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 Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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The Collection of Early Americana formed by the Late John Kenneth Byard, Silvermine, Connecticut. Byard Collection.

$ 35.00

English Silver. The Elizabeth B. Miles Collection.

$ 25.00

Catalogue of Important Old English Silver. The Properties of His Grace the Duke of Atholl the Earl of Rosse the Countess of Rosse Hugh J. Montgomery John Colville John Ogilvy Brocklehurst J. Docwra Mrs. J. Ivanyi Miss D.N. Coleman P.F.S. Owen, and others.

$ 15.00

The Confederate Raiders.


Papier-Mache in Great Britain and America.

$ 50.00

Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bernat.

$ 65.00

The Early Work of Gustav Stickley.

$ 20.00

Newbury Cemetery. Report of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works and Buildings, enclosing the Report of the Surveying Officer appointed under the above Act. [with] Minutes of Evidence taken before George Hammond Whalley...respecting a Bill for the establishing a General Cemetery for the Internment of the Dead in the Parish of Newbury.

$ 250.00

A Dictionary of Chemistry, on the Basis of Mr. Nicholson's in which the principles of the science are investigated anew, and its application to the phenomena of nature, medicine, mineralogy, agriculture, and manufactures, detailed.

$ 850.00

Craftsman Hand-Wrought Metal Work in Iron, Copper and Brass.

$ 15.00

Virtuoso Goldsmiths and the Triumph of Mannerism, 1540-1620.

$ 150.00

The Notable American Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Norvin H. Green. Superb Eighteenth Century American Furniture and Silver, Early American Portraits and Miniatures...(etc).

$ 50.00

Decoys of the Newburys, Plum Island and Surrounding Communities.

$ 18.00

Islamic Glass. A Brief History.

$ 35.00

19th Century Furniture and Related Decorative Arts - The Isabelle Flax Collection of Majolica.

$ 25.00

American Furniture, Decorations and Decoys. Property of various owners.

$ 25.00

Historical and Literary Manuscripts sold for the Benefit of the Manuscript Society.

$ 25.00

Le livre des livres de Rouault. The Illustrated Books by Rouault.

$ 125.00

Les Proportions du Corps Human, Mesurees sur les plus belles Figures de l'Antiquite.

$ 375.00

Rare Early American Silver, English & American Furniture and Decorations (etc.) Property of Morris Cohon, Joseph Larocque, and others.

$ 30.00

South Kensington Museum. Italian Sculpture of the Middle Ages and Period of the Revival of Art. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Works Forming the Above Section of the Museum, with additional Illustrative Notices.

$ 250.00

People of the First Man. Life Among the Plains Indians in Their Final Days of Glory...

$ 50.00

The Wigmaker in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg.

$ 15.00

Circa 1900. From the Genteel Tradition to the Jazz Age.

$ 29.95

Important Silver and Objects of Vertu including Works of Art from Houghton.

$ 35.00

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