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 Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Estate Jewelry.

$ 15.00

Cincinnati Silversmiths. An In-depth Study of the Cincinnati Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watch and Clockmakers through 1850. Also Listing the More Prominent Men in These Trades from 1851 until 1900.

$ 375.00

Victorian Drawings and Watercolours. The Properties of: Ian F. Reddihough, Esq. The Countess of Rosse Colin Smythe, Esq. and from various sources.

$ 15.00

American Portrait Prints. Proceedings of the Tenth Annual American Print Conference.

$ 35.00

Continental Table Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century.

$ 25.00

Frederic Edwin Church.

$ 25.00

Mexican Art, Pre-Columbian to Modern Times.

$ 25.00

Painted Delight. Indian Paintings from Philadelphia Collections.

$ 40.00

Charles Willson Peale and His World.

$ 45.00

Miss Mapp [and] The Worshipful Lucia [and] Trouble for Lucia.

$ 10.00

A Portfolio of Frames, Fifteenth Century to the Present. Volume 1.

$ 100.00

The Conservation of Decorative Arts.

$ 60.00

Waste Not. Want Not. The Art of the Make-Do.

$ 45.00

Fine XVIII Century French Furniture, Early English Silver, Objets d'Art, Property of Mrs. Dorsey Cullen (Mrs. George T. Maxwell) and George L. Maxwell, New York and Paris.

$ 25.00

American Furniture, Paintings and Decorative Objects including A Selection of Ship Models.

$ 15.00

Pennsylvania German Copper and Brass.

$ 30.00

Philadelphia Empire Furniture.

$ 110.00

A History of British Carpets from the Introduction of the Craft Until the Present Day.

$ 350.00

Nineteenth Century English Furniture.

$ 60.00

Chinese Snuff Bottles. Fall, 1997.

$ 35.00

The Modernism Magazine. 20th Century Art and Design.

$ 20.00

Masterpieces of New England Silver 1650-1800.

$ 100.00

John Hull, A Builder of the Bay Colony.

$ 65.00

Le livre des livres de Rouault. The Illustrated Books by Rouault.

$ 125.00

French Period Furniture, Old Meissen and Other Continental Porcelain, Paintings, Tapestries, Silver, Oriental and Aubusson Rugs. Property of: Mrs. Seton Porter, New York Sholem Asch Mrs. Juan Jose Pellecer, a Westchester Private Collector and other owners.

$ 15.00

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