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 Thursday, July 31, 2014

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European Silver. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.

$ 75.00

Cottage Building or Hints for Improving the Dwellings of the Working Classes and the Labouring Poor.

$ 75.00

English Delftware Pottery in the Robert Hall Warren Collection, Ashmoleum Museum, Oxford.

$ 75.00

Important American Antiques from the King Hooper Mansion, Marblehead, Mass. [Part Two]. Sold by Order of Mr. I. Sack, Boston.

$ 125.00

Chinese Art from the Wei to the Tang Dynasties.

$ 45.00

Fine Victorian Paintings, including: Four fine Landscapes by Frederick William Watts Cinderella by Sir J. E. Millais, Bt., P.R.A., 1881 Two Portraits by Daniel Maclise, R.A. A Soldier of Marathon by Sir L. Alma-Tadema, R.A. A Study for a Fresco by G. F. Watts, O.M.R.A. and a Collection of Pre-Raphaelite Drawings by D. G. Rossetti Sir E. Burne-Jones, Bt., A.R.A. A. Hughes W. Holman Hunt, O.M. and Others.

$ 15.00

British Registry Mark as a Key to the Date of Manufacture.

$ 25.00

A small group of letters and invoices from Frank M. Covert, Mexican and Indian Goods, to Frank E. Schoonover.

$ 1000.00

Chests, Cupboards, Desks & Other Pieces. The Knopf Collector's Guide.

$ 20.00

Hampshire Pottery manufactured by J.S. Taft & Company, Keene, New Hampshire.

$ 40.00

The Art of Contemporary American Pottery.

$ 25.00

Davenport Pottery and Porcelain, 1794-1887.

$ 100.00

Britannia & Muscovy. English Silver at the Court of the Tsars.

$ 35.00

Greentown Glass.

$ 85.00

English Furniture 1800-1851.

$ 100.00

Eighteenth Century English Furniture...&., property of various owners including Clarice Blumenthal, Mrs. Forsyth Wickes, Mrs. Francis P. Garvan, &c.

$ 20.00

Victorian Drawings and Watercolours. The Properties of: Mrs. J. E. Halford the late James Tillotson Hyde, Esq. and from various sources.

$ 15.00

The Property of Garrick C. Stephenson. English French and Continental Furniture, Chinese and Japanese Works of Art, Porcelain, American and Nineteenth Century Paintings.

$ 35.00

Catalogue of Important Old English Silver. The Properties of His Grace the Duke of Atholl the Earl of Rosse the Countess of Rosse Hugh J. Montgomery John Colville John Ogilvy Brocklehurst J. Docwra Mrs. J. Ivanyi Miss D.N. Coleman P.F.S. Owen, and others.

$ 15.00

One Hundred of the most important Paperweights.

$ 65.00

Wealden Glass. The Surrey-Sussex Glass Industry (A.D. 1226-1615).

$ 250.00

Chairs, Tables, Sofas & Beds. The Knopf Collector's Guide.

$ 20.00

American Furniture, Paintings and Decorative Objects including A Selection of Ship Models.

$ 15.00

Paktong. The Chinese Alloy in Europe, 1680-1820.

$ 150.00

Cadwalader Study.

$ 675.00

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