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 Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Modern Paintings, Drawings and Prints, Together with French Furniture, Herend & Other Porcelains, Decorative Miniatures, Aubusson & Other rugs. From Various Owners, including: Davis Brown, Croton-on-the-Hudson, N.Y. Dr. Maurice Fried, New York and Mrs. Marta Millikin, New York.

$ 15.00

Walpole Society Note Book -1963.

$ 175.00

Sepulture des familles Caccia et Blommaert a Montmartre.

$ 15.00

Catalogue of Fine Old English Silver. The Properties of W.S.B. Sampson Lieutenant-Colonel C.M. Sands Major-General Sir Harold Wernher, and others.

$ 15.00

Eskimo-Plastik aus Canada.

$ 20.00

The Art of the European Goldsmith. Silver from the Schroder Collection.

$ 45.00

Puritan Gravestone Art [and] Puritan Gravestone Art II.

$ 50.00

George Christian Gebelein, Boston Silversmith, 1878-1945.

$ 50.00

Birbhum Terracottas.

$ 45.00

Notable Eighteenth Century French Furniture, Bronze Dore & Other Objets d'Art, Rugs, Albert Morgenstern, and other owners including the estate of the late Baroness Ruth S. von Poushental.

$ 25.00

The Adelman Collection.

$ 20.00

Cabinetmaking in Philadelphia, 1820-1840.

$ 65.00

Important Early American Cabinetwork, Silver & Decorative Objects, From the Estate of the Late Mrs. C. Hallam Keep.

$ 40.00

Istruzione Sulla Morte-Apparente.

$ 750.00

An Exhibition of Silver of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries.

$ 25.00

The Source of an American Chippendale Chair.

$ 20.00

By Their Chins Ye Shall Know Them.

$ 200.00

The Treasure of the Oxus with other examples of Early Oriental Metal-Work.

$ 250.00

A Dictionary of Chemistry, on the Basis of Mr. Nicholson's in which the principles of the science are investigated anew, and its application to the phenomena of nature, medicine, mineralogy, agriculture, and manufactures, detailed.

$ 850.00

English Silver Cream Jugs of the Eighteenth Century. A Collection of Fifty Examples Loaned to the Museum by Mrs. William Bennett Munro.

$ 125.00

The Robbins Process for Preserving Wood and Lumber from Mould, Decay and Destruction by Worms. An Invaluable Improvement, Susceptible of Universal Application.

$ 250.00

Designer Bookbinders 2.

$ 30.00

American Furniture, Silver, Glassware, Porcelain, A Group of English XVIII Century Furniture, Furnishings of "Mayflower Lodge", Residence of H. Thomas Farrar, Westport, Ct.

$ 25.00

Cottage Building or Hints for Improving the Dwellings of the Working Classes and the Labouring Poor.

$ 75.00

Printed Textiles, English and American Cottons and Linens 1700-1850.

$ 150.00

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