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 Monday, July 24, 2017

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The Inner Limits of Outer Space.

$ 10.00

Catalogue of Old English Silver, the Properties of Captain Sir Philip Bowyer-Smyth the late Colonel John Alston A.N.G. Duckworth-Chad, and others.

$ 15.00

Exhibition of Works in Silver and Gold by Myer Myers. A Checklist of Objects Exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum. February 2 - March 15, 1954.

$ 100.00

Glass of the Sultans.

$ 39.95

English Metal Work. Ninety-three Drawings by William Twopeny (1797-1873).

$ 200.00

The Collection of Robert C. Woolley.

$ 45.00

Early Neo-Classicism in France. The Creation of the Louis Seize Style in Architectural Decoration, Furniture and Ormolu, Gold and Silver, and Sevres Porcelain in the Mid-Eighteenth Century.

$ 450.00

Shirley Institute Memoirs (textiles) Volume 1 - 4.

$ 75.00

Phillip J. Pirages Catalogue 48.

$ 15.00

"Opulence and Splendor" -The New York Chair, 1690-1830.

$ 15.00

Asobi: Play in the Arts of Japan.

$ 20.00

New England on Land and Sea. An Exhibition from the Collection of Bertram K. & Nina Fletcher Little.

$ 20.00

The Folk Arts and Crafts of New England.

$ 25.00

Antique Combs & Purses.

$ 45.00

French & English Furniture & Decorations. Dresden, Vieux Paris & Other Porcelain, Paintings, Oriental Rugs. Belonging to various owners, including property of Arthur F. Williams, removed from his New York apartment.

$ 15.00

Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard.

$ 40.00

A Perfect Red. Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire.

$ 15.00

English Furniture 1760-1900.

$ 40.00

Memorial Lithograph.

$ 375.00

The Flute and the Brush. Indian Paintings from the William Theo Brown and Paul Wonner Collection.

$ 35.00

Art and the Industrial Revolution.

$ 45.00

Peter Finer - Arms & Armor Catalog. 1995.

$ 60.00

Fine American Indian Art.

$ 25.00

Clocks, Scientific instruments and Watches. Property of various owners including: The property of Joan, Lady Bannerman The property of the late Mrs. Dunbar Dunbar The property of the Hon. Mrs. John Gilmour.

$ 15.00

Arms, Armour and Militaria.

$ 20.00

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