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 Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Listening to Prozac.

$ 10.00

800 Insulators Priced and Illustrated.

$ 15.00

Antiquities and Works of Art. Various Properties.

$ 15.00

Les Verriers dans le Lyonnais et le Forez.

$ 750.00

English Furniture, Important Early English Silver, also Paintings, Porcelains, Rugs, Property of Richard C. Paine, Boston, a New York Estate, and other owners.

$ 25.00

Nailsea Glass.

$ 75.00

Album de Dessins en Cheveux. Repertoire de P. Florentin, Artiste-Brevete, Professeur de Dessins en Cheveux.

$ 3500.00

Victorian Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings, including works by: H. J. Boddington T. S. Cooper, R.A. T. Creswick, R.A. W. Lee Hankey, R.W.S. B. W. Leader, R.A. E. G. Handel Lucas R. H. Nibbs W. C. Stanfield, R.A. W. Strang, R. A. A. Vickers, Snr and W. L. Wyllie, R.A.

$ 15.00

19th Century Porcelain, Studio Ceramics, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

$ 25.00

American Furniture, Decorations and Decoys. Property of various owners.

$ 25.00

Butterflies and Moths.

$ 30.00

Pillar Boxes.

$ 25.00

Catalogue of Portraits in the Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts. Covering Three Centuries.

$ 275.00

Treasures of the National Maritime Museum.

$ 45.00

British Registry Mark as a Key to the Date of Manufacture.

$ 25.00

Furniture, Sculpture & Decorative Objects for the Garden and Terrace.

$ 25.00

Victorian Pictures from Various Sources.

$ 15.00

Renaissance Master Bronzes from the Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

$ 60.00

The Early Domestic Architecture of Connecticut.

$ 125.00

A Souvenir of the Exhibition Entitled Healy's Sitters or, A Portrait Panorama of the Victorian Age...

$ 25.00

Arts Decoratifs du 20e Siecle.

$ 15.00

John Singleton Copley in America.

$ 40.00

The First Emperor. Treasures from Ancient China.

$ 25.00

Antique Furniture of Quebec. Four centuries of Furniture Making.

$ 85.00

The Manufacture of Ice.

$ 50.00

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