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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Birds of a Feather. Wildfowl Carving in Southeast Louisiana. Historic New Orleans Collection: 2007. A very well-illustrated exhibition catalog featuring both antique and current carvers and carvings. The illustrations include both beautiful color photos of the decoys in the exhibition as well as rare black & white period photos of carvers at work. Softcover. 9"x10", 44 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Fine.

Inventory #: 90348
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Important American Furniture, Silver, Prints, Folk Art and Decorative Arts. New York Christie's: January 22-23, 1993. Sale 7640. Included a very unusual ca. 1750 Queen Anne china step maple high chest of drawers, probably Massachusetts, the only known example with the original shaped backboard. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 205 pages, 572 lots, color and b/w illustrations light wear.

Inventory #: 9020
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Important American Furniture, Silver, Prints, Folk Art and Decorative Arts. New York Christie's: January 21-22, 1994. Sale 7820. This auction included the Faneuil Family Queen Anne inlaid mahogany concertina-action card table with needlework playing surface (Boston, 1740) and the Gilder Family Queen Anne carved walnut desk-and-bookcase (Philadelphia, 1735), both of which got big fold-out color plates. Nice stuff? You bet! Softcover. 8"x10.5", 186 pages, 350 lots, color and b/w illustrations, several folding color plates a nice copy.

Inventory #: 9019
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The Contents of the Captain Henry Lay Champlin House - Property from the Collection of Geoffrey Paul. Portsmouth Northeast Auctions: August 4th, 2002. The sale of the extraordinary collection of fine late Colonial and Federal furniture and accessories with which Geoffrey Paul furnished the Captain Henry Lay Champlin House. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 85 lots, color illustrations. Light wear.

Inventory #: 35833
Price: $ 40.00       

[Aitken] The Russell B. Aitken Collection of Waterfowl Decoys. New York Christie's: January 18, 2003. The catalog to the auction sale of a premier collection of American wildfowl decoys. Softcover. 8"x10.5", 158 pages, 365 lots, packed with color illustrations, some folding. Fine condition.

Inventory #: 32621
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[Americana] Fine Americana, Including Silver, Furniture, Folk Art and Folk Paintings. New York Sotheby's: June 19, 1992. Sale 6319. This sale included some very fine folk paintings and art, rare Statue of Liberty and Massasoit Indian weathervanes, and superb American silver, including important pieces by Jacob Hurd. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 150 pages, 431 lots, b/w and color illustrations near fine.

Inventory #: 9271
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Amsler, Cory M. Bucks County Fraktur. Bucks County Historical Society/Pennsylvania German Society: 1999. "Richly and profusely illustrated, this volume offers a stunning visual record of various fraktur forms, while also referencing the social and cultural milieu in which they were created. The book's essays, contributed by the leading authorities on this folk art form, touch on the spiritual, educational, aesthetic, and economic aspects of fraktur and consider the role played by itinerant artists, extended communities, and group migrations in transmitting the fraktur tradition.". Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 387 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Fine.

Inventory #: 35986
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Anderson, Brooke Davis & Linda Beatrice Brown. Forget Me Not. The Art & Mystery of Memory Jugs. Diggs Gallery, Winston-Salem State University: 1996. The first question this unusual exhibition catalog asks is, what are memory jugs, anyway? The answer seems threefold- they are/were memorials for deceased loved ones, specifically African-American memorials to be placed on the grave of the deceased loved one, and/or a folk craft to be practiced to while away rainy afternoons. Examples of all types are illustrated and discussed here, though due to the anonymous nature of the craft, hard information can be difficult to pin down. The jugs illustrated here were loaned from both private and public collections for what was the first exhibition featuring them ever held. A most uncommon catalog on a most uncommon subject. Softcover. 6"x9", 36 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Minor soil.

Inventory #: 35824
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Anderson, Marna. A Loving Likeness. American Folk Portraits of the Nineteenth Century. Princeton The Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb: 1992. The catalog to an exhibition of important works by a number of known and unknown American folk painters from the private collection of Raymond & Susan Egan. The exhibition also included silhouettes by the "Red Book Artist" and the "Puffy Sleeve Artist". Softcover. 9"x11.5", 60 pages, color illustrations. Light wear, a little soil.

Inventory #: 35177
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[Barenholtz] Important American Folk Art from the Collection of the late Bernard M. Barenholtz. New York Sotheby's: January 27, 1990. Sale 5969. An auction sale that needs no introduction- Bernard Barenholtz was a famous collector of both toys and folk art, and this sale catalog remains as a tribute to his fine and discerning eye. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 150 pages, 261 lots, color and b/w illustrations. Prices realised sheet stapled to first page. Some cover wear, tips thumbed.

Inventory #: 35520
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Bell, Gary P. Joseph Lehn -Woodturner. Lancaster Schaff Library, Lancaster Theological Seminary: Community Historians Annual #6: 1967. The author had prepared a research paper on the life and work of Lancaster-County wood turner and painter Joseph Lehn [1798-1892] for the Graduate School of Millersville State College which was used as the basis for this publication, with a few additions. One of the only printed works solely devoted to Lehn. Uncommon at best. Softcover. 6"x9", 24 pages, black & white illustrations. Near fine.

Inventory #: 35981
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Benes, Peter (ed.). Painting and Portrait Making in the American Northeast. Boston University: 1995. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings for 1994. The book is divided into sections on 'Arts of Portraiture in the Early Colonies', 'New England Portrait and Miniature Painters of the Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Centuries', 'Imaging and Reproduction Technologies' (19th century), 'Gender, Iconography and Aesthetics', 'Portrait Making in the Era of Daguerreotypes and Photographs', and an extensive bibliography. Softcover. 6"x9", 288 pages, b/w illustrations. Fine.

Inventory #: 90249
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Benes, Peter. The Masks of Orthodoxy. Folk Gravestone Carving in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1689-1805. Amherst University of Massachusetts Press: 1977. "A pioneer effort... [drawing on] data provided by approximately 4000 stone markers found in over 100 colonial burial sites in southeastern and central New England, and offers an explanation of the curious facial distortions, markings, and caricatures which have baffled students of early New England iconography for almost a century." Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 273 pages, b/w and line illustrations, dj. A nice copy.

Inventory #: 31322
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Beresford, Laura. Folk Art from the American Museum in Britain. London Scala Publishers: 2011. "The American Museum in Britain, housed in Claverton Manor on the outskirts of the Georgian city of Bath, showcases the artistic legacy of the artisan and amateur in pre-industrial America with pieces often crafted for constructive use - such as bird decoys, weather vanes, and trade signs. Largely dating from the late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries, the American Museum's folk art collection includes over 200 American quilts and 40 canvas paintings from the early nineteenth century. There are also diverse sculpted pieces: large trade figures a ship's figurehead depicting a Mohawk warrior gilded metal weathervanes in the guise of Native American bowmen a late nineteenth-century carousel giraffe and a carved eagle thought to be the work of Wilhelm Schimmel. This beautifully illustrated and important book provides an introduction to the distinctly American aesthetic of folk art". Softcover. 9.5"x11.5", 128 pages, color illustrations. Fine.

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Black, Mary & Barbara C. and Lawrence B. Holdridge. Ammi Phillips, Portrait Painter, 1788-1865. New York Clarkson Potter: 1968. The standard reference to the life and work of this folk portrait painter, with illustrations from the comprehensive exhibition at the Museum of American Folk Art, photographs of inscriptions on the backs of some paintings, etc. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 56 pages, 3 color plates and 77 b/w illustrations, dj Jacket lightly soiled, and with a small black label.

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Black, Mary & Barbara C. and Lawrence B. Holdridge. Ammi Phillips, Portrait Painter, 1788-1865. New York Clarkson Potter: 1968. The standard reference to the life and work of this folk portrait painter, with illustrations from the comprehensive exhibition at the Museum of American Folk Art, photographs of inscriptions on the backs of some paintings, etc. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 56 pages, 3 color plates and 77 b/w illustrations, dj a lightly worn copy in a rather soiled and spotted jacket.

Inventory #: 31227
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Borneman, Henry S. Pennsylvania German Bookplates. A Study. Philadelphia Pennsylvania German Society: 1953. A delightful, meandering but always focused study of hand-made bookplates of the Pennsylvania Germans, based on the author's own collection. "Highly personal in manner and enriched with exceedingly handsome typography and design" (Karpel). Karpel I-1526. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 171 pages, 24 color plates, some line illustrations. Publisher's decorated boards. Near fine.

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Braithwaite, David. Fairground Architecture. London Hugh Evelyn: 1976. 2nd edition. A thorough and sweeping study of the traveling fair, its architecture, amusements and personages through British history, from the viewpoint of a cultural & architectural historian who was interested in their preservation. A thoroughly enjoyable and detail-packed history of the English tober, which was fast disappearing as town after rural town sold off their best open spaces to developers and the age-old gaffs were housed-over. Softcover. 9"x9.5", 195 pages, hundreds of black & white and several color illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear.

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Brant, Sandra & Elissa Cullman. Small Folk. A Celebration of Childhood in America. E.P. Dutton/Museum of American Folk Art: 1980. A wonderful study of "the rising status of American youth as it is revealed through the folk art of the late seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." The authors include folk toys, furniture, textiles, mourning pictures, dolls & doll houses, portraits, paper work, and other objects. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 180 pages, filled with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Jacket with some soil, light wear.

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Brett, Guy. Through Our Own Eyes. Popular Art and Modern History. Philadelphia New Society Publishers: 1987. A study of popular art and how it reflects life and tumultuous change in places like Chile, China, Hiroshima, Sierra Leon, England during anti-nuclear protests, and more. Softcover. 6.5"x9", 157 pages, color and b/w illustrations light wear.

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Brewington, M.V. Shipcarvers of North America. Barre Barre Publishing Company: 1962. A well-illustrated study of figurehead and stern decorative carvings and their carvers. "The American woodcarvers, and especially the ship carvers, take their place with the 18th and 19th century painters, engravers, designers and craftsmen who were so important in the development of an indigenous taste in America. Very little is known of most of our carvers and surprisingly few specimens of their work have been preserved in public collections. In this book Mr. Brewington brings to light the development of the art in the United States and Canada (including) a geographical listing of all known American shipcarvers". Hardcover. 7.5"x11", 173 pages, color frontispiece and 134 b/w illustrations. Light wear.

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Brown, Ann Eckert. American Wall Stenciling 1790-1840. Hanover University Press of New England: 2003. "In post-revolutionary America, the decoration of choice for a surprisingly large number of home owners from all social and economic groups was walls painted with intricate stenciled designs. Stenciled walls were cheaper and more sanitary than those covered with paper, but the most compelling reason for the widespread use of stenciling was that it was considered far more stylish than impersonal, mass-produced paper. Stencil artists freely borrowed wallpaper motifs and crossbred them. Successive generations of wallpaper, which became increasingly more affordable after the Industrial Revolution, covered stenciled walls, hiding them, obliterating some and preserving others. Ann Eckert Brown's extensive research has unearthed stencils not just in New England's more characteristic homes, taverns, and inns, but also in the south and midwest. She divides stenciling into rural-based folk art, which uses naturalistic, and sometimes primitive motifs, and classically inspired, urban-based stencils, which feature patterns more refined in scale and earlier in execution, echoing Federal style images. Over 250 illustrations complement Brown's text as she makes fresh stylistic connections among designs, artists, regions, and houses over two centuries, discovering and illuminating some missing links in the history of wall stenciling. Even more, she ties together the shared destinies of the families, descendants, artists, rescuers, and restorers who lived with, created, or have dedicated their lives to preserving, this beautiful art form. She also provides a glossary, a discussion of early paint materials, suggested resources for wall stenciling preservation, and a Who's Who of American wall stenciling which includes 18th, 19th, and 20th century artists and prevationists." Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 269 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Glossary. Bibliography. New.

Inventory #: 90204
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Burrison, John A. Brothers in Clay. The Story Georgia Folk Pottery. Athens University of Georgia Press:1983. "Georgia has a remarkable pottery tradition beginning with the colonial potter Andrew Duche, who set up shop in Savannah in 1738 and spanning the centuries to Lanier Meaders... 'Brothers in Clay' is the story of this tradition and the families who have shaped and preserved it." The uncommon hardcover edition. Hardcover. 8.5"x10.5", 326 pages, 12 color plates and 152 b&w illustrations, dj. Jacket spine sunned.

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Butler, Joseph T., et al. The American Eagle. Spirit and Symbol, 1782-1882. Katonah Museum of Art: 1988. "Symbol of the Republic, America's ubiquitous eagle surfaced in many places, enhancing furniture, household items, architecture, military artifacts, coins, broadsides, posters, and more. Its appearance reflected popular culture, and its representation mirrored changing aesthetics. The catalogue includes a sampling of the exhibition with black-and-white illustrations. Curator Joseph T. Butler, Curator and Director of Collections at Historic Hudson Valley, Tarrytown, NY, writes about the eagle in the American decorative arts, while Philip M. Isaacson, author of The American Eagle, offers an anecdotal discussion of the history of the eagle as an American symbol." Softcover. 8.5"x11", 16 pages, b/w illustrations. New.

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Card, Devere A. The Use of Burl in America. Utica Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute: 1971. The catalog to an exhibition of pieces from the collection of the pioneering collector of, and dealer in, American burl treen, Devere A. Card. It includes a short discussion of American burl treen, followed by small-group photographs of more than 110 items of American burl treen with Card's informative notes. A slim catalog, but power-packed and very difficult to find. Softcover. 7"x10", 30 pages, 35 black & white illustrations. Light soil.

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