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 Friday, December 15, 2017

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Kingsbury, Benjamin.
A Treatise on Razors in which the Weight, Shape and Temper of a Razor, the means of keeping it in order, and the manner of using it, are particularly considered and in which it is intended to convey a knowledge of all that is necessary on this subject.

London W. Blackader: 1802. 3rd edition.

Kingsbury was in the trade himself, and apparently at least a little controversy ensued after he first published this pamphlet in late 1797- "I could wish to reflect on the number of contradictory opinions... I wish them to consider the many unpleasant feelings they have experienced, the many bitter complaints they have uttered, in consequence of bad razors". The pamphlet was republished several times, but all editions are scarce.

Softcover. 5.5"x9", 44 pages, with an advertisement for Kingsbury's retail and wholesale razor and shaving shop on St. James Street on the rear cover a little soil and chipping at the extremities, a few page corners folded the spine has split and is coming away for about 3.5" inches from the bottom. Overall a nice copy in the original, unsophisticated state.

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