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 Friday, December 15, 2017

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Eisen, Gustavus A. (& Fahim Kouchakji).
Glass, Its Origin, History, Chronology, Technic and Classification to the Sixteenth Century.

New York William Edwin Rudge: 1927. Edition limited to 500 sets.

A monumental and important study of ancient glass, focusing primarily on glass of the Roman period up to about the Fifth Century, although developments from the 6th-16th Centuries are also discussed and outlined. Eisen studied examples from numerous private and public collections, but his most important source was the collection of Mrs. W.H. Moore of New York, on which he based a large part of the work. What can one say about Gustavus Eisen? A profoundly inquisitive, seemingly inexhaustible antiquary, an immigrant from Sweden with his brother, Francis, with whom he founded a vineyard in California... Eisen also was a specialist in ancient textiles who was sent by Phoebe Hearst, in 1902, to Guatemala, and returned with 200 ancient examples, forming the world's largest and best-documented collection of 19th century Guatemalan textiles, and, not incidentally, a bevy of photographs. He authored one of the most authoritative studies of portraits of George Washington, a massive three-volume study he injected himself into the controversy and research involving the Holy Grail and Shroud of Turin and wrote a monograph on the controversial Great Chalice of Antioch. And, as we present here, he authored one of the cornerstone studies of ancient glass. Is "impressive" the word I am looking for? Why yes, I believe it is...

Hardcover. 2 volumes, 7.5"x10", 768 pages, 10 color and 188 b/w plates, 284 line figures in the text slipcased. Books fine glassine somewhat worn, case somewhat worn.

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