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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Benesch, Otto. Artistic and Intellectual Trends from Rubens to Daumier, as Shown in Book Illustration. New York Walker and Company, in association with The Department of Printing and Graphic Arts, Harvard College Library: 1969. 2nd edition. "The history of the illustrated book constitutes a chapter in the development of the graphic arts to which many lovers and even connoisseurs of prints give less attention than it merits. Regular visitors who enjoy the treasures of the Print Rooms are often unaware that within the covers of the silent, endless rows of books their favourite masters are represented in illustration and ornament". First published in 1943, this respected study comprises the revised text of a series of lectures given in 1942 to the Friends of the Harvard Library. Hardcover. 7"x10", xvi + 91 pages, plus 66 b/w plates near fine.

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Diderot. Miroitier Metteur au Teint (&) Miroitier. Paris: ca 1770. An exceptionally interesting section, illustrating the art of mirror makers. The plates include several workshop interiors, one illustrating the metallic backing being poured on and buffed, the other showing the plates being sized, polished and stacked. There are also several plates illustrating the various tools of the mirror-makers craft. 10"x16", 2 pages of text plus 8 engraved plates, disbound.

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Rodlich, H.F. Praktische Anweisung zur Verfertigung der Venezianischen Estriche. Berlin C.H. Platen: 1810. A very lovely book on the art of making Venetian crushed-stone floors which illustrates the tools and the step-by-step processes involved. Venetian crushed stone floors are a rather difficult subject -very little material about them is available in the literature. Certainly the neo-classic elements are unmistakable, and the influence of recently excavated Roman ruins must have played a part in their popularity in Italy and, as this book illustrates, Germany. The plates show the stone being prepared and colored, the floor surface being planned, laid-out and prepared, and the stone being applied and smoothed. The workmen are all stylishly dressed for such a dirty job, and appear very happy at their tasks. Young boys help with the work in a number of plates. Obviously a labor and time-intensive task, the laying of a stone floor is chronicled here in hand-colored plates that can only be described as jewel-like, and yet are also fairly realistic. A rare book, with only a single OCLC listing (in the Netherlands). Hardcover. 8.5"x10.5", 28 pages of text plus 24 hand-colored engraved plates on 12 leaves. Bound in new quarter leather with marbled boards. Very slight stains in several places, several very discreet remnants of old institutional stamps, but overall an exceptional copy of a rare work.

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Stephenson, Simon. Representations of the Embossed, Chased & Engraved Subjects and Inscriptions which decorate the Tobacco Box and Cases belonging to the Past Overseers Society, of the Parishes of St. Margaret and St. John the Evangelist, in the City of Westminster. London J. Clark: 1824. A rather incredible production, this elaborate tobacco box was passed from overseer to overseer. The box was originally but a simple horn box for a pocket, and was purchased at a fair by Overseer Henry Monck. Upon leaving office in 1713 he presented it to the Society, and its members, out of "respect to the donor, ornamented it with a silver rim, on which his named was engraved". Thus began a tradition that each departing overseer would add some silver ornament to the box when leaving office. Having run out of room on the original box, an additional case was soon added, and then another, and then another, and then... and on and on through the 18th century and into the 19th. In addition, it was tradition that the new ornamentation or case would contain a pictorial or word record of significant events of the years since the last overseer. These scenes and ornaments were quite elaborate, not mere chased leaves. They included numerous interior scenes, portraits, architectural scenes, a depiction of the court scene when the box was held by a past overseer and the Society went to court to reclaim it, a full-blown scene of a British frigate defeating a French ship at sea, the Peace Proclamation of 1802, the China Fleet repulsing a French naval squadron, the Jubilee and Death of George III, the bombardment and capture of Algiers, a battlefield scene of the victory of Wellington at Waterloo, the interior of the House of Commons during the trial of Queen Caroline, and so on. The standard of engraving, both on the box and in this book, was quite high. A unique piece of commemorative silver, beautifully and elaborately documented. 10.5"x14.5", engraved pictorial title page plus 11 pages of text and 32 plates (numbered 1-34 two double-page plates numbered as 2 plates each) 2 page list of subscribers. Bound in old boards with a newer plain leather spine boards with soil, chips and a light vertical wrinkle/crease endpapers lightly soiled, and some very light soil here and there internally, but overall internally a fine, bright, wide-margined copy and a very crisp impression. With Henry A. Hunt's bookplate and a penciled note that he purchased this book at the J.C. Noble sale of 1890.

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Uzanne, Octave. L'Eventail. Paris A. Quantin: 1882. Don't let anything else I write persuade you that this is anything but a serious scholarly study of ladies' fans from ancient times into the 19th century. But you know that Octave Uzanne's books, illustrated by Paul Avril, are much more than mere texts. They are astounding, explosive explorations of the techniques of book decoration and the use of decorative elements, from the restrained yet exuberant rococo decorative page-borders to the fascinating vignettes and scenes that perch and strut, like plumed peacocks, on many of the pages. They are perfect examples of Victorian, fin-de-siecle Paris, the Paris of writers and artists and cafes and Pernod and Absinthe and the Moulin Rouge and glorious debauchery by moonlight. Uzanne's books do not so much explore history as sinuously curve their way around and through it. 7"x11", 143 pages, illustrated throughout by Paul Avril. Bound in the original printed-silk-over-card covers, with the brilliantly-decorated paper covers bound-in. The silk covers have been expertly rebacked there is some wear and a little soil the cloth ties are partially broken internally there is a minor amount of soil.

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