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 Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Berg, Charles W.
Confessions of an Undertaker.

Wichita McCormick-Armstrong Press: 1920.

A critical look at the inside of the funeral business by a lifelong undertaker. His general outlook is summed up best by a few quotes from the last chapter- "Why is it...that we still persist in making such gruesome affairs of funerals? No sooner does some loved one pass from our vision to a better life than we immediately darken the house, bolt every shutter, draw every curtain, go around on tip-toe and speak in whispers, hang that abomination of all funerals, a strip of crepe paper, on the door, and fairly swathe ourselves in deepest black, until the house becomes verily a place to flee from? Nor is there anything quite so barbarous as the present custom...of 'viewing the remains' by a motley collection of persons, many of whom never knew the dead in life, or if they did, never thought enough of him to come and see him. Only second to this (is the) mental caliber of a community that bases the popularity of a man on the length of his 'funeral procession'." And so on...

Hardcover. 5"x7.5", 114 pages publisher's sky-blue ribbed cloth with gilt titles light soil, a little wear.

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