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Recent Acquisitions

September, 2009


1. American Ceramic Circle Bulletin. Number 4. New York; American Ceramic Circle: 1985. This issue includes- A Delftware Center in 17th Century New Jersey - The Potters of Whately, Massachusetts. Softcover. 7"x10", 112 pages, b/w illustrations. With the addenda sheet. [33241] $35.00


2. Apicella, Mary Ann. Scottish Cabinetmakers in Federal New York. Hanover; University press of New England: 2007. "The first full-length study of the Scottish community of craftsman in Federal New York. Extensively researched throughout the United States and the British Isles, this lavishly illustrated volume brings to light the influence of Scottish cabinetmakers and designs on furniture made in Federal America." Hardcover. 9"x12", 183 pages, 118 color and 43 b/w illustrations, dj. In fine condition. [90333] $75.00


3. Austin, John C. Chelsea Porcelain at Williamsburg. Charlottesville; University Press of Virginia for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: 1977. A nicely produced catalog, organized by form and type, including Oriental decoration, European landscapes, fable decoration, botanical decoration, natural forms, birds, colored ground, toys, and figures. Also includes a facsimile of the 1755 Sale book. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 227 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket a bit worn and rubbed. [33435] $40.00


4. Baker, Malcolm & Brenda Richardson. A Grand Design. The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Harry N. Abrams, with the Baltimore Museum of Art: 1997. A massive exhibition catalog and history and survey of one of the greatest museums in the world- the renowned Victoria & Albert. Softcover. 9"x12", 431 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33438] $30.00


5. Banks, Catherine A.M. Under the Road. An Archaeological and historical study along the route of the A50, Longton. City Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent: 1997. Think that the construction of a new highway in England just means another place to get stuck in traffic? Well, it also means excavation of old pottery grounds, lots of sherds, and other pottery debris which is of great interest to ceramic historians. So there! Softcover. 8"x10", 50 pages, color and b/w illustrations, folding map. Fine condition. [33295] $30.00


6. Battison, Edwin A. & Patricia E. Kane. The American Clock, 1725-1865. The Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University. Greenwich; New York Graphic Society: 1973. Fifty outstanding examples of American clockmaking, described and illustrated by the Curator of Horology at the Smithsonian and the Curator of the Garvan Collection at Yale. The innards, in many cases, are illustrated right there along with the outards... Hardcover. 9.5"x10.5", 207 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33423] $125.00


7. Blackburn, Roderic H. (ed.) New World Dutch Studies. Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America, 1609-1776. Albany Institute of History and Art: 1987. "The history, culture, and lifeways of New Netherland as researched and interpreted by Dutch and American scholars. The art, archaeology, history, and lifeways of New Netherland come vividly to life in these essays by world experts on both sides of the Atlantic." Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 200 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33298] $25.00


8. Bock, Gisela Reineking von. Steinzeug. Koln; Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Koln: 1976. A wonderfully illustrated study of German stoneware jugs, pitchers, plates, mugs, bowls and other wares. The text is in German, but the catalog is also extensively illustrated, so that's not too much of a problem. Also includes an incredibly detailed (and very Germanic) bibliography. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 438 pages with 874 b/w illustrations and 6 color plates, plus 44 b/w plates. Covers with moderate wear, light soil, cover creases. [33329] $60.00


9. Brant, Sandra & Elissa Cullman. Small Folk. A Celebration of Childhood in America. E.P. Dutton/Museum of American Folk Art: 1980. A wonderful study of "the rising status of American youth as it is revealed through the folk art of the late seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." The authors include folk toys, furniture, textiles, mourning pictures, dolls & doll houses, portraits, paper work, and other objects. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 180 pages, filled with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with some soil, light wear. [33397] $50.00


10. Bulkeley, Houghton. Benjamin Burnham of Colchester, Cabinetmaker. [contained in the] Connecticut historical Society bulletin -July, 1958. A study based on several block-front desks. This issue also contains an article on silhouettes of Hartford citizens by William Henry Brown. Softcover. 6"x9", 5 pages [article] 2 b/w illustrations [article]. Light soil. [33355] $20.00


11. Camp, John. The Eye and the Heart. Watercolors of John Stuart Ingle. New York; Rizzoli, in association with the Evansville Museum of Arts & Sciences: 1988. Thirty-three stunning and meticulous works by the noted painter of antique furniture, flowers and fruit. Ingle is the Andrew Wyeth of antiques-based still life. Hardcover. 10"x10", 110 pages, color illustrations, dj. Near fine. [33391] $30.00


12. Carpenter, Charles & Mary Grace. The Decorative Arts and Crafts of Nantucket. New York; Dodd, Mead & Co.: 1987. A beautifully produced study of the arts and crafts of this legendary whaling and seaport community. Scrimshaw, basketry, glass, silver, ceramics, furniture, textiles, weathervanes and mariners' tools are all illustrated and described here. The Carpenters also discuss the exotic objects brought back to Nantucket by her world-traveling mariners, from intricately-carved Chinese boxes to dramatic Samoan war clubs. A delightful book, well illustrated and enthusiastically written. Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 257 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket a bit worn. [33361] $40.00


13. Carrick, John (ed.). Art of the First Australians. An Exhibition of Aboriginal Painting, Sculpture and Artefacts of the Past Two-Hundred Years. Sydney; Aboriginal Arts & Crafts Pty., .Ltd.: [1976]. A groundbreaking exhibition of knives, spears, shields, clubs, boomerangs, bowls, bags, baskets, clothing, carvings and paintings. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 80 pages, many b/w illustrations. Light soil, a little wear. [33433] $40.00


14. Chase, Theodore & Laurel K. Gabel. John Gaud: Boston and Connecticut Gravestone Carver, 1693-1750. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -Spring, 1985. An extensive investigation of Gaud's life and work, based on surviving gravestones and period records. Softcover. 6"x9", 29 pages [article], many b/w illustrations. Light soil. [33326] $20.00


15. Cooke, Edward S., Jr. The Work of Brewster Dayton and Ebenezer Hubbell of Stratford, Connecticut. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society bulletin -Fall, 1986. An examination of several pieces of case furniture attributed to these 18th century Connecticut cabinetmakers, along with a history of what is known of their shops. Softcover. 6"x9", 30 pages [article], b/w illustrations. Light soil. [33313] $25.00


16. Cooper, Wendy A. An American Vision. Henry Francis du Pont's Winterthur Museum. Washington; National Gallery of Art: 2002. This book accompanied an exhibition of pieces from the Winterthur collections at the National Gallery of art. Softcover. 9"x11.5", 225 pages, 150 color illustrations. Near fine. [33378] $20.00


17. Crossman, Carl L. A Catalogue of Chinese Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver and Other Objects. Salem; Peabody Museum: 1970. The catalog to an interesting loan exhibition which drew materials from a number of private collections. Softcover. 7"x8.5", 48 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33236] $25.00


18. Culme, John, et al. The Colman Collection of Silver Mustard Pots. Norwich; Colman Foods: 1979. Now this is just plain fun -a collection of all sorts of mustard pots! Also a history of mustard and mustard puttering and potting, lots of great photos, and many cool antique (and some cool 20th century) mustard pots. It was Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick... Softcover. 6.5"x8", 143 pages, lots of b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33429] $45.00


19. Damon, John W. The Havana Ice-House Controversy: or Facts versus Falsehood, in regard to the transactions between Frederic Tudor and John W. Damon. Boston; printed for the author: 1846. One side of a nasty dispute over who had the right to supply ice to the city of Havana. Frederic Tudor of Boston, known worldwide as the "Ice King" for the breadth and width of his ice business, had employed Damon as an agent for many years in Havana. In 1838 Damon struck out on his own and signed a contract with the city of Havana to be its sole supplier of ice. Tudor, seeing a lucrative market slipping away, sued, claiming that he and Damon were still partners, and that he (Tudor) owned 4/5ths of the partnership. Damon, faced with waging a never-ending legal battle against a well-heeled and well-connected foe, published this meticulous defense, which contains much interesting detail about the ice business in the 1830s. Softcover. 5.5"x9", 270 pages. Original printed covers. Covers with some soil and wear, spine a bit chipped. Contents lightly browned and with light scattered soil. [33416] $400.00


20. Davidson, Marshall B. & Elizabeth Stillinger. The American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York; MMA/Alfred A. Knopf: 1985. A stunning visual and textual survey of one of the most important Americana collections in the country. The bulk of the book is, of course, devoted to furniture, but there are also extensive chapters devoted to silver, ceramics, glass, paintings & prints, and sculpture. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 352 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj; fine. [33393] $35.00


21. Downs, Joseph. American Furniture, Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods in the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum. New York; Macmillan: 1952. The first edition of this cornerstone reference work, which remains the standard study of this period. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 10 color plates and 401 b/w illustrations. Light wear, bookplate residue on the endpaper. Signed by Downs on the title page. [33402] $75.00


22. Egger, Gerhart, et al. Vienna in the Age of Schubert. The Biedermeier Interior 1815-1848. Elron Press/V&A Museum: 1979. A loan exhibition, with chapters on furniture by Franz Windisch-Graetz; silver by Gerhart Egger; porcelain by Waltraud Neuwirth; glass by Wilhelm Mrazek & Neuwirth; textiles & fashion by Angela Volker; clocks by Erika Hellich; domestic life by Christian Witt-Dorring, and more. Softcover. 7.5"x9.5", 111 pages, b/w and some color illustrations. Light wear. [33382] $25.00


23. Elder, William Voss III & Lu Bartlett. John Shaw. Cabinetmaker of Annapolis. Baltimore Museum of Art: 1983. An exhaustive documentation of Shaw's life and work, along with meticulous descriptions of 61 pieces he made. "This study is in many respects a model investigation of a crafts Softcover. 9"x11", 174 pages, color frontispiece and many b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33430] $85.00


24. Fahr-Becker, Gabriele. Wiener Werkstatte 1903-1932. Koln; Taschen Verlag: 1995. An oversized, exuberant survey of the Wiener Werkstatte, its artists and designers and their work. Beautifully illustrated with period and modern photographs, reproductions of designs, and more. Includes interiors, architecture, graphic arts and paintings, silver, ceramics, furniture, glass, jewelry, metalwork, and fashion. Hardcover. 10"x12.5", 244 pages, filled with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Near fine. [33394] $85.00


25. Federhen, Deborah Anne, et al. Accumulation & Display. Mass marketing Household Goods in America, 1880-1920. Winterthur: 1986. Oh yes, those were the Good Olde Dayes, when crass-commercialism wasn't an everyday nuisance. Uh huh... Softcover. 7"x9", 156 pages, b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33299] $25.00


26. Fennimore, Donald E. Metalwork in Early America. Copper and Its Alloys from the Winterthur Collection. Winterthur: 1996. A magnificent and bulky book illustrating and describing antique copper, brass, bronze and paktong wares from the Winterthur Collection. Includes chapters on mining and manufacture, marketing and marking & metallurgy. The catalog is divided into sections for food & drink, heat, light, measurement, personal use, and hardware. Hardcover. 11"x9.5", 472 pages, 17 color and 697 b/w illustrations, dj. Bibliography. Glossary. Light wear. [33386] $60.00


27. Fennimore, Donald L. Flights of Fancy. American Silver Bird-Decorated Spoons. Winterthur Museum: 2000. "This small but lavishly illustrated catalogue is the first in-depth study ever on silver bird-decorated spoons...American silver spoons whose bowls were struck with bird images: from the dove and olive branch to the bald eagle. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, these rare and highly collectible objects of true beauty proved to be a significant vehicle for expressing not only creativity but also a new national identity". Softcover. 10"x7", 33 pages, 44 b/w illustrations. Fine. [90332] $14.95


28. Flanigan, J. Michael. American Furniture from the Kaufman Collection. New York; Harry N. Abrams for the National Gallery of Art: 1986. Anyone lucky enough to see the exhibition in person will be impressed with how well the beauty and distinctiveness of the pieces is captured in this colorful book. Flanigan's scholarly text and explanation of the pieces and their subtleties makes this a model catalog. Softcover. 10"x12.5", 262 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Spine crease, light cover wear. [33379] $85.00


29. Ford, Thomas K (ed.). The Wigmaker in Eighteenth Century Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg: 1971. "An account of his barbering, hair-dressing, & peruke-making services, & some remarks on wigs of various styles". The text was based on material prepared by Thomas K. Bullock and Maurice B. Tonkin. Softcover. 6"x9", 36 pages, b/w illustrations; light wear. [33286] $20.00


30. Fourest, H-P. Delftware. Faience production at Delft. New York; Rizzoli: 1980. An oversized explosion of a celebration of the arts of the Delft potters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Profusely illustrated and well written, a reference not to be missed. Hardcover. 11.5"x13", 201 pages, profusely illustrated in color and b/w, dj. Light wear. [33401] $100.00


31. Frost, Joseph W.P., et al. The Heritage of Woodcarving, An Exhibition of Decorative Arts by John Haley Bellamy, Master Ship Carver and Seven Rockland, Maine Carvers. Rockland; William Farnsworth Museum: 1975. A loan exhibition of Bellamy wood carving which also features the work of six contemporary Maine carvers working in the same general style, which makes for a fascinating medley. The contemporary carvers are Donald H. Brackett, Lucien K. Green, Victor R. Malmstrom, Guy E, Nicholas, Joseph E. Verrill, and Edwin E. Witham. In addition, a 19th century carved eagle by Maine carver George S. Wasson is illustrated. An interesting catalog -not the only reference you will want to have on Bellamy, but worthwhile nonetheless. Softcover. 11"x8.5", 29 pages, 16 b/w illustrations of Bellamy's work, and 8 b/w illustrations of the work of other carvers. A little light soil, but overall in fine, clean condition. [33255] $45.00


32. Fry, Sir Frederick Morris, & R.T.D. Sayle. The Charters of The Merchant Taylors' Company. London; Printed for private circulation: 1937. In 1935 they opened the box containing the charters of the Merchant Taylors Company and discovered that the historic documents needed dusting and cleaning. The event also begged for a history of the Company and its charters to be written, and so this one was, by the former Master and the former Warden of the Company. Everything you wanted to know about the history of tailoring in London through the ages, but were afraid to ask... Hardcover. 9"x11.75", ix + 62 pages, 8 b/w folding plates; light wear, some rubbing at extremities; a nice copy. [33300] $175.00


33. Garcia Icazbalceta, Joaquin. Apuntes para un Catalogo de Escritores en Lenguas Indigenas de America. New York; Burt Franklin: 1970. A facsimile reprint of the 1866 edition of this early bibliography of books about indigenous languages in Central and South America, most of which came from the collection of the author. Hardcover. 5"x7", 157 pages. Fine condition. [33244] $35.00


34. Gentle, Rupert, et al. G. Dallas Coons Candlestick Collection. Richmond, Valentine Museum: 1975. The catalog to an exhibition of this famous collection. 79 base-metal English and European candlesticks and pairs are illustrated and described by noted authority Rupert Gentle. The examples range from the 10th century to 1830, but the vast majority are 17th and 18th century. Hard-to-find. Softcover. 8"x8.5", 48 pages, b/w illustrations. Gold endpapers. Covers and endpapers water-stained and rippled, pages rippled but clean. [33360] $50.00


35. Georgiady, Peter. Collecting Antique Golf Clubs. Greensboro; Airlie Hall press: 1995. An informative book, intended to introduce collectors to the types of old clubs, how they were made and why, important figures in golf club history, and related topics. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 223 pages, b/w illustrations. Light cover soil. [33331] $85.00


36. Goberman, David. Carved Memories. Heritage in Stone from the Russian Jewish Pale. New York; Rizzoli: 2000. "For more than a century, Russian Jews were restricted to residence in the western provinces of Russia, the so-called Pale of Settlement. In this volume, 125 duotone photographs document the carved tombstones of this region, present-day Ukraine and Moldova. The stones are poignant memorials to the lost world of the shtetl and practically all that remain of a major Jewish folk art tradition. The photographs, made by the artist and photographer David Goberman from the 1930s through the 1960s, are in many cases the sole documentation of tombstones that have been effaced or destroyed." Hardcover. 8"x11.5", 167 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine condition. [33289] $25.00


37. Godden, Geoffrey A. Caughley and Worcester Porcelains 1775-1800. New York; Frederick A. Praeger: 1969. A history of the factory and its products, marks, designs, myths, problems of attribution and identification, and more. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", xxi + 166 pages, with b/w illustrations in the text, plus 10 color plates and 317 b/w illustrations. Dj. Light wear. [33422] $150.00


38. Gordon, Elinor (ed.). Chinese Export Porcelain. An Historical Survey. New York; Main Street/Universe Books: 1975. An anthology of articles from The Magazine Antiques, divided into sections on the European market, the American market, patterns & designs and Lowestoft. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 175 pages, numerous b/w and 14 color illustrations. Covers with light wear, tips thumbed. [33380] $35.00


39. Greaser, Paul & Arlene. Homespun Ceramics. A Study of Spatterware. Allentown; privately published: 1964-5. 2nd edition. A large number of photos illustrate this guide to a wide range of spatterware ceramics. Softcover. 6"x9", 90 pages, 1 color plate and many b/w illustrations. A little light soil. Inscribed by the authors. [33413] $25.00


40. Greene, Jeffrey P. American Furniture of the 18th Century. History, Technique, Structure. Newtown; Taunton Press: 1996. "The book is divided into three parts. The first provides historical perspective, focusing on the evolution of furniture styles during the 18th century. The second explains and illustrates the techniques of the 18th century furniture maker. The third is a gallery of 24 original pieces, with exploded drawings, color photos and structural analysis". Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 311 pages, b/w, line, and color illustrations, dj. Light wear. [33341] $35.00


41. Grose, David Frederick. The Toledo Museum of Art - Early Ancient Glass. Hudson Hills Press, in association with the Toledo Museum of Art: 1989. A massive catalog of 713 core-formed, rod-formed, and cast vessels and objects from the late Bronze Age to the early Roman Empire, from 1600 B.C. to A.D. 50. There is also a chapter on modern fakes and reproductions. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 453 pages, 130 color, 430 b/w, and 519 line illustrations, dj. Light wear. [33417] $125.00



"The world leader in its field, HALI (the name means carpet in Turkish) is the glue that holds the international rug and textile art market together". All are softcover, 8.5"x12", with light wear.

42. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. February, 1989. Issue 43. [33345] $45.00

43. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. August, 1989. Issue 46. [33344] $150.00

44. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. June, 1991. Issue 57. [33346] $60.00

45. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. August, 1991. Issue 58. [33347] $300.00

46. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. December, 1991. Issue 60. [33348] $35.00

47. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. April, 1992. Issue 62. [33349] $125.00

48. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. August, 1992. Issue 64. [33350] $125.00

49. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. April/May, 1995. Issue 80. [33351] $35.00

50. Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. June/July, 1995. Issue 81. [33352] $35.00


51. Handler, Sarah. Austere Luminosity of Chinese Classical Furniture. Berkeley; University of California Press: 2001. A beautifully-produced book which examines the long tradition of "Classical", or Ming style hardwood Chinese furniture. Sections are devoted to chairs, beds, tables, cabinets & screens and stands, of all types. This is not simply a pictorial survey of beautiful furniture, but an aggressive scholarly study of the subject. Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 417 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Fine condition. [33287] $75.00


52. Harding, Anneliese. John Lewis Krimmel. Genre Artist of the Early Republic. Winterthur: 1994. "John Lewis Krimmel (1786-1821) was America's first genre painter. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 268 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Fine. [33390] $20.00


53. Harlow, Thompson R. The Life and Trials of Joseph Steward. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -October, 1981. The entire issue is devoted to a catalog of the exhibition of this late 18th century Connecticut portrait painter's life and work. Includes a catalog of the 75 paintings in the exhibition, many of which are illustrated. Softcover. 6"x9", 67 pages, b/w illustrations. [33319] $25.00


54. Heckscher, Morrison H. American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art II- Late Colonial Period: The Queen Anne and Chippendale Styles. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art/Random House: 1985. A massive, scholarly and well illustrated survey of the Met's collection. "Entries are lengthy, authoritative on points of connoisseurship, and strengthened by Heckscher's substantive amounts of original research..." (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 383 pages, b/w and several color illustrations; dj. Near fine. [33369] $150.00


55. Hogan, Edmund P. An American Heritage. A Book About the International Silver Company. International Silver Company: 1977. A well-illustrated history of the famous company and its silver, with much material from the company archives, including many old catalog cuts and promotional photographs. Hardcover. 8"x11", 183 pages, b/w and several color illustrations, dj. Light wear, owner's embossure on the title page. [33392] $40.00


56. Honour, Hugh. Cabinet Makers and Furniture Designers. New York; G.P. Putnam's Sons: 1969. Fifty studies of outstanding and important furniture makers and designers, from Jacques Androuet du Cerceau (1520-1584) to Charles Eames, and including such figures as Boulle, Chippendale, Sheraton, and Goddard, and forty-four more! Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 320 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Lightly worn jacket. [33387] $30.00


57. Hornor, William M. Blue Book of Philadelphia Furniture, William Penn to George Washington. Alexandria; Highland House Publishers: 1988. 3rd printing. A reprinting of the 1935 classic, with a new foreword which includes some color pictures. "Much work has been done on Philadelphia furniture in the past fifty years in the form of articles, catalogues and theses, but no single book has yet superseded Hornor; it remains essential to research on Philadelphia furniture..." (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 340 pages, plus 502 b/w and several color illustrations, dj. Light wear. [33363] $125.00


58. Howarth, Jack & Robin Hildyard. Joseph Kishere and the Mortlake Potteries. Woodbridge; Antique Collectors' Club: 2004. "This fascinating volume provides the definitive history of the small but important Mortlake pottery established by Joseph Kishere in the late eighteenth century. It focuses on the working life of Kishere and his stoneware products." Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 151 pages, 63 color plates and many b/w illustrations, dj. New. [90331] $49.50


59. Human Hair- ALS Order. Charleston, SC: 1873. An interesting Victorian letter ordering human hair from a hair dealer- "A. Lamsberg" of Charleston, South Carolina writes on February 5, 1873, to C.E. Hartung & Co., on Broadway in New York, ordering various lengths and colors of human hair. 1 sheet, 7.25"x9.75", folded several times. Light soil. With the envelope. [33285] $40.00


60. Hume, Ivor Noel. All the Best Rubbish. New York; Harper & Row: 1974. "Being an antiquary's account of the pleasures and perils of studying & collecting everyday objects from the past". Hume was the Director of the Department of Archeology at Colonial Williamsburg. He weaves a fascinating web of tales of collecting, collectors and museums over the centuries. Hardcover. 6"x9", 320 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Light soil, a little wear. [33384] $30.00


61. An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Japanese Family Crests. Tokyo; Graphic-sha Publishing: 2001. A massive compendium of 4,080 traditional 'kamon', or family crests. Each crest is shown as black-on-white, and then as white-on-black. The crests are categorized and indexed by subject matter, such as plants, forms, man-made designs, animals, and so on. The families do not seem to be identified. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 413 pages. Light wear. [33415] $75.00


62. Inks, Flasks, Fruit Jars, Medicines and More, featuring the Ink Bottle Collection of Muriel Heath and the late Bob Heath, and Fruit Jars from the Alex Kerr Collection. Woodstick Valley; Norman C. Heckler & Company: March 28, 2001. Each item is illustrated in a clear color photograph. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 42 pages, 336 lots, each lot illustrated in color. Light wear. [33272] $35.00


63. Jobe, Brock W., et al. American Furniture with Related Decorative Arts, 1660-1830. The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Layton Art Collections. New York; Hudson Hills Press: 1991. A finely written and produced catalog, featuring large, clean illustrations. Divided into chapters covering the 17th century, the William & Mary, Queen Anne, American Chippendale and Federal periods. Hardcover. 9.5"x11", 314 pages, 25 color plates and many b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with light wear, else fine. [33367] $50.00


64. Jobe, Brock, Gary R. Sullivan & Jack O'Brien. Harbor & Home. Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1710-1850. Hanover; University Press of New England: 2009 "Presented for the first time, the richly illustrated findings of the Southeastern Massachusetts Furniture project at Winterthur Museum. Through furniture, this exhibition catalogue explores the cultural identity of a little-studied region of 18th and 19th century New England: southeastern Massachusetts, an area that stretches from just south of Boston to Providence, east to the tip of Cape Cod, and includes the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. The exhibition includes approximately 75 pieces of furniture from private and institutional collections, tools and equipment from the Samuel Wing cabinet shop and household furnishings depicting interiors in southeastern Massachusetts during the 18th and 19th centuries." Hardcover. 458 pages, 284 color and 37 b/w illustrations, dj. Fine. [90335] $75.00


65. Jobe, Brock. Portsmouth Furniture. Masterworks from the New Hampshire Seacoast. Hanover, University Press of New England/ SPNEA: 1993. A massive and important work, based in part upon an exhibition but, as Jobe notes- "The book is more comprehensive than the exhibition, including furniture dating from as early as 1675 and extends beyond a simple cataloguing of the salient characteristics of the objects to tell the story of the development of Portsmouth furniture. Both the ornate and the ordinary are represented, though the former predominate. Three essays provide an overview of the historical and architectural scene and the business of making furniture in Portsmouth. The appendices include a checklist of Portsmouth-area craftsmen, which is the most comprehensive list published to date, as well as the checklist of branded furniture". Softcover. 9"x12.5", 454 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear, piece of clear tape at the top of the spine. [33368] $400.00


66. Johnson, Norma. "Our Children Who Are in Heaven": Consolation Themes in a nineteenth-Century Journal. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -Spring, 1986. An analysis of a journal kept by Sherman, Connecticut minister Edward P. Herrick and his wife, Amelia, following the deaths of all three of their young children from diphtheria during a two-week period in January, 1877. Surprisingly, the journal contained fewer religious poems and themes than verses and thoughts from other period sources, and Naturalism played a large part in the grieving and consolation process. Softcover. 6"x9", 26 pages [article], b/w illustrations. Light soil. [33317] $15.00


67. Journal of the Northern Ceramic Society. Volume 19. Northern Ceramic Society: 2002. Softcover. 8"x10", 162 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33237] $35.00

68. Journal of the Northern Ceramic Society. Volume 20. Northern Ceramic Society: 2003. Softcover. 8"x10", 108 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33238] $35.00

69. Journal of the Northern Ceramic Society. Volume 21. Northern Ceramic Society: 2004. Softcover. 8"x10", 172 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33239] $35.00

70. Journal of the Northern Ceramic Society. Volume 24. Northern Ceramic Society: 2007. Softcover. 8"x10", 144 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33240] $35.00

71. Kennedy, Mary L. The Esther Thomas Hoblitzelle Collection of English Silver. Austin; Privately printed in an edition of 1000 copies: 1957. A beautifully printed and photographed catalog of a private collection of antique English silver, dating from 1700 to 1830. Mrs. Hoblitzelle collected finely-wrought and elegant silver that she could use at the table and for entertaining, which gives he collection a distinctly personal touch. The catalog was elegantly set-up and printed, and bound in full, gilt-decorated leather with patterned endpapers. Hardcover. 10"x13", 196 pages, 5 tipped-in color plates and 76 b/w plates. Slipcased. Bound in full, gilt-decorated leather, as issued. Slipcase quite worn and rubbed. [33342] $85.00


72. Kirk, John T. Early American Furniture. How to Recognize, Evaluate, Buy, and Care for the Most Beautiful Pieces... New York; Alfred A. Knopf: 1970. An essential work, and one of the classic books showing how to analyze and understand a piece of furniture. "It is Kirk's gift to be able to see furniture and to communicate his understanding of the form and ornament to others. This introduction remains the best guide to the essential skill of learning to look" (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 9"x12", 208 pages, 204 b/w illustrations; dj; light wear. [33366] $40.00


73. Knittle, Rhea Mansfield. Early Ohio Taverns, Tavern-sign, Stage-coach, Barge, Banner, Chair and Settee Painters. Ashland; Privately printed: 1937. This booklet begins with an interesting and detailed -page essay on early Ohio taverns, which leads naturally to a 7-page article about their signs, which leads to 3 pages on coach and whip painters rounded up with an 8-page listing of tavern-sign, stage-coach, barge, banner, chair and settee painters. Softcover. 6"x9", 40 pages. Light soil. [33412] $50.00


74. Kornhauser, Elizabeth Mankin & Linda H. Roth (eds.). At Home With Gustav Stickley. Arts & Crafts from the Stephen Gray Collection. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art & the University Press of New Enland: 2008. "Stephen Gray is among those few who, early on, recognized both the inherent beauty of Arts and Crafts furniture and the value of the Craftsman Ideal. His collection includes many of the rarest forms and has few equals. Stephen Gray lives in a nineteenth-century country house and has integrated an important collection with the ideas of decorating, lifestyle, and sensitivity to environment that were central to the Craftsman enterprise. Through Stephen Gray's collection, it is possible to explore the disparate values of the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Arts and Crafts interior, and the tensions inherent in the pursuit of an aesthetically simple Ideal life. This lavishly illustrated book features Stickley's furniture, including many photographs of Stickley designs in use, and it also includes some fine examples of art pottery, lighting fixtures, tiles, and color woodblock prints." Hardcover. 9"x11", 119 pages, 100+ color illustrations. Fine. [90334] $50.00


75. Kovel, Ralph & Terry. Kovels' American Silver Marks. New York; Crown Publishers: 1989. A standard reference, listing more than 10,000 marks of silversmiths and firms working between 1650 and the present. Many of the marks are illustrated. Hardcover. 8"x9.5", 421 pages, dj. In near fine condition. [33336] $75.00


76. Kugelman, Thomas P., Alice K. Kugelman, et al. Connecticut Valley Furniture by Eliphalet Chapin and His Contemporaries, 1750-1800. University Press of New England: 2005. "Connecticut Valley Furniture offers the first-ever systematic framework for classifying eighteenth-century Connecticut case furniture-high chests, dressing tables, desks, bureaus, chests-on-chests. Nearly two hundred illustrated entries present the findings of the Hartford Case Furniture Study, an extensive field study of over five hundred regional examples conducted over fourteen years by independent furniture scholars Thomas P. Kugelman and Alice K. Kugelman and Robert Lionetti. Over half of the illustrations feature unpublished or little-known furniture pieces discovered in private or small institutional collections, in addition to the extraordinary holdings of the Connecticut Historical Society Museum and other major collections. Complementing the text are period maps, an illustrated glossary, biographies of selected cabinetmakers, and six interpretive essays. Hardcover. 10"x12", 540 pages, 445 color and b/w illustrations, dj. Fine condition. [33332] $250.00


77. Lasansky, Jeanette. A Good Start. The Aussteier or Dowry. University of Pennsylvania Press: 1990. An intriguing study of the customs, traditions and history of the dowry, or aussteier, as the Pennsylvania-Germans called it, in Pennsylvania in the 18th and 19th centuries. Dowries could include anything from canned preserves to ceramics, textiles and furniture, as this well-illustrated study makes clear. Softcover. 8.5"x12", 88 pages, b/w and some color illustrations. Light wear. [33434] $40.00


78. Lash, Stephen S., et al. America and the Sea. Treasures from the Collections of Mystic Seaport. Mystic Seaport/Yale University Press: 2005. A beautifully-illustrated survey of paintings, photographs, ship models, scrimshaw, figureheads, and illustrated books. Hardcover. 9.5"x11", 159 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj. In fine condition. [33362] $40.00


79. Lee, Ruth Webb & James H. Rose. American Glass Cup Plates. The First Classified Check List and Historical Treatise on the Subject. Northborough; Ruth Webb Lee: 1948. The hardcover edition of this classic and still-standard reference to these small, lacy-glass and pressed-glass objects. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 445 pages, b/w illustrations. Moderate wear. [33421] $50.00


80. Lewis, Albert Buell. Javanese Batik Designs from Metal Stamps. Chicago; Field Museum of Natural History: 1924. Starting around 1860, Javanese textile makers began using copper stamps featuring elaborate designs, created by skilled craftsmen, in the production of batiks. This pictorial survey of the stamp impressions uses examples collected in Java for the Field Museum. Softcover. 9"x12", 2 pages of text plus 2 color and 22 b/w plates. Corner bump, light wear. [33250] $20.00


81. Lindsey, Jack L. Worldly goods. The Arts of Early Pennsylvania, 1680-1758. Philadelphia Museum of Arts: 1999. The fine catalog to a wide-ranging exhibition of furniture, silver, metalwares, glass, ceramics, textiles, clothing, paintings, prints, manuscripts, and more. Softcover. 9"x11.5", 266 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33404] $40.00


82. Lister, Ronald. Antique Firearms. Their Care, Repair and Restoration. New York; Bonanza Books: 1964. Includes chapters on cleaning, rust-removal, polishing, dis-assembly, broken springs, missing hammers, barrel obstructions, and more. Hardcover. 6.25"x9.5", b/w and line illustrations, dj. Jacket worn, black label on spine. [33441] $20.00


83. Little, Nina Fletcher. Little-Known Connecticut Artists, 1790-1810. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -October, 1957. The entire issue is devoted to a catalog of portrait paintings at the CHS. Softcover. 6"x9", 31 pages [article], b/w illustrations. Light soil. [33447] $25.00


84. Lynes, Russell. More Than Meets the Eye. The History and Collections of Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Washington; Smithsonian Institution: 1981. The history and collections of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design, including furniture, ceramics, glass, buttons, jewelry, metalwork, and more. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 159 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33383] $25.00


85. Maass, John. The Gingerbread Age. A View of Victorian America. New York; Bramhall House: 1957. John Maass brings the Victorian Age in America back to life through period illustrations and photographs. Chapters include- A World of Styles - American Gothic - Italianate Interlude - The Mansardic Era. Hardcover. 8"x11", 212 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket worn, slight water stain to the cloth at the base of the spine. [33395] $20.00


86. Magee, D.F. Grandfathers' Clocks: Their Making and Their Makers in Lancaster County. Papers of the Lancaster County Historical Society. Vol.XLIII, No.5. 1939. Biographical notes on a number of 18th and 19th century clockmakers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Softcover. 6"x9", 28 pages plus 8 b/w plates. Some soil, tips thumbed. [33426] $35.00


87. McLanathan, Richard B.K. M. and M. Karolik Collection of American Paintings 1815-1865. Cambridge; Harvard University Press for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: 1949. Karpel notes: "No expense or scholarly attention was spared in the preparation of this catalog of a major collection of nineteenth-century American paintings. The work is one of the single most important sources of information on numerous little-known American artists of the period, and a substantial addition to our knowledge of the more recognized figures". In all, 233 paintings by 84 known and a number of anonymous artists are illustrated and described. Hardcover. 9"x12.5", lx +544 pages, 233 b/w illustrations. Light soil, small marks where private-library labels were removed from the spine & cover. [33377] $150.00


88. Mikami, Tsugio. The Art of Japanese Ceramics. New York; Weatherhill/Heibonsha: 1972. "This introduction to the ceramic art of Japan has four major purposes: to recount the history of the art, to reveal the special qualities that contribute to the uniqueness of Japanese ceramics, to explore the intimate relationship between ceramics and the daily life of the Japanese people, and to discuss the outstanding traditional ceramic types and techniques". Hardcover. 7.5"x9.5", 185 pages, 44 color and 164 b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [33437] $40.00


89. Mudge, Jean M. Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Trade 1785-1835. University of Delaware Press: 1962. A standard history, written as a part of the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture. The jacket blurb says- "With more than 140 photographs of the rarest and most distinctive of these porcelains, this book will delight historians and booklovers as well as collectors and admirers of Chinese export porcelain". Hardcover. 7.5"x10.5", 284 pages, well illustrated in b/w and color, dj. Jacket worn around the edges, book fine. [33359] $45.00


90. Nemati, Parviz. Shawls of the East. From Kerman to Kashmir. PDN Publishing: 2003. A gorgeous book loaded with color plates of Kashmir and Kerman shawls of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries from the collection of the author. Information is included on the history of these shawls from India and Persia, both as used in their native lands and in Europe and America. While Kashmir shawls are the subject of several books (though none as sumptuous as this one), Kerman shawls have been less well documented, until now. In Iran, these shawls have been woven since Safavid times and were used by the male nobility, only becoming an article of female apparel when they reached the West. The Nemati family spent four generations building the splendid private collection that is illustrated and described here. Hardcover. 10"x13", 335 pages, loaded with color illustrations, dj. Fine condition. [33288] $100.00


91. Norton, Bettina A. Edwin Whitefield. Nineteenth-Century North American Scenery. Barre; Imprint Society: 1977. Edwin Whitefield was an important chronicler of American scenery, views and architecture from the 1850s-1880s. Hardcover. 11.5"x9", 158 pages, many b/w, several color illustrations, dj. Jacket with several short tears. [33389] $25.00


92. Palmer, Arlene. Glass in Early America. Selections from the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum. New York; W.W. Norton, for the Winterthur Museum: 1993. One of the most significant books published in the 20th century about American glass -which is to say one of the most significant books ever published on American glass. This fine volume is both a catalog of the Winterthur collection and a collection itself -of seven essays, each covering a specific topic, from American table glass and lighting devices to bottles and flasks, and accessories. An important and enjoyable book for reference or relentless browsing. Hardcover. 10"x11.5", 425 pages, b/w and color illustrations, dj. In fine condition, in a lightly soiled jacket. [33292] $75.00


93. [Perry] Rare Early English Silver Spoons, including a complete set of apostle spoons with the master spoon, property of the late Marsden J. Perry. New York; Anderson Galleries: April 4th, 1936. A special mini-catalog devoted to several lots of early and rare apostle spoons. Softcover. 7"x10", 4 pages plus 2 b/w plates, including 1 folding plate; self-wrappers. Light soil. [33284] $40.00


94. Peterson, Arthur G. Salt and Salt Shakers. Washington College Press: 1960. This is not just your average collecting book about salt dispensers -this book shows what a truly dedicated and curious Phd. can accomplish when he has a lot of time on his hands. There is a lot more to getting salt crystals to shake out of a shaker than meets the eye, and over the years many inventors have tackled this vexing problem. Dr. Peterson, a past President of the Agricultural History Society, covers the history of salt and shaking it out of glass containers in minute detail, and includes many patent drawings as well as photographs of 550 glass salt shakers. There is even a fascinating (short) chapter on Uranium glass. Hardcover. 6"x9", 148 pages, b/w and line illustrations and 1 color plate. Light wear. [33420] $30.00


95. [Pfeifer Collection] Le Cabinet Scientifique: The Philip W. Pfeifer Collection. Philadelphia; Freeman's: March 2, 2007. A wide-ranging collection of a variety of scientific instruments and related antiques. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 86 pages, 743 lots, color illustrations. Near fine. [33279] $20.00


96. Phillips, John Marshall. American Silver. New York; Chanticleer Press: 1949. Although a short book, this is still acclaimed as one of the best histories of American silver ever written. A cornerstone work by a researcher who died before his other efforts were completed. Hardcover. 6.5"x9", 128 pages, 4 color and 32 b/w plates, dj. Jacket worn. [33381] $20.00


97. Phillips, John Marshall. Masterpieces of New England Silver 1650-1800. Yale University, Gallery of Fine Arts: 1939. An early loan exhibition which was catalogued and introduced by Phillips. The exhibition totaled 250 examples, including 24 examples of Colonial goldwork which are described but not illustrated. Also included were several portraits and miniatures of Paul Revere, Nathaniel Hurd and Edward Winslow. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 97 pages plus 16 b/w plates. Light wear. [33414] $100.00


98. Pickford, Ian. Jackson's Silver and Gold Marks of England, Scotland & Ireland. Woodbridge; Antique Collector's Club: 2000. Revised edition. "Sir Charles Jackson's 'English Goldsmiths and Their Marks' has long been the classic reference book on British antique silver hallmarks. First written in 1905, it was a mammoth work which remained in print unchanged for many years. This major new edition has been compiled by a distinguished team of experts to take account of the vast store of information which has been unearthed as a result of much detailed and wide-ranging research over the last seventy years. The text has been extensively updated with over 10,000 corrections and an enormous amount of entirely new material. There are not many standard reference works which survive for eighty years without being displaced. This revision will reconfirm Jackson's status as the bible for all antique silver enthusiasts". Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 766 pages, 400 b/w illustrations and 15,000 marks, dj. Light wear. [33338] $75.00


99. Porter, Richard. A Newly Discovered Portrait by Ammi Phillips. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -April, 1979. A description of the portrait of Benoni Buttolph, ca. 1836-38, in the Boal Museum (Pennsylvania). Softcover. 6"x9", 4 pages [article], 2 b/w illustrations [article]. Light soil. [33410] $15.00


100. Price, William T. Divine Images and Magic Carpets: From the Asian Art Collection of Dr. and Mrs. William T. Price. Amarillo Art Center: 1987. An exhibition catalog of works of 18 centuries- rugs from the Caucasus, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Iran, and stone & bronze sculpture from India, Thailand and Cambodia. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 95 pages, color and b/w illustrations. Light wear, corner crease. [33427] $25.00


101. Prime, Phoebe Phillips. Philadelphia Silver 1682-1800. Philadelphia Museum Bulletin: Spring, 1956. A major loan exhibition celebrating the arts of Philadelphia silversmiths. There are 55 silversmiths represented by 595 pieces of silver here; the size of the catalog prevents all but the briefest descriptions, but the 26 b/w plates help a bit. Prime's Prefatory Note is more enthusiastic than informative, but the importance of the exhibition remains. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 32 pages, 26 b/w illustrations. Covers somewhat soiled, tape residue at the spine base. Tips thumbed. [33425] $35.00


102. Rabinovitch, B. Seymour. Antique Silver Servers for the Dining Table. Concord; Joslin Hall: 1991. A lavish and beautiful book with 400 crisp b&w photographs and a scholarly and readable text packed with information. It is the only study of broad-bladed silver servers used for fish and other foods in the 18th and 19th centuries. Also included is related material on food serving customs and their evolution, place settings, related articles, etc. The focus is on English examples, with American and European pieces also illustrated. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 291 pages, 400 b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, signed. [33266] $65.00


103. Ransom, Dave. Biographical Dictionary of Hartford Architects. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -Winter/Spring, 1989. The entire issue is devoted to the dictionary of Hartford architects and firms working prior to 1940, or post-1940 if they worked with historic buildings. Softcover. 6"x9", 160 pages. Light soil. [33406] $25.00


104. Ransom, David F. Ornamental Ironwork in Hartford. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -January, 1982. A survey of still-extant examples of wrought and cast-iron grills, fences and other ornament. Softcover. 6"x9", 13 pages [article], 14 b/w illustrations. Light soil. [33321] $15.00


105. Rare Flasks, Medicines, Bottles and Fine Antique Glass, Featuring the Collection of Charles Flint [of] Lenox, Massachusetts. Woodstock Valley; Norman C. Heckler & Company: June 11, 2003. Dealer and collector Charles Flint collected bottles and flasks of rare and odd colors and forms. Heckler auctions were mail-order "absentee" auctions, so each item is illustrated in a clear color photograph. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 37 pages, 233 lots, each lot illustrated in color. Light wear. [33271] $35.00


106. Rare Inks, Flasks, Fruit Jars, Bottles and More, including part two of the Ink Collection of Muriel Heath and the late Bob Heath, Flasks from the collection of Carroll Loewer and Fruit Jars from the Alex Kerr collection. Woodstick Valley; Norman C. Heckler & Company: October 24, 2001. This auction featured more outstanding early inks and fruit jars. Heckler auctions were mail-order "absentee" auctions, so each item is illustrated in a clear color photograph. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 44 pages, 368 lots, each lot illustrated in color. Light wear. [33273] $35.00


107. Rauschenberg, Bradford L. & John Bivins, Jr. The Furniture Of Charleston, 1680-1820. Winston-Salem; Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts: 2003. "The Furniture of Charleston, 1680-1820 is an unprecedented comparative study of surviving furniture with thorough biographies of the craftsmen to produce the most comprehensive analysis of the early furniture trade in Charleston, South Carolina. The authors incorporate microscopic wood analysis and extensive understanding of both southern and northern furniture construction and styles to create a publication that enables readers for the first time to identify the specific features unique to Charleston furniture and the hallmarks of the artisans working in that city". Volume I: Colonial Furniture. Volume II: Neoclassical Furniture. Volume III: The Cabinetmakers. 3 vols. Hardcover in slipcase. 1,500+ pages, 1,400+ photographs and illustrations, many in color. Djs. [33340] $300.00


108. Reaves, Wendy Wick (ed.). American Portrait Prints. Proceedings of the Tenth Annual American Print Conference. Published for the National Portrait Gallery by the University Press of Virginia: 1984. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 285 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Fine. [33290] $35.00


109. Robinson, Charles A. Vermont Cabinetmakers & Chairmakers Before 1855. A Checklist. Shelburne Museum: 1994. A valuable dictionary of cabinetmakers, with short biographies. There is also an interesting essay by Phillip Zea. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 126 pages, some color and b/w illustrations. Light wear, small spot on the rear cover where a label was removed. [33399] $100.00


110. Robinson, William F. The Connecticut Yankee and the Camera, 1839-1889. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -Winter, 1982. This entire issue is devoted to photography in 19th century Connecticut. In addition to the above article, it includes- Checklist of Connecticut Photographers by Town, 1839-1889 & Alphabetical Index of Connecticut Photographers, 1839-1889. Softcover. 6"x9", 66 pages, b/w illustrations. Light soil. [33445] $25.00


111. Ruggles and Dunbar, Looking Glass Manufacturers. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -April, 1960. A study of an early 19th century Hartford looking-glass manufactory. This issue also contains an article on the construction in 1764 of a pre-fabricated house to be shipped to the West Indies by Trumbull, Fitch & Trumbull. Softcover. 6"x9", 5 pages [article], 2 b/w illustrations [article]. Light soil. [33354] $20.00


112. Sack, Albert. The New Fine Points of Furniture, Early American. Good, Better, Best, Superior, Masterpiece. New York; Crown Publishers: 1993. Albert Sack's updating of his classic work. He adds two new categories and features an entirely new selection of furniture. "Good, Better, Best" has had a place on the bookshelf of every furniture enthusiast for decades, and now a new edition upholds the tradition. Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 320 pages, 650+ color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [33364] $150.00


113. [Sargent] Important Paintings by John Singer Sargent from an American Collection. New York' Sotheby's: December 3, 1997. The catalog to the auction of several important Sargent paintings- 'In the Garden, Corfu', 'Venetian Wineshop', 'The Rialto', and 'A Gust of Wind'. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 41 pages, many color and several b/w illustrations. Small institutional stamp. [33276] $35.00


114. Sato, Masahiko. Chinese Ceramics. A Short History. New York; Weatherhill/Heibonsha: 1981. "A comprehensive history of the brilliant Chinese ceramics tradition, beginning with primitive Neolithic earthenwares and tracing the development through Tang three-color ware to the unsurpassed blue-and-white and enameled porcelains of the Ming and Qing dynasties." One of the best modern books on the subject. Hardcover. 6"x9", 255 pages, 48 color and 328 b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear. [33436] $40.00


115. Scherer. John L. New York Furniture. The Federal Period, 1788-1825. Albany; New York State Museum: 1988. A great, well illustrated catalog with some beautiful examples. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 28 pages, color illustrations. Fine. [90246] $25.00


116. Schiffer, Margaret B. Furniture and Its Makers of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia; University of Pennsylvania Press: 1966.. The first edition of this classic and authoritative reference to Chester County furniture and its makers, from its founding in 1682 to 1850. Hundreds of cabinetmakers and other craftsmen are profiled in detail from their contemporary public records. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 280 pages + 168 b/w illustrations. Light wear. [33388] $35.00


117. Schmidt, Otto. Tyrolean Interiors of the 15th & 16th Century from Photographs by Otto Schmidt. Cleveland; J.H. Jansen, Publishers: 1919. A wonderful pictorial survey of 15th and 16th century interiors of the Tyrol, along with some detail shots of wooden ceilings. Ribbon-tied card portfolio housing a title/contents page and 60 b/w plates tipped-onto 60 loose card leaves. Covers with light soil and scuffing, contents near fine. [33418] $125.00


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