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 Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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J. Alden Weir. An American Impressionist.

$ 100.00

Korean Arts: Volume Three- Architecture.

$ 45.00

The collection of Mr. and Mrs. Bertram D. Coleman.

$ 45.00

Treen and Other Wooden Bygones. An Encyclopedia and Social History.

$ 650.00

Important American Furniture, Silver, Prints, Folk Art and Decorative Arts.

$ 35.00

French Furniture, Oriental & Aubusson Rugs, Dresden & Other Porcelains, Prints, Paintings, Tapestries, Bronze Mortars, Persian Miniatures. Property of : an Ohio Private Collector Mrs. Irving Shean, New York from the estate of the late Hans Mueller, Lebanon, Ky, by order of the legatees and other owners.

$ 15.00

The Useful Arts and Manufactures of Great Britain.

$ 275.00

Chinese Rugs.

$ 20.00

The Charters of The Merchant Taylors' Company.

$ 175.00

Confessions of an Undertaker.

$ 185.00


$ 75.00

Fine Victorian Pictures. The Properties of: Col. Norman Colville, M.D. Derek Conran, Esq. Ralph Dutton, Esq. T. J. Edwards, Esq. The late D. H. Fellows, Esq. Mrs. Yvonne James R. R. Knowlson, Esq. J. F. Langley, Esq. Mrs. T. H. Longstaff Major-General I. H. Lyall Grant Colin MacKenzie, Esq. Miss Grace MacNaughton T. M. O'Farrell, Esq. L. R. Pike, Esq. and from various other sources.

$ 15.00

German-American Family Records in the Fraktur Tradition. Birth & Baptismal Certificates and Bible Records.

$ 65.00

The Turkish Sale.

$ 45.00

Dance, Theatre, Opera. Costume & Dcor Designs, Drawings, Prints, Books.

$ 25.00

Beyond Time and Place. Non-Realist Painting in the Nineteenth Century.

$ 40.00

Catalogue of Important English and Continental Silver and Plate. [property of] The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Lanesborough N.T. Corbett the Late Bishop A.T.P. Williams Mrs. Chaine-Nickson Cecil King Mrs. H.C. Drayton T.F. Sloot William C. Cornell the Late Sir A. Chester Beatty.

$ 15.00

Looking for a Ship.

$ 10.00

A Forgotten Connecticut Painter- Osbert Burr Loomis, 1813-1866.

$ 20.00

Hampshire Pottery manufactured by J.S. Taft & Company, Keene, New Hampshire.

$ 40.00

Silversmiths of New Jersey 1700-1825. With Some Notice of Clockmakers Who Were Also Silversmiths.

$ 150.00

La Vierge dans l'Art Francais.

$ 40.00

Pennsylvania German Antiques.

$ 65.00

Ceramic Art in Finland: A Contemporary Tradition.

$ 35.00

Mysteries of the Snake Goddess. Art, Desire and the Forgery of History.

$ 15.00

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