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 Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Rare and Fine American Furniture, Paintings, Silver and Decorative Objects Collected by Ralph Blum, Beverly Hills, CA.

$ 25.00

Carpets and Rugs of Europe and America.

$ 100.00

The Picture-Bible of Ludwig Denig. A Pennsylvania German Emblem Book.

$ 45.00

Eighteen Important Impressionist and Modern Paintings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney R. Barlow.

$ 25.00

The Silversmiths of Kentucky. Together with some Watchmakers and Jewelers, 1785-1850.

$ 175.00

Charles Fergus Binns Stonewares. A Chair Must Invite the Sitter.

$ 50.00

Silver in London. The Parker and Wakelin Partnership, 1760-1776.

$ 45.00

Treen and Other Wooden Bygones. An Encyclopedia and Social History.

$ 650.00

Victorian Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours.

$ 15.00

Birmingham Brass Candlesticks.

$ 150.00

A Course in Marigolds.

$ 10.00

Eighteenth Century American Arts. The M. and M. Karolik Collection of Paintings, Drawings, Engravings, Furniture, Silver, Needlework & Incidental Objects Gathered to Illustrate the Achievements of American Artists and Craftsmen of the Period from 1720 to 1820.

$ 250.00


$ 12.50

Investing in Clocks and Watches.

$ 25.00

Small Antique Silverware.

$ 40.00

John Marshall Phillips, 1905-1953.

$ 75.00

William G. Beesley (1797-1842), Windsor Chairmaker, Colourman, and Decorative Painter of Salem, New Jersey.

$ 65.00

John Haley Bellamy. Carver of Eagles.

$ 25.00

An Introduction to Illuminated Manuscripts.

$ 25.00

Rolf Behm. Ort, Raum, Traum. Bilder und Arbiten auf Papier 1993-1996.

$ 150.00

Collection Karl Lagerfeld. Arts Decoratifs du XXe siecle.

$ 175.00

Important American Silver.

$ 20.00

Counting: II. Ten Poems by Harold Corbin.

$ 35.00

The Magic of Neon.

$ 25.00

Furniture for Interiors, Garden Furniture and Sculptures, Georgian Silver and Sheffield Plate, Oriental Rugs, Laces, Porcelains, Several Musical Instruments, Property of a New York Estate removed from a Fifth Avenue Apartment Property formerly in the Collection of the Late George Warrington Curtis, Southampton, Long Island (property) from a New York Estate Property of Mrs. Allen J. McIntosh, Mr. Charles D. Miller, and other owners.

$ 15.00

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