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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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Baker, T. The Laws relating to Burials in England and Wales...with Notes, Forms, and Practical Instructions. London W. Maxwell: 1855. Up to about 1850 the state of burial law in England was virtually nonexistent -quite literally, anything went, with resulting problems which can be only too well imagined. Starting in 1850 a succession of Burial Acts and Revisions were enacted that attempted to bring the chaos into order and safeguard the health of the public and the dignity of the dead. Baker, a barrister of the Inner Temple specializing in Burial Acts, has here set forth the news laws in their entirety, with all the revisions properly inserted. Topics covered include the closure of old burial grounds the appointment of Burial Boards proceedings of Burial Boards the provision of new burial grounds the rights of parties regarding fees registration of burials rating and protection of new burial grounds reception and conveyance of the dead burial of poor persons and regulation by the Secretary of State. This is followed by the texts of the Acts, and that is followed by a section of forms for various purposes. A comprehensive and fascinating look at Victorian Burial Law reform. Uncommon. Hardcover. 4.5"x7.5", v + 173 pages publisher's original black textured cloth with gilt cover title light internal soil old bookplate a very nice copy.

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[Besancon] Ordonnances Reglemens et Statuts des Arts et Metiers de la Cite Royale de Besancon. Besancon Louis Rigoine: 1689. A good source of information on trade regulations and practices in 17th century France. This compilation of rules, regulations and laws concerning the crafts and trades was published in the important eastern city of Besancon in 1689, just 11 years after it had formally been ceded to France as part of the peace of Nijmwegen. The first section includes general information and regulations, followed by sections for masons, carpenters, roofers, launderers, metalsmiths, farriers, pavers, gold & silversmiths, pewterers, cabinetmakers, hatmakers, tailors, shoemakers, weavers, tanners, saddlers, harness-makers, apothecaries, surgeons, bakers & pastry makers, and butchers. Each section runs five or six pages and touches on the details of apprenticeships, trade regulations, succession at the death of the master, and other nuts and bolts aspects of the trades and professions in a 17th century French city. A valuable source of information. Subsequent editions were published in 1698 and 1784. None are common OCLC locates only 4 copies of this edition. Hardcover. 7"x10", 146 pages, [2] leaves, woodcut device on the title page, woodcut head and tailpieces and initial letters bound in full contemporaneous calf with giltwork on the spine covers rubbed, some light internal browning.

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Jones, Ben. Sam Jones: Lawyer. Norman University of Oklahoma Press: 1947. The tale of the author's father, a small-town "short-grass country" Kansas lawyer in the 1890s-1920s. Hardcover. 6"x8.5", 218 pages, line illustrations near fine.

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