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Recent Acquisitions

April, 2009


1. [American Silver] Important American Silver: The Collection of James H. Halpin. New York; Christie's: January 22, 1993. The auction of a small but select collection of early and 19th century American silver. Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 59 pages, 127 lots, color illustrations. Light wear. [32912] $45.00


2. Ames, Kenneth L & Gerald W.R. Ward (eds.). Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America 1650-1920. An Annotated Bibliography. Winterthur; Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1989. Ames & Ward is one of the most useful of the modern decorative arts bibliographies, covering architecture, furniture, glass, ceramics, metals, textiles, timepieces, artisans & culture, and "household activities and systems" (plumbing, heating, etc). Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 392 pages, a fine copy. [32934] $40.00


3. Bayley. Frank W. Loan Exhibition of One Hundred Colonial Portraits. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1930. The catalog to an important loan exhibition of Colonial-era portraits which drew on several public and many private collections. Hardcover. 6"x9", 3 pages, plus 100 black & white plates. Light wear. [32865] $25.00


4. Becker, Sister Johanna. The Karatsu Ceramics of Japan: Origins, Fabrication, and Types. A dissertation submitted to the University of Michigan: 1974. Reissued by University Microforms. A very comprehensive study. The second part, which contains all the photographs, has (as usual with these microfilm reprints) suffered much from the reproduction process. Softcover. 6"x8", 483 pages, black & white illustrations (very poorly reproduced). Some wear and a little soil. [32824] $65.00


5. Benes, Peter (ed.). The Bay and the River: 1600-1900. Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife, Annual Proceedings, 1981. Boston University: 1982. A seminar concentrating on two major Massachusetts crafts centers- coastal Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley. Includes articles on regionalism in 17th century New England joinery by Trent; Concord case furniture by Kaye; Jedediah and Jabez Baldwin (1790-1820), clockmakers by Zea, and more. Softcover. 6"x9", 144 pages, black & white illustrations; light wear, tips thumbed. [32875] $40.00


6. Betensley, Bertha. Antique Buttonhooks for Shoes, Gloves and Clothing. Westville; Educator's Press: 1975. There is very little material out there on buttonhooks, so one tends to put up with typewritten text ...well, one will have to put up with it if one uses this book, anyway. The author collected buttonhooks for 25 years. An uncommon little title. Softcover. 7"x9", 117 pages, black & white and line illustrations. Light wear. [32844] $50.00


7. Beurdeley, Michel. Chinese Trade Porcelain. Rutland; Charles Tuttle: 1969. 2nd printing. A spectacular pictorial and textual survey of Chinese export porcelain made for the European market. One of the most visually pleasing books on this subject. Hardcover. 10"x11", 214 pages, 24 color and 344 black & white illustrations, dust jacket; bibliography. Jacket with a little light wear, but overall in fine, clean condition. [32830] $85.00


8. Browne, D.J. The American Bird Fancier; considered with reference to the breeding, rearing, feeding, management, and peculiarities of Cage and House Birds; with remarks on their Diseases and Remedies; drawn from authentic sources and personal observation. New York; C.M. Saxton: 1850. An early American Victorian bird-keeping guide, with notes about not only the type of birds we keep today, such as pigeons, canaries, quail, finches and doves, but wild birds such as bobolinks, blackbirds, catbirds, mockingbirds, robins, thrashers and thrushes. The illustrations include not only birds but also several cages and an outdoor aviary. Hardcover. 4.5"x7.5", 107 pages, plus a 10-page catalog of the publisher’s other books. Illustrated with wood engravings. Publisher’s stamped cloth with a gilt vignette. Covers with some slight soil and wear, endpapers lightly spotted, a few internal spots. [32994] $125.00


9. Bulkeley, Alice T. Historic Litchfield 1721-1907. Being a short account of the history of the old houses of Litchfield. Hartford Press, The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company: 1907. A history of Litchfield, Connecticut drawn from a number of published sources, and illustrated with a series of photos of the houses taken around 1900. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 37 pages of text plus 28 black & white plates with 38 illustrations. Covers worn- yapped edges chipped, light soil, cover illustration re-glued, with rips at the corners, black label on the spine. Contents clean and fine. [32975] $35.00


10. Bulkeley, Houghton. John I. Wells. Cabinetmaker - Inventor. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, July, 1961. V.26, N.3. John I. Wells [1769-1832] was a Hartford-based cabinetmaker who, around 1810, left that business to become a paint & ink manufacturer and inventor. Softcover. 6"x9", pp.65-75, 4 black & white illustrations. Near fine. [32808] $20.00


11. Bunnen, Lucinda & Virginia Warren Smith. Scoring in Heaven. Gravestones and Cemetery Art of the American Sunbelt States. New York; Aperture Books: 1991. A wonderful pictorial survey of the odd, unusual and moving in gravestones and grave ornaments, selected from cemeteries in the American South and Southwest. Ranging from touching to outrageous, sentimental to humorous to campy, the large format and clear photographs bring these monuments to "life", as it were... A hugely enjoyable journey. Hardcover. 11.5"x12", 164 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj; light wear; a nice copy. [32935] $45.00


12. Cajola, Germano. Istruzione Sulla Morte-Apparente. Mantua; Dalla Tipografia di Francesco Agazzi: 1809. A fascinating and rare guide to recognizing "false-death". The myth of false death, and the allied fear of being buried alive, grew rapidly in the 18th and especially the 19th century amidst a general misunderstanding of the processes the corpse undergoes after burial. These misunderstandings of such natural occurrences as corpse movement, preservation of tissues, and bloating and "reddening" (which also gave rise to the vampire legends) were combined in this period with a greater ability to recognize the few cases where "false-death" did actually occur. This study includes several case histories. Rare- no copies are listed on OCLC. Hardcover. 5.5"x8.5", 112 pages. Bound in old paper-covered boards with a parchment spine. Spine head and base worn and chipped, general cover rubbing and a little soil. Contents with some spotting to the title page. [32980] $750.00


14. [Carpenter Collection] The Charles H. Carpenter, Jr. Collection: 19th Century American Silver. New York; Christie's: January 21, 1994. The auction catalog to the sale of the very fine collection of 19th century Tiffany and Gorham silver. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 48 pages, 54 lots, color illustrations, prices realized sheet. [32913] $45.00


15. Chauffage et Ventilation. Caloriferes de Cave. Paris; Maison Delaroche Aine: 1881. A fascinating 19th century French trade catalog of forced hot-air heaters, which illustrates several different models, as well as showing a cut-away view of a 3-story city brownstone with one of their furnaces in the basement. There is also an illustration of the factory, featuring mansard-roofed, Second Empire front. Softcover. 5.25"x8", 20 pages, line illustrations. Light soil. [32950] $65.00


16. Chittenden, Varick A. & Herbert W. Hemphill, Jr. Found in New York's North Country. The Folk Art of a Region. Utica; Museum of Art, Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute: 1982. The catalog to a loan exhibition of folk art from the northern counties of New York state, which drew on both private and public collections. Includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, decoys, ceramics, textiles, and more. Uncommon. Softcover. 11"x8.5", 72 pages, black & white and several color illustrations. Covers with a little wear, a little scuffing, contents clean and fine. [32855] $45.00


17. Clark, Mark A. & David Revere McFadden. Treasures for the Table. Silver from the Chrysler Museum. New York; Hudson Hills Press: 1989. A wonderful catalog of 18th and 19th century English, American and European table hollowware in the collection of the Chrysler Museum. The photographs are superb, and the catalog notes scholarly and interesting. A wonderful catalog. Softcover. 9"x12", 117 pages, color illustrations. Fine condition. [90303] $25.00


Collectors’ Pieces Series - these charming small books from the 1960s offer introductions to a variety of antiques. Each is hardcover, 5"x7.5", 68 pages, black & white and often several color illustrations. In dust jackets, with light soil.

18. All Kinds of Small Boxes. $15.00

19. Bristol and Other Coloured Glass. $15.00

20. Chelsea and Derby China. $15.00

21. Chinese and Japanese Lacquer. $15.00

22. Delftware. $15.00

23. English Crystal Glass. $15.00

24. Old English Lustre Ware. $15.00

25. Old Sheffield Plate. $15.00

26. Old Spode China. $15.00

27. Old Worcester China. $15.00

28. Paperweights. $15.00


29. [Courbet] Oraison Funebre de l'Admiral Courbet. Prononcee le 1er aout 1885, a Poitiers dans 'Eglise de Montierneuf...par l'Abbe Fremont. Paris; Librairie Berche et Tralin: 1886. Anatole-Amde-Prosper Courbet [1827-1885), was a French admiral who won a series of important land and naval victories in Vietnam and China during the Tonkin campaign (1883-86) and the Sino-French War (1884-1885). In 1883 Courbet was placed in charge of the Tonkin Expeditionary Corps, and in a series of attacks he defeated the "Black Flag" forces, who were supported by China. He was subsequently placed in command of the French Far East Squadron, which defeated the Chinese Navy in a series of actions off Formosa in early 1885. The heat and climate of the Near East started a cholera epidemic in the French fleet in the spring of 1885, and Admiral Courbet succumbed himself in June, his body being returned to France for a state funeral. Three French naval ships have been named in honor of the Admiral, including a modern stealth frigate, now in service. Softcover. 5.5"x8", 62 pages. Decorative headpiece and tailpiece. Covers soiled, and with wear and chipping around the edges. Contents clean. [32822] $60.00


30. Cummings, Abbott Lowell. Bed Hangings. A Treatise on Fabrics and Styles in the Curtaining of Beds 1650-1850. Boston; SPNEA: 1994. 3rd printing. A very valuable study, based on a 1960 seminar on 18th and early 19th century bed hangings. Softcover. 6"x9", 60 pages, black & white illustrations; light wear. [32860] $85.00


31. D’Ambrosio, Anna Tobin & Leslie Greene Bowman. ‘The Distinction of Being Different’. Joseph P. McHugh and the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Utica; Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute: 1993. The catalog to a loan exhibition of the furniture and history of this distinctive Arts & Crafts furniture manufacturer. Illustrated with photographs of furniture, vintage advertisements and photos of the shop, original designs, and more. Softcover. 9"x10.5", 64 pages, black & white, color, and line illustrations. New condition. [90301] $19.95


32. D’Ambrosio, Anna Tobin. A Brass Menagerie. Metalwork of the Aesthetic Movement. Utica; Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute: 2005. The catalog to a loan exhibition of American Aesthetic Movement brass. The text includes notes on the history of the use of brass in design, sections on leading manufacturers. These include a wide variety of household hardware, furniture, lamps & lighting, frames & mirrors, andirons, and more. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 96 pages, color illustrations. New. [90302] $29.95


33. D’Ambrosio, Anna Tobin. Masterpieces of American Furniture from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute. Utica; Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute: 1999. The major emphasis is on Victorian furniture, with some exemplary examples of Federal furniture also included. Beautifully photographed, and well-written. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 171 pages, color illustrations, dj. New. [90304] $50.00


34. DeBolt, C. Gerald. The Dictionary of American Pottery Marks. Whiteware and Porcelain. Rutland; Charles Tuttle: 1988. Almost 1000 marks. Whiteware includes cream-colored wares, porcelains, and other wares that are all, or nearly "white". Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 153 pages, line illustrations, worn dust jacket. [32812] $25.00


35. Dent, Major Herbert C. Wine, Spirit & Sauce Labels of the 18th & 19th Centuries. Norwich; H.W. Hunt: 1933. Edition limited to 250 signed, numbered copies. The very first book on the subject of wine labels, and because of its rarity and the important place of its author in the history of label colleting, still a much sought-after volume. The text covers the evolution and nomenclature of the wine label, ‘Bronte’, ‘Calcavella’, & ‘Methuen’ labels, home-made cordial and wine labels, condiment labels, Madeira labels, and labels decorated with crests. The color plate illustrates a blue Bristol spirit bottle and two sauce bottles, ca.1780, featuring engraved designs imitating silver labels. Black & white plate I illustrates representative 18th century wine labels, Plate II shows labels made between 1800 and 1837, Plate III shows labels of the 18th and early 19th century featuring crests, Plate IV illustrates labels with uncommon titles, Plate V shows sauce & condiment labels and labels in the form of leaves, Plate VI illustrates ivory, mother-of-pearl, Sheffield plate, and boar’s tusk labels. Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 15 pages plus a color frontispiece and 6 black & white plates. Publisher’s dark blue cloth with gilt titles. Light cover wear, endpapers browned, else clean and fine. [32987] $400.00


36. Dreppard, Carl W. Joseph Kehn, The Wood Turner. [contained in] Papers Read Before the Lancaster County Historical Society, Vol.LVIII, No.7. 1954. The text of an address about Lancaster-County wood turner Joseph Lehn [1798-1892]. Anecdotal, and folksy, with some smacks at antique collectors and "a post Civil War hobo named Schimmel" who carved eagles, thrown in for good measure. Softcover. 6"x9", article- 9 pages, 4 black & white illustrations. Entire issue- 30 pages, black & white illustrations. Some soil, slight stain and ‘warble’ to the upper corner, top edge of cover slightly torn. [32992] $45.00


37. Drucker, Janet & William. Georg Jensen. 20th Century Designs. Atglen; Schiffer Publishing: 2002. "This reprint of jewelry and hollowware catalog pages from Georg Jensen brings eagerly sought information together in one volume. Hard to find, the original catalogs provide primary information to enable identification of thousands of pieces found on the vintage market today." Hardcover. 11.5"x8.5", 256 pages, 1,194 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. New condition. [90306] $65.00


38. Duren, Lista. Frame It. A Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Picture Framing. Boston; Houghton Mifflin: 1976. An excellent guide with clear illustrations of every step and process for the home framer. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 216 pages, black & white and line illustrations, chipped dust jacket. [32932] $25.00


39. Eige, Eason & Rick Wilson. Blenko Glass, 1930-1953. Marietta; Antique Publications: 1987. One of the only references to this unique hand-made glass. Illustrated with a selection of new photographs of Blenko glass, vintage catalog and advertising illustrations, photographs of the glassblowers, and more. Now difficult to find. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 144 pages, black & white and color illustrations. Light soil, a little wear, tips lightly thumbed, corner bump -in very good shape, but obviously has been used. [32840] $150.00


40. Fabian, Monroe H. The Pennsylvania-German Decorated Chest. Atglen; Schiffer Publishing: 2004. A new edition of this classic and standard reference, with some new photographs and a new Foreword. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 246 pages, many black & white and some color illustrations, dust jacket. New condition. [90307] $49.95


41. Fons Sapientiae. Renaissance Garden Fountains. Washington; Dumbarton Oaks: 1978. The text and illustrations from a series of papers given at the Dumbarton Oaks symposium, including "Beauty Bare: Speaking Waters and Fountains in Renaissance Literature" - "Water-Works and Water-Play in Renaissance Naples" - "Sixteenth Century Garden Fountains in Rome" - "Bartolomeo Ammannati’s Marble Fountain for the Sala Grande of the Palazzo Vecchio" - "Domain of illusion: The Grotto in France". Hardcover. 7"x10", 206 pages, plus 62 black & white and 1 folding plate. Fine condition. [32979] $100.00


42. [Fowler Museum] Property from the Fowler Museum, Sold for the Benefit of the University of California, Los Angeles. New York; Sotheby's: February 14-16, 1985. The Museum opened in 1967 and showcased the collections of Francis E. Fowler, Jr. In 1983 the trustees voted to close the museum, sell most of the collections, and use the money to open a new Fowler Museum of Cultural History. Sold at this gangbuster auction were European and English silver, ivories, vintage weapons, glass, porcelains, and oriental ivories and arts. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 150 pages, 1,169 lots, black & white and some color illustrations. [32921] $35.00


43. Galeries Barbes -Les Grands Specialistes du Meuble. Paris; Galeries Barbes: 1927. A very attractive Art Deco-era French furniture retailer's catalog, offering a wide range of furniture, including bedroom, dining room and living room sets, desks, tables, mirrors, and much more. The styles embrace a complete range of those popular with the French middle class at the time, from Art Deco to traditional. Softcover. 11"x7", 168 pages, black & white and some color illustrations. Moderate wear and some soil. [32859] $100.00


44. Gans-Ruedin, E. The Connoisseur's Guide to Oriental Carpets. Rutland, Charles E. Tuttle: 1971. A big, thick, brawny assemblage of oriental rugs of all types. "Contains one of the largest number of illustrations of 20th century rugs of any general book, including Tibet, Pakistan, Egypt, the Balkans and North Africa" (O'Bannon). O'Bannon 434. Hardcover. 10"x10", 430 pages, 42 color and 422 black & white illustrations, 4 maps, dust jacket. Jacket somewhat worn, with several tears. Book fine. [32905] $75.00


45. Gillingham, Harrold E. Some Early Brickmakers of Philadelphia. [reprint from] The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, January, 1929. Historical research into brickmaking in Philadelphia in the first decades of the 18th century. Uncommon. Softcover. 6.5"x10", 27 pages, 8 black & white illustrations (mostly document facsimiles or maps). Covers soiled, edges worn, number stamp on cover. Inscribed by Gillingham to John Frederick Lewis [1860-1932], the Philadelphia lawyer, collector, author, historian and philanthropist, who served as President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, as a trustee of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and authored several books on Pennsylvania history. [32993] $65.00


46. Goddard, Pliny Earle. Indians of the Southwest. New York; American Museum of Natural History: 1927. 3rd edition. A survey of the cultures, dwellings and crafts of both ancient and contemporary Pima, Hopi, Navajo, and others. Hardcover. 5.5"x8", 201 pages, black & white illustrations. Light cover wear, foxing on the first few (blank) pages, light soil. [32961] $20.00


47. Green, Richard. British Marine Paintings 1700-1900. London; Richard Green: 1974. A very elegant dealer's catalog of 60 British marine paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries. Softcover. 8"x11.5", 125 pages, 20 color and 40 black & white illustrations. Some wear. [32868] $35.00


48. Guth, Christine. Asobi: Play in the Arts of Japan. Katonah Museum of Art: 1992. "A handsome catalogue that examined the many and surprising ways in which a sense of play has been seen to inform artistic expression in Japan. The objects included hanging scrolls, lacquer, screens, and woodblock prints. Softcover. 10"x9.5", 80 pages, color and black & white illustrations. New. [90315] $20.00


49. Haertig, Evelyn. Antique Combs & Purses. Carmel; Gallery Graphics Press: 1983. A beautifully illustrated, information-packed study of antique from ancient times to the 20th century, but with a vast majority of the focus on Victorian, Art Nouveau, and 20th century specimens. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 304 pages, filled with color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. New. [90310] $45.00


50. Haertig, Evelyn. Restoring and Collecting Antique Beaded Purses. Carmel; Gallery Graphics Press: 2000. A beautifully illustrated, information-packed study of antique beaded purses, how to care for them, and some basic restoration and repair techniques. Packed with color illustrations of vintage specimens, this is a book any beaded purse collector will love. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 210 pages, filled with color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. New. [90311] $60.00


51. Hearne, Pamela & Robert J. Sharer (eds.). Rivers of Gold. Precolumbian Treasures from Sitio Conte. Philadelphia; The University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: 1992. A beautiful catalog which illustrates and describes a collection of gold objects which were unearthed after the Rio Grande de Cocle river in Panama shifted course and exposed the remains of an ancient cemetery. Softcover. 9"x11", 132 pages, 71 black & white illustrations and68 color plates. Fine. [90313] $35.00


52. Heckscher, Morrison H. & Leslie Greene Bowman. American Rococo, 1750-1775. Elegance in Ornament. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art, LA County Museum of Art, and Harry N. Abrams: 1992. Includes furniture, silver, prints, glass, ceramics and many other objects, from bookplates to clock faces. Softcover. 9.5"x11.5", 288 pages, color and b/w illustrations; a fine copy. [32967] $35.00


53. Heydenryk, Henry. The Art and History of Frames. An Inquiry into the Enhancement of Paintings. New York; James A. Heinemann: 1963. A very interesting survey of the stylistic development of frames and their relationship to art. Hardcover. 10"x8.5", 119 pages, black & white illustrations, dust jacket.Jacket with some wear, and torn. [32929] $75.00


54. Hillmann, Richard Craig. Persian Carpets. Austin, University of Texas Press: 1984. A study of and guide to Persian carpets "available on the market today", i.e., made since 1950. O'Bannon 2048. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 98 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket with light wear and some rubbing along the edge, book fine and clean. [32901] $40.00


55. Hubert, Jean-Francois. The Art of Champa. Parkstone Press International: 2005. "In the 5th century, the Champa kingdom held sway over a large area of modern Vietnam. Cham sculpture was created from a variety of materials- principally sandstone, but also gold, silver, and bronze- and mainly illustrated themes from Indian mythology. The kingdom eroded during the 15th century. This volume, illustrated with 200 color photographs, presents outstanding pieces from the Musee Guimet, the National Museums of France, and the national Vietnamese museums of Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh". Hardcover. 10.5"x12.5", 231 pages, 222 color illustrations, dust jacket. Fine. [32872] $40.00


56. International Symposium on Japanese Ceramics. Seattle Art Museum: 1972. The text of papers given at the symposium, which coincided with the exhibition 'Ceramic Art of Japan'. Softcover. 7"x10", 196 pages, several black & white illustrations of the exhibition opening. Light cover wear, a little soil. [32826] $25.00


57. [Ireland] The Irish Sale, including Furniture, Silver, Ceramics and Glass, Coins, Paintings and Watercolors. London; Sotheby's: June 2, 1995. Sale LN5330. The first half of the auction consists of a very fine selection of Irish furniture, silver, glass, ceramics & other decorations, the second half is fine art. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 183 pages, 366 lots, color illustrations. Light wear. [32920] $40.00


58. Jacobsen, Charles W. Oriental Rugs. A Complete Guide. Rutland, Charles Tuttle: 1973. 13th printing. O'Bannon notes that this book is "the best selling American rug book with antique and contemporary rugs [and includes a] comprehensive description of names used in the rugs trade". Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 479 pages, some color and many black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket with minor edge wear, otherwise fine and clean. [32902] $35.00


59. Jansen, Reinhard. Commedia dell’Arte Carnival of Comedy Playes / Fest der Komodianten. Stuttgart; Arnoldsche: 2001. A magnificent celebration of the porcelain figures produced in the 18th and 19th centuries by many European factories featuring figures from the 18th century Italian Commedia dell’Arte. The main volume is in German, but is profusely illustrated with beautiful photographs, and a translation of the main text is provided in the companion softcover volume. The third volume illustrates and discusses (in German) the 18th century prints that provided the basis for many of the porcelain figures. Porcelain manufactories covered include Meissen, Ansbach, Berlin, Frankenthal, Furstenberg, Fulda, Hoscht, Ludwigsburg, Kelsterbach, Nymphenburg, Vienna, Thuringia, Wurzburg, English factories, Capodimonte, Sevres, Doccia, and Zurich. 3 vols. Hardcover & softcover. 9.5"x11.5", 333 + 88 + 24 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Slipcased. New condition. [90305] $150.00


60. Jenyns, Soame. Ming Pottery and Porcelain. London; Faber and Faber: 1988. 2nd edition. First published in 1953, this second edition was updated, and featured additional color photographs. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", xviii + 237 pages, 18 color plates and 229 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Near fine. [32899] $85.00


61. Jervis, Simon. Printed Furniture Designs Before 1650. The Furniture History Society: 1974. An important compilation of 16th and 17th century furniture designs from period design books, with commentary. Jervis had access to museums throughout Europe and England. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", x + 54 pages, plus 449 b/w plates; a nice copy. [32966] $375.00


62. Jewell, Brian. Smoothing Irons. A History and Collector's Guide. Des Moines; Wallace-Homestead: 1977. A charming guide to 19th century sad, or smoothing irons, illustrated with photographs and drawings. Softcover. 8"x7.5", 72 pages, black & white and line illustrations. Light wear. [32849] $25.00


63. Johnson, Hugh, Dora J. Janson & David R. McFadden. Wine: Celebration and Ceremony. New York; Cooper-Hewitt Museum: 1985. A loan exhibition which explored the symbolic, sacred and secular importance of wine and wine drinking from antiquity to the present day, illustrated with hundreds of pictures of wine accouterments, wine-related art, and wine-making technology. A pleasing oenological ramble. Softcover. 7.5"x12", 127 pages, b/w and color illustrations; light wear. [32984] $50.00


64. Kaye, Myrna. Fake, Fraud, or Genuine? Identifying Authentic American Antique Furniture. New York Graphic Society/Little Brown: 1987. An absolutely essential book, showing the reader how to look at a piece of furniture and recognize the telltale signs of a fake. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 214 pages, black & white and color illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear. [32981] $45.00


65. Kindig, Paul E. Butter Prints and Molds. Atglen; Schiffer Publishing: 1986. "This is the first and a most comprehensive work on wooden butter shapers, a subject of interest to many folk art authorities and collectors." Hardcover. 9"x12", 248 pages, black & white and some color illustrations, dust jacket. Fine, new condition. [90309] $45.00


66. Kirk, John T. American Chairs, Queen Anne and Chippendale. New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1972. A valuable reference to American Colonial chairs. "Kirk emphasizes the regional approach to American furniture through a study of construction and design details and an analysis of regional aesthetics... " (Ames). Hardcover. 11"x12", 208 pages, color frontispiece and 252 b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. Signed on the title page. [32968] $250.00


67. Larsson, Jr., Lennart. Carpets from China. Xinjiang & Tibet. Boston, Shambhala Press: 1989. A very well-illustrated study of 19th and 20th century Chinese carpets, with additional sections on Tibet & Nepal and Xinjiang. There are also chapters on weaving & dyes, patterns & symbols, and a glossary. Hardcover. 9.5"x10.5", 141 pages, profusely illustrated in color, with some black & white and line illustrations as well. Dust jacket. [32903] $40.00


68. Lerch, Lila. Pennsylvania German Antiques. Allentown; Schlechter's: 1970. A lovely survey of the arts and history of the arts and crafts of the Pennsylvania Germans. The design and typography of the book are very much in the tradition of the publications of the Pennsylvania-German Society- decorated half-title printed in red and black, big red-printed decorative initial letters at the beginning of every chapter, and the same general look and feel of their publications. The text covers furniture, clocks, baskets, cookie cutters, ceramics, frakturs, glass, metalwares, textiles, silver, toleware, woodenware, architecture, interiors, and more. This is not an in-depth study of any of these topics, but rather a loving and sympathetic introduction to the entire subject as a whole. Well worth reading, and uncommon. Hardcover. 6"x9", 157 pages, black & white illustrations, red initial letters. Light soil, two former owner's names inside the front cover. [32862] $85.00


69. Lindsay, J. Seymour. Iron and Brass Implements of the English House. Bass River; Carl Jacobs: 1964. A reissue of this valuable illustrated survey of fireplace-related implements and equipment, including kitchen and cooking utensils of the 17th-early 19th century. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 88 pages of text plus 473 line illustrations. [32850] $60.00


70. Little, Nina Fletcher. Land and Seascape as Observed by the Artist. An Exhibition from the Collection of Bertram K. and Nina Fletcher Little. Williamsburg; Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection: 1969. An exhibition of 103 paintings from this noted collection, with accompanying notes by Mrs. Little. Softcover. 10"x9", 52 pages, black & white and color illustrations. Light wear. [32854] $35.00


71. Lorenz, Carol Ann. African Personal Art and Adornment from the Permanent Collection of the Longyear Museum of Anthropology. Hamilton; Picker Art Gallery: 2004. A catalog which illustrates and describes a variety of wooden, metal and pottery utilitarian objects from African village life. A fascinating catalog both for the insight it gives into many African village cultures and the folk-art beauty of the objects themselves. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 61 color and black & white illustrations. New. [90314] $17.50


72. Lyle, Charles T. New Jersey Arts and Crafts: The Colonial Expression. Monmouth County Historical Association: 1972. The catalog to a loan exhibition of 18th and early 19th century furniture, ceramics, glass, folk art, etc. A few of the objects (brass, some ceramics) were not American, but everything else was at least possibly of New Jersey origin. An early and not especially scholarly or elegant catalog, but still interesting and very uncommon. Semowich 991. Softcover. 9"x8.5", 43 pages, black & white illustrations. Moderate soil, some wear. [32991] $85.00


73. Maass, John. The Glorious Enterprise. The Centennial Exhibition of 1876 and H.J. Schwarzmann, Architect-in-Chief. Watkins Glen; American Life Foundation: 1973. A detailed study of the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia, the design and construction of the buildings, their use and fates, and the history of the Exhibition itself, with many period illustrations. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 156 pages, black & white and line illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear. [32893] $40.00


74. Machmer, Richard S. & Rosemarie B. Berks County Pennsylvania Fraktur. Gerburts Und Taufscheine. Artists - Scriveners - Printers. Reading; Historical Society of Berks County: 2001. The catalog to a loan exhibition of both hand-decorated frakturs and printed/decorated examples. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 24 pages, color illustrations. Fine, clean condition. [32856] $25.00


75. Madden, Betty I. Art, Crafts, and Architecture in Early Illinois. University of Illinois Press:1974. This survey is very strong on folk portraits and folk paintings, textiles, architecture and interiors; it also contains a chapter on potters; there is much furniture, but mostly illustrated with line drawings. Hardcover. 11"x9", xiii + 297 pages, black & white and some color illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket a bit rubbed & soiled. [32852] $35.00


76. Made in Utica. Utica; Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute: 1976. This fine loan exhibition catalog features a wide variety of products, paintings, prints, furniture, old illustrations of factories and stores, and more. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 73 pages, black & white illustrations. New condition. [90300] $12.00


77. Maynard, Ross H. An Early American Queen Anne Escritoire, 1715-1730. Privately printed for the author by D.B. Updike at the Merrymount Press: 1929. Edition limited to 200 copies. Maynard owned this distinctive piece; he asked Carl G. Beede to write the poetical, if slightly overawed essay describing it. The piece was subsequently purchased by John J. Gunther of York, Maine, and sold at the dispersal of his important collection in 1960. A beautifully produced early American furniture monograph which has become uncommon. Semowich 898. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 10 pages of text plus 5 gravure plates; original paper covered boards and cloth spine; marbled endpapers. Light wear, but in nice condition. [32988] $375.00


78. [Mecray] John Mecray. The Golden Age of Racing Yachts. An Exhibition & Sale of Recent Paintings & Drawings. Stonington; Marguerite Riordan: 1995. The catalog to an exhibition of recent work by this noted maritime artist. Softcover. 9.5"x8", 24 pages, 2 black & white and 16 color illustrations. Near fine. [32954] $40.00


79. Michaelis, Ronald F. Old Domestic Base-Metal Candlesticks From the 13th to 19th Century, produced in Bronze, Brass, Paktong and Pewter. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors' Club: 1997. 4th prtg. Michaelis discusses various forms and their development, as well as manufacturing methods. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 139 pages, 202 b/w illustrations; dj. Fine condition. [32953] $125.00


80. Miller, Amelia F. Connecticut River Valley Doorways. An Eighteenth-Century Flowering. Boston University; Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife: 1983. An illustrated survey of 220 18th century doorways in Massachusetts and Connecticut, with special sections devoted to a discussion of joiners, design sources, and decorative motifs. Softcover. 6"x9", 148 pages, 60 black & white illustrations. Light soil, sticker partially removed from back cover. [32820] $25.00


81. Mo, Charles L. Splendors of the New World. Spanish Colonial Masterworks from the Viceroyalty of Peru. Charlotte; The Mint Museum of Art: 1992. The catalog to a loan exhibition of 17th through early 19th century Spanish colonial paintings, sculpture, furniture, silver and coins, from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. The photography is lovely. Softcover. 9"x12", 104 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Fine. [90312] $35.00


82. Monery, Andre. L'Ame des Parfums Essai de Psychologie Olfactive. Paris; Librairie Aristide Quillet: 1924. Limited to 1000 numbered copies. An elegantly printed exploration of the psychology of perfumes, from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Illustrated with delightful woodcut vignettes, decorated initial letters, and tailpieces. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 165 pages, with decorations. Original softcovers, covered with period glassine. Light soil, a little wear, but overall clean and fine. [32823] $250.00


83. Montgomery, Charles F. & Catherine H. Maxwell. Early American Silver -Collectors, Collections, Exhibitions, Writings. An offprint from the Walpole Society Note Book of 1969; printed by the Anthoensen Press in an edition of 200 copies. A valuable reference work, listing exhibitions, collections, catalogs and books on American silver. Softcover. 6"x9", 60 pages. Light wear. [32885] $125.00


84. Mudge, Jean M. Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Trade 1785-1835. University of Delaware Press: 1962. A standard history, written as a part of the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture. Hardcover. 7.5"x10.5", 284 pages, well illustrated in black & white and color, dust jacket. Light wear. [32834] $45.00


85. Mussey, Robert D., Jr. (ed.) The First American Furniture Finisher's Manual. A Reprint of "The Cabinet-Maker's Guide" of 1827. New York; Dover Publications: 1987. A facsimile of the first American guide to wood staining, varnishing, polishing, japanning, lacquering and other techniques, with an invaluable and scholarly introduction by Robert Mussey, Jr.. Softcover. 4.5"x6", xxxiv + 120 pages, light soil. [32931] $40.00


86. Na Chih-liang. Chinese Seals. The Collection of Ralph C. Lee. Taiwan; Privately printed by Allan Lee: 1966. Limited to 600 copies. The catalog of a very fine collection. The seals are illustrated in black & white, with their marks shown beside them in red. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 112 pages, black & white and red illustrations. Light wear, a little soil. Inscribed by Allan Lee, Ralph Lee's son. [32836] $85.00


87. Nissenson, Marilyn & Susan Jonas. Jeweled Bugs and Butterflies. New York; Harry N. Abrams: 2002. A colorful survey of insects and spiders as interpreted by jewelers. The majority of the pieces are 19th and 20th century, though they go all the way back to Egyptian scarabs. Hardcover. 8.5"x8", 120 pages, 150 color illustrations, dj. Fine. [32990] $65.00


88. Noppe, Catherine & Jean-Francois Hubert. Art of Vietnam. Parkstone Press International: 2003. "From the Au Lac kingdom of the 3rd century BC to the painters from the cole des Beaux-Arts of Indochina, in 1925 Hanoi". Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 271 pages, color illustrations, dust jacket. Fine condition. [32874] $40.00


89. Oman, Charles. The English Silver in the Kremlin 1557-1663. London; Methuen and Company: 1961. The Kremlin contains a very fine collection of 16th and 17th century English silver, brought to Russia in a variety of ways. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 94 pages of text plus 54 black & white plates, dust jacket. Minor jacket wear. [32923] $65.00


90. Osterberg, Richard F. & Betty Smith. Silver Flatware Dictionary. San Diego; A.S. Barnes & Company: 1981. A survey of the amazing variety of inexplicable types of silver flatware. Hardcover. 7"x10", 128 pgs, b&w illus., dj. Light wear, slight binding crack at page 60-61, and at the top of the title page, but no pages loose. [32848] $60.00


91. Pennington, Samuel. April Fool. Folk Art Fakes and Forgeries. New York; Hirschl & Adler Folk: 1988. An exceptionally interesting exhibition of folk art fakes and frauds, a joint effort of the Museum of American Folk Art and Hirschl & Adler Folk. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 71 pages, b&w illustrations. Near fine. [32985] $65.00


92. Petsopoulos, Yanni. Kilims. Flat-woven Tapestry Rugs. New York, Rizzoli: 1979. "One of the most comprehensive publications with particular emphasis on the weavings of Anatolia and Caucasus and to a lesser extent Iran" (O'Bannon). Hardcover. 10"x10", 394 pages, 72 color and 350 b&w illustrations, dj. Near fine. [32904] $150.00


93. Pettit, Florence H. America's Indigo Blues. Resist-printed and Dyed Textiles of the Eighteenth Century. New York; Hastings House: 1974. An interesting and informative study of the mysterious "blue resist" textiles of 18th century America. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 251 pages, b&w and some color illustrations, dj. Jacket a bit worn. [32846] $150.00


94. Pettit, Florence H. America's Printed & Painted Fabrics, 1600-1900. New York; Hastings House: 1970. "All the ways there are to print upon textiles, a most complete history of world fabric prints, all about the printers and patterns of America". Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 256 pages, black & white and some color illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket with light wear, book in fine and clean condition. [32847] $100.00


95. Philippe, Joseph. Liege. Terre Millenaire des Arts. Liege; Librairie Halbart: 1971. Architecture and arts of Liege. Hardcover. 7.5"x9.5", 189 pages, 16 color plates and many b&w illustrations, dj. Near fine. [32811] $25.00


96. Phillips, Lisa. High Styles: Twentieth-Century American Design. New York; Whitney Museum of American Art: 1985. The catalog to this wonderful exhibition which traces the development of 20th century American design. Softcover. 11"x11", 216 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Light wear. [32898] $30.00


97. Prime, Mrs. Alfred C. Three Centuries of Historic Silver. Loan Exhibitions under the Auspices of the Pennsylvania Society of the Colonial Dames of America. Philadelphia: 1938. Edition limited to 1000 copies. A combined catalog of the work exhibited in the 1929 and 1937 loan exhibitions, which drew on many private and public collections. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 191 pages, black & white illustrations. Light wear, a little cover rubbing, endpapers slightly discolored, but overall a nice copy. [32924] $100.00


98. Rainwater, Dorothy T. & Donna H. Felger. A Collector's Guide to Spoons Around the World. Hanover; Everybody's Press: 1976. The Bible for souvenir spoon collectors, with more than 2,000 spoons illustrated and described. Hardcover. 7"x10", 406 pages, b&w illustrations, dj. Jacket with some wear, chips; former owner's embossure. [32926] $25.00


99. Roell, D.C., et al. De Triomf van het Manierisme. De Europese stijl van Michelangelo tot el Greco. Amsterdam; Rijksmueum: 1955. "The Triumph of Mannerism" in painting and sculpture, silver, metalwares, and other decorative arts. Softcover. 6"x8.5", 240 pages plus 107 black & white illustrations. Covers with minor wear. [32887] $20.00


100. Rogers, Gay Ann. An Illustrated History of Needlework Tools. London; John Murray: 1983. A very well-regarded study which covers needlework boxes, sewing cases & chatelaines, needles & needlecases, thimbles & thimble cases, scissors, tape-measures, pins & pin cushions, thread containers, needlework clamps, handwork tools, and plain sewing and handwork gadgets.. Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 243 pages, b&w illustrations, dj. Fine. [32845] $100.00


101. Rose, Milton C. & Emily M. (eds.). Shaker Tradition and Design. New York; Bonanza Books: 1982. A selection of Magazine Antiques articles on all aspects of Shaker life. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 128 pages, black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Fine in lightly soiled jacket. [32933] $25.00


102. Rosenbaum, Jeanette W. Myer Myers, Goldsmith. 1723-1795. Philadelphia; The Jewish Publication Society of America: 1954. A very good study of the life and work of this very talented and successful New York silversmith. Hardcover. 8"x11", 141 pages, 12 b&w illustrations plus 30 b&w plates. Very good. [32927] $50.00


103. Schaefer, Herwin. Nineteenth Century Modern. The Functional Tradition in Victorian Design. New York; Praeger Publishers: 1970. A revisionist view of Victorian design, "which finds Functionalist traditions in the heart of 19th Century design melodrama". Hardcover. 9"x10.5", 211 pages, 289 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket with some soil and a long tear. [32892] $35.00


104. Schiffer, Peter, Nancy & Herbert. The Brass Book. American, English and European, Fifteenth Century through 1850. Atglen; Schiffer Publishing: 1978. A grand, standard survey of antique brass. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 447 pages, 1,247 b&w illustrations, dj. New. [90308] $60.00


105. Schwartz, Jeri. Tussie Mussies: Victorian Posey Holders. Hartsdale; self-published: 1987. A well-illustrated guide to Victorian (mostly silver) "posey holders", small, decorative flower containers used to hold nosegays. Softcover. 6"x9", 26 pages, b&w illus. [32843] $25.00


106. Scott, Rosemary, et al. Imperial Taste. Chinese Ceramics from the Percival David Foundation. Chronicle Books/Los Angeles County Museum of Art/Percival David Foundation: 1989. An elegant catalog illustrating and describing 56 Chinese porcelains and stonewares from the collection of Sir Percival David. Softcover. 9"x12", 134 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Light wear, but overall in fine, clean condition. [32841] $25.00


107. Selected Bronze Objects of the Early Metal Period in Korea. Seoul; National Museum of Korea: 1968. A selection of early bronze objects including dagger blades, bells, mirrors, and axe heads, excavated between 1945 and 1968. There is an English list of plate captions, and the rest of the text is in Korean. Uncommon. Hardcover. 8.5"x12", 24 pages of text plus 33 b&w plates and 22 plates of line illustrations, dj. Jacket with some wear. [32837] $125.00


108. Sellers, Charles Coleman. Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture. New Haven; Yale University Press: 1962. Lists and describes more than 300 paintings, prints and sculpture bearing Benjamin Franklin's likeness, but also discusses the artists who portrayed him. Hardcover. 7"x10.5", 452 pages, plus 1 color plate and 44 pages of b&w illustrations, dj. Jacket rubbed, chipped. Book fine. [32866] $100.00


109. Sellers, Charles Coleman. Portraits and Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale. Philadelphia; American Philosophical Society: 1952. The Philosophical Society had acquired Sellers' collection of Peale papers. Softcover. 9"x11.5", 369 pages, 451 illustrations, a few in color; covers with soil and some wear. [32867] $100.00


110. Selz, Peter & Mildred Constantine [eds.]. Art Nouveau. Art and Design at the Turn of the Century. New York; Museum of Modern Art /New York Graphic Society: 1975. Revised edition. The catalog to an important loan exhibition. Softcover. 8.5"x9.5", 192 pages, black & white and color illustrations; bibliography. Light wear. [32890] $25.00


111. The Shakers: Their Arts & Crafts. Philadelphia Museum Bulletin: Spring, 1962. A special issue. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 47 pages, b&w illus. Near fine. [32939] $35.00


112. Siltzer, Captain Frank. The Story of British Sporting Prints. New York; Charles Scribner's Sons: 1930. 2nd edition. An enlarged and revised edition of this standard and elegant reference, which was first published in 1925. Hardcover. 9"x11", 413 pages, plus 8 tipped-in color plates with tissue guards; light cover wear. [32956] $175.00


113. Sizer, Theodore. John Trumbull -Museum Architect. [Hartford, 1940]. "A Paper read at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Walpole Society on May 18th, 1940". Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 16 pages, 1 b/w illustration, with the pages not bound in (as issued). A little light soil three-punch holed on the spine. Inscribed by Sizer- "To G.H.H. from T.S. June 1941". [32871] $60.00


114. Smith, Ralph Clifton. A Biographical Index of American Artists. Charleston; Garnier & Company: 1967. An index of 4,700 artists, with thumbnail biographical info, listing books with more information. A facsimile of the original 1930 limited edition. Hardcover. 6"x9", 102 pages. Light soil, a little wear. [32864] $40.00


115. Sparrow, Walter Shaw. George Stubbs and Ben Marshall. London; Cassell and Company, Ltd.: 1929. An important study of these two English sporting and equestrian artists. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", xv + 80 pages, plus 4 color and numerous b/w plates; covers faded and spotted, and with some small holes along the spine gutters; spine head torn; wrinkle to corner of endpaper; internally nice. $40.00


116. Stillinger, Elizabeth. American Antiques. The Hennage Collection. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: 1990. The Hennages were in close contact with many leading figures in American antiques. This shows their collection of American furniture & decorations, & the house they built to showcase it. Hardcover. 9"x12", 162 pages, filled with color illustrations, dj. Light wear. [32853] $45.00


117. Stokes, J. The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Companion... London; Dean and Munday, Threadneedle Street: 1841. A desirable early edition of one of the most popular 19th century cabinetmaking and upholstering books, first published in 1838. It included information on the geometry and perspective of cabinetry, technical information about veneering, inlaying, staining, lacquering, japanning, varnishing, glues and cements, etc. Hardcover. 4.25"x6.5", 167 pages, 5 black & white plates [numbered 2-6, plate 1 was not issued]. Covers with moderate soil and a few spots, some internal soil and a little toned, slightly shaken and a few signatures slightly pulled. [32928] $250.00


118. Swarup, Shanti. The Arts and Crafts of India and Pakistan. Bombay; D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co.: 1957. "A pictorial survey of dancing, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, arts-crafts, and ritual decorations from the earliest times to the present day". Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 89 pages, plus 6 color and 264 black & white plates. Light wear, a little soil. [32828] $85.00


119. Teale, T. Pridgin. Dangers to Health: A Pictorial Guide to Domestic Sanitary Defects. London; J. & A. Churchill & Leeds; Charles Goodall: 1879. 2nd edition. This book described more than 50 household problems that can cause various types of illness and death, each one illustrated in a clearly drawn line plate, some tinted with blue or other colors, with facing text pages describing the problem, many from actual cases. Although most of the book deals specifically with plumbing, he also takes on such frauds as builder’s seconds, adulterated plaster, and arsenic in wallpapers. Hardcover. 5.75"x8.5", 10 pages plus 55 partially-colored plates with facing text, plus vi pages. Green cloth pictorial covers with gilt design of a hand holding a candle flame to a leaky pipe; light wear, a little soil and a few spots, slightly shaken. [32895] $200.00


120. Thiselton-Dyer, T.F. Royalty in all Ages. The Amusements, Eccentricities, Accomplishments, Superstitions, and Frolics of the Kings and Queens of Europe London, John C. Nimmo: 1903. Royalty at Play - Freaks of Royalty - Royal Revelry - Royal Epicures - Curious Fads of Royalty - Dancing Monarchs... and much, much more. Hardcover. 6"x9", viii + 443 pages, plus 6 b&w plates. Light cover wear, very minor soil. [32896] $25.00


121. Torrey, Julia W. Old Sheffield Plate. Its Technique and History Illustrated in a Single Private Collection. Boston; Houghton Mifflin: 1918. Limited to 500 copies. Julia Torrey was an early Sheffield plate collector. She worked with Frederick Bradbury and other officials at Sheffield in preparing the historical and technical portion of the book, but the real interest here lies in the stories about the pieces, their history and how they were collected. Hardcover. 7"x10", 90 pages plus 65 black & white plates. In very nice condition, with some light rubbing and a little soil. [32925] $125.00


122. Tracy, Berry B. & William H. Gerdts. Classical America 1815-1845. Newark Museum: 1963. A "pioneering catalogue" (Ames & Ward). Many of the objects illustrated and described were from private collections. Semowich 1424. Hardcover. 8.5"x10.5", 212 pages, black & white illustrations. A little light soil to the white covers, former owner's stamp on the endpaper. [32851] $450.00


123. Trent, Robert F. & Nancy L. Wilson. New London County Joined Chairs 1720-1790. [in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Fall, 1985. Based on a CHS exhibition. Softcover. 6"x9", 199 pages, b/w illustrations; light wear. [32949] $50.00


124. [Vienna Secession] Vienna Secessionist Works of Art. New York; Sotheby's: October 11, 1986. The auction sale of a wide variety of furniture, silver, glass and other decorative accessories, posters, and more. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 60 pages, 134 lots, color and black & white illustrations. Light wear. [32908] $45.00


125. [Wakefield] Public Auction of Early American Glass from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Wakefield. Hyannis; Richard Bourne: May 17-18th, 1974. The catalog to the auction of an important collection of early blown-molded and pressed glass. Softcover. 7"x10", about 100 pages, 750 lots, many b/w white illustrations, color plates on the outsides and insides of the covers. Light soil, a little wear. Prices realized. [32907] $60.00


126. Walkling, Gillian. Antique Bamboo Furniture. London; Bell & Hyman: 1979. A well-illustrated survey of all sorts of antique bamboo furniture, both 18th century China Trade pieces imported to England and America, and Victorian manufactured bamboo and imitation-bamboo furniture. A smallish book, but fierce. Hardcover. 6"x9.5", 127 pages, 4 color plates, 136 b&w illustrations, dj. Jacket with a little wear and rubbing. [32983] $75.00


127. Warren, William Lamson. Doctor Samuel Broadbent (1759-1828). Itinerant Limner. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, October, 1973. Vol.38, No.4. This issue of the Bulletin served as the catalog to an exhibition of the work of this previously under-documented artist. Softcover. 6"x9", 32 pages, 25 black & white illustrations. Near fine. [32810] $20.00


128. Watkinson, Raymond. Pre-Raphaelite Art and Design. London; Trefoil Publications: 1990. 2nd edition. This fine study examines the antecedents and origins of the Brotherhood and the personalities of its founders; how they grew with, and then outgrew, the movement itself; and the influence they and their ideas had on the movements which followed, including Arts & Crafts, Aesthetic, and Art Nouveau. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 208 pages, b/w and color illustrations, dj; light wear. Bibliography. [32894] $40.00


129. Webster, Donald. Early Canadian Pottery. Toronto; McClelland and Stewart Ltd.: 1971. A well illustrated study of 18th and 19th century Canadian potters and pottery, including material from site excavations. Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 256 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket with light wear, covers slightly bowed. Light soil. [32842] $60.00


130. Welch, Stuart Cary. Wonders of the Age. Masterpieces of Early Safavid Painting, 1501-1576. Cambridge; Fogg Art Museum: 1979. The catalog to an important loan exhibition of Persian miniatures. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 223 pages, color and black & white illustrations. A little light wear, but overall in very nice condition. [32827] $25.00


131. Wilson, Jane. Canton for the Collector. Essex; Riverside Press: 1977. 3rd edition. A very popular book by one of the leading dealers in this specialty. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 63 pages, several color and many black & white illustrations. Near fine. [32838] $25.00


132. The Wooden Walls of England. London; Rutland Gallery: 1968. The catalog to a gallery loan exhibition of English maritime art, focused on warships, of the 17th and 18th centuries. Uncommon. Softcover. 9"x10", 39 pages, 3 color and 14 b&w illustrations. Cover corner crease, tips thumbed, overall light wear, a little soil. [32863] $40.00


133. [Worcester] The Cadman Collection of Worcester Porcelain. New York; Sotheby Parke Bernet: November 2nd, 1972. The catalog to an auction of a fine collection of Worcester porcelains of the First Period. Softcover. 9"x9", 43 pages, 238 lots, b&w illustrations. Some cover soil, owner's stamp on the front and rear covers and the first page, prices realised sheet inside the front cover. [32917] $25.00


134. Yeo, S.T. & Jean Martin. Chinese Blue & White Ceramics. Singapore; Arts Orientalis: 1978. The catalog to an exhibition of Chinese blue & white ceramics of the Yuan, Ming, and Ch'ing periods, with additional notes. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 315 pages, profusely illustrated in color, dj. Jacket with light wear, 2 short tears. [32900] $125.00


135. Zemel, Evelyn & Ada Wilson. American Glass Animals, A to Z. Published by the authors in 1978. A somewhat elusive guide to glass animals made in the 20th century by Heisey, Fostoria, New Martinsville, Imperial, Paden City, and others.. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 290+ pages, black & white illustrations. Near fine. [32839] $75.00



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