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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Master Goldsmiths and Silversmiths of Nova Scotia and Their Marks.

$ 250.00

Catalogue of English Prints 1700-1900.

$ 20.00

Catalogue of English and Continental Glass, The Property of J.G. Wilson, Esq., and other owners.

$ 15.00

Picture Frames and Artists' Materials Including Frames from the Collection and Stock in Trade of Mr. Paul Levi.

$ 30.00

American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art II- Late Colonial Period: The Queen Anne and Chippendale Styles.

$ 150.00

America's Printed & Painted Fabrics, 1600-1900.

$ 100.00

Writing Past Dark. Envy, Fear, Distraction, and Other Dilemmas in the Writer's Life.

$ 10.00

Epitaphia [Greek letters], or, A collection of memorials, inscribed to the memory of good and faithful servants, copied on the spot, in various cemetaries throughout the counties of Berks, Buckingham, (etc).

$ 85.00

The Plate Collector's Guide. Arranged from Cripps' "Old English Plate".

$ 25.00

The Quest for Immortality. Treasures of Ancient Egypt.

$ 35.00

Doctor Samuel Broadbent (1759-1828). Itinerant Limner.

$ 20.00

Victorian Drawings and Watercolours. The Properties of: The Marquess of Aberdeen, C.B.E., T.D. H. A. L. Donkin, Esq. Mrs. M. H. Drury the Misses E. and L. Glen-Coats The Wallis Estate and from various sources.

$ 15.00

Chinese Rugs.

$ 20.00

A History of Printed Textiles.

$ 45.00

Funeral Customs. Their Origin and Development.

$ 150.00

Precious Metals. The American Tradition in Gold and Silver.

$ 100.00

Herb Garden Design.

$ 20.00

The Silversmiths of Little Rest.

$ 65.00

Islamic Art in the Mediterranean- Andalusian Morocco. A Discovery in Living Art.

$ 15.00

Rare and Important Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets. From the Collections of: Dr. Charles Barnett, Joplin, Missouri Alice M. Kaplan, New York Rose Franken, New York.

$ 15.00

A Handbook of the American Wing.

$ 10.00

The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours, and Their Applications to the Arts.

$ 300.00

Trades and Tradesmen of Essex County, Massachusetts, Chiefly of the Seventeenth Century.

$ 200.00

Chelsea and Derby China.


Early Ohio Silversmiths and Pewterers 1787-1847.

$ 100.00

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