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 Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Cott, Nancy F. The Bonds of Womanhood. "Women's Sphere" in New England, 1780-1835. New Haven Yale University Press: 1977. A scholarly and entertaining examination of women's lives and roles in early 19th century New England society. Chapters include: Work Domesticity Education Religion Sisterhood. Softcover. 5.5"x8", 225 pages, light wear.

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Cuthbertson, Stuart & John C. Ewers. A Preliminary Bibliography on the American Fur Trade. Mansfield Centre Martino Publishing: 2002. "A facsimile of the 1939 edition published by the National Park Service, one of the few book-length efforts to treat the subject. The Fur Trade flourished for about 250 years after the arrival of the Europeans, a time which can be roughly divided into three sections, the "French Era" from 1600 to 1760, the "British Era" from 1760 to 1816, and the "American Era" from 1816 to 1850. By 1850 it all had mostly come to an end. This bibliography includes 2000 items and was originally published in mimeograph sheets for distribution to institutions and interested parties. Hardcover. 7"x9", 191 pages. New.

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Damon, John W. The Havana Ice-House Controversy: or Facts versus Falsehood, in regard to the transactions between Frederic Tudor and John W. Damon. Boston printed for the author: 1846. One side of a nasty dispute over who had the right to supply ice to the city of Havana. Frederic Tudor of Boston, known worldwide as the "Ice King" for the breadth and width of his ice business, had employed Damon as an agent for many years in Havana. In 1838 Damon struck out on his own and signed a contract with the city of Havana to be its sole supplier of ice. Tudor, seeing a lucrative market slipping away, sued, claiming that he and Damon were still partners, and that he (Tudor) owned 4/5ths of the partnership. Damon, faced with waging a never-ending legal battle against a well-heeled and well-connected foe, published this meticulous defense, which contains much interesting detail about the ice business in the 1830s. Softcover. 5.5"x9", 270 pages. Original printed covers. Covers with some soil and wear, spine a bit chipped. Contents lightly browned and with light scattered soil.

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Destler, Chester McArthur. The Union Bank of New London: Formative Years. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -January, 1959. The Union Bank was chartered in 1792, and this article follows the history of the Bank to 1801. Softcover. 6"x9", 13 pages [article], several black & white illustrations. Light soil.

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Duncan, Thomas W. [Manuscript] A Sermon Delivered at Wrentham North Parish January 30th, 1820, the next Sabbath after my wife died. Wrentham 1820. An interesting manuscript sermon on the subject of death, dying, and Christian salvation. Even as all men live and assume they shall go on living, the Rev. Duncan notes, death will come to all, because "there are none who can escape this king of terrors". He goes on to warn of the dangers death holds for the unsaved, and to assure his listeners that the saved will go to a better place. Near the end of the sermon he addresses himself, his children, and friends and neighbors on the subject of grieving and celebrating the passing on of a loved one. Softcover. 4.25"x7", 35 numbered pages a paper pamphlet in blue covers with 18 unlined leaves, hand-numbered 1-35 (1 side of 1 leaf left blank). Text written in ink throughout in a fairly legible hand. Covers somewhat worn, bottom corner chipped some internal soil, some ink splotches. With a separate sheet inserted loosely reading- "Walpole, May 12, 18(torn)- As a token of love and respect, will the Union Church in North Wrentham please to accept this volume of sacred writ, for their pulpit, from Mary Robichaux". It's not clear if this refers to this volume or not.

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Dunlap, William. History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States. New York George P. Scott and Co.: 1834. There is not much need to pontificate at length upon the extreme importance of Dunlap's book -it remains an invaluable reference for the student of American painters, sculptors and miniaturists, and is the granddaddy of all other historical surveys of the American arts, and in many ways the foundation upon which all subsequent studies have been based. If Dunlap had not recorded this information much, if not most, of it would have been irretrievably lost before other researchers got around to caring about the subject at the end of the nineteenth century. A much-revised and very useful second edition was edited by Frank W. Bayley and Charles Goodspeed in 1918 which contained a large amount of new material but in which the editors also, regrettably, deleted much of the original material. As Bayley & Goodspeed note in their 1918 preface- "The peculiar nature of Dunlap's work -its' faulty composition, irregular orthography, duplications, irrelevancies and prolixity- have made the editors' office a difficult one", and in their late-Edwardian fit of "purification" they deleted such things as "extraneous anecdotes of Stuart and Jarvis, verses by Allston, a technical treatise on miniature painting by Cummings, and various notes of small value or ephemeral interest". Well, one man's "irrelevancy" is another's bread and butter, and their deletions guaranteed that there will always be a place for the original 1834 edition on the art historian's bookshelf. Hardcover. 2 volumes. 6.25"x9.75", 433 + viii + 480 pages. Original board covers with patterned cloth spines covers with moderate wear including some soil spine heads and bases chipped tips rounded outer cloth on Vol. 1 spine splitting slightly shaken moderate internal foxing, as is so often the case.

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Foner, Eric, & Olivia Mahoney. A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln. Chicago Historical Society / W.W.Norton: 1991. Life in America seen through Civil-War period art and artifacts. Softcover. 8.5"x10", 179 pages, profusely illustrated in color and b/w somewhat worn small remainder mark on bottom edge.

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Fox, William L. (ed.). Valley of the Craftsmen: A Pictorial History: Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America's Southern Jurisdiction, 1801-2001. The Supreme Council 33. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction: 2001. "George Washington was made an Entered Apprentice Mason in the lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1752, and used a Masonic gavel to lay the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol four decades later. Benjamin Franklin not only printed the first Masonic publication in colonial America, he was also a member of the Lodge of the Nine Muses in Paris, along with his good friend Voltaire. Two centuries later, Buzz Aldrin carried a Banner of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, to the moon on Apollo 11. Heavily illustrated with color and black and white photographs of stately temples and humble meetinghouses, august personages, ceremonial artifacts, and key documents and images, this history follows the founding and growth of the first, Charleston-based chapter of the "Scottish Rite" of Freemasons in America, and removes much of the obfuscation that has often inspired paranoia about the secret fraternal society." Hardcover. 10.5"x12", 269 pages, profusely illustrated in black & white and color dj. New. Published at $75.00.

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Gardner, Albert Ten Eyck. Huntington's Franklins. [contained in the] Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Summer, 1956. An article exploring the collecting life of William Henry Huntington and his collection of Benjamin Franklin portraits and memorabilia. This issue also includes: "The Tale of Genji", and "Two Ancient Silver Vessels". Softcover. 7.5"x10", article: 9 pages, black & white llustrations. Light soil.

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Gilborn, Craig, et al. Forever Wild: The Adirondack Experience. Katonah Museum of Art: 1991. "A major exhibition of almost 200 objects marked the Centennial of the Adirondack State Park and examined life and art in this area from the 1930s onward. Artists such as Thomas Cole, Jasper Cropsey, Asher Durand, Winslow Homer, and Frederic Remington were drawn to the Adirondacks and captured its rustic beauty in their art. Included in the catalogue are many illustrations and five essays that treat current issues related to this vast park." Softcover. 8.5"x11", 40 pages, black & white illustrations. New.

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Halsey, R.T.H. & Charles Over Cornelius. A Handbook of the American Wing. Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1926. 3rd edition. Since its opening in 1924, the Met's American Wing has been one of the premier collections of American paintings, furniture and the decorative arts. This guide was written by one of the men who helped create the Wing. Hardcover. 5.5"x8.5", 288 pages, black & white illustrations. Some wear, spine gouge.

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Hard, Walter. The Connecticut. New York Rinehart & Co.: 1947. From the Rivers of America series. Hardcover. 5.5"x8", 310 pages, b/w illustrations, dj jacket worn, some soil, book with moderate wear.

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Hebert, John R. Panoramic Maps of Anglo-American Cities. Washington Library of Congress: 1974. "A checklist of maps in the collections of the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division". Over 1,000 maps are listed, along with an interesting introduction. Softcover. 11.5"x9", 118 pages, b/w illustrations some soil, covers with a little wear.

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Hoxie, Frances Alida. Index to the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin. Volumes 31 through 45, 1966 through 1980. Hartford Connecticut Historical Society: no date. A very useful index. Well, I find it useful. But I have two for some reason, so here's the other one. Softcover. 6"x9", 268 pages light soil.

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Hulton, Paul. America 1585. The Complete Drawings of John White. University of North Carolina Press / British Museum Publications: 1984. John White accompanied the Raleigh expedition to Roanoke in 1585 and sketched the natives, plants and animals. This volume reproduces all 76 of his surviving watercolors, as well as the engravings of his sketches which appeared in Harriot's 1590 book on Virginia also included are drawings he made of the Eskimos and the Indians of Brazil. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 213 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Minor wear.

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Hume, Ivor Noel. All the Best Rubbish. New York Harper & Row: 1974. "Being an antiquary's account of the pleasures and perils of studying & collecting everyday objects from the past". Hume was the Director of the Department of Archeology at Colonial Williamsburg. He weaves a fascinating web of tales of collecting, collectors and museums over the centuries. Hardcover. 6"x9", 320 pages, black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Light soil, a little wear.

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Hutchins, Catherine E. Shaping a National Culture. The Philadelphia Experience, 1750-1800. Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1994. "Social, economic, political, and architectural historians join scholars and curators to present their findings about Philadelphia's myriad economic groups, political enclaves, religious structures, cultural institutions, and artisanal output during the period. The 16 essays in this volume were first presented at the 1987 Winterthur Conference that brought together social, economic, political, and architectural historians along with other scholars and curators to present their findings about Philadelphia's myriad economic groups, political enclaves, religious structures, cultural institutions, and artisanal output during the period 1750 to 1800". Softcover. 5.5"x8", 375 pages, black & white illustrations. Fine.

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Jackson, Clarence S. William H. Jackson. Picture Maker of the Old West. New York Charles Scribner's Sons: 1947. The life and photographs of William Henry Jackson [1843-1942, one of the premier photographers of the American Wild West and its landmarks. Jackson accompanied several important exploring expeditions in the 1870s, and his photographs were among the first photographic records of the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and the Rockies. Hardcover. 9"x12", 308 pages, black & white illustrations. Some wear.

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Jacobus, Melancthon W. Bridge Week, October 6-8, 1908. Celebrating the Dedication of the Bulkeley Bridge at Hartford. [contained in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin -October, 1978. The story of the celebration at the dedication of this handsome stone arch bridge in Hartford. Softcover. 6"x9", 8 pages [article], 14 black & white illustrations [article]. Light soil.

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Johnson, Malcolm. David Claypool Johnston. American Graphic Humorist, 1798-1865. Worcester American Antiquarian Society: 1970. An exhibition of the work of one of the most popular illustrators of the day. Dubbed "The American Cruikshank", Johnston had supplemented his income by acting early in his career, but by the time of "Charcoal Sketches" his work could be seen in many magazines, on sheet music, and illustrating books. Hardcover. 7"x9", 47 pages, b/w illustrations pictorial covers, slightly soiled. Inscribed by the author.

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Jones, Ben. Sam Jones: Lawyer. Norman University of Oklahoma Press: 1947. The tale of the author's father, a small-town "short-grass country" Kansas lawyer in the 1890s-1920s. Hardcover. 6"x8.5", 218 pages, line illustrations near fine.

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Kendrick, John B. History of the Wallingford Disaster. Hartford The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co.: 1878. On Friday, August 9th, 1878 a tornado passed through Wallingford, Connecticut, ripping a large portion of the town to shreds and killing 29 people. Although one runs across 19th century chronicles of tornadoes from time to time, one rarely finds an account as detailed as this account, nor one which spends so much time describing the aftermath -the rescues, the cleanup, the visits by dignitaries and sightseers, and so on. Nor does one often come across an account illustrated quite like this one. There are 8 full-page woodcut plates showing the destruction, from ruined houses and buildings to a giant elm snapped like a toothpick. The plates' style is a very stark and sharp, almost modern, or reminiscent of the 1930s. The effect is quite startling and dramatic. A most interesting tale and illustrations of a disastrous storm and its aftermath. Hardcover. 6"x9", 76 pages, 8 b/w plates covers with some wear and soil, some internal soil, pp 7/8 detached but present, and with some chipping along the edge.

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Kihn, Phyllis. Captain Solomon Ingraham. [in the] Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, January, 1964. An investigation into the life of Connecticut's Captain Solomon Ingraham, captain of the merchant ship 'Pacific' which sailed to Calcutta on a trading mission in 1799. The article details attempts to find out more about the somewhat-mysterious Captain, who died in Calcutta in 1805, and also contains a transcription of the inventory of his estate. Softcover, 6"x9", 15 pages (article), several black & white illustrations. Fine.

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Kittredge, George Lyman. The Old Farmer and His Almanack... Boston William Ware and Company: 1904. "Being some observations on life and manners in New England a hundred years ago, suggested by reading the earlier numbers of Mr. Robert B. Thomas's Farmer's Almanack, together with extracts curious, instructive, and entertaining, as well as a variety of miscellaneous matter". An entertaining book, common enough, but this copy is in superlative condition. Hardcover. 6"x9", xiv + 403 pages, b/w plates red cloth with gilt titles an exceptionally bright and fresh copy.

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Kopper, Philip. Colonial Williamsburg. New York Harry N. Abrams: 1996. A large, beautifully-illustrated history of Colonial Williamsburg -both in Colonial times and as a living museum today. Includes a history of how Williamsburg of the mid-20th century became today's Colonial Williamsburg. Hardcover. 10.5"x12", 320 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Minor wear.

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