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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Illustrated Books by Picasso. New York Ursus Books: 2000. A bookseller's catalog. Softcover. 9"x6", 42 pages, b/w illustrations light wear.

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Paper Bound. A Showcase of Contemporary Papermakers & Bookbinders. The Guild of Book Workers: 1996. Edition limited to 450 copies. The catalog to the third thematic traveling exhibition of the Guild. 28 binders were given the sheets to "A Collection of Paper Samples from Hand Papermills in the United States of America" by Peter & Donna Thomas, and asked to bind it as they saw fit. Spiral bound 6.5"x4.5", about 80 pages, 28 color plates fine.

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Bantock, Nick. Griffin & Sabine. An Extraordinary Correspondence. [with] Sabine's Notebook [with] The Golden Mean. San Francisco Chronicle Books: 1991, 1992, 1993. The three volumes of this rather extraordinary chronicle, told through postcards and letters. Griffin Moss, a postcard designer, begins a correspondence with Sabine Strohem, a mysterious woman who lives on a South Pacific island. Who is Sabine, and how can she know so much about Griffin and his work? Near the end of Book One we think we know the answer to the mystery, only to be completely baffled on the final page. Books Two and Three continue as Bantock tries to make sense of the world he has created. He never quite lives up to the magic of the first book, but the wonderful, quirky artwork alone is enough to keep you going. 3 volumes. Hardcover. 8"x8", djs illustrated with color plates, inserts, etc. Near fine.

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Brydges, Sir Egerton (ed.). Select Funeral Memorials. Kent Printed at the private press of Lee Priory by John Warwick: 1818. Edition probably limited to 100 copies. A collection of excerpts from funeral and memorial sermons, collected by Brydges (1762-1837), an antiquarian, author and editor who ran the private press at Lee Priory. He notes "I have found that among heaps of Funeral Sermons there are intermixed many eloquent and beautiful memorials which ought to be rescued from oblivion...I have adopted therefore the preserve these relics, as they occur to me amidst the multifarious researches to which my wandering curiosity impels me". The collection begins with Sidney Godolphin's 17th century "An Epitaph Upon the Lady Rich", which eventually brings the editor to Sidney Godolphin's own death and memorial. He then moves through 5 other Memorial pieces, to end with an extended entry upon the death of Henry, Prince of Wales, in 1613, which includes Henry Chapman's epic "An Epicede, or Funeral Song: On the most disastrous Death of the High-born Prince of Men, Henry Prince of Wales". An interesting early 19th century selection of 17th century funeral and memorial verse and texts. The Lee Priory Press operated from 1813 to 1824, reprinting a number of texts of Antiquarian interest. An 1823 circular and list of the Press's titles states that each title was limited to 100 copies. It also states that a second part of our title was eventually published, although this first part is complete in itself. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", v + 70 pages, title page with an engraved vignette, plus several decorated initial letters, head and tailpieces. Bound into modern blue boards clean, wide-margined and a choice specimen.

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Sherman, Frederic Fairchild. Sonnets Suggested by Paintings. Springfield 1937. One of 65 copies "privately printed by the Pond-Ekberg Company for Cordelia Sargent and John Dudley Pond and their friends during the month of December MCMXXXVII". Frederic Fairchild Sherman (1874-1940) was a well-heeled collector and the editor-publisher of 'Art in America', who also published beautifully-printed, extremely limited edition studies of American art and artists in the 19-teens, 20s and 30s. This Christmas offering was printed in several very limited editions, of which we have seen two- both for friends of the printer, Pond-Ekberg (one for Pond, one for Ekberg). It features sonnets apparently written by Sherman himself, each suggested by a painting which is pictured on the facing page. Botticelli's 'Primavera' begins the selection, followed by 'Homer', "suggested by a portrait by Caravaggio" then come three Albert Pinkham Ryder paintings and sonnets- 'Sunset at Sea', 'The Road of Life', and 'The Spirit of Autumn'. 'Mother and Child' by Robert Loftin Newman ends the series. If this is nothing else it is an intriguing Ryder item for the completest- Sherman was a fan of the eccentric American artist, and wrote the first book-length monograph on his work in 1920. Hardcover. 8"x10", [i] + 6 pages plus 6 b/w plates light wear, a little soil, a somewhat fragile printing, but in fairly good shape.

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