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 Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Uzanne, Octave.

Paris A. Quantin: 1882.

Don't let anything else I write persuade you that this is anything but a serious scholarly study of ladies' fans from ancient times into the 19th century. But you know that Octave Uzanne's books, illustrated by Paul Avril, are much more than mere texts. They are astounding, explosive explorations of the techniques of book decoration and the use of decorative elements, from the restrained yet exuberant rococo decorative page-borders to the fascinating vignettes and scenes that perch and strut, like plumed peacocks, on many of the pages. They are perfect examples of Victorian, fin-de-siecle Paris, the Paris of writers and artists and cafes and Pernod and Absinthe and the Moulin Rouge and glorious debauchery by moonlight. Uzanne's books do not so much explore history as sinuously curve their way around and through it.

7"x11", 143 pages, illustrated throughout by Paul Avril. Bound in the original printed-silk-over-card covers, with the brilliantly-decorated paper covers bound-in. The silk covers have been expertly rebacked there is some wear and a little soil the cloth ties are partially broken internally there is a minor amount of soil.

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