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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Ames, Frank. Woven Masterpieces of Sikh Heritage. The Stylistic Development of the Kashmir Shawl 1780-1839. Woodbridge Antique Collectors' Club: 2010. "In this new, ground-breaking work, Woven Masterpieces of Sikh Heritage, Frank Ames' unique passion for the subject reveals the events and ideas that transpired within this Khalsa (Sikh Brotherhood) movement, transforming the Kashmir shawl to one of powerful ethnic proportions. During this era of Punjab's colorful history a variety of complex and enigmatic patterns emerged, some purely geometric, others symbolic, which have long eluded textiles experts. Maharaja Runjit Singh's takeover of Kashmir in 1819 had an extraordinary impact on the fashion of the legendary Kashmir shawl, giving rise to "a major artistic expression in the subcontinent". Through the exploration of miniature painting of Northern India and the hill states, Kashmiri manuscripts, the Sikh Holy Scriptures of the Sri Adi Granth and Janam Sakhis, and illustrations of unique shawls from world collections, Ames describes with his usual penchant for exacting detail the nature and source of these enigmatic patterns that define the Sikh period. In addition, textile enthusiasts will discover new material in chapters devoted to the Mughal period, lacquer painting and Indo-Persian shawl influences and trade". Hardcover. 9"x12", 256 pages, 208 color and 18 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Fine.

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Chaldecott, Nada. Dhurries. History - Technique - Pattern - Identification. London Thames & Hudson: 2003. "Traditionally used in India, dhurries are flat, woven mats that come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Until now, these utilitarian and decorative floor coverings have hidden in the shadow of the more glamorous Oriental rug. A researcher and instructor at Sotheby's Institute in London, [Nada] Chaldecott here shines a light on these traditional Indian textiles, using 248 excellent color photos and historical Indian paintings. The author warms to her topic as she pulls out intriguing tidbits and observations, such as prison-produced dhurries or how a striped weave mimics a tiger-skin rug. The book arranges the dhurries by design and theme, clearly cataloging and defining examples and delving into their history, technique, and use. Dhurries are not generally covered in guides to Oriental rugs-technically, carpets are knotted to create a pile, while the dhurrie is a flat weave-and there is very little else available in print on this subject. Thus, this is a fine addition to the textile art field." Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 160 pages, 248 color and 17 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Fine.

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Daljeet, Dr. The Sikh Heritage. A Search for Totality. New Dehli Prakash Books: 2005. "A comparatively new religion, Sikhism has flourished for 500 years, yet despite having more than 23 million adherents it remains largely unknown outside India. This exhibition catalog features stunning color reproductions of Sikh arts and crafts, including paintings, coins, and shawls. Dr. Daljeet provides an overview of this highly accomplished culture, as well as a guide to the lives and thought of the ten Sikh Gurus, their work, philosophy, and achievements in history." Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 164 pages, many color illustrations, dust jacket. New.

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Dehejia, Vidya. Delight in Design. Indian Silver for the Raj. Mappin Publishing / Grantha: 2008. A richly illustrated volume that focuses on the remarkable ornamented silverware produced by Indian craftsmen during the period of the British Raj. Indian silversmiths created elegant silver tea services, bowls, wine and water ewers, beer mugs and goblets to adorn the sideboards or mantelpieces in British Raj homes. Five essays explore different facets of the production and consumption of Indian silver for the Raj, including regional styles. There are also chapters on calling card cases and tea services. Hardcover. 10"x12", 223 pages, 219 color illustrations, dust jacket. New condition.

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Dey, Mukul. Birbhum Terracottas. New Dehli Lalit Kala Akademi: 1959. "In the district of Birbhum there are many small temples peculiar to the culture of Bengal. Though a number of them are in ruins, they possess the common feature of being decorated with terracottas both sophisticated and in the folk art style of the 18threligious currents of this period". Hardcover. 10"x13.5", 52 pages, 45 black & white illustrations, dust jacket.

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[Duval Dumanoir & Duval d'Espremenil] Memoire a consulter et consultation, pour le sieur Duval Dumanoir, & M. Duval d'Espremenil, Avocat du Roi au Chatelet, Heritiers du feu Sieur Duval de Leyrit, Gouverneur de Pondichery. Avec les Lettres que les Sieurs Duval de Leyrit & de Lally se sont ecrites dans l'Inde, pour servir de pieces Justificatives. Paris De l'Imprimerie de Michel Lambert: 1766. Bound with- "Arrest de la Cour de Parlement, qui prive Thomas Artur de Lally..." dated May 6th, 1766 and "Arrest de la Cour de Parlement qui condamme Armand-Antonin-Francois Fretard de Gadeville, & Jacques-Hugues de Chaponnay..." dated May 10th, 1766. A sad chapter in the history of the Seven Years War, ending with the French loss of India and the May 9th, 1766 beheading of General Thomas-Arthur, comte de Lally, [1702-1766]. This volume is the most complete of two collections of records published relating to the loss of French India, compiled from the official records by the heirs of the late French Governor of India. It ranges from the first action in which General Lally's troops were engaged through the withdrawal of the French from India. Lally was the son of an Irish Jacobite and a French noblewoman who joined the French army while still in his teens. In 1744 he was put in command of the "Irish Brigade" at Fontenoy, and was awarded a field promotion to brigadier. Following several more years of distinguished service, in 1756, General Lally was given command of the French expedition to India at the outbreak of the Seven Years War. It would have been better had he stayed home. Lally reached Pondicherry, the capitol of French India, in 1758. Following initial successes he met a series of defeats and setbacks, including a failed siege at Madras. Capable as a soldier but proud and disdainful as a man, Lally was roundly disliked by his men and officers, as well as the local Indian citizenry, a situation which cannot have helped the military campaign. The end came when he retreated to Pondicherry, was besieged there by a British army, and finally surrendered the city, and French presence in India, in 1761. The stage was set for almost two centuries of English rule in India, and General Lally was shipped back to England as a prisoner of war. Again, it would have been better had he stayed put. France had just lost the entirety of India, a scapegoat was needed, and Lally didn't have enough friends at court to avoid being charged with treason. A more moderate man would have stayed put, safe in England, but Lally demanded to be paroled so that he could return to France and defend himself. The resulting trial reached its predictable end after almost two years and on May 6th, 1766, Lally was sentenced to be beheaded, a sentence which was carried out three days later, on May 9th. Bound at the end of this copy are two very rare pamphlets- the official text of the Court's condemnation of Lally, dated 6 May, 1766, annd a four page official act of the courts levying fines against some officers in General Lally's regiment, dated May 10th, 1766, the day after the General was beheaded. A scarce book -no copy appears in the US auction records in the past 25 years. 7.75"x10", viii +579 + 8 + 4 pages. In a nice period binding of full mottled calf, with a gilt decorated spine featuring floral motifs. Marbled pastedowns but this copy has evidently had the matching endsheets removed. Some light cover wear, the outer hinges are split and the hinges themselves are a bit tender.

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Findly, Ellison Banks. From the Courts of India. Indian Miniatures in the Collection of the Worcester Art Museum. Worcester Art Museum: 1981. A fine catalog of 15th through 18th century Indian miniatures. Softcover. 9"x10.5", 77 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Light wear.

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Galloway, Francesca. Indian Miniatures from the James Ivory Collection. London Francesca Galloway: 2010. "The collection of film director James Ivory (The Remains of the Day, The White Countess) comprises 99 Indian miniatures from the Hindu courts of Rajasthan, the Hill States, South India and paintings made under East India Company rule. The underlying theme of this collection is a fascination with India and an acute observation of Indian life, both secular and religious, combined with a delight in some of the peculiarities of human nature. The book is fully illustrated and has been prepared by the renowned Indian art historian J. P. Losty". Softcover. 10"x13", 220 pages, color illustrations. Fine.

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Gans-Ruedin, E. Indian Carpets. New York Rizzoli: 1984. A well-illustrated study of Indian carpets, with additional material on weaving techniques, materials, dyes, and motifs. O'Bannon 1836. Hardcover. 10"x10", 318 pages, 120 color illustrations, line drawings, dust jacket. Fine condition.

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Geoffroy-Schneiter, Berenice. Indian Beauty, Bollywood Style. New York Assouline: 2004. "The movies made in the studios of Mumbai-old Bombay-are known around the world for their lavish style, syrupy music, and sultry dance numbers with gilded and jewel-encrusted costumes and sets. Inspired by the big-budget epics and extravaganzas of Hollywood's golden era, and colored with the vibrant Indian culture of religion and folklore, the distinct style has earned the moniker "Bollywood," and its unique mlange of kitsch and veiled eroticism has begun to influence art and fashion throughout the West as well. This book looks at the visual and narrative origins of Bollywood style as well as some of its biggest stars, who enjoy a mystique similar to that of the Hollywood stars of the 1930s and 40s.". Hardcover. 6.5"x9", 79 pages, color illustrations, dust jacket. New.

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Grunwedel, Albert (& Jas. Burgess). Buddhist Art in India. New Delhi S. Chand & Co.: 1901. "Translated from the 'Handbuch' of Prof. Albert Grunwedel by Agnes C. Gibson, revised and enlarged by Jas. Burgess, Late Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India". Professor Grunwedel's book was first published in 1893. An excellent study, even if the quality of the photographs is a bit lacking. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 228 pages, black & white and line illustrations. Minor wear, light soil.

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Kramrisch, Stella. Painted Delight. Indian Paintings from Philadelphia Collections. Philadelphia Museum of Art: 1986. The well-illustrated catalog to this important loan exhibition. There are separate sections devoted to Pre-Mughal Painting - Mughal Painting - Painting in the Deccan - Rajput Painting in the Plains - Rajput Painting in the Panjab Hills - Folk Painting. Softcover. 9"x11", 195 pages, color and black & white illustrations. Covers rubbed.

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[Manheim, et al] Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese, Thai, Khmer and Javanese Art, including Indian Miniatures. New York Sotheby's: September 20-21st, 1985. This auction catalog provides a feast for lovers of Indian and related arts. Metalwares, stonework, textiles, weapons, bronzes, wood carvings, paintings, and much, much more, are all featured with good descriptions and hundreds of illustrations. Much of the material was from the collection of Paul E. Manheim, and had been on loan to institutions, including the LA County Museum of Art, the Pacific Asia Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and others. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 450 pages, 710 lots, packed with color and b/w illustrations. Light wear.

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Pal, Pratapaditya. The Flute and the Brush. Indian Paintings from the William Theo Brown and Paul Wonner Collection. Newport Harbor Art Museum: 1976. The catalog to a loan exhibition of Indian paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries from this private collection. Each painting is briefly described and there is an introductory essay. Softcover. 9"x8.5", 7 pages of text plus 4 color and 45 black & white plates. Tips thumbed, minor wear.

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Pim, A[lan].W. A Monograph on Woollen Fabrics in the North-Western Provinces and Oudh. Allahabad North-Western Provinces and Oudh Government Press: 1898. A study of the woolen fabric trades in the northern sections of British Colonial India, with information on raw materials, spinning and warping, weaving, felting, dyeing, and local traditions connected with these activities. Sir Alan Pim [1871-1958] wrote a number of studies on British Colonial agriculture and related topics, and would later criticize the British government for not spending more on local Colonial infrastructure in Africa to benefit the native population. This early title is uncommon- OCLC locates 2 copies of this edition, and a single copy of a variant printing. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", iv + 17 pages. Publisher's printed boards with newer cloth spine. Ex-institutional with newer endpapers and a blindstamp on the title page. Covers somewhat worn and soiled, 1-inch chip on upper corner. Brittle paper is starting to crack along the gutter at the bottom of the first few pages.

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Shankar, Ann & Jenny Housego. Bridal Durries of India. Ahmedabad Mapin Publishing Pvt.: 1997. "For generations women in villages of northern India have woven durries, flat tapestry, as part of the trousseau they take to their future home. Imaginative in design, bold in their use of color, the durries are treasured items. This richly illustrated book breaks new ground in exploring the background to this fascinating village tradition. It shows how the designs and motifs still in use are part of a continuous illustrative language that goes back to the ancient civilizations of the region". Hardcover. 8"x10", 196 pages, 55 color and many black & white illustrations, dust jacket. New.

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Spillman, Jane Shadel. European Glass Furnishings for Eastern Palaces. Corning Museum of Glass: 2006. "Written as a supplement to the Museum's major summer exhibition, 'Glass of the Maharajahs', this book explores the little-known era in glassmaking history when European glass manufacturers tailored one-of-a-kind and limited-production glass furniture to the tastes of the wealthy Indian elite. The very idea that a chair could glitter like a diamond, catch light like a colored gemstone, and still function as seating must have astounded those who first encountered glass furniture in the mid- to late-19th century. Some of the furniture and printed materials are drawn from The Corning Museum of Glass others are borrowed from Indian palaces, private homes and archival collections." A fascinating catalog. The text begins by discussing the early 19th century glass furniture of Europe and Russia, and then moves on to India. Firms such as F.& C. Osler, Jonas Defries & Sons, Coalbourne Hill Glass Works, Baccarat and Elias Palme are all discussed at length. One of the most fascinating aspects of this book was the ability of the author to find modern photographs, period prints, and original factory designs for the same pieces of furniture and lighting. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 144 pages, 125 illustrations. New.

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Swarup, Shanti. The Arts and Crafts of India and Pakistan. Bombay D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co.: 1957. "A pictorial survey of dancing, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, arts-crafts, and ritual decorations from the earliest times to the present day". Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 89 pages, plus 6 color and 264 black & white plates. Light wear, a little soil.

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Wheeler, Monroe (ed.). Textiles and Ornaments of India. A Selection of Designs. New York Museum of Modern Art: 1956. The catalog to an exhibition staged at the MoMA in 1955, with a foreword by Wheeler and essays by Pupul Jayakar and John Irwin. A splendid loan exhibition of 17th-20th century textiles, as well as related jewelry and objects. Hardcover. 9"x10", 95 pages, many black & white and several color illustrations, dust jacket. Light soil, jacket a bit worn.

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