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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Les Bronzes Italiens de la Renaissance.

$ 40.00

For Hearth and Altar: African Ceramics from the Keith Achepohl Collection.

$ 50.00

Le Poincon de Paris. Repertoire des Maitres-Orfevres de la Juridiction de Paris depuis le Moyen-Age jusqu'a la Fin du XVIIIe siecle.

$ 2500.00

Classical Maryland 1815-1845. Fine and Decorative Arts from the Golden Age.

$ 200.00

Troy Kinney. American Etchers- Volume IX.

$ 30.00

English Furniture with some furniture of other countries in the Irwin Untermyer Collection.

$ 500.00

The Boston Collection of Israel Sack -Early American Furniture and Decorations, including examples by Duncan Phyfe, John Townsend and Elisha Bass...

$ 100.00

The Political Theory of Painting from Reynolds to Hazlitt. 'The Body of the Public'.

$ 25.00

Samuel Adams' Furniture.

$ 20.00

Cartography - Travel & Exploration.

$ 20.00

Ode to Nature: Flowers and Landscapes of the Rookwood Pottery 1880-1940.

$ 60.00

A Short History of English Furniture.

$ 20.00

Important Americana: The Bertram K. Little and Nina Fletcher Little Collection. Part I.

$ 40.00

Frederic Edwin Church.

$ 25.00

Fit to Be Tied. Vintage Ties of the Forties and Fifties.

$ 25.00


$ 20.00

Fire on the Hearth. The Evolution and Romance of the Heating-Stove.

$ 25.00

Caucasian, Turcoman, Village, Nomadic and Persian Rugs. Property of Various Owners including: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scheiner, New York.

$ 15.00

The Shipcarver's Handbook. Howe to Design and Execute Traditional Marine Carvings.

$ 25.00

Invaders. British and American Experience of Seaborne Landings 1939-1945.

$ 10.00

20th Century British Works of Art from the Hiscox Collection.

$ 25.00

The Historic First Portrait in Oils of Abraham Lincoln, Painted from Life at Springfield, Ill., in 1860, by Thomas Hicks, N.A.

$ 45.00

Historic Preservation. A Bibliography on Historical Organization Practices.

$ 25.00

Hiroshige / Eisen. The Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kisokaido.

$ 50.00

Bronzen der Renaissance und des Barock. Katalog der Sammlung.

$ 250.00

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