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 Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Property from the Estate of Madeleine Haas Russell.

$ 25.00

Der Nurnberger Glasschnitt des 17. Jahrhunderts.

$ 125.00

On Picture Varnishes and Their Solvents.

$ 75.00

The First American Furniture Finisher's Manual. A Reprint of "The Cabinet-Maker's Guide" of 1827.

$ 40.00

Richmond Chair Company Promotional Flyer.

$ 25.00

Les Antiquites du Luristan. Collection David-Weill.

$ 250.00

The Bible in Iron, or Pictured Stoves and Stove Plates of the Pennsylvania Germans. Notes on Colonial Fire-Backs in the United States, the Ten-Plate Stove, Franklin's Fireplace, and the Tile Stoves of the Moravians in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, together with a List of Colonial Furnaces in the United States and Canada.

$ 150.00

Egyptian Art at Eton College.

$ 15.00

Impressionist and Modern Art and Ceramics.

$ 35.00

Catalogue of Portraits in the Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts. Covering Three Centuries.

$ 275.00

Silver Hollowware for Dining Elegance. Coin & Sterling.

$ 30.00

Les Marques de Collections de Dessins & d'Estampes.

$ 80.00

A Directory of Boston Silversmiths and Watch and Clock Makers.

$ 50.00

Old Silver Spoons of England. A Practical Guide for Collectors.

$ 100.00

In a Canadian Attic.

$ 20.00

Treatise on the Knowledge Necessary to Amateurs in Pictures. Translated and Abridged from the French of M. Francois-Xavier de Burtin.

$ 200.00

The Old Farmer and His Almanack...

$ 35.00

List of Books on Furniture with descriptive notes, issued in conjunction with the Hundredth Furniture Market in Grand Rapids.

$ 50.00

Victorian Paintings, including works by: Sir L. Alma-Tadema, O.M., R.A. F. Madox-Brown W. Crane, R.W.S. W. P. Frith, R.A. E. Ladell H. S. Marks, R.A. E. H. Stannard A. Vickers, Snr and a section of Scottish Artists, including W. McTaggart, R.S.A.

$ 15.00

Mid-Georgian Domestic Silver.

$ 15.00

Baroque and Rococo Silks.

$ 300.00

A History of Drugs.

$ 50.00

Myer Myers. Jewish Silversmith in Colonial New York.

$ 35.00

Chinese Furniture, lamps, Semi-Precious Minerals, Porcelain, Pottery, Bronzes. Property of Irving Miller and other owners.

$ 15.00

"Mr. Whistler's Lecture on Art" -A Facsimile of Mr. Swinburne's Essay.

$ 75.00

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