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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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French & English Furniture & Decorations. Dresden, Vieux Paris & Other Porcelain, Paintings, Oriental Rugs. Belonging to various owners, including property of Arthur F. Williams, removed from his New York apartment.

$ 15.00

A Treatise on Razors in which the Weight, Shape and Temper of a Razor, the means of keeping it in order, and the manner of using it, are particularly considered and in which it is intended to convey a knowledge of all that is necessary on this subject.

$ 500.00

Art and the Industrial Revolution.

$ 45.00

Cycladic Art. Ancient Sculpture and Ceramics of the Aegean from the N.P. Goulandris Collection.

$ 35.00

How to Detect Fake Antiques.

$ 25.00

Jim Fox. A Yorkshire Collector of Pottery and Porcelain.

$ 40.00

The Historic First Portrait in Oils of Abraham Lincoln, Painted from Life at Springfield, Ill., in 1860, by Thomas Hicks, N.A.

$ 45.00

The Cadman Collection of Worcester Porcelain.

$ 25.00

The Technique of Painting.

$ 85.00

Cabinet Objects of Art, the Private Collection of Louis H. Resnik, Brookline, Mass.

$ 20.00

The Lakeside Craft Shops, Sheboygan, Wiosconsin. A Brief History and 1912 Catalogue.

$ 25.00

Beauty from the Earth: Pueblo Indian Pottery from the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

$ 12.50

The Conservation of Decorative Arts.

$ 60.00

Fine Americana.

$ 85.00

The Marc J. Matz Collection of Colonial Indian, China Trade, Campaign Furniture and Works of Art.

$ 65.00

Shall We Tell the President?

$ 10.00

The Glass Christmas Ornament: Old and New.

$ 25.00

Davenport Pottery and Porcelain, 1794-1887.

$ 100.00

English Porcelain Circle. Transactions No. I to IV.

$ 150.00

The Dictionary of British Equestrian Artists.

$ 400.00

Alfred Stevens, A Biographical Study.

$ 175.00

Rockingham Ware in American Culture, 1830-1930. Reading Historical Artifacts.

$ 20.00

Victorian Drawings and Watercolours. The Properties of: Ian F. Reddihough, Esq. The Countess of Rosse Colin Smythe, Esq. and from various sources.

$ 15.00

Mysteries of the Snake Goddess. Art, Desire and the Forgery of History.

$ 15.00

Fine Victorian Pictures. The Properties of: Col. Norman Colville, M.D. Derek Conran, Esq. Ralph Dutton, Esq. T. J. Edwards, Esq. The late D. H. Fellows, Esq. Mrs. Yvonne James R. R. Knowlson, Esq. J. F. Langley, Esq. Mrs. T. H. Longstaff Major-General I. H. Lyall Grant Colin MacKenzie, Esq. Miss Grace MacNaughton T. M. O'Farrell, Esq. L. R. Pike, Esq. and from various other sources.

$ 15.00

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