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 Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Fine Continental Porcelain and Faience.

$ 20.00

British Fabrics. An illustrated sourcebook of textiles, lace, trimmings, rugs and carpets.

$ 20.00

Samuel and Gideon Casey, Silversmiths.

$ 100.00

Catalogue of English and Continental Glass, The Property of J.G. Wilson, Esq., and other owners.

$ 15.00

Mariette in Ecstasy. A Novel.

$ 10.00

Portsmouth and Newcastle New Hampshire Cemetery Inscriptions. Abstracts from Some Two Thousand of the Oldest Tombstones.

$ 40.00

Heirlooms from Old Looms. A Catalogue of Coverlets owned by The Colonial Coverlet Guild of America and its Members.

$ 100.00

Mode des Annees 1840-1970, Collection Mary Vaudoyer.

$ 50.00

Miniature Antique Furniture. Doll House & Children's Furniture from the United States and Europe.

$ 40.00

Recueil de Decorations Interieures, comprenant tout ce qui a Rapport a l'Ameublement...

$ 2500.00

Georgian & Victorian Japanned Ware of the West Midlands. Catalogue of the permanent collection and a temporary exhibition.

$ 75.00

Treasures of the George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art.

$ 25.00

Earning a Living in Eighteenth-Century Boston: Silversmith Zachariah Brigden.

$ 65.00

Shoowa Design. African Textiles from the Kingdom of Kuba.

$ 175.00

Case Histories. The Packaging and Presentation of the Photographic Portrait in Victorian Britain, 1840-1875.

$ 49.50

Old Worcester China.

$ 15.00

In a Canadian Attic.

$ 20.00

Shigaraki. Potter's Valley.

$ 60.00

Pictures within Pictures.

$ 20.00

Tombeau de Moliere et de Lafontaine au Pere Lachaise.

$ 15.00

American Painted Furniture, 1660-1880.

$ 125.00

The Gardens of Persia.

$ 35.00

Fragile Blossoms, Enduring Earth. The Japanese Influence on American Ceramics.

$ 75.00

Watches, Adjustment & Repair. A Practical Handbook on Modern Watches.

$ 25.00

Die Bronzen der Sammlung Loeb.

$ 375.00

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