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 Friday, November 24, 2017

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City of Rutland, Vermont Liquor Agency Ledger. Rutland: August, 1894-July, 1895. An intriguing item. A manuscript ledger covering almost a full year's worth of drinking by the good citizens of Rutland and nearby towns, with the particulars of who bought what, how much, and how often. Each page has columns for the date, name and city of residence of the purchaser and the total they paid, and on the facing sheet are columns with the printed headers: Alcohol B. Whiskey R. Whiskey Gin Med. Rum S.C. Rum Cherry Rum F. Brandy Cal. Brandy Cider Brandy B.B. Brandy Port Wine Sherry Wine Catawba Wine Angelica Wine Porter Bass Ale Lager and Champagne. The ledger is completely filled in and runs from August 14th, 1894 to July 20th, 1895. A wonderful source of raw data for anyone interested in late Victorian drinking habits in New England. Hardcover. 9.5"x14", about 600 pages marbled endpapers covers with some soil.

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Allen, H. Warner. The Romance of Wine. London Ernest Benn Limited: 1931. A general guide to wine appreciation, drinking, and types of wine. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", several b/w illustrations and maps. Dusty, covers with some fading, some soil, extensive underlining. A reading copy.

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Bothmer, Dietrich von. A Gold Libation Bowl. [contained in the] Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin: December, 1962. A portion of this Bulletin is devoted to an examination of a 3rd Century gold phiale from Greece, and related examples. Softcover. 7.5"x10", [article- 13 pages, 20 b/w illustrations]. Light soil, cover slightly scuffed.

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Carson, Gerald. Rum and Reform in Old New England. Old Sturbridge Village: 1966. Well, yes, it's true- New England Society in the late 18th and early 19th centuries was lubricated by a never-ending river of rum and other spirits. This illustrated essay explores the "problem" and attempts to reform it, with many period quotes and descriptions. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 16 pages, b/w illustrations light soil.

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Dent, Major Herbert C. Wine, Spirit & Sauce Labels of the 18th & 19th Centuries. Norwich H.W. Hunt: 1933. Edition limited to 250 signed, numbered copies. The very first book on the subject of wine labels, and because of its rarity and the important place of its author in the history of label colleting, still a much sought-after volume. The text covers the evolution and nomenclature of the wine label, 'Bronte' labels, 'Calcavella' labels, 'Methuen' labels, home-made cordial and wine labels, condiment labels, Madeira labels, and labels decorated with crests. The color plate illustrates a blue Bristol spirit bottle and two sauce bottles, ca.1780, featuring engraved designs imitating silver labels. Black & white plate I illustrates representative 18th century wine labels, Plate II shows labels made between 1800 and 1837, Plate III shows labels of the 18th and early 19th century featuring crests, Plate IV illustrates labels with uncommon titles, Plate V shows sauce & condiment labels and labels in the form of leaves, Plate VI illustrates ivory, mother-of-pearl, Sheffield plate, and boar's tusk labels. Major Herbert Dent, MBE, started collecting labels around 1910. A veteran of service in India, by the early decades of the 20th century he had retired and could devote much time to his new hobby, which included the sale and gifting of hundreds of duplicate labels, and a steady correspondence with fellow collectors. Several years after he published this limited edition he sold his entire label collection to fellow collector Herbert W. Hollebone, in order to help finance his granddaughters' educations. Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 15 pages plus a color frontispiece and 6 black & white plates. Publisher's dark blue cloth with gilt titles. Light cover wear, endpapers browned, else clean and fine.

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French Wine. Revue du Vin de France. Technical and topical information, defense of quality. Paris 1968-1971. The English edition of this premier French wine journal, founded in 1927.Issue 216 (Jan.-Feb., 1968) thru 218 (May-June, 1968) 220 (Oct.-Nov.-Dec., 1968) thru 229 (July-Aug.-Sept., 1970) 231 (Jan.-Feb., 1971) and 234-235 (July-Aug.-Sept., 1971 and Oct.-Nov.-Dec., 1971). 16 issues. Softcovers. 9.5"x12", about 60 pages each, b/w illustrations somewhat dusty, some soiling.

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Ginestet, Bernard. Chablis. Paris Jacques Legrand: 1990. One of France's leading wine writers takes the reader on a tour of the vineyards and wines of the Chablis region, as well as discussing their history. From the Bernard Ginestet Guide to the Vineyards of France series. Hardcover. 6"x9.5", 192 pages, color and black & white illustrations, maps. Dust jacket. Light wear.

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Giulian, Bertrand B. Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century. Artistry in Iron and Steel. Whitespace Publishing: 1995. An intriguing history of the 18th century corkscrew, illustrated with both modern photos and reproductions of period pattern book pages. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 236 pages, b/w illustrations, dj. Fine.

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Goldenson, Suzanne. Vintage Places. A Connoisseur's Guide to North American Wineries and Vineyards. Pittstown Main Street Press: 1985. Softcover. 5.5"x8", 270 pages, line illustrations near fine.

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[Metals] Catalogue of English and Continental Pewter and Other Base-Metalwork... London Sotheby & Co.: October 25, 1971. Includes a collection of Valais wine measures (illustrated). Property from the collections of Gwendoline Smith, Mrs. C.E. Burgess and Mrs. A. Gilbey. Softcover. 6"x9.5", 22 pages plus 5 b/w illustrations of 18 lots prices realised sheet stapled to title page a nice copy.

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[Paris Exhibition] Passengers' Baggage (Paris Exhibition). London House of Commons: 1867. A pair of Parliamentary papers which are "Copies of Memorials to the Chancellor of the Exchequer with respect to the examination of passengers' baggage during the continuance of the Paris Exhibition and of correspondence between the Treasury and the Commissioners of Customs upon the subject". Briefly, a group of members of Parliament (among them Benjamin Disraeli) wanted the Chancellor to do away with the inspection of incoming passengers' baggage from Paris for the duration of the Paris exhibition, claiming the increase in bags and traffic would impose burdensome waits. The Treasury's answer showed (in detail) that it would do no such thing, and pointed out that the difference in prices for alcoholic beverages and tobacco between Paris and England made smuggling very attractive. The MP's appealed, claiming there was no such price differential, to which the Treasury again objected, showing the differentials in detail, and so on. Although it all sounds pretty dry, there is a great amount of interesting detail about cross-channel passages and customs practices, and the state of the liquor and tobacco trades in the two countries. 2 pieces 8.25"x12.5", 20 + 7 pages disbound from a larger volume some chipping and creasing, several stamps.

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Salter, John. Wine Labels 1730-2003. A Worldwide History. Woodbridge Antique Collector's Club: 2005. This is the first comprehensive study of wine labels to be published since 1947, and it will become the standard study of the subject for decades to come. Written with the help of members of the Wine Label Circle, who have contributed to the text in accordance with their own specialist expertise, it explores the history of the development of not only the labels themselves, but also of the great collections. It examines the makers, places of manufacture and styles, and covers all sorts of labels, including silver, silver plate, gold, china, pottery, paktong, enamel, bone, aluminum, celluloid, brass, tin, gilt, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, fabric, and other types of labels. A large, heavily illustrated, simply superb study. Hardcover. 8.5"x11" 600 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. New.

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Simon, Andre L. Bibliotheca Vinaria. A Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets Dealing with Viticulture, Wine-Making, Distillation, the Management, Sale, Taxation, Use and Abuse of Wines and Spirits. Martino Publishing. A facsimile reprint of the original 1913 limited edition, which listed over 6,500 items. "Simon is one of the most famous of bibliographers in the field of gastronomy, and his Biblioteca Vinaria is one of the most important works in the subfield of books relating to wine and spirits." Hardcover. 6"x9", viii 340 pages. New.

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[Wine] Finest and Rarest Wines, Spirits, Vintage Port, Cigars, and Collectors' Items. London Sotheby's: September 26, 1984. This sale included 13 vintages of Chateaux Latour, an imperial of Chateau Mouton Rothschild from 1924, the year Baron Philippe succeeded his father a rare bottle of Tokay from the cellars of Emperor Joseph II, Marie Antoinette's brother. Softcover. 8"x10.5", about 40 pages, 1,074 lots, some b/w illustrations some wear, light water wrinkle along bottom.

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