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 Friday, December 15, 2017

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McKean, Hugh F.
The "Lost" Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Garden City Doubleday & Company: 1980.

"The works of Tiffany Studios revolutionized interior design in turn-of-the-century America, and all of the works bore the unique stamp of one man, Louis Comfort Tiffany. Many of these studio pieces are well known today- but there are special ones among them, the "lost" works of Louis Tiffany himself. They comprise his personal oeuvre, objects made from his original designs for exhibition, for private commissions, or for use in Tiffany's own home. Many of them have vanished outright, for years many were locked away in warehouses, or remained unidentified among regular productions of Tiffany Studios. This book sets out to re-evaluate Tiffany's art in terms of his personal work: stained glass, mosaics, blown glass, pottery, jewelry, enamels, and paintings".

Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 304 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear.

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