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 Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Fawley House, Oxfordshire.

$ 35.00

Marks of Achievement. Four Centuries of American Presentation Silver.

$ 45.00

Bronzes of the Italian Renaissance. Twenty-two Unpublished statuettes.

$ 125.00

Fons Sapientiae. Renaissance Garden Fountains.

$ 100.00

An Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of the Collections of Antique Silver Plate, formed by Albert, Lord Londesborough, now the property of Lady Londesborough.

$ 350.00

Art Price Index International '97.

$ 75.00

The Heritage of Woodcarving, An Exhibition of Decorative Arts by John Haley Bellamy, Master Ship Carver and Seven Rockland, Maine Carvers.

$ 45.00

Praises & Dispraises. Poetry and Politics, the 20th Century.

$ 10.00

Inks, Flasks, Fruit Jars, Medicines and More, featuring the Ink Bottle Collection of Muriel Heath and the late Bob Heath, and Fruit Jars from the Alex Kerr Collection.

$ 35.00

Memorial Lithograph.

$ 375.00

Victorian and Edwardian Furniture.

$ 45.00

Old Master Paintings and Drawings. A Window on Venice: Eighteenth Century Venetian drawings and paintings from a European Private Collection, including works by Giuseppe Bernardino Bison, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo.

$ 30.00

Greentown Glass.

$ 85.00

Tiffany Lamps and Metalware.

$ 195.00

An Elegy on the Death of Mr. Harfield Lyndsey, Aged 26 Years.

$ 250.00

Catalogue of the Herbert Allen Collection of English Porcelain.

$ 60.00

Ginseng, the Divine Root. The Curious History of the Plant that Captivated the World.

$ 12.00

New York Furniture at the New York State Museum.

$ 25.00

Spatial and Material Aspects of Culture: Ethnicity and Ideology in Long Island Gravestones, 1670-1820.

$ 65.00

Impressionist and Modern Art and Ceramics.

$ 35.00

Spain and the Roanoke Voyages.

$ 10.00

Bells and Man.

$ 85.00

Crescent Moon. Islamic Art & Civilisation in Southeast Asia.

$ 125.00

In Search of VOC Glass.

$ 65.00

Modern and Contemporary Art, including Bauhaus Design.

$ 20.00

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