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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Currie, Philip J. & Kevin Padian. Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. Academic Press:1997. Could this fabulous book really be out of print already? It appears to be so. Academic Press has none, and nobody else appears to either. That's a real pity, because this is one hellacious book. Encyclopedic in format, well illustrated and carefully written, this volume is a must for anybody interested in dinosaurs. And it weighs about ten pounds! 9"x11", 869 pages, b&w and color illustrations, dj as new.

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Pearl, Richard M. Guide to Geologic Literature. New York McGraw-Hill Book Company:1951. Not quite as useful as it sounds not a bibliography, but rather a... well, a guide to finding geologic literature from a number of sources. If you only have one book on the subject this should not be it if you have many, add this one. 6"x9", 239 pages, former owner's rubberstamp.

Inventory #: 28823
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Prinz, Martin, et al (eds.). Simon & Schuster's Guide to Rocks & Minerals. New York Simon & Schuster: 1978. Features 1,000 illustrations, 600 in color. Softcover. 4.5"x7.5", 607 pages, b/w and color illustrations light wear.

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Walker, Curil & David Ward. Fossils. New York Dorling Kindersley: 1992. Like, OhMyGod, it's like all those "Golden Classics" wildlife books you bought as a kid, except all these guys have been dead 50 zillion years..., and the pictures are better. From the "Eyewitness Handbooks" series. Softcover. 6"x8.5", 319 pages, color illustrations near fine.

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