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 Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Decorated Stoneware Pottery of North America.

$ 100.00

Masterpieces of Chinese Export Porcelain from the Mottahedeh Collection in the Virginia Museum.

$ 45.00

A Dictionary of Japanese Artists. Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Prints, Lacquer.

$ 85.00

American Indian Art. The Property of Various Owners.

$ 35.00

Marks of Early American Silversmiths. With Notes on Silver, Spoon Types & List of New York City Silversmiths 1815-1841.

$ 275.00

Stiegel Glass.

$ 50.00

Chinese Snuff Bottles. Fall, 1997.

$ 35.00

The Story of a California Institution. The Union Ice Company. Sixty Years of Service.

$ 50.00

Heritage of Power. Ancient Sculpture from West Mexico. The Andrall E. Pearson Family Collection.

$ 19.95

Imperial Silks. Ch'ing Dynasty Textiles in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

$ 125.00

English Ceramic Circle. English Pottery and Porcelain: Commemorative Catalogue of an Exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert Museum May 5th - June 20th, 1948.

$ 100.00

Punch, or the London Charivari. Vol.138, January-June, 1910.

$ 25.00

Arts Decoratifs, Styles 1900 et 1925.

$ 25.00

A Touchstone for Silver.

$ 85.00

Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland.

$ 200.00

A Third Harvest of Souvenir Spoons.

$ 35.00

Amish Crib Quilts.

$ 20.00

Nineteenth Century Modern. The Functional Tradition in Victorian Design.

$ 35.00

Index to the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin. Volumes 31 through 45, 1966 through 1980.

$ 15.00

Silver in Kentucky Life 1780-1870. An Exhibition Honoring the Bicentennial Year of Transylvania University.

$ 175.00

The Notable American Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Norvin H. Green. Superb Eighteenth Century American Furniture and Silver, Early American Portraits and Miniatures...(etc).

$ 50.00

The Glass Industry in Ohio.

$ 250.00

The Plate Collector's Guide. Arranged from Cripps' "Old English Plate".

$ 25.00

Please Be Seated. The Evolution of the Chair, 2000 BC-2000 AD.

$ 40.00

Oriental Silverwork: Malay and Chinese. A Handbook for Connoisseurs, Collectors, Students and Silversmiths.

$ 250.00

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