] $75.00


53. Clunie, Margaret Burke. Furniture Craftsmen of Salem, Massachusetts in the Federal Period. [contained in the] Essex Institute Historical Collections; July, 1977. This entire issue was devoted to, and accompanied an exhibition featuring, the diaries of Rev. William Bentley, who kept extensive diaries of all the goings-on in Salem, including extensive comments about tradesmen, craftsmen and cabinetmakers. Softcover. 6"x9". Article: 13 pages. Entire issue: 87 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31504] $40.00


54. [Concord] On-Site Auction. Contents of 709 Monument Street, Concord, Massachusetts. Concord, Massachusetts; Skinner: June,14, 1997. The catalog of an auction devoted to contents of 709 Monument Street, Concord, Massachusetts. Softcover. 8"x11", about 40 pages, 583 lots, b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet taped inside front cover. Institutional stamp on cover, else fine. [31670] $25.00


55. [Copley] Rebora, Carrie, & Paul Staiti, et al. John Singleton Copley in America. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1995. The magnificent catalog which accompanied a major exhibition at the Met and the Boston MFA. The focus of the catalog is on Copley's years in Boston and New York before he left for England in 1774. The text was written by Rebora and Staiti, as well as Erica E. Hirshler, Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr., Carol Troyen, Morrison H. Heckscher, Aileen Ribeiro and Marjorie Shelley. Softcover. 10"x12.5", 348 pages, 117 color and 211 b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31765] $40.00


56. Cotton, Bernard D. The English Regional Chair. Woodbridge; Antique Collector’s Club: 1997. 2nd prtg. The definitive study of English chair forms, with 70 color and 1,400 black & white illustrations. What isn’t here about regional chair styles isn’t worth knowing. Hardcover. 8.5"x12", 511 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [31700] $90.00


57. [Country House] A Celebration of the English Country House. New York; Sotheby’s: April 11-12, 1997. Sale 6970. The auction sale of a supreme assemblage of antique English furniture, sporting paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and other decorations all in the spirit of the English country house. The catalog includes an essay on ‘Power and Connoisseurship in the English Country House’ by George Plumptre. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 400 pages, 873 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31625] $40.00


58. [Country House] A Celebration of the English Country House. New York; Sotheby’s: April 16-17, 1998. Sale 7118. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 429 pages, 904 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Prices realised sheet taped inside front cover. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31626] $40.00


59. Cullity, Brian. Plain and Fancy. New England Painted Furniture. Sandwich; Heritage Plantation: 1987. A loan exhibition of painted New England furniture and related items, such as boxes, a yarn winder, a churn... but mostly furniture. There is also an interesting essay on the development of painted furniture in America and biographies of some furniture painters. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 84 pages, profusely illustrated in b/w and color. Light wear. [31704] $125.00


60. Cummings, Abbott Lowell (ed.). Rural Household Inventories. Establishing the Names, Uses and Furnishings of Rooms in the Colonial New England Home, 1675-1775. Boston; Society for Preservation of New England Antiquities: 1964. A very interesting study of 109 period inventories, and an attempt to "translate" them. "A valuable compilation that has helped to draw attention to the inventory as a way of providing insight into the domestic life of the past" -Ames & Ward. This book has become quite uncommon. Hardcover. 7"x10", 306 pages, some b/w illustrations; a very nice copy. [31448] $350.00


61. Cummings, Abbott Lowell. Bed Hangings. A Treatise on Fabrics and Styles in the Curtaining of Beds 1650-1850. Boston; SPNEA: 1994. 3rd prtg. A very well thought of and valuable study, based on a 1960 seminar on 18th and early 19th century bed hangings. Softcover. 6"x9", 60 pages, b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31534] $18.00


62. Cunningham, Mary E. (ed.). Background of an American. The Diary of Orrin Wood Robertson, a York State Farm Boy of Twelve, for the First Year of the Civil War. Reprinted for the Farmer’s Museum from New York History: no date (1960s). Journal entries of a New York state farm boy from April, 1861 to March, 1862. Softcover. 6"x9", 24 pages, plus 4 b/w plates. Some soil. [31781] $25.00


63. Cutten, George Barton. The Silversmiths of North Carolina, 1696-1860. Raleigh; North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources: 1984. 2nd revised edition. First published in 1948, this pioneering study which identified a number of silversmiths and firms where little had been known before. Cutten's work was revised and updated by Mary Reynolds Peacock, who added much new material to this edition. Softcover. 6"x9", 301 pages, b/w illustrations and marks. A nice copy. [31727] $35.00


64. Cutten, George Barton. The Silversmiths of Utica. Hamilton: 1936. Limited to 257 signed copies. The story of Utica silversmiths is primarily a story of spoon-makers, but George Barton Cutten researches it with his usual thoroughness and tells it with his usual flair. Hardcover. 6"x10", 67 pages, 5 tipped-in b/w plates, marks. Covers with some soil, faded at edges (as usual), a very, very faint aroma of tobacco. [31459] $250.00


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76. Elder, William Voss III. Maryland Queen Anne and Chippendale Furniture of the Eighteenth Century. Baltimore Museum of Art: 1968. A loan exhibition of 76 pieces, with photographs of details, an appendix with photographs of cabinetmaker's labels, and a list of known 18th century Maryland cabinetmakers. In addition, there are several clocks included, and a list of Maryland clockmakers of the period. Semowich 883. Hardcover. 8"x8.5", 128 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. The top outer corner of the book is bumped as if something heavy was set on it. [31462] $150.00


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79. Fales, Dean A. American Painted Furniture, 1660-1880. New York; Bonanza Books: 1986. An important reference work. "Special attention is given to federal-period fancy furniture, Windsor chairs, and painting on Shaker and Pennsylvania German furniture... this remains an excellent overview." (Ames) Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 299 pages, 510 illustrations, some in color, dj. Light wear. [31706] $85.00


80. Fales, Dean A. The Furniture of Historic Deerfield. Historic Deerfield: 1981. The beautiful and scholarly catalog of this important collection of 17th and 18th century New England furniture. The Flynts themselves purchased most of the items in the collection, so it not only shows a fine cross-section of the best New England furniture, but is also an example of the taste and collecting eye of a single pair of astute and unique collectors. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 294 pages, 578 illustrations, several in color, dj; light wear. [31478] $100.00


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83. Fales, Martha Gandy. Silver at the Essex Institute. Salem; Essex Institute: 1983. The Essex Institute has a fine collection of early American silver, rich in Essex-county area items, and all the richer for that. Martha Gandy Fales, the Honorary Curator of the collection, and author of several noted books on early American silver and silversmiths, does a fine job presenting and analyzing the collection in this short but sweet catalog. Softcover. 8"x8", 62 pages, b/w illustrations; covers a bit rubbed, a little wear. [31732] $40.00


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90. [Folk Art] An Eye on America. Folk Art from the Stewart E. Gregory Collection. New York; Museum of American Folk Art: 1972. The catalog to an exhibition of the carvings, paintings, and other folk art in the collection of Gregory, a Trustee of the Museum. The short introduction is adapted from an article by Jean Lipman in The Magazine Antiques. Softcover. 8.5"x8.5", 32 pages, b/w illustrations. Some soil, a little wear. [31508] $40.00


91. [Folk Art] Important American Folk Art from the Collection of the late Bernard M. Barenholtz. New York; Sotheby’s: January 27, 1990. Sale 5969. An auction sale that needs no introduction- Bernard Barenholtz was a famous collector of both toys and folk art, and this sale catalog remains as a tribute to his fine and discerning eye. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 150 pages, 261 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Prices realised sheet stapled to first page. Some cover wear, tips thumbed. [31612] $100.00


92. [Food] The Marcus and Elizabeth Crahan Collection of Books on Food, drink and Related Subjects. New York; Sotheby’s: October 9-10, 1984. Sale 5218. The catalog for an auction which dispersed one of the most distinguished collections of food & wine books assembled in the 20th century. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 200 pages, 786 lots, many black & white illustrations. Light soil to the covers, light wear. [31599] $25.00


93. Fox, Sandi. Wrapped in Glory. Figurative Quilts & Bedcovers 1700-1900. LA County Museum of Art: 1990. The beautifully-produced catalog to a loan exhibition of 36 important 18th and 19th century quilts and bedcovers which in some way are illustrative of period life. Hardcover. 9"x11", 167 pages, color and b/w illustrations dj. A fine copy. [31789] $35.00


94. [Frames] Picture Frames and Artists’ Materials Including Frames from the Collection and Stock in Trade of Mr. Paul Levi. Christie’s South Kensington: March 26, 1997. The auction sale of a group of fine frames. There could be more illustrations... Softcover. 8"x10.5", 16 pages, 172 lots, b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31604] $30.00


95. Fredyma, Paul & Marie-Louise. A Directory of New Hampshire Silversmiths, Watch and Clock Makers. Hanover; self-published: 1971. Limited to 500 copies. Part of a very popular series which lists the silversmiths and then gives bibliographic citations where information about them may be found. Softcover. 6"x9", 48 pages, near fine. [31728] $45.00


96. Fredyma, Paul & Marie-Louise. A Directory of Maine Silversmiths, Watch and Clock Makers. Hanover; self-published: 1972. Limited to 500 copies. Softcover. 6"x9", 26 pages. Bookplate, else near fine. [31729] $45.00


97. Fredyma, Paul & Marie-Louise. A Directory of Vermont Silversmiths, Watch and Clock Makers. Hanover; self-published: 1974. Limited to 500 copies. Softcover. 6"x9", 58 pages. Bookplate, else near fine. [31730] $45.00


98. [French Birds] The Collection of Marcel Jeanson, Part III. French Ornithological Watercolours of the 17th-19th Centuries. London; Sotheby's: 13 December, 1996. The catalog of an auction devoted to 17th-19th century French ornithological watercolours. Softcover. 8"x11", about 60 pages, 179 lots, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on front cover and title pages, else a fine copy. [31677] $55.00


99. [French Furniture] The Patino Collection. Important French Furniture and Decorations, German and Chinese Export Porcelain, European tapestries and Carpets. New York; Sotheby's: November 1, 1986. Sale 5506. The catalog of an auction devoted to the renowned Patino Collection of fine 18th century French furniture. The event of the decade for Francophiles. Hardcover w/dj. 8"x11", about 125 pages, 141 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to front endpaper. Jacket with light rubbing, else a fine copy. [31656] $125.00


100. [Ganz] The Collection of Victor and Sally Ganz. New York; Christie's: November 10, 1997. The catalog of an auction devoted to the Victor and Sally Ganz collection of modern paintings, including major works by Jasper Johns, Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Tuttle and Frank Stella. Hardcover w/dj. 8"x12", 210 pages, 58 lots, color illustrations, many with details, 7 folding plates. Fine condition. [31689] $60.00


101. Geismar, Tom & Harvey Kahn. Spiritually Moving. A Collection of American Folk Art Sculpture. New York; Harry N. Abrams: 1998. A sumptuous, gorgeously-photographed coffee-table sized book featuring the magnificent folk art collection of David Teiger, who enlisted America’s top folk-art experts to help him assemble a collection of superb American folk art based on one simple criteria- Mr. Teiger had to find each piece "spiritually moving". The results are showcased in this oversized volume in beautiful color photographs, with an introductory essay by Don Walters, former curator of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center. Hardcover. 12"x17", about 200 pages, 125 color and 156 b/w illustrations, dj, slipcased. A very nice copy with a little wear to the slipcase. [31474] $400.00


102. Gillingham, Harrold E. Indian Ornaments made by Philadelphia Silversmiths. New York; Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation: 1936. Edition limited to 100 copies. A continuation of Gillingham's study of silver ornaments produced by Philadelphia silversmiths and sold to Indian traders. Gillingham first published on this topic in 1926 and 1934, and this study is based on records and manuscript material which came to his attention after his 1934 periodical publication. This includes copies of many itemized invoices and bills from a number of silversmiths. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 26 pages plus 4 b/w illustrations on 2 plates. Small spot and a smudge on the cover, Gillingham’s name written on the spine, else a nice, clean, tight, copy. [31742] $600.00


103. [Gillingham] XVIII Century American Furniture, Rare Silver (etc.) The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Harrold E. Gillingham. Philadelphia; Samuel T. Freeman & Company: April 16-20th, 1945. The auction sale of the fine collection of the noted Philadelphia antiquary and collector. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 131 pages, some b/w illustrations; some cover soil and wear, etc. [31601] $125.00


104. Green, Robert Alan. Marks of American Silversmiths. Key West; Robert Alan Green: 1984. A standard mark reference, with 300 original photos and 4,000 drawings of marks. Softcover. 6"x9", 267 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31726] $75.00


105. Guldbeck, Per E. (& Bruce MacLeish). The Care of Antiques and Historical Collections. Nashville; AASLH: 1990. 2nd ed., 4th prtg. A thorough revision of Guldbeck’s text by MacLeish. Covers paper, metals, textiles, ceramics, glass, bone and photographs. Softcover. 6"x9", 248 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31642] $25.00


106. Hackler, Rhoda E.A. & Loretta G.H. Woodard. The Queen’s Quilt. The Friends of Iolani Palace: 2004. The history and a complete discussion of a silk "crazy quilt" apparently made by Hawaiian Queen Lili’uokalani during her imprisonment. Softcover. 7"x7", 32 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Fine. [31535] $20.00


107. Hageman, Jane Sikes. Ohio Pioneer Artists. A Pictorial Review. Cincinnati; 1993. A study of 26 folk portrait painters who worked in Ohio before 1850 which drew much material from private collections. There is also a dictionary of other known Ohio portrait painters of the period with thumbnail biographies. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 134 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31511] $45.00


108. Hall, Elton W. New Bedford Furniture. With a checklist of New Bedford Cabinetmakers and related craftsmen to 1870. New Bedford; Old Dartmouth Historical Society: 1978. An offprint from the Magazine Antiques, with an additional 11-page listing of New Bedford cabinetmakers with short biographies. Softcover. 9"x12", 27 pages, 3 color and 21 b/w illustrations; near fine. [31702] $45.00


109. Hamerton, Philip Gilbert. Etching & Etchers. Boston; Roberts Brothers: 1886. 4th ed. A very nice copy of a standard Victorian study of the history an technique of etching. Hamerton, an artist himself, discusses the medium as a means of artistic expression as well as its’ history through the 19th century. The text is illustrated with a dozen etchings- 10 by Hamerton after other important artists, 1 an original by Hamerton, and 1 an original by Maxime Lalanne. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", xxx + 459 pages, plus 12 original etchings. Publisher’s dark green cloth with gold decorated cover. Light soil, but a very nice copy. [31762] $150.00


110. Hamlin, Augustus Choate. The History of Mount Mica of Maine, U.S.A. and Its Wonderful Deposits of Matchless Tourmalines. Bangor; Augustus Choate Hamlin: 1895. This book is most notable for its 43 colored plates of tourmalines, but the text also contains much useful information about the discovery and exploration of Mount Mica by Hamlin’s father, the visits of eminent scientists, the gemstones excavated there, a description of the excavations, and the growth of the mining company. One of the most famous 19th century books on American minerals, Sinkankas noted that it was "virtually unique in that it combines careful, concurrent reporting of day-to-day mining of an important gemstone deposit and descriptions of the finds". Hardcover. 6"x9", 72 pages of text plus 4 b/w plates (one folding), 43 color plates of crystals, 6 line diagrams of crystals and 2 plates of diagrams of the diggings. Ex-California Academy of Sciences library, with small spine label and bookplate, but no other marks. The gather with the 6 line diagrams is detached but present. Light cover soil and wear, but really a very nice clean, tight copy. [31445] $750.00


111. Harby, Clifton. The Bible in Art. Twenty Centuries of Famous Bible Paintings. New York; Covici-Friede: 1936. An extremely useful guide to Biblical scenes, illustrated with hundreds of paintings and prints, famous and obscure, from the early Christian era through the 19th century (though mostly 16th-19th). Hardcover. 8.5"x10.5", xii + 392 pages, hundreds of b/w illustrations and several color plates. Light soil, a nice copy. [31773] $35.00


112. Harding, Jonathan P. Pre-Twentieth Century American and European Painting and Sculpture. The Boston Athenaeum Collection. Boston Athenaeum: 1984. Founded in 1807, during the 19th century the Boston Athenaeum "played a dominant role in the development of Boston’s appreciation of the fine arts and was renowned for its painting and sculpture galleries". Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 185 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31767] $30.00


113. Heckscher, Morrison H. & Leslie Greene Bowman. American Rococo, 1750-1775. Elegance in Ornament. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art, LA County Museum of Art, and Harry N. Abrams: 1992. The catalog which accompanied an important loan exhibition. In addition to describing the pieces exhibited, the authors discuss the European Rococo influence on American arts and architecture of the period, including furniture, silver, prints, glass, ceramics and many other objects, from bookplates to clock faces. Hardcover. 9.5"x11.5", 288 pages, color and b/w illustrations; dj. A nice copy. [31479] $40.00


114. Helliwell, Stephen. Collecting Small Silverware. Oxford; Phaidon-Christie’s: 1988. An informative guide to antique English cutlery, condiment pieces, corkscrews, bottle tickets, mirrors, brushes, small boxes, writing accessories, desk bells, candlesticks, clocks & calendars, tobacco-related items, scent bottles, buckles, and much more! Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 192 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31735] $45.00


115. Herman, Lloyd E. Paint on Wood. Decorated American Furniture Since the 17th Century. Smithsonian Institution Press: 1977. The catalog to a loan exhibition at the Renwick Gallery which is interesting in its scope, which goes all the way to the present day. Softcover. 9"x12", 36 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Some cover soil and wear, tips thumbed, lightly bumped, etc. A used copy. [31708] $40.00


116. Herr, Patricia T. Quilting Traditions. Pieces from the Past. Schiffer Publishing: 2000. This book features a spectacular array of quilts made by Amish, Mennonite, and other Pennsylvania German groups, presented in 225 color photographs. Softcover. 11"x8.5", 160 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Tips thumbed, else a nice copy. [31532] $25.00


117. Hindes, Ruthanna. Delaware Silversmiths 1700-1850. Wilmington; Historical Society of Delaware: 1967. A separate printing of the October, 1967 issue of Delaware History. This was an expansion of the work started by Jessie Harrington. Hindes includes biographies of 51 silversmiths, four of whom were previously unknown. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 61 pages plus 50 b/w illustrations; marks. Bookplate, else a fine copy. [31733] $125.00


118. [Hogarth] Einberg, Elizabeth. Hogarth the Painter. London; Tate Gallery: 1997. The catalog to an exhibition of William Hogarth’s paintings held at the Tate Gallery, mounted to celebrate the 300th anniversary of his birth. It featured both works from the Tate’s collections and from other public and private sources. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 56 pages, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31486] $25.00


119. [Hooked Rugs] An Extensive and Exceptionally Interesting Collection of Early American Hook Rugs formed by Mr. James M. Shoemaker of Manhasset, L.I. New York; The Anderson Galleries: May 9-10th, 1923. The auction of a pioneering collection of hooked rugs. Not all the examples were probably as old as Shoemaker believed, but it was an interesting and exceptional collection, nonetheless. Hardcover. 7"x10", 74 pages, 295 lots, b/w illustrations and a folding color plate. Light cover soil, spine paper partially perished, hinge loose, some internal spotting and soil. [31600] $100.00


120. Horie, Velson (ed.). The Conservation of Decorative Arts. London; Archtype Publications: 1999. A series of papers presented at a Conservation conference on topics covering glass, wallpaper, tin-glazed tiles, window dressings, lacquer ware, straw-work, furniture & marquetry, trade signs, and more. Softcover. 8"x11.5", several color and many b/w illustrations. New. [90261] $60.00


121. Hornor, William M. Hornor's Blue Book of Philadelphia Furniture. Washington; Highland House: 1988. 3rd prtg. A reprint of the classic 1935 study. "Much work has been done on Philadelphia furniture in the past fifty years in the form of articles, catalogues and theses, but no single book has yet superseded Hornor; it remains essential to research on Philadelphia furniture..." (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 340 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31632] $175.00


122. Horwood, Catherine. Potted History. The Story of Plants in the Home. London; Frances Lincoln Ltd.: 2007. Beginning in the 17th century, and coming to full "bloom" in the Victorian Age and 20th century, potted houseplants have been used as decorative accessories, and as subject to fads and whims of fashions as china, furniture and draperies. Wedgwood created a market for bulb pots, and no Victorian high-class home was complete without an aspidistra. Orchids, once rare and costly, may now be bought at the supermarket. This is a fascinating, well-illustrated history of our love-affair with potted plants which covers social history, botanical history, and interior design all at the same time. Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 207 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [90262] $45.00


123. [Houdon] Jean-Antoine Houdon. A Marble Bust of Benjamin Franklin. New York; Sotheby’s: December 5, 1996. The auction sale of a famous Houdon bust, property of the British Rail Pension Fund. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 14 pages, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31609] $40.00


124. Hutchins, Catherine E. (ed.). Everyday Life in the Early Republic. Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1994. A collection of 12 essays, based on papers presented at the 1988 Winterthur Conference, examine life in America between 1796 and 1828. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 369 pages, b/w illustrations. Near fine. [31549] $20.00


125. Hutchins, Catherine E. (ed.). Shaping a National Culture. The Philadelphia Experience, 1750-1800. Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1994. A collection of 16 essays, based on papers presented at the 1987 Winterthur Conference, examine life in Philadelphia during this important period. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 375 pages, b/w illustrations. Near fine. [31550] $20.00


126. [Ickworth] The East Wing Ickworth, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. London; Sotheby's: June 11 & 12, 1996. The catalog of an auction devoted to the East Wing Ickworth, Suffolk, home of the Herveys, Marquess’s of Bristol for generations. Softcover. 8"x11", 219 pages, 882 lots, mostly color & some b/w illustrations. Fine condition. [31666] $35.00


127. [Italian Glass] 20th Century Italian Art Glass. Boston; Skinner: October 27, 1995. Sale 1674. A wide-ranging auction sale of 20th century Italian studio art glass. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 64 pages, 261 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Prices realised sheet stapled to the first page. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31622] $45.00


128. Ivey, Kimberly Smith. In the Neatest Manner: The Making of the Virginia Sampler Tradition. Curious Works Press/Colonial Williamsburg: 1997. A catalog issued in conjunction with the exhibition, "Virginia Samplers: Young Ladies and Their Needle Wisdom", which focused on the work of 19th century Virginia boarding-school girls under the age of 12. Uncommon. Softcover. 10"x8.5", 117 pages, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31539] $300.00


129. Jansma, Rein. Stairs. Joost Elffers Books / Stewart, Tabori & Chang: 1999. Well-known Dutch architect Rein Jansma has designed ten sets of pop-up stairs, from elegant to Escher-esque, to intrigue and beguile you in this wordless book. Hardcover. 7"x10", 10 pop-up stairs. Slipcased. A little soil, but a nice copy. [31453] $30.00


130. [Jefferson] The Writing of Thomas Jefferson. New York; The Heritage Press: 1967. A selection of autobiographic, state, religious, and slavery-related letters, chosen and edited by Saul K. Padover and illustrated by Lynd Ward. Hardcover. 7"x10.5", 362 pages, b/w illustrations, slipcased. Light wear, small gift inscription. [31717] $20.00


131. Johns, Elisabeth. American Genre Painting. The Politics of Everyday Life. Yale University Press: 1991. A scholarly study of American genre painting from 1830 to 1860. These works have usually been seen as innocently optimistic creations, but "Johns reveals the humor and cynicism in the paintings and places them in the context of stories about the American character that appeared in sourses ranging from almanacs and newspapers to joke books and political caricature". Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 250 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A very nice copy. [31770] $50.00


132. [Karolik] Hipkiss, Edwin J. Eighteenth Century American Arts. The M. and M. Karolik Collection of Paintings, Drawings, Engravings, Furniture, Silver, Needlework & Incidental Objects Gathered to Illustrate the Achievements of American Artists and Craftsmen of the Period from 1720 to 1820. Cambridge; Harvard University Press: 1941. The well illustrated and important catalog of this major collection of American furniture, silver and accessories. "This beautifully printed volume, set in Monotype Bembo and with full-tone collotype illustrations, established a high visual standard for furniture catalogs that was emulated by Joseph Downs in the 1950s and Morrison Hecksher in the 1980s. The catalog includes 125 examples of high-style furniture, the vast majority from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, although some superb Philadelphia objects are included. These objects are not included in Richard Randall's 1965 catalog. Karolik's musings, "As I Reflect upon the Collection", provide a fascinating look at the mid of an idiosyncratic collector" -Ames & Ward. Semowich 1352. Hardcover. 9.25"x12", 366 pages, 318 b/w illustrations; light wear, but a nice copy. [31481] $250.00


133. [Karolik] M. & M. Karolik Collection of American Watercolors & Drawings 1800-1875. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1962. An important catalog which features not only formal paintings, drawings and watercolors, but a magnificent assemblage of folk paintings, watercolors, pen work and sculpture, which takes up most of the second volume. 2 volumes. Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 337 + 352 pages, b/w and color illustrations, bibliography. A little light soil to the covers, slight wave at the top of the first few pages in Vol.2. Slipcase a bit soiled and worn. [31484] $125.00


134. [Karolik] O'Doherty, Brian. Maxim Karolik, 1893-1963. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: (1963). A tribute to the great collector and benefactor; finely printed, a handsome volume. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 16 pages plus 2 tipped-in b/w plates; printed on fine, deckle-edge paper. [05975] $45.00


135. [Karolik] Art Property of the Estate of the Late Maxim Karolik, Newport, Rhode Island. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: June 17-19th, 1964. Sale 2290. The paintings, furniture and silver from the estate of the great Maxim Karolik (1893-1963), the Russian opera singer, immigrant, and art collector and benefactor who cut a swath through the Boston and American collecting scenes. Amazingly, even after he gave three collections to the MFA, there was plenty left over, which was auctioned in this sale. Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 128 pages, 654 lots, b/w illustrations; light wear, a little soil. [31692] $50.00


136. Kauffman, Gerhard. North German Folk Pottery of the 17th to the 20th Centuries. International Exhibitions Foundation: 1979. A traveling exhibition, with objects loaned from a number of German institutions. Softcover. 8.5"x11.5", 148 pages, several color and many b/w illustrations; a nice copy. [31739] $35.00


137. Kauffman, Henry J. Pennsylvania Dutch American Folk Art. Mineola; Dover Publications: 1964. Revised edition. First published in 1946, this remains a classic reference. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 146 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31567] $20.00


138. Kaye, Myrna. Fake, Fraud, or Genuine? Identifying Authentic American Antique Furniture. New York Graphic Society/Little Brown: 1987. An essential book, showing how to look at a piece of furniture and recognize the telltale signs of a fake. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 214 pages, b/w and color illustrations, dj. Light wear. [31581] $45.00


139. Kennedy Galleries. Age of the Revolution and Early Republic in Fine and Decorative Arts: 1750-1824. New York; Kennedy Galleries & Israel Sack, Inc.: 1977. A joint exhibition of paintings, prints, furniture, silver and other decorative accessories. This must have been quite something to see. The catalog includes good b/w photographs and descriptions of the items. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 95 pages, b/w illustrations. The cover has rub streaks and some soil; owner’s embossed stamp on title page. [31634] $60.00


140. Kenney, John T. The Hitchcock Chair, The Story of a Connecticut Yankee... New York; Clarkson Potter: 1971. This reference surveys the 19th century chairs and other furniture made by Hitchcock as well as the rise and fall of the Hitchcock factory, and its subsequent revival. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 339 pages, 11 color plates and 400+ b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, small owner’s inscription on the endpaper. [31633] $85.00


141. Kenny, Peter M. , et al. American Kasten. The Dutch-Style Cupboards of New York and New Jersey, 1650-1800. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1991. A well illustrated exhibition catalog exploring the origins and uses of these cupboards, their construction, and extant examples. A surprisingly uncommon catalog. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 80 pages, color and b/w illustrations; near fine. [31451] $600.00


142. Kerry, Sue. Late 18th & 19th Century Textiles. Francesca Galloway Gallery/Antique Collectors’ Club: 2007. A sumptuously-illustrated gallery catalog, surveying the colorful, shimmering topic of French Neoclassic, Empire, Restoration, and Historicism-movement, and English Aesthetic and Arts & Crafts textiles. Labeled as "Volume 1" because the gallery also published a catalog on 20th century textiles. Hardcover. 10"x12.5", 175 pages, color illustrations, pictorial cloth covers. New. [90265] $75.00


143. Kindig, Joseph K. III. The Philadelphia Chair, 1685-1785. Historical Society of York County: 1978. A standard study, published in conjunction with a loan exhibition. The catalog has more in common with Sack's "Fine Points of Furniture" than most exhibition catalogs, in that such things as dimensions are not noted, the commentary being related strictly to stylistic matters. Semowich 1108. Ames & Ward. Hardcover. 9"x8.5", about 102 pages, packed with b/w illustrations; a nice copy. [31461] $85.00


144. Kirtley, Alexandra Alevizatos. The 1772 Philadelphia Furniture Price Book. A Facsimile, with an Introduction and Guide. Philadelphia Museum of Art: 2005. A facsimile of the only known complete copy of this rare Philadelphia price book, with an introductory and explanatory text by Alexandra A. Kirtley. 2 vols. Softcover. 6"x3.75", 59 pages with b/w illustrations, and 36 pages. Slipcased. New. [90260] $21.95


145. Klever, Ulrich. Walkingsticks. Accessory, tool, and symbol. Atglen; Schiffer: 1996. A well illustrated guide to antique walking sticks and canes of many types. Originally published in Germany in 1984. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 244 pages, color and b/w illustrations. New. [31778] $29.95


146. Korf, Dingeman. Dutch Tiles. New York; Universe Books: 1964. A pioneering work in English which attempted to treat and classify Dutch tiles much in the same way stamps are treated in philatelic books. Softcover. 5"x8", 136 pages, 4 color and 12 b/w plates, 357 b/w illustrations; light wear, cover lamination coming "unstuck" at the edges. [31638] $25.00


147. Krile, Katherine M. Measure, Mug, and lot of Pewter Plates: Pewter in the Delaware Valley. Chester County Historical Society: 1989. The catalog to an exhibition of pewter from the Society’s collection, some of Pennsylvania origin, some not. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 27 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil, some wear, corner bump, etc. [31724] $50.00


148. [Latin America] Latin American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Part I [and] Part II. New York; Sotheby's: May 17 & 19, 1995. Sale 6704 & 6705. An auction devoted to Latin American art, including works by Fernando Botero, Baron Jean Baptiste, Louis Gros, Diego Rivera, Mirta Cerra, Alfredo Guttero, and Fransisco Vasques. 2 vols. Softcover. 8"x11", about 150 pages, 341 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheets stapled to title pages. Institutional stamps on title pages, else fine copies. [31687] $75.00


149. [Latin America] Latin American Art. New York; Sotheby's: November 25 & 26, 1996. Sale 6922. The catalog of an auction devoted to Latin American Art including 18th-20th century paintings, prints and works by Fernando Botero and Diego Rivera. Softcover. 8"x11", 150 pages, 283 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled inside front cover. Institutional stamp on title page, else a fine copy. [31688] $45.00


150. Lewis, Johanna Miller. Artisans in the North Carolina Backcountry. University Press of Kentucky: 1995. A scholarly study of Moravian artisans in 18th century North Carolina, including cabinetmakers, potters, carpenters and more. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", 200 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Fine. [31649] $40.00


151. [Lindneux] Collection of Paintings by Robert Lindneux. Los Angeles; Sotheby Parke Bernet: March 4, 1974. Sale 114. The catalog of an auction devoted to the works of Robert Ottokar Lindneux [1871-1970], an artist of the animals and landscapes of the American West. Softcover. 8"x7.5", about 70 pages, 73 lots, each lot illustrated in b/w. Prices realised noted in pen. Light soil, a little wear. [31595] $25.00


152. [Linsky] Property from the Jack and Belle Linsky Collection. New York; Sotheby's: May 21, 1985. Sale 5360. The catalog of an auction devoted to a fabulous array of fine 18th century French furniture, 16th century Baroque and Victorian Baroque Revival enameled jewelry, 15th and 16th century broznes, enamels & ivories, and other fine decorative arts. Softcover. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 175 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Fine condition. [31659] $45.00


153. [Litchfield Female Academy] Sizer, Theodore & Nancy, et al. To Ornament Their Minds: Sarah Pierce’s Litchfield Female Academy 1792-1833. Litchfield Historical Society: 1993. A history of this important early "Female Academy", which accompanied an exhibition of surviving artwork, needlework, and other materials, many of which are illustrated and described here. Softcover. 10"x8.5", 132 pages, b/w and color illustrations. Light wear, a nice copy. [31509] $50.00


154. [Litchfield Female Academy] Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes. Chronicles of a Pioneer School from 1792 to 1833, being the History of Miss Sarah Pierce and Her Litchfield School [together with] More Chronicles of a Pioneer School from 1792 to 1833. Cambridge University Press: 1903 [and] New York; Cadmus Book Shop: 1927. 2nd volume one of 750 copies. The comprehensive history of this noted early Female Academy, famous in its own time for its excellence, and today for the art its pupils created. Includes many diary and letter excerpts and personal reminiscences from former pupils. 2 vols. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", vii + 465 pages, and xii + 376 pages. Many b/w plates in both volumes. The first volume a bit worn, front hinge cracked internally, but tight. Nice gift inscription by the author. Second volume with an original color snapshot of the church taped to the back of the plate showing the church in 1871, else fine, clean and nice. [31743] $300.00


155. Little, Nina Fletcher. American Decorative Wall Painting 1700-1850. New York; Studio Publications / Old Sturbridge Village: 1952. A standard reference work on the subject, which represented an exhaustive effort on the author's part. As Marshall Davidson points out in the Foreword, most of us have gathered, after reading too much Hawthorne, that our Puritan ancestors lived in a brown and gray world; as Mrs. Little shows, this was absolutely not the case. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 145 pages, b/w and color illustrations, dj; jacket rubbed and somewhat worn. Pages with some light rippling. [31579] $50.00


156. Little, Nina Fletcher. Little by Little. Six Decades of Collecting American Decorative Arts. New York; E.P. Dutton: 1984. The Littles were trendsetters and a moving force in the world of American country and folk arts for some sixty years. This is the story of their unique collection and how they built it, piece by piece, trip by trip, deal by deal. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 292 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A very nice copy. [31524] $150.00


157. Lockwood, Luke Vincent. The Furniture Collectors’ Glossary. New York; Da Capo: 1967. A facsimile reissue of the 1913 limited edition, published by the Walpole Society. A glossary of words used to describe various aspects of the "cabinetmaker’s art", the book was intended to set forth a standard nomenclature for collectors. Hardcover. 6"x9", 55 pages, line illustrations. A fine copy. [31492] $25.00


158. Long, Stephen. A Nation on the Move: Industrial Prints of America. Nassau County Museum of Fine Art: 1988. An exhibition examining how American printmakers in the 1930s celebrated and commented on America’s growing industrialism. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 48 pages, b/w and color illustrations. Light soil. [31556] $60.00


A Selection of Marine & Maritime Art Books-


159. [Marine] Boyd, Norman Napier. The Model Ship. Her Role in History. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors’ Club: 2000. Through the centuries models have been made by shipbuilders, engineers, bored sailors, prisoners of war, and hobbyists. This colorfully-illustrated history of ship models traces the history of these models, and shows many outstanding examples of the model-maker’s art. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 191 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [90263] $59.50


160. [Marine] Brewington, M.V. Shipcarvers of North America. Barre; Barre Publishing Company: 1962. A well-illustrated study of figurehead and stern decorative carvings and their carvers. "In this book Mr. Brewington brings to light the development of the art in the United States and Canada (including) a geographical listing of all known American shipcarvers". Hardcover. 7.5"x11", 173 pages, color frontispiece and 134 b/w illustrations. Light wear. [30481] $60.00


161. [Marine] Brewington, M.V. The Peabody Museum Collection of Navigating Instruments with Notes on Their Makers. Salem; Peabody Museum: 1963. Printed by the Anthoensen Press in an edition of 1000 copies. An important study of the historic collection of this noted maritime museum. Includes sections devoted to finding your location from the sky, determining your direction, measuring time, speed and distance, dead-reckoning, graphic tools, sounders, depth-finding, and more! Hardcover. 7"x10", 154 pages plus 56 b/w plates. Light soil, a little wear. [31583] $275.00


162. [Marine] Carpenter, Charles & Mary Grace. The Decorative Arts and Crafts of Nantucket. New York; Dodd, Mead & Co.: 1987. A beautifully produced study of the arts and crafts of this legendary whaling and seaport community. Scrimshaw, basketry, glass, silver, ceramics, furniture, textiles, weathervanes and mariners' tools are all illustrated and described here. The Carpenters also discuss the exotic objects brought back to Nantucket by her world-traveling mariners, from intricately-carved Chinese boxes to dramatic Samoan war clubs. A delightful book, well illustrated and enthusiastically written. Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 257 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj; a near fine copy. [95010] $50.00


163. [Marine] Crosby, Everett U. "95% Perfect". The Older Residences at Nantucket. Published by the author: 1944. 2nd ed. The second edition of this classic study of the older houses on Nantucket island. Includes both photographs and line elevations. Hardcover. 6"x9", 124 pages, b/w and line illustrations. A nice copy. [31794] $75.00


164. [Marine] Crosby, Everett U. Susan's Teeth and much about Scrimshaw. Nantucket; Printed at the Tetaukimmo Press for Everett U. Crosby: 1955. A nice copy of one of the most elusive and sought-after books on scrimshaw. The first portion of the book deals with that justly fabled small group of teeth which can be identified as having been carved aboard the Nantucket whaleship "Susan" in the late 1820s. There follows a lengthy exposition by Crosby on scrimshaw, followed by three collected articles in the same vein but each with a unique slant. The numerous illustrations of fine scrimshaw were taken from Crosby's collection and that of Winthrop Williams. Crosby's book was one of the first serious studies of this priorly-neglected subject; copies remain elusive. Author of a number of books on Nantucket arts and history, Crosby the "Nantucketer" never disappoints. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 62 pages of text plus 53 b/w plates; a nice copy with slight discoloration to the red cloth at the top of the spine and front cover remains of original glassine wrapper. [30834] $2,500.00


165. [Marine] Davis, Charles G. Shipping & Craft in Silhouette. Salem; Marine Research Society: 1929. An interesting collection of the silhouettes of 102 sailing ships, most of the 19th century. The text briefly explains their history and work. Hardcover. 7"x10", 8 + 6 pages, plus 102 b/w plates. Covers a little soiled and worn, some scattered light internal foxing, and a little soil. [31798] $50.00


166. [Marine] diCurcio, Robert A. Art on Nantucket. The History of Painting on Nantucket Island. Nantucket Historical Association: 1982. Edition limited to 2000 numbered copies. The first comprehensive study of painting on Nantucket, from 1717 to the early 20th century. A nicely illustrated, scholarly study with much information on artist life on the island. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 269 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with light wear, small label on spine. [31562] $100.00


167. [Marine] Duprey, Kenneth. Old Houses on Nantucket. New York; Architectural Book Publishing Co.: 1959. A classic work on the early architecture and interiors of Nantucket, filled with interesting detail shots and discussions of alterations and other matters of technical interest. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 242 pages, b/w and line illustrations, dj. Jacket a little worn. [31592] $75.00


168. [Marine] Earle, Walter K. Scrimshaw. Folk Art of the Whalers. Cold Spring Harbor; Whaling Museum Society: 1957. 2nd prtg. An early general book, illustrated with line drawings of specimens in the collection of the Cold Spring Harbor museum. Softcover. 6"x9", 36 pages, line illustrations. Light wear. [31106] $25.00


169. [Marine] Flayderman, E. Norman. Scrimshaw and Scrimshanders. Whales and Whalemen. New Milford; N. Flayderman & Company: 1973. 2nd prtg. The first comprehensive book on American scrimshaw, and still considered the definitive reference. Flayderman not only covers scrimshaw objects, but explores how and why they were made, the lives and work of the whalemen, and other whaler's and sailor's folk arts as well. Why, if you hold the book up to your ear you can almost hear the ocean... Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 305 pages, 450 b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with light wear and rubbing. [30419] $275.00


170. [Marine] Foote, Henry Wilder, et al. Catalogue of Portraits in the Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts. Covering Three Centuries. Salem; The Essex Institute: 1936. The catalog of more than 400 portraits owned by the Essex Institute, the center of seafaring on the north coast of Massachusetts in the 18th and 19th centuries. Merchants, shipmasters and other well-to-do persons and public officials are all well represented, as is the work of most of the important portrait artists in the area during that time period. The portraits are all fully described, including biographical notes on their subjects. An increasingly uncommon book. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", xii + 306 pages, many b/w plates; a little light cover rubbing, but overall a very nice, bright copy. [31009] $275.00


171. [Marine] Gibbs, Jim. West Coast Windjammers in Story and Pictures. Bonanza Books: 1968. A pictorial gallery of the sailing ships- four-masters to little wooden schooners, that plied the West Coast ports in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 192 pages, hundreds of b/w illustrations, dj; light wear. [03692] $25.00


172. [Marine] Greenhill, Basil & Ann Giffard. Travelling by Sea in the Nineteenth Century. Interior Design in Victorian Passenger Ships. New York; Hastings House: 1974. An engaging survey of the development of interior accommodations- berths, public lounges, saloons, etc., on sail and steamships during the 19th century, illustrated with a variety of period prints, drawings and photographs. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 168 pages, b/w illustrations, dj; light wear, a little soil on the endpaper. [30532] $40.00


173. [Marine] Hall, Elton W. (ed.). American Maritime Prints. Old Dartmouth Historical Society Whaling Museum: 1985. Papers delivered at the 8th Annual North American Print Conference in 1977. Includes papers on Fitz Hugh Lane, harbor views, ship portraits, ‘John Paul Jones & the Heroic Naval Print’, ‘Domestic Life in a Whaling Port’, ‘An Exhibition of Old Whaling Prints’, and more. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", xiii + 293 pages, color frontispiece and many b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket worn and a bit soiled, small label at top of spine. [31716] $50.00


174. [Marine] Hellman, Nina & Norman Brouwer. A Mariner’s Fancy. The Whaleman’s Art of Scrimshaw. Balsam Press: 1992. A lovely study of antique American scrimshaw, based on the collection at the South Street Seaport Museum in New York. Softcover. 8"x9", 95 pages, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. Signed. [31561] $20.00


175. [Marine] Jehle, Michael A. (ed.). Picturing Nantucket. An Art History of the Island with Paintings from the Collection of the Nantucket Historical Association. Works by Artists Born before 1900. Nantucket Historical Association: 2000. This lavish study includes chapters on itinerant painters and photographers on the island, Eastman Johnson, and female painters, as well as a catalog of the paintings in the collection of the Nantucket Historical Association. Hardcover. 10.5"x12", 253 pages, profusely illustrated in color and b/w. Dj. Light wear. [31122] $60.00


176. [Marine] John Mecray. The Racing Yacht. Recent Paintings and Drawings. Stonington; Marguerite Riordan: 1988. An exhibition of the work of this modern marine artist. Softcover. 9.5"x8", 24 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light soil, light crease. Pen note on last page. [31563] $40.00


177. [Marine] Lipton, Barabara. Whaling Days in New Jersey. [comprising] The Newark Museum Quarterly: Spring/Summer, 1975. An exhibition devoted to New Jersey whaling memorabilia and history. Offshore whaling had been a New Jersey industry since the 17th century and in the 19th century whaling ships sailed from Perth Amboy and Newark. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 72 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31796] $25.00


178. [Marine] Lloyd, Clive L. The Arts and Crafts of Napoleonic and American Prisoners of War, 1756-1816. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors’ Club: 2007. A profusely illustrated history of the intricate and beautiful objects made by American, French and English prisoners of war during the period 1756-1816. Chapters are included on straw-work and marquetry, bone work, ship models, rolled paper-work and paper sculpture, automata and mechanical toys, games and game-boxes, and paintings, as well as Freemason prisoners of war, the brokers and markets for prisoner of war work, and gambling and forgery among prisoners. Objects were drawn from museums around the worlds and the author’s own extensive collection. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 334 pages, profusely illustrated in color, dj. New. [90243] $89.50


179. [Marine] McManus, Michael. A Treasury of American Scrimshaw. A Collection of the Useful and Decorative. New York; Penguin/Studio: 1997. A study of ornamental and utilitarian scrimshaw, with objects from the Peabody Essex Museum, the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the Kendall Whaling Museum, and the Mystic Seaport Museum. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 150 pages, color illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31714] $35.00


180. [Marine] Milet, Jacques & Robert Forbes. Toy Boats, 1870-1955. A Pictorial History. New York; Charles Scribner's Sons: 1979. A colorful history of toy boats, from Ives dime-store types to a Faberge side-wheeler. Hardcover. 10.5"x9", 110 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket a bit worn with several rips, hinges a bit shaken, a little internal soil. Noted antique dealer Wayne Pratt’s copy, with his stamp. [31565] $40.00


181. [Marine] Putnam, George Granville. Salem Vessels and Their Voyages. Salem; The Essex Institute: 1924-1930. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries ships from Salem sailed the world in search of trade and goods. This classic set documents many of those individual ships and their voyages, masters, and owners as they traded in Sumatra, Australia, Calcutta, Madagascar, the Philippines, the South Pacific islands, Africa, and Europe. 4 vols. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 173 + 168 + 164 + 175 pages, many b/w plates. Covers a little rubbed, but nice bright spines, tight bindings. A nice, clean, pretty set. [31797] $250.00


182. [Marine] Randier, Jean. Nautical Antiques for the Collector. New York; Doubleday: 1977. A comprehensive survey by a seasoned historian and officer in the French Merchant Marine which covers models, art, sailor folk art, and many more subjects. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 223 pages, b/w and color illustrations, dj. Light wear. [31526] $45.00


183. [Marine] Richmond, Helen. Isaac Hull. A Forgotten American Hero. USS Constitution Museum: 1983. The catalog to an exhibition of artifacts related to the commander of the USS Constitution, including swords, personal possessions, paintings and prints of the Constitution in action, etc. Softcover. 8"x10", 78 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. Small black label on spine. [31795] $25.00


184. [Marine] Rudolph, Wolfgang. Sailor Souvenirs. Stoneware, Faiences, and Porcelain of three Centuries. Edition Leipzig: 1985. An interesting survey of ceramics from the homes of seafarers of the last three centuries in Europe. Not all of the ceramics are nautically-themed, but many of them are. Hardcover. 8"x9", 152 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [31793] $25.00


185. [Marine] Seeler, Katherine & Edgar. Nantucket Lightship Baskets. Nantucket; The Deermouse Press: 1981. 3rd edition. The standard study on these popular baskets. Well illustrated, with large b/w plates. Hardcover. 8"x10", 127 pages, 2 color plates, many b/w illustrations. Light soil; a few spots, else a nice copy. [30954] $40.00


186. [Marine] Stevenson, Thomas. The Design and Construction of Harbours. A Treatise on Maritime Engineering. Edinburgh; Adam and Charles Black: 1874. 2nd ed. Originally published in 1864. The author, the father of Robert Louis Stevenson, wrote an article on this subject for the 8th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica and enlarged upon it to create the present work. Drawing on his own experience, he covers not only the design and construction of harbors, but also the generation and force of waves, geological features, etc. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", xiv + 283 + [vi] pages, plus 20 lithographed plates. Publisher’s red cloth with gilt titles. A little wear and rubbing to the covers, one signature partially loose. Contains the errata slip, and several marginal notes in pencil. [31207] $150.00


187. [Marine] Tyler, Betsy. A Walk Down Main Street. The Houses and Their Histories. Nantucket Preservation Trust: 2006. An historical stroll down Main Street in Nantucket, as seen through both period and current photos of the 18th and 19th century houses and buildings. Softcover. 8.5"x8.5", 87 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [31472] $25.00


188. [Marine] Vose, Margaret Lentz. Identification of the Origins and Sources of Selected Scrimshaw Motifs of in 18th and 19th Century Contemporary Culture. Margaret L. Vose: 1992 / Ann Arbor, UMI Reprints. A wide-ranging survey of folk motifs as used in scrimshaw and their sources. A dissertation submitted to New York University. Comb-bound. 8.5"x11", 453 pages; very poor b/w reproductions of photographs; a reprint from the original microfilm. New. [90258] $65.00


189. [Marine] Wood, David H. The Lightship Baskets of Nantucket. A Continuing Craft. Nantucket Historical Association: 1994. An exhibition of 47 Nantucket Lightship baskets, from public and private collections, dating back to the 19th century, some by identified makers. The photography is outstanding. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 62 pages, color illustrations. Near fine. [31559] $20.00


- end of Marine & Maritime Arts -


190. Marquardt, Klaus. Eight Centuries of European Knives, Forks and Spoons. An Art Collection. Arnoldsche Art Publishers: 1997. A magnificent catalog of the finest private collection of European knives, forks and spoons in existence. Ranging from the 13th Century to Art Nouveau, these utensils were used by "princes, peasants and burghers, or collected purely as objects of art". There are 438 color illustrations, as well as photographs of 400 marks. Mouth-watering. Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 257 pages, color and b/w illustrations, marks, dj. New. [90264] $95.00


191. Martin, Ann S. & J. Ritchie Garrison (eds.). American Material Culture. The Shape of the Field. Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1997. Fourteen papers presented at the 1993 Winterthur Conference, examine "the current state of American material culture scholarship, from Tupperware to stuffed owls [and] modern dolls to colonial portraits". Hardcover. 6"x9", 428 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31552] $100.00


192. Masterpieces of American Folk Art. Monmouth County Historical Society/Monmouth Museum: 1975. The catalog of a Bi-Centennial loan exhibition of a variety of pieces of American folk art. The text consists of brief item descriptions, and short quotes from several lenders. Softcover. 9"x8", about 125 pages, b/w illustrations. Covers with light wear, one page detached from the "perfect" binding, but present. [31648] $45.00


193. McClenahan, Richard L. Some Scottish Quaichs. Second Volume. A Monograph. Skokie; privately printed for the author in an edition limited to 150 copies: 1968. A quaich is a Scottish two-handled ceremonial cup, made from silver, or a combination of silver and a material such as wood or horn. This was a follow-up to the author’s first book, which had been published in 1955. Most of the quaichs date from the 19th and 20th century. Hardcover. 7"x10.5", 37 pages, 1 color and 28 b/w illustrations. The first several pages have some wrinkle damage at the outer bottom corner, else a nice, clean copy. [31457] $100.00


194. McGiffin, Robert F. Furniture Care and Conservation. Nashville; AASLH: 1992. 3rd ed. A very helpful guide to the best practices for care and repair of wooden furniture, restoration of gold leaf, debugging, and so on. Softcover. 6"x9", 235 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31641] $20.00


195. McGown, Pearl K. The Dreams Beneath Design. A Story of the History and Background of the Design of Hooked Rugs. Published by the author: 1949. An examination of the origins of the patterns used in early American hooked rugs, and how they were used. Includes a chapter on Edward Sands Frost of Biddeford, Maine, the first commercial hooked rug designer. Hardcover. 5.5"x8", 95 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with chips and wear along the edges. [31496] $30.00


196. McKearin, Helen & George S. Two Hundred Years of American Blown Glass. New York; Crown Publishers: 1950. A standard reference which, though dated, retains a spot on the shelf by virtue of the excellent specimens shown and the distinguished careers of George and Helen McKearin as historians and connoisseurs of American glass. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 382 pages, 10 color and 105 b/w plates, dj. Jacket lightly worn. [31591] $25.00


197. Melchor, James R., et al. Eastern Shore, Virginia Raised-Panel Furniture 1730-1830. Norfolk; Chrysler Museum: 1982. A scholarly and detailed study of Eastern Shore raised-panel clothes presses, blanket chests, flat-wall cupboards, bookcases, turkey-breast cupboards, and corner cupboards, drawn from a variety of public and private collections. Softcover. 9"x12", 7 color plates and 107 b/w illustrations. Light soil, small rubbed spot at the spine head, small label on title page, slight corner bump. [31703] $375.00


198. [Metcalf] Willard Metcalf (1858-1925). Yankee Impressionist. New York; Spanierman Gallery: 2003. The lavishly-produced catalog which accompanied an exhibition of paintings, many loaned from private collections. There are scholarly essays by Richard J. Boyle, Bruce W. Chambers and William H. Gerdts. Hardcover. 10"x12.5", 152 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Fine. [31774] $75.00


199. [Mexico] Mexican Paintings and Drawings from the IBM International Foundation. New York; Sotheby’s: May 17, 1995. The auction of 13 fine paintings by Frida Kahlo, Roberto Montenegro, Jose Chavez Morado, Diego Rivera, Alfredo Zalce, and others. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 55 pages, 13 lots, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. Prices realised sheet stapled to first page. [31607] $45.00


200. Meyer, George H. American Folk Art Canes. Personal Sculpture. Museum of American Folk Art/University of Washington Press: 1992. A beautifully illustrated and produced book, issued in conjunction with an exhibition of the Meyer Collection of American folk art canes at the Museum of American Folk Art. A superb association copy, with a warm inscription from the Meyers to noted Americana dealer Wayne Pratt. Hardcover. 9"x11", 252 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31779] $150.00


201. Meyer, George H. (ed.). Folk Artists Biographical Index. Detroit; Gale Research Company: 1987. "A guide to over 200 published sources of information on approximately 9,000 American folk artists from the seventeenth century to the present, including brief biographical information, a full bibliography of sources, art locator, ethnicity, geographic, media and type of work indexes; and a directory of nearly 300 institutions where the works of the artists are located". Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 496 pages. A fine copy. [31527] $150.00


202. [Miro] 42 Works by Joan Miro. The Property of Dona Pilar Miro. Madrid; Sotheby’s: December 9, 1986. The auction sale of 42 works by Miro from the collection of his wife. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 50 pages, 42 lots, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31611] $40.00


203. Mitchell, Sally. The Dictionary of British Equestrian Artists. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors’ Club: 1985. 2nd prtg. Ah, the English and their horses! This important reference includes detailed entries on some 870 British equestrian artists working from the early 17th century to the 20th. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 517 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket somewhat worn, a little overall wear. [31772] $400.00


204. Montgomery, Charles F. A History of American Pewter. New York; E.P. Dutton: 1978. "Montgomery employs a cultural approach to pewter objects. He treats the functions of forms, the technology of production, and the distribution of objects" (Karpel). Hardcover. 7"x10", 246 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [31477] $25.00


205. Montgomery, Florence M. Textiles in America, 1650-1870. New York; W.W. Norton: 1984. "A dictionary based on original documents, prints and paintings, commercial records, American merchants' papers, shopkeepers' advertisements, and pattern books with original swatches of cloth". A classic and important reference. Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 412 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [31542] $65.00


206. Moore, Mabel Roberts. Hitchcock Chairs. Yale University Press: 1933. A short history, tracing the firm from its founding to Lambert Hitchcock’s death in 1852. Published as part of the series prepared for the Connecticut Tercentenary. Softcover. 6"x9", 12 pages, plus 2 b/w plates illustrating 17 examples. A nice copy. [31756] $25.00


207. [Moore] Henry Moore, Artist and Collector. Property from the Collection of Mary Moore and various trusts. New York; Sotheby’s: May 13-14, 1997. The auction sale of an interesting assemblage- Henry Moore’s own work, and works of art he collected. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 60 pages, 44 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31608] $45.00


208. Muhlberger, Richard. American Folk Marquetry. Masterpieces in Wood. Museum of American Folk Art: 1998. The first in-depth study of American marquetry work of the 19th century, based on the collection of Robert and Marjorie Hirschhorn. Muhlberger illustrates and discusses boxes, clocks, frames, tables, chests & other furniture, and other pieces, and for the first time identifies some of the skilled craftsmen who created these works. Hardcover. 9"x11", 239 pages, color illustrations, dj. Fine. Noted Americana specialist Wayne Pratt’s copy, with his stamp on the endpaper. [31711] $400.00


209. [Native American] American Indian Art. The Property of Various Owners. New York; Sotheby Parke Bernet: October 26, 1978. Sale 4166. The catalog to a diverse auction of baskets, pottery, blankets, masks and other wood carvings, Plains tribes bead work and buffalo robes, and more. Softcover. 9"x9", about 125 pages, 317 lots, many b/w illustrations. Light soil, rear pages with a little wrinkling near the top. [31598] $35.00


210. [Needlework] The Joan Stephens Collection. Important Samplers and Pictorial Needlework. New York; Sotheby’s: January 19, 1997. The auction of the most important collection of American needlework since the Kapnek sale in 1981. Softcover. 8.5"x10.5", about 100 pages, 143 lots, b/w and color illustrations. Name on front endpaper, faded prices realised sheet stapled inside the rear cover, else fine. [31596] $85.00


211. Nichols, Robert. Ten Generations of a Potting Family. London; Percy Lund, Humphries & Co.: ca.1929. A standard study of the Adams family of potters, based in part on the earlier book ‘William Adams, an Old English Potter’ by William Turner, with much additional material. Hardcover. 6"x9", xxvi + 135 pages, plus 54 b/w plates and a folding chart. Covers a bit rubbed, light soil. [31722] $50.00


212. [Nicholson] The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Nicholson. New York; Christie's: January 27-28th, 1995. Sale 8082. The auction sale of the premier Americana collection of the 1980s. Nicholson made headlines in the 1980s when he broke record after record buying premier pieces of American colonial and federal furniture and related decorative arts at auction, and then made headlines again when he sold it all. The catalog Christie's produced for the sale is a sumptuous hardcover, packed so full of color illustrations and folding color plates that it almost explodes right off the bookshelf. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", about 350 pages, 1194 lots, jam packed with color illustrations and plates; dj; Prices realised sheet stapled to first page. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31630] $150.00


213. Nutting, Wallace. A Windsor Handbook. Framingham; Old America Company: 1917. The first publication on American windsors, by perhaps the most famous early author of American furniture books. 2nd state, with pages 88a-d and 192a-d added and the "Old America Company" label pasted over Nutting's original Saugus imprint. Hardcover. 5"x7", 192 pages, b/w illustrations. Light cover soil, light marginal stain on the first few pages, binding a bit shaken, short 1-inch tear (no loss) in about 20 pages. [31759] $25.00


214. Nylander, Richard C. et al. Wallpaper in New England. Boston; SPNEA: 1986. An important study of the use and manufacture of wallpaper in New England. Includes a discussion of over 300 period wallpapers and borders. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 283 pages, b/w and color illustrations. A very nice copy. [31582] $25.00


215. [O’Keefe] Georgia O’Keeffe. Art and Letters. National Gallery of Art/New York Graphic Society: 1987. The sumptuous catalog which was issued to accompany a touring exhibition celebrating the centenary of the artist’s birth. There are essays by Jack Cowart and Juan Hamilton, and 120 O’Keeffe letters, many never before published, edited and annotated by Sarah Greenough. Hardcover. 10"x12.5", 306 pages, 120 color and 11 b/w plates, dj. A little light wear, but a very nice copy. [31775] $40.00


216. Odom, William M. A History of Italian Furniture from the Fourteenth to the Early Nineteenth Centuries. New York; The Archive Press: 1966. The large, well-illustrated classic on Italian furniture of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classical Revival and Empire periods. A facsimile reissue of the 1918 limited edition, now extremely difficult to find in any edition. 2 vols. Hardcover. 10"x14", xx + 364 pages & xxv + 422 pages, 865 b/w illustrations. Covers a bit faded and with light soil, several rubbed spots on the cover of Vol.1. Vol.1 also has a slight water "wave" to the upper, outer portion of the last 100 or so pages (but no staining or adhesion problems). [31587] $1,200.00


217. [Old Masters] The John R. Gaines Collection. New York; Sotheby's: November 17, 1986. Sale 5537. The catalog of an auction devoted to the John R. Gaines Collection of Old and Modern Master drawings. Although Gaines described himself as a "horse breeder", he also served as Director of the National Gallery of Art and on the Boards of Harvard’s Fpogg and Louisville’s J.B. Speed museums. Hardcover w/dj. 8"x11", about 75 pages, 46 lots, color illustrations of each lot, artist index, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Jacket with minor rubbing of tips and spine, else a fine copy. [31672] $35.00


218. [Old Masters] Highly Important Paintings by Old Masters from an American Private Collection. New York; Christie’s: May 9, 1985. The auction sale of an important American collection of Old Master works of superb quality by artists including Boucher, Canaletto, Cranach, Gainsborough, Reynolds, van Ruisdael, Tiepolo and Van de Velde. Hardcover. 8"x10", 62 pages, 20 lots, color illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31617] $40.00


219. Oliver, Andrew & Bryant F. Tolles, Jr. Windows on the Past: Portraits at the Essex Institute. Salem; Essex Institute: 1981. A nice survey of examples of 17th-19th century portraits in the collection. Softcover. 8"x8", 64 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear, a nice copy. [31761] $25.00


220. [Orientalism] Important Orientalist Paintings from the Collection of Coral Petroleum, Inc. New York; Sotheby’s: May 22, 1985. Sale 5331. The auction sale of an important collection of 19th century Orientalist art, formed by David Chalmers, Chairman of Coral Petroleum. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", about 100 pages, 61 lots, color illustrations, dj. Prices realised sheet stapled to the first page. A fine copy. [31616] $45.00


221. Page, John F., et al. The Decorative Arts of New Hampshire: A Sesquicentennial Exhibition. Concord; New Hampshire Historical Society: 1973. An exhibition of furniture, silver, textiles, paintings, metalware, glass and ceramics from the Society's collections. A happy feast of New Hampshirey-ness. Softcover. 8.5"x10", 64 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31713] $65.00


222. [Paperweights] Important Paperweights from a Private Collection. New York; Sotheby's: April 29, 1998. Sale 7123. The catalog of an auction devoted to a collection of fine paperweights, mainly Clichy, Baccarat and St. Louis. Softcover. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 239 lots, color and b/w illustrations, bibliography, prices realized sheet taped to title page. Institutional stamp on cover, else a fine copy. [31653] $25.00


223. [Paperweights] The Homer Perkins Collection of Glass Paperweights. New York; Christie’s: September 23, 1998. Sale 8936. The fine collection of antique paperweights of a former President of the Paperweight Collector’s Association. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 79 pages, 182 lots, color illustrations. Prices realised sheet taped inside front cover. [31620] $25.00


224. [Paperweights] Important Paperweights from the Collection of F. Regnault and Frances D. Fairchild. New York; Sotheby’s: June 16, 1999. The auction sale of a fine collection including many early French rarities. Paul Jokelson wrote a short introduction to the catalog. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 74 pages, 118 lots, color illustrations. Prices realised sheet taped inside front cover. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31621] $35.00


225. Paradise Revisited. British Samplers and Historic Embroideries, 1590-1880. Witney, Oxon; Witney Antiques: 2000. A lavish dealer’s catalog of 41 very fine English samplers and embroideries, some from private collections. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 48 pages, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31790] $35.00


226. Parry, Ellwood. The Image of the Indian and the Black Man in American Art 1590-1900. New York; George Braziller: 1974. A wide-ranging study of the representations of Native Americans and African-Americans in art. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 191 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with light wear, front endpaper neatly removed. A very small amount of yellow highlighting. [31525] $25.00


227. Patterson, Jerry E. The City of New York. A History Illustrated from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York. New York; Harry N. Abrams: 1978. A wide-ranging pictorial history of the development of and life in New York City, inside and outside, high and low, famous and obscure. Not only paintings, prints and illustrations, but furniture with illustrated labels, silver and ceramics with scenic views or presentation inscriptions, posters and portraits and letters and more! Hardcover. 10"x10", 252 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, a very nice copy. [31720] $40.00


228. Pennsylvania-German Folk Art, Decorative Arts and Furniture from the Collection of Richard S. and Rosemarie B. Machmer. New York; Sotheby’s: May 24, 1997. Sale 6995. The auction catalog to a fabulous and wildly varied sale. Softcover. 8.25"x10.5", 200+ pages, 526 lots, b/w and color illustrations. Institutional stamp on title page, else a fine copy. [31685] $60.00


229. Perry, Claire. Young America. Childhood in 19th-Century Art and Culture. New Haven; Yale University Press: 2006. Published in conjunction with the exhibition "America ABC". A survey of period portrayals of children in paintings, prints, illustrations and advertising. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 236 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Fine. [31719] $55.00


230. Pettit, Florence H. America’s Indigo Blues. Resist-printed and Dyed Textiles of the Eighteenth Century. New York; Hastings House: 1974. An interesting and informative study of the mysterious "blue resist" textiles of 18th century America. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 251 pages, b/w and some color illustrations, dj. Jacket a bit worn, else a nice copy. [31792] $150.00


231. [Phillips] Black, Mary & Barbara C. and Lawrence B. Holdridge. Ammi Phillips, Portrait Painter, 1788-1865. New York; Clarkson Potter: 1968. The standard reference to the life and work of this folk portrait painter, with illustrations from the comprehensive exhibition at the Museum of American Folk Art, photographs of inscriptions on the backs of some paintings, etc. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 56 pages, 3 color plates and 77 b/w illustrations, dj; Jacket lightly soiled, and with a small black label. [31521] $125.00


232. Pilcher, Donald. The Regency Style, 1800 to 1830. London; B.T. Batsford: 1948. A survey of the arts and architecture, garden design, drapery and decorations of the period as well as the leading designers. Hardcover. 6"x9", 120 pages, color frontispiece and 138 b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket a bit worn. [31466] $25.00


233. Pioneer Memorial Museum Samplers. Salt Lake City: 2004. Nineteenth Century samplers made by Utah pioneers, with many photos and biographical details on their makers. Softcover. 9"x7.5", 67 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31537] $20.00


234. Poesch, Jessie. The Art of the Old South. Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, & the Products of Craftsmen, 1560-1860. New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1983. An important study of the fine and decorative arts in the Old South. In addition to the paintings, sculpture and architecture, the text covers furniture, silver, pottery, and textiles. Hardcover. 11"x12", 384 pages, packed with color and b/w illustrations, dj. A very nice copy. [31777] $60.00


235. [Posters] Posters. Boston; Skinner: November 11, 1995. Sale 1675. The catalog of an auction devoted to a fine selection of antique posters. Softcover. 8"x11", 137 pages, 401 lots, b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Institutional stamp on title page, else a fine copy. [31686] $25.00


236. Prime, Alfred Coxe. Colonial Craftsmen of Pennsylvania. Reproductions of Early Newspaper Advertisements from the Private Collection of Alfred Coxe Prime. Philadelphia; Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art: 1925. Reproductions of the actual notices, many with decorative elements or illustrations. Softcover. 7"x9.5", 28 pages, b/w illustrations. Covers a bit soiled and lightly spotted. [31584] $60.00


237. [Princess Christina] The Collection of HRH Princess Christina of the Netherlands. Amsterdam; Sotheby's: November 19 & 20, 1996. The catalog of an auction devoted to the collection of HRH Princess Christina, including fine wines, furniture and paintings and some very nice early Dutch delftware. Softcover. 8"x11", 103 pages, 570 lots, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on front page, else fine. [31667] $45.00


238. Purdy, Virginia C. & Daniel J. Reed. Presidential Portraits. Smithsonian Institution Press: 1968. An important exhibition of portraits of all the American Presidents from Washington to Johnson, most from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 73 pages, 1 color and 37 b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31645] $20.00


239. Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut. Schiffer Publishing: 2002. A wonderful survey of antique Connecticut quilts and the quilters who made them. Produced by the Connecticut Quilt Search Project. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 176 pages, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31531] $25.00


240. Rainwater, Dorothy T. American Jewelry Manufacturers. West Chester; Schiffer Publishing: 1988. An invaluable encyclopedia of thousands and thousands of 19th and 20th century marks used by American jewelry manufacturers, with histories of the companies. Hardcover. 9"x12", 296 pages, b/w and line illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31514] $50.00


241. [Reifsnyder] Rare Books on Furniture, Ornaments & Design together with Historical Engravings and Lithographs. Collection of the Late Howard Reifsnyder. New York; American Art Galleries: April 24, 1929. Howard Reifsnyder was a wealthy Philadelphia merchant with antiquarian tastes. He collected books, oriental ceramics & rugs, and American colonial furniture and arts. An uncommon catalog. Softcover. 7.5"x11", 30 pages. Light wear, upper outer corner bumped and a bit soiled. [31463] $125.00


242. Reynolds, Ronna L. Images of Connecticut Life. A Self-Guided Tour to the Properties and Collections of the Antiquarian & Landmarks Society of Connecticut. Hartford; Antiquarian & Landmarks Society of Connecticut: 1978. A well illustrated catalog of interiors, exteriors, and furniture, paintings, and sundry other items from the collections. Softcover. 8"x8", 155 pages, b/w illustrations. [31712] $25.00


243. Ring, Betty. American Needlework Treasures. Samplers and Silk Embroideries from the Collection of Betty Ring. New York; E.P. Dutton/Museum of American Folk Art: 1987. An important book featuring almost 200 examples from the collection of one of America’s most noted experts on needlework & samplers, grouped by state. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 112 pages, color illustrations. Light wear, a nice copy. [31546] $350.00


244. Risselin-Steenebrugen, M. Les Dentelles Belges. Brussels; Musee Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire: 1960s. A well-illustrated survey of antique Belgian lace, mostly of the 18th century. Softcover. 6"x9.5", 21 pages of text plus 31 b/w plates (1 folding), plus 12 loose b/w plates. Light wear. [31647] $40.00


245. [Robots] 20th Century Decorative Arts Including Juke-Boxes, a Collection of Robots and Spacetoys, and Industrial Design. Amsterdam; Christie's Amsterdam B.V.: October 26, 1989. The catalog of an auction devoted to 20th Century decorative arts, including glass and silver, but the stars were the jukeboxes, robots, and industrial design pieces. Softcover. 8"x10", 94 pages, 423 lots, color & b/w illustrations, bibliographies of industrial design and jukeboxes, illustrations of manufacturer marks. Slight wear to cover. [31654] $75.00


246. Rontgen, Robert E. Marks on German, Bohemian and Austrian Porcelain. 1710 to the Present. Schiffer Publishing: 1997. Revised edition. "This is the most comprehensive source book available to show the marks used by manufacturers, factories, and decorators from the beginning to the present. Included are more than 3,300 marks, many previously unpublished." Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 645 pages, marks, dj. A fine copy. [31575] $95.00


247. Roumell, George T. The Romantic History of Famous Old Wines and Liquors. The Hip Flask is Dead. Highland Park, Michigan: no date (1930s). A series of short essays on various types of wines and spirits written by George T. Roumell, owner of the Normadie Inn. In the introduction he explains that, since Prohibition has ended, people can enjoy a leisurely drink with a good meal again, and he has prepared 30 short essays, one to be issued each night for a month. This folder contains the first 20, including such topics as Tokay, rum, Burgundy, Champagne, Claret, the cocktail, and so on. An intriguing piece of Americana. Card folder, 40+ mimeographed sheets. Light toning, a little soil. [31588] $85.00


248. [Sack] The Israel Sack Collections of American Antiques. Boston: 1928. An interesting early Sack catalog, promoting their various outlets and some pieces of furniture. There are separate sections on "Westomere" (an estate in New London), the shop on Charles Street in Boston, the King Hooper Mansion in Marblehead, and the King Hooper Shop in Boston. The text is completed with "Some Notes for Collectors". The illustrations include single examples of many fine pieces of furniture as well as numerous room shots, which show the way Sack set up and displayed his antiques. A scarce Sack catalog. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 80 pages, b/w illustrations; light wear, a little soil. [31580] $125.00


249. Samplers. "All Creatures Great and Small". Witney; Witney Antiques: 1996. "A collection of fine antique needlework samplers depicting animals, birds, and insects". Softcover. 8"x8", 36 pages, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31538] $50.00


250. [Sargent] John Singer Sargent, Cashmere. New York; Sotheby's: December 5, 1996. The auction catalog offering Sargent’s painting "Cashmere". This was lot #10 of a larger painting sale, but merited its own catalog. Softcover. 8"x11", 18 pages, 1 lot, 1 folding color plate, color & b/w illustrations. Institutional stamp on front endpaper, else. [31681] $65.00


251. Sataloff, Joseph. Art Nouveau Jewelry. Bryn Mawr: Dorrance & Company: 1984. "A practical guide to its history and beauty, with pictures of over 150 pieces of jewelry and a compendium of international jewelers’ marks". A well-written and beautifully photographed guide for the collector of fine Art Nouveau-era jewelry. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 126 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, label at the top of the spine. [31491] $100.00


252. Schaffner, Cynthia V.A. & Susan Klein. American Painted Furniture 1790-1880. New York; Clarkson Potter: 1997. A very well illustrated history of American painted furniture of the late 18th and 19th centuries, organized by locality. The text treats "high-style" furniture of Boston & Salem, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York, and "country" furniture of New England, the Middle Atlantic, the South, and the Western frontier. Hardcover. 9"x11", 223 pages, color illustrations, dj. Jacket a bit soiled. [31710] $250.00


253. [School of American Ballet] American Painting, Drawings and Sculpture of the 20th Century. The Property of The School of American Ballet. New York; Christie's: December 1, 1989. Sale 6976. The catalog of an auction devoted to 20th century paintings and sculpture by Elie Nadelman, Gaston Lachaise, George Tooker, and Paul Cadmus, many having dance-related subjects. Softcover. 8"x11", about 43 pages, 29 lots, color or b/w illustration of each lot. Fine Condition. [31682] $25.00


254. Schorsch, Anita. Images of Childhood. An Illustrated Social History. New York; Main Street Press: 1979. A history of the changing attitudes toward, and roles of, children in Society from the Middle Ages through Victorian times, illustrated with period paintings, drawings and illustrations. Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 176 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket worn, light overall wear. [31755] $25.00


255. Schorsch, Anita. Mourning Becomes America. Mourning Art in the New Nation. Clinton; Main Street Press: 1976. An important exhibition, focusing on mourning art and symbolism in the United States in the first 40 years of the 19th century. Includes textiles, pictures, brooches, lockets and other jewelry, ceramics, and a few miscellaneous oddments. Softcover. 8"x8", about 100 pages, b/w and color illustrations; light wear. [31548] $100.00


256. Schorsch. American Baskets. A Folk Art Tradition. New York; David A. Schorsch: 1988. An exhibition of very fine American baskets made between 1820 and 1920, including some Native American examples. Beautifully photographed. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 52 pages, 46 color illustrations. Fine. [31545] $40.00


257. Scully, Vincent. New World Visions of Household Gods and Sacred Places. American Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1650-1914. Boston; New York Graphic Society/Little, Brown: 1988. "An exhilarating overview of the American tradition in the visual arts, based on the author’s public television series", and focused on the collections of the Met. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 183 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A very nice copy. [31768] $25.00


258. [Shaker] A Shaker Collection. Bolton; Skinner: January 13, 1996. Sale 1690. The auction sale of a collection assembled during the 1940s-60s, mainly through contacts with surviving Shaker sisters at Canterbury. Softcover. 8"x11", 35 pages, 124 lots, b/w and color illustrations. Prices realised sheet stapled to first page. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31627] $25.00


259. [Shaker] Budis, Erin M. Making His Mark. The Work of Shaker Craftsman Orren Haskins. Old Chatham; Shaker Museum and Library: 1997. Softcover. 8.5"x9", 32 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine. [31718] $10.00


260. Shaw, Gwendolyn DuBois. Portraits of a People. Picturing African Americans in the Nineteenth Century. Addison Gallery of Art/University of Washington Press: 2006. The catalog to an important exhibition of more than 100 paintings, prints and photographs illustrating how complex attitudes toward African Americans changed during the 19th century. Softcover. 8"x11", 184 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Fine. [31646] $40.00


261. Sheldon, George. A Guide to the Museum of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association. Deerfield: 1908. A guidebook of interesting objects in the Memorial Hall collection, including some 17th century furniture and other antiques, the famous "Indian House Door" and so on. Hardcover.5"x7.5", 61 pages, b/w illustrations. Pictorial board covers, somewhat soiled, slight crease. [31585] $25.00


262. [Sheraton] The Sheraton Director. The Furniture Designs of Thomas Sheraton Arranged by J. Munro Bell. Ware; Wordsworth Editions: 1990. Facsimiles of selections from Sheraton’s 1802 Drawing Book, as well as a posthumous 1812 collection, with an introduction by J. Munro Bell. Hardcover. 8.5"x12", xx + 128 pages, line illustrations, dj. Slight rip in the front paste-down, else a fine copy. [31554] $30.00


263. Shields, Jody. All That Glitters. The Glory of Costume Jewelry. New York; Rizzoli: 1987. A wonderful pictorial survey of fashion-style costume jewelry, decade by decade, from the 1920s to the 1980s. Illustrated with many vintage fashion shots, as well as new photos taken for the book. Softcover. 8.5"x12", 189 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light soil, small wrinkle in upper corner of the last 50 pages. [31498] $25.00


264. [Silver] The Cornelius C. Moore Collection of Early American Silver to be sold for the benefit of Providence College, Providence, R.I. New York; Sotheby's: January 31, 1986. Sale 5430. The auction catalog for a fine collection of 18th century American silver, mostly Rhode Island examples. Hardcover with silver gilt title and pasted on illustration, 8"x11", about 75 pages, 159 lots, b/w illustrations. Prices realized sheet bound in. Remains of a lower spine label and institutional stamp on title page, but otherwise fine. [31651] $40.00


265. Slavin, Richard E. III. Opulent Textiles. The Schumacher Collection. New York; Crown Publishers: 1992. For over 100 years, F. Schumacher & Co. has been an important retailer of both imported and domestic fine decorative textiles. This sumptuously-illustrated book explores their extensive archives of samples and documents, providing a survey of American taste through the late Victorian, Art Nouveau, Deco, and Moderne periods. Includes brocades, damasks, tapestries, toiles, chintzes and more! Hardcover. 9"x12", 220 pages, color illustrations, dj. A fine copy. Signed by Slavin. [31533] $45.00


266. Snodin, Michael & John Styles. Design & the Decorative Arts. Britain 1500-1900. V&A Publications/Harry N. Abrams: 2001. A superb, large survey of changing British style and decorative taste in the Tudor/Stuart, Georgian, and Victorian periods. Prepared for the opening of the V&A’s new British Galleries, the text was written by a number of scholars in the field, and the pieces from the V&A collections. Hardcover. 10"x11.5", xiv + 488 pages, lavishly illustrated in color and b/w, dj. A fine copy. [31786] $65.00


267. Snyder, Jeffrey B. Canes. From the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century. Schiffer Publishing: 1993. A magnificent tour of the world of both folk art and formal canes over four centuries. "Color photographs provide a sweeping survey of the varying cane forms available to collectors today, including canes with handles bearing human and animal forms, scrimshaw and glass canes, gadget and weapons canes, political, and presentation canes". Hardcover. 9"x12", 209 pages, color illustrations, dj. Jacket with small closed tear, else fine. [31564] $60.00


268. Sporting and Marine Paintings and Sculpture. New York; Sotheby's: June 9, 1995. The catalog of an auction devoted almost entirely to sporting paintings and sculpture. Softcover. 8"x11", about 200 pages, 367 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Institutional stamp on title page, else a fine copy. [31661] $45.00


269. [Sporting Art] Important Sporting Paintings and Prints. New York; Sotheby's: June 6, 1985. Sale 5344. The catalog of an auction devoted to sporting paintings and prints. Softcover. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 297 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Fine condition. [31663] $25.00


270. [Sporting Art] Important Sporting Paintings and Prints. New York; Sotheby's: June 5, 1986. Sale 5472. The catalog of an auction devoted to sporting paintings and prints. Softcover. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 277 lots, color & b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Light wear. [31662] $25.00


271. [Sporting Art] Sporting Paintings and Memorabilia from the Collection of Anthony N.B. Garvan. New York; Christie’s: June 5, 1993. The auction sale of the collection of one of America’s most accomplished fox hunters. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 59 pages, 148 lots, color and b/w illustrations. A nice copy. [31602] $35.00


272. [Sporting Art] A Celebration of the English County House: Sporting and Marine Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture. New York; Sotheby's: April 9, 1999. Sale 7291. An auction of sporting and marine paintings, drawings and sculpture such as you might use to outfit an English country house. Softcover. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 227 lots, mostly color and some b/w illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else fine. [31664] $45.00


273. St. George, Robert Blair (ed.). Material Life in America 1600-1860. Boston; Northeastern University Press: 1988. A collection of essays on a wide variety of topics related to American social and material history and culture, including material on furniture, Southern architecture, tea-drinking, the ‘Rural’ cemetery movement, and many more! Softcover. 8"x10", 570 pages, b/w illustrations; light wear. [31468] $100.00


274. [Staffordshire] Chinese Export Porcelain and The Late Rev. Benjamin J. Lake, D.D. Collection of Staffordshire Figures, Groups and Busts. New York; Sotheby's: January 29, 1987. Sale 5550. The catalog of an auction of fine Chinese export porcelains and the Rev. Lake’s collection of Staffordshire figures. Softcover. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 348 lots, color and b/w illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Cover slightly rubbed and creased, small chip on lower spine, light wear, a few creases. [31657] $30.00


275. Stalker, John & George Parker. A Treatise of Japanning and Varnishing -1688. London; Alec Tiranti: 1971. A reprint of this extremely rare and important 1688 book, with a new introduction by H.D. Molesworth. The historical text includes step-by-step instructions for japanning and varnishing the 17th-century way, as well as a number of nicely-drawn b/w illustrations of period patterns, many of them of Chinoiserie design. Softcover. 7.5"x10", xvi + 84 pages, plus 24 b/w plates. A fine copy. [31741] $125.00


276. [Still-Life] American Still Life Paintings from the Collection of Donald and Jean Stralem. New York; Sotheby’s: May 25, 1995. Sale 6713. The auction sale of an important collection of American still-life paintings, including works by Raphael and Mary Jane Peale, and John F. Peto. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 40 pages, 24 lots, color illustrations. Prices realised sheet stapled inside the front cover. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31618] $45.00


277. Swan, Susan B. Plain & Fancy. American Women and Their Needlework, 1700-1850. New York; Holt, Rinehart & Winston: 1977. An extremely important study, illustrated with examples from the collections at Winterthur. " 'Plain & Fancy' traces the social history of women and the evolution of stitchery trends and practices from 1700 to 1850. More than 150 photographs from the renowned collection of the Henry Francis duPont Winterthur Museum illustrate plain and fancy sewing -the simple but essential household work and the elaborate, ornamental examples". Hardcover. 8"x9", 240 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Small label on endpaper, light wear. [31788] $35.00


278. [Taos] Taos and Western Paintings and Sculpture from a Private Collection. New York; Sotheby’s: May 27, 1999. The auction sale of the collection of an extremely enlightened and discerning collector. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 100 pages, 40 lots, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31610] $45.00


279. [Textiles] An Important Collection of Fabric Swatch Books and Designs 1820-1970. London; Sotheby’s: March 14, 1995. The auction sale of a singular collection of sample books and other fabric-design material. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 37 pages, 282 lots, color and b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31603] $40.00


280. [Tobiasse] "Encore un fleuve a traverser". New York; Nahan Galleries: 1988. An uncommon exhibition catalog of the work of this noted sculptural painter. English/French text, and an essay by Michel Melot of the Pompidou Center. Card covers. 8"x8", 48 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Slight crease mark on cover, else a nice copy. [31444] $75.00


281. [Toys] The Emmanuel Rodrigue Collection. Timonium; RSL Auction Co.: June 2, 2007. An auction of outstanding and rare cast iron and mechanical banks. Softcover. 11"x8.5", 80 pages, 422 lots, color illustrations. A fine copy. [31597] $20.00


282. [Treen] Levi, Jonathan. Treen for the Table. Wooden Objects Related to Eating and Drinking. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors’ Club: 1998. A beautifully-illustrated book, surveying the world of food- and kitchen-related treen made between 1600 and 1900, including drinking vessels, casters & muffineers, salt & spice containers, mortars, grinders, utensils, platters, trenchers & plates, nutcrackers, lemon squeezers, eggs cups, and many more types. There is also a very informative discussion of care, surfaces & patina, fakes, and repairs. Fully illustrated in color, with many outstanding examples. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 214 pages, color illustrations, dj. Light wear, a nice copy. [31636] $375.00


283. [Treen] Pinto, Edward H. The Pinto Collection of Wooden Bygones. Northwood; Oxhey Woods House: 1961. Enlarged ed. Edward Pinto was the greatest collector of treen ever, and devoted a floor of his house to the collection, keeping it open for viewing by visitors. This guide book was meant to be read as one walked through the collection, and discusses types of treen as well as noting interesting specimens. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 40 pages, plus 8 b/w plates. A little wear, sticker remnant on rear cover. [31360] $40.00


284. [Treen] Pinto, Edward H. Treen and Other Wooden Bygones. An Encyclopedia and Social History. London; Bell & Sons: 1976. Treen for eating, drinking, measuring, science, lighting, printing, pastimes, reading, sailors, textiles, tobacco, tools, signs, and hundreds more. Some 3,300 objects of English and European origin are illustrated and described and separated into 28 categories in this magnificent book. The author spent his life collecting, researching and writing about treen; his personal collection is now in the Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery. This is the ultimate treen book, and a much sought-after volume today. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 458 pages, 460 b/w illustrations, bibliography; dj; light wear, a nice copy. [08821] $650.00


285. [Treen] Powers, Steven S. North American Burl Treen. Colonial & Native American. Private published: 2005. A scholarly, well illustrated book which selects and examines nearly 200 objects from private and museum collections, and illustrates them in more than 250 color photographs. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 208 pages, 260 color illustrations, dj. New. [90149] $125.00


286. Trent, Robert F. The Emery Attributions. [contained in the] Essex Institute Historical Collections; July, 1985. Robert Trent examines the current state of scholarship regarding the attribution of a maker’s name to a set of Essex-County 17th century carved chests. Softcover. 6"x9". Article: 13 pages, 5 b/w illustrations. Entire issue: 87 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil. [31505] $25.00


287. [Turkey] The Turkish Sale. London; Sotheby’s: October 11, 1996. The auction of a magnificent selection of fine Turkish ceramics, silver, metals, glass, weapons, textiles and paintings, as well as European paintings of Turkish subjects. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 163 pages, 351 lots, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31615] $45.00


288. [Turkey] The Turkish Sale. London; Sotheby’s: October 17, 1997. The auction of a magnificent selection of fine Turkish ceramics, silver, metals, glass, weapons, textiles and paintings, as well as European paintings of Turkish subjects. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 169 pages, 372 lots, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31614] $45.00


289. Turnbaugh, Sarah P. & William. Indian Baskets. Schiffer Publishing: 1997. A very well illustrated guide to Native American baskets, discussed by region. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 260+ pages, b/w and color illustrations, tips thumbed, else nice. [31543] $25.00


290. [Vienna Secession] Vienna Secessionist Works of Art. New York; Sotheby’s: October 11, 1986. The auction sale of a wide variety of furniture, silver, glass and other decorative accessories, posters, and more. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 60 pages, 134 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Prices realised sheet stapled to the first page, light wear. [31623] $45.00


291. Vlach, John Michael. Plain Painters. Making Sense of American Folk Art. Smithsonian Institution Press: 1988. An important attempt to make some sense of what the author felt were inherent problems with how folk art was defined and evaluated, and to redefine it in a rational way. Not everyone will agree with his conclusions, but it’s interesting reading. Softcover. 7"x10", 206 pages, b/w and color illustrations. Moderate cover wear. [31771] $25.00


292. Wallach, Clifford A. & Michael Cornish. Tramp Art. One Notch at a Time. The Craft, the Techniques & the Makers. Wallach-Irons Publishing: 1998. A wonderfully illustrated book which delves deeply into the reality behind this "anonymous" art to discover the carvers, their techniques and lives. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 176 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31568] $70.00


293. [Walpole] The Walpole Society Note Book -1929. Topsfield; Printed for The Walpole Society by the Wayside Press on Glaslan hand-made paper: 1929. Edition limited to 40 copies. This issue includes reports on meetings at the New York Yacht Club and Princeton, the Fall Meeting at New Bedford and Nantucket, a visit to the nautical collections of Frank Wood in New Bedford; the book ends with an extended appreciation of late member Theodore Salisbury Woolsey, including a reprinting of his early article on American silver. Pre-1940 Walpole Society Note Books have become very difficult to locate. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.25", 41 pages, plus 8 b/w plates; marbled clovers, linen spine. Covers lightly rubbed and with moderate wear, spine head slightly pulled, tips rubbed. Frank Wood’s copy (see above), with his nautical bookplate. [31455] $450.00


294. [Washington] Pryor, Mrs. Roger A. The Mother of Washington and Her Times. New York; The Macmillan Company: 1903. An interesting and amusing blend of fact and fancy, this biography of Mary Washington (who lived to see her son sworn in as the first President of the United States) also contain much interesting background material. Hardcover. 6"x8.5", xvii + 367 pages, b/w plates, decorated covers. Covers with light wear, a little soil. Binding a little shaken. [31785] $35.00


295. [Washington] Rulau, Russell & George Fuld. Medallic Portraits of Washington. Iola; Krause Publications: 1999. A comprehensive guide, from then 18th to the 20th century, including private and commercial tokens and medallions. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 318 pages, b/w illustrations. A fine copy. [31740] $25.00


296. [Weathervanes] American Antique Weather Vanes. The Complete Illustrated Westervelt Catalogue of 1883. Mineola: Dover Publications: 1982. A facsimile of this important 1883 American weathervane catalog. Softcover. 6"x9", 100 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31573] $25.00


297. [Weathervanes] Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Copper Weather Vanes, Tower Ornaments, Finials, Church Crosses and Emblematic Signs...Manufactured by Thomas W. Jones. A facsimile reprint of a c.1890 weathervane and accessory catalog. Includes all your favorite horses, Standing Liberties, and much, much more! Softcover. 7.5"x11", 80 pages, b/w illustrations. Noted antique dealer Wayne Pratt’s copy, with his stamp. [31570] $50.00


298. [Weathervanes] Needham, A. English Weathervanes. Their Stories and Legends from Medieval to Modern Times. Lompoc; Norm Larson Books: 1980s? A facsimile of the 1953 book. Softcover. 11"x8.5", 50+ pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [31574] $25.00


299. [Weathervanes] Weathervanes. Prior Art & Available Art by Kenneth Lynch. Wilton; Kenneth Lynch & Sons: 1971. The trade catalog of a leading dealer in the finest reproduction antique weathervanes. An invaluable reference for the architect, art historian and, of course, weathervane dealer & collector. Softcover. 9"x14", 95 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil & wear. [31569] $60.00


300. [Wedgwood] Fine Ceramics. Featuring the Kanter Collection of 18th Century Wedgwood and Related Wares. Boston; Skinner, Inc.: May 31, 1997. Sale 1778. The catalog of an auction devoted to the Monnie Kanter and Jean Gorely collections. Softcover. 8"x11", 85 pages, 423 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else fine condition. [31650] $55.00


301. [Wedgwood] Fine Wedgwood. Boston; Skinner, Inc.: May 31, 1996. Sale 1713. This auction if very fine antique Wedgwood consisted mainly of pieces from the Levy Collection of Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the Worstall Collection of Akron, Ohio. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 68 pages, 412 lots, b/w illustrations. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31619] $25.00


302. Weidman, Gregory R. & Jennifer F. Goldsborough. Classical Maryland 1815-1845. Fine and Decorative Arts from the Golden Age. Maryland Historical Society: 1993. The catalog to a loan exhibition which drew from both public and private collections. It explores the architecture, paintings, sculpture, furniture, silver, ceramics & glass of Classical-era Maryland. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 8.5"x11", 185 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Covers with minor wear at the tips and edges; small black label on the spine. [31495] $175.00


303. Weissman, Judith Reiter & Wendy Lavitt. Labors of Love. America’s Textiles and Needlework, 1650-1930. New York; Wing Books: 1994. Reprint edition. A wide-ranging survey, first published in 1987, which drew from both private and public collections. Includes quilts, coverlets, linens, needlework, rugs, knitting, lace, needlework tools, Native American blankets and quillwork, and lots more! Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 286 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A very nice copy. [31547] $35.00


304. Whitehill, Walter M., et al. Boston Furniture of the Eighteenth Century. Boston; The Colonial Society of Massachusetts: 1974. A classic study, based on a conference held by the Colonial Society. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 316 pages, 174 b/w illustrations, dj. Wayne Pratt’s copy, with his name on the flyleaf. Jacket worn, chipped and soiled, an internal spine split, but tight. Covers lightly spotted, water stain to rear of jacket and the edge of the last few pages. A well-worn copy. [31493] $75.00


305. Will, Christoph. International Basketry for Weavers and Collectors. Schiffer Publishing: 1985. Originally published in Germany, this sweeping survey looks at the history, materials and techniques of basketmakers around the world. Softcover. 9"x12", 192 pages, b/w and several; color illustrations. Near fine. [31544] $18.00


306. Wilmerding, John. American Light. The Luminist Movement, 1850-1875. Paintings. Drawings. Photographs. Washington; National Gallery of Art: 1980. A landmark catalog, issued in conjunction with an important loan exhibition. Includes essays by a number of art historians including Barbara Novak and Theodore Stebbins, Jr.. Softcover. 11"x9", 330 pages, b/w and color illustrations. A very nice copy. [31769] $100.00


307. Wolbers, Richard. Cleaning Painted Surfaces. Aqueous Methods. London; Archtype Publications: 2000. An important technical text concerning the non-solvent cleaning of varnished and unvarnished painted surfaces on paintings, furniture and sculpture. Softcover. 7"x9.5", 198 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Near fine. [31643] $40.00


308. Wright, Lawrence. Warm and Snug. The History of the Bed. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1962. An entertaining romp through an oft-neglected subject. The bed of Cleopatra, Biblical beds, painted chambers, Elizabethan and Stuart frolics, ‘murdered in our beds’, and much, much more. Good bedtime reading? Hardcover. 6"x9", 360 pages, numerous b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with some wear, light soil. [31639] $30.00


309. Wright, Richardson. Hawkers & Walkers in Early America. Strolling Peddlers, Preachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Players, and Others, from the Beginning to the Civil War. Philadelphia; J.B. Lippincott Company: 1927. 2nd ed. A popular and entertaining slice of Americana. Hardcover. 6"x9", 317 pages, b/w plates, pictorial covers. Light wear, a little soil, but a nice copy. [31783] $25.00


310. Young, Robert. Folk Art. London; Mitchell Beazley/Octopus: 1999. A beautifully photographed book which "draws together the many strands of folk art from across Europe, exploring the vernacular traditions of these artifacts". Chapters on household objects, sculpture, paintings, toys, pottery, textiles, and furniture. Hardcover. 9"x12", 176 pages, color illustrations, dj. A fine copy. [31631] $45.00


311. [Zagayski] Property from the Collection of Michael and Doris Zagayski. Silver, Judaica, Antiquities, Works of Arts, Decorations, Books, Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture and Prints, Furniture, Rugs and Carpets. New York; Sotheby's: June 29, 1995. Sale 6732. The catalog of an auction devoted to the Michael and Doris Zagayski collection. The Zagayski’s were famous collectors of fine Judaica and other arts. Softcover. 8"x11", about 100 pages, 398 lots, b/w and some color illustrations, prices realized sheet stapled to title page. Institutional stamp on first page, else a fine copy. [31655] $35.00


Some Publisher’s Overstocks-


312. Anderson, Clarita S. American Coverlets and Their Weavers. Coverlets from the Collection of Foster and Muriel McCarl. Colonial Williamsburg/Ohio University Press: 2002. "Coverlets in America, hand-woven in the 19th century in vibrant colors of red, blue, white, and green, are as treasured today as they ever were. This book catalogs more than 50 coverlets and their creators in detail, with large color plates and closeup views of the textiles. It also offers an annotated dictionary of 700 professional American weavers of figured and fancy coverlets, compiled from the University of Maryland Historic Textile Database and the files at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum." Hardcover. 9"x11", 247 pages, color illustrations, dj. New. [95090]

Published for $39.95
Available for a limited time for- $25.00


313. Clark, Catherine Scott & Adrian Levy. The Amber Room. The Fate of the World’s Greatest Lost Treasure. Walker & Company: 2004. "The authors investigate what may be the greatest single art theft in modern history: the looting of the Amber Room from St. Petersburg by the Nazis in 1941. The glittering amber panels, enough to cover a palace room, were a gift of Frederick I of Prussia to Peter the Great in 1701. The stolen panels were displayed in Königsberg Castle in 1944, but disappeared after the city fell to the Red Army. Describing the history, theft, and headline-grabbing search for the Amber Room, the authors suggest it may long since have been destroyed." Hardcover. 6"x9", 278 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95089]

Published for $26.00
Available for a limited time for- $12.00


314. Kiracofe, Roderick. The American Quilt. A History of Cloth and Comfort, 1750-1950. New York; Clarkson Potter: 2004. An interesting, copiously-illustrated history of American quilting from the 18th through the mid-20th centuries, "identifying the fabric, design, and construction hallmarks of each period". Special sections are devoted to such topics as Amish, Baltimore, Album, mourning, and African-American quilts. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 290 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [31790]

Published for $65.00
Available for a limited time for- $30.00


315. Noppe, Catherine & Jean-Francois Hubert. Art of Vietnam. New York; Parkstone Press: 2003. "From the Au Lac kingdom of the 3rd century BC to the painters from the École des Beaux-Arts of Indochina, in 1925 Hanoi, the arts of Vietnam have interpreted the country's own cultures and the fusion between Asia and the West. This volume, with 250 color and black and white photographs, presents superb art objects of Vietnam, including medieval pottery, sandstone sculptures, elaborately carved and tiled dinh buildings, and the 20th-century paintings of Bui Xuan Phai." Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 271 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95086]

Published for $39.95.
Available for a limited time for- $25.00


316. Pepin, Jacques. The Apprentice. My Life in the Kitchen. Houghton Mifflin: 2003. "In this memoir, the man whom Julia Child called "the best chef in America" tells the story of his rise from a frightened apprentice in an Old World kitchen to an Emmy Award-winning personality who taught millions how to cook and helped shape America's tastes. Jacques Pépin recalls his youth in war-torn France, the hustle of working in his mother's café, working his way up in a famous French restaurant, and becoming Charles de Gaulle's personal chef. When he came to America he fell in with a group of as-yet-unknown food lovers including Child and James Beard." Hardcover, 5.5"x8.5", 317 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. New. [95091]

Published for $26.00
Available for a limited time for- $12.00


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