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 Monday, May 29, 2017

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Cast Iron from Central Europe, 1800-1850.

$ 125.00

A History of American Pewter.

$ 125.00

The Americana Collection of the Late Mrs. J. Amory Haskell.

$ 450.00

Victorian Furniture. Essays from a Victorian Society Autumn Symposium.

$ 25.00

Paintings and Furnishings from the Residence of the late Mrs. Jacob H. Schiff, 965 Fifth Avenue, New York.

$ 45.00

The Philip Wichard Collection of Exceptional Motor Cars and Memorabilia.

$ 45.00

A Bibliography of Museums and Museum Work.

$ 40.00

The Reuben Humphrey Portraits.

$ 15.00

Asian Culture and Vietnamese Humanism.

$ 85.00

A History of the Auction.

$ 35.00

The Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Jeffords, Volume 3- Early American Silver.

$ 60.00

European & American Arms, c.1100-1850.

$ 40.00

The Russell B. Aitken Collection of Waterfowl Decoys.

$ 45.00

The Mirror Book. English, American & European.

$ 40.00

The Lillian and Morrie Moss Collection of Paul Storr Silver.

$ 125.00

American Radiance. The Ralph Esmerian Gift to the American Folk Art Museum.

$ 45.00

The Gothic Revival Style in America, 1830-1870.

$ 100.00

More About Painted Chests -Part II.

$ 20.00

Potted History. The Story of Plants in the Home.

$ 45.00

The Collection of the late Count and Countess Guy du Boisrouvray. Important Old Master and Impressionist Paintings.

$ 45.00

Early American Glass and Ceramics, Collection of Alfred B. Maclay.

$ 90.00

Disclosure. A Novel.

$ 10.00

[Japanese Woodblock Prints of Domestic Women]

$ 40.00

Americana from the Collection of M. Austin and Jill R. Fine.

$ 40.00

The Stanley H. Lowndes Collection of American Furniture and Decorations.

$ 60.00

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