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 Friday, December 15, 2017

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Dupont, Jacques & Andre Chamson. La Vierge dans l'Art Francais. Paris Art et Style, No.16: 1950. An interesting pictorial survey of The Virgin in French Art, including much Medieval and Renaissance sculpture, paintings, ivory carvings, etc. 9.5"x12.5", 4 pages of text plus 40 b&w plates and 3 loosely inserted color plates stiff softcovers, covers spotted.

Inventory #: 21145
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[Duval Dumanoir & Duval d'Espremenil] Memoire a consulter et consultation, pour le sieur Duval Dumanoir, & M. Duval d'Espremenil, Avocat du Roi au Chatelet, Heritiers du feu Sieur Duval de Leyrit, Gouverneur de Pondichery. Avec les Lettres que les Sieurs Duval de Leyrit & de Lally se sont ecrites dans l'Inde, pour servir de pieces Justificatives. Paris De l'Imprimerie de Michel Lambert: 1766. Bound with- "Arrest de la Cour de Parlement, qui prive Thomas Artur de Lally..." dated May 6th, 1766 and "Arrest de la Cour de Parlement qui condamme Armand-Antonin-Francois Fretard de Gadeville, & Jacques-Hugues de Chaponnay..." dated May 10th, 1766. A sad chapter in the history of the Seven Years War, ending with the French loss of India and the May 9th, 1766 beheading of General Thomas-Arthur, comte de Lally, [1702-1766]. This volume is the most complete of two collections of records published relating to the loss of French India, compiled from the official records by the heirs of the late French Governor of India. It ranges from the first action in which General Lally's troops were engaged through the withdrawal of the French from India. Lally was the son of an Irish Jacobite and a French noblewoman who joined the French army while still in his teens. In 1744 he was put in command of the "Irish Brigade" at Fontenoy, and was awarded a field promotion to brigadier. Following several more years of distinguished service, in 1756, General Lally was given command of the French expedition to India at the outbreak of the Seven Years War. It would have been better had he stayed home. Lally reached Pondicherry, the capitol of French India, in 1758. Following initial successes he met a series of defeats and setbacks, including a failed siege at Madras. Capable as a soldier but proud and disdainful as a man, Lally was roundly disliked by his men and officers, as well as the local Indian citizenry, a situation which cannot have helped the military campaign. The end came when he retreated to Pondicherry, was besieged there by a British army, and finally surrendered the city, and French presence in India, in 1761. The stage was set for almost two centuries of English rule in India, and General Lally was shipped back to England as a prisoner of war. Again, it would have been better had he stayed put. France had just lost the entirety of India, a scapegoat was needed, and Lally didn't have enough friends at court to avoid being charged with treason. A more moderate man would have stayed put, safe in England, but Lally demanded to be paroled so that he could return to France and defend himself. The resulting trial reached its predictable end after almost two years and on May 6th, 1766, Lally was sentenced to be beheaded, a sentence which was carried out three days later, on May 9th. Bound at the end of this copy are two very rare pamphlets- the official text of the Court's condemnation of Lally, dated 6 May, 1766, annd a four page official act of the courts levying fines against some officers in General Lally's regiment, dated May 10th, 1766, the day after the General was beheaded. A scarce book -no copy appears in the US auction records in the past 25 years. 7.75"x10", viii +579 + 8 + 4 pages. In a nice period binding of full mottled calf, with a gilt decorated spine featuring floral motifs. Marbled pastedowns but this copy has evidently had the matching endsheets removed. Some light cover wear, the outer hinges are split and the hinges themselves are a bit tender.

Inventory #: 29757
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[Eastern Orthodox Church] French Furniture, Paintings, Porcelains, Rugs, from various owners, including Eastern Orthodox Church in America. New York Parke-Bernet Galleries: December 7th, 1963. Sale 2238. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 48 pages, 222 lots, b/w illustrations, near fine.

Inventory #: 7138
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Eriksen, Svend. Early Neo-Classicism in France. The Creation of the Louis Seize Style in Architectural Decoration, Furniture and Ormolu, Gold and Silver, and Sevres Porcelain in the Mid-Eighteenth Century. London Faber & Faber: 1970. An important work on early French Neoclassic furniture, porcelain, silver, and other arts, based on a vast selection of photographs and much documentary evidence unearthed from the incomplete records that remain from 18th century France (in Paris, for instance, many early records were lost in the riots of 1871, following defeat in the Franco-Prussian War). The author notes- "This book springs from the fact that, in the course of some years' search in museums and private collections, I have come across a variety of objects which would seem to stand stylistically somewhere between Rococo and the Neo-Classical phases -between Louis Quinze and Louis Seize- and I have tried to assemble information that might increase our understanding of the artistic developments of that stage. To put it another way, the book is intended as an aid to the piecing together of a vast jigsaw puzzle which fell on the floor some two hundred years ago...unfortunately many of the pieces seem to have disappeared completely...yet no game is worth playing if it is too easy, and one can derive much pleasure from just piecing bits of it together". Hardcover. 9"x11", 432 pages plus 9 color and 499 b&w illustrations. Light wear.

Inventory #: 35026
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[Faucigny-Lucinage Collection] Valuable French XVIII Century & Other Furniture, Paintings & Objets d'Art, From the Collection of Rodolphe, Prince de Faucigny-Lucinge, and from other owners. New York Parke-Bernet Galleries: April 22-23rd, 1955. The reason the title says "& other furniture" with regard to this distinguished and incredible collection, is that the Prince did not confine himself to the 18th century, but gamboled a bit into the 19th with such items as a Directoire cut-crystal pedestal table with a green scagliola top, and a pair of ca.1825 carved and painted palm trees with brass leaves... Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 169 pages, 423 lots, b/w illustrations several institutional stamps.

Inventory #: 7150
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Flechier, Esprit & Jacques-Benigne Bossuet. Recueil des Oraisons Funebres de M. Flechier, et de M. Bossuet. Nismes Chez Pierre Beaume: 1782. Corrected Edition. An important collection of the best 17th century French funeral orations by Esprit Flechier (1632-1710), Bishop of Nimes and Jacques-Benigne Bossuet (1627-1704) Bishop of Meaux. Flechier may be best remembered for his account of the "curious" Claremont Assizes of 1665, when Louis XIV brought his Auvergne nobles to heel, and which Flechier recorded for posterity. He was also a poet and historical author, but he was best known in his own time for his funeral orations which have been described as ingenious and often even witty. Bossuet, a child prodigy and an extremely important theological writer and theorist, was also simply the best orator in 17th century France, and he created the form of the "Orasion Funebres" of which he was undisputed master, not even rivaled by Flechier. Hardcover. 5"x8", cxxxvi + 209 + 321 [2] pages, with several nice decorated head and tailpieces bound in full period mottled calf, with marbled endpapers. Covers somewhat soiled and worn, especially the spine which is flaking a bit. A little internal soil and a bit of toning.

Inventory #: 9726
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Florentin, P. Album de Dessins en Cheveux. Repertoire de P. Florentin, Artiste-Brevete, Professeur de Dessins en Cheveux. Paris, no date, but late 1870s. A superb French Victorian design album of hair-work, including jewelry, memorial items, chains and very elaborate vignettes- sometimes it's not even completely clear how hair works into the design. A large percentage of the designs are for memorial and mourning items. Very uncommon. Hardcover. 11"x13", 20 lithographed leaves, 2 tinted with gold. Original pebbled cloth with gilt title, marbled endpapers. Covers lightly worn, light scattered foxing. Some internal pencil notes, and the endpaper has the ink inscription- "Album Travaiit Artistique en Cheveux -Fusil - rue Eugene Vignal 2, Orleans". On the title leaf the printed name 'Florentin' has a small piece of paper pasted over it with 'Fusil' written in ink.

Inventory #: 31242
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[Fox Collection] French Furniture, Objets d'Art [and] Important Paintings- The Collection of Mrs. William Fox, New York. New York Kende Galleries at Gimbel Brothers: November 27-28 [and] December 1-2, 1942. Sales 74 & 75. The furniture auction included several distinctive pieces the paintings sale included Old Masters, 18th century British artists and 19th century American & English. Softcover. 2 vols. 7"x10.5", 86 pages with 463 lots [and] 108 pages with 126 lots b/w illustrations light wear, several light institutional stamps.

Inventory #: 30701
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French Wine. Revue du Vin de France. Technical and topical information, defense of quality. Paris 1968-1971. The English edition of this premier French wine journal, founded in 1927.Issue 216 (Jan.-Feb., 1968) thru 218 (May-June, 1968) 220 (Oct.-Nov.-Dec., 1968) thru 229 (July-Aug.-Sept., 1970) 231 (Jan.-Feb., 1971) and 234-235 (July-Aug.-Sept., 1971 and Oct.-Nov.-Dec., 1971). 16 issues. Softcovers. 9.5"x12", about 60 pages each, b/w illustrations somewhat dusty, some soiling.

Inventory #: 5442
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Friedlaender, Dr. Walter. Exhibition of French Seventeenth Century Paintings and Drawings. New York Jacques Seligmann & Co.: 1953. Friedlaender wrote the preface. Softcover. 8"x10", 26 pages, b/w plates ex-institutional with stamps, etc.

Inventory #: 4399
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[Fugeres Collection] French XVIII Century Furniture and Decorative Objects, Property of Baron Michel de Fugeres, Jacques Burnier, Mrs. Marion Corval, and others. New York Parke-Bernet Galleries: April 8-9th, 1949. Sale 1056. Some fine furniture including a Louis XVI acajou bureau a cylinder with lots of mounted bronze dore, Louis XVI chairs with Aubusson tapestry upholstery, a pair of terra cotta portrait heads of two ladies-in-waiting to the Empress Eugenie by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux, and much more. Softcover. 7"x10", 104 pages, 427 lots, b/w illustrations several institutional stamps.

Inventory #: 7562
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[Garbo] The Greta Garbo Collection. New York Sotheby's: November 15, 1990. The auction sale of Garbo's collection of fine French furniture, fine European porcelains, accessories and modern art. The catalog is also illustrated with some fine shots of her apartment. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", about 150 pages, 192 lots, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Prices realized sheet stapled to first page. Jacket torn, else near fine.

Inventory #: 33118
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[Garcia Collection] The Jacques Garcia Collection. Important French Furniture, Decorations, Works of Art and Carpets. New York Sotheby's: October 27, 1990. The auction sale of a wonderful collection of 18th century French furniture and decorations. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", about 50 pages, 93 lots, color illustrations, dust jacket, prices realized sheet. Light wave to the page edges, else fine.

Inventory #: 33117
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Glass Plates. A set of four 18th Century French copper-engraved plates showing Glassmakers at work. France, ca. 1770s. During the late 18th century several publishers expanded on the style set by Diderot's famous and influential "Encyclopedie", and issued well-illustrated publications detailing the tools, workshops and techniques of various craftsmen. These plates come from just such a work, which we have unfortunately been unable to identify. The plates were part of a larger series, and are numbered I, XV, XIX and XX. The four plates include two double-page spreads showing workmen engaged in a variety of tasks. There is a single-page plate illustrating a glass-spinning technique that looks, to say the least, a bit exciting, and finally there is a double-page plate illustrating the cavernous interior of a glasshouse. The double-page plates measure 13"x17" (sight) with a matte size of 17"x21" the single-page plate measures 8.5"x13" (sight) with a 12.5"x17.5" matte. These have not been removed from their mattes for the simple reason that the mattes have been glued down tightly -not at all a proper conservation method, but there you are.

Inventory #: 29488
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Gonzalez-Palacios, Alvar. The French Empire Style. London Hamlyn Publishing Group: 1966. From the Cameo series. A lovely pictorial survey of Empire style paintings, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, silver and other arts. Hardcover. 5.25"x7.5",157 pages, 70 color illustrations, dj light wear, but a nice copy.

Inventory #: 35711
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Grollier de Serviere, Gaspard. Recueil d'Ouvrages Curieux de Mathematique et de Mecanique, ou Description du Cabinet de Monsieur Grollier de Serviere... Lyon David Forey: 1719. A descriptive and illustrated catalog of the marvelous and curious mechanical models and ivory turnings constructed by Nicholas Grollier de Serviere, a soldier, turner, inventor and the author's father. Nicolas Grollier de Serviere (1596-1689), a descendant of Jean Grolier, was indeed a multi-talented man. In his youth he was a soldier and engineer, serving in Flanders, Germany, Italy and Constantinople. As a military engineer he specialized in moveable bridges and other such inventions, and when he retired to his estates in Lyon he constructed numerous fantastic models, which included floating bridges, water pumps, fantastical regulator clocks, his famous "reading wheel" machine, artistic machinery for rendering perspectives, and all sorts of other devices. His "Cabinet" fast became a wonder to be visited by, among others, Louis XIV, as well as a host of politicians, scholars, and other inventors and craftsmen. In addition to being a skilled model-maker, de Serviere was also amongst the leading turners of his time, constructing inexplicably intricate and unlikely forms in ivory on the turning lathe. After his death his son, the Grand-Prieur de l'Abbaye de Savigny, kept the Cabinet up and published this volume dedicated to illustrating and describing its objects. Amongst those who visited and marveled was the young Monk Charles Plumier, who wrote the first book on the subject of turning, "L'Art du Tourner", in 1701. The plates in this book begin with examples of de Serviere's intricate workmanship on the lathe, starting with a plate of very delicate and intricately carved ivories, followed by "pieces excentriques", a series of Escher-esque carved balls within balls and sharp, pointy things sticking out of carved balls, followed by more spheres within spheres, and then some marvelously turned and carved "pieces hors du rond", wooden tower-like pieces of great ingenuity and delicacy these are followed by a plate of carved rosettes. But this is more than a book of lathe-work (interesting as that may be). The second section illustrates a series of ingenious clockworks invented by de Serviere, many with an elaborate series of rails winding down the frame there are also clocks with carved serpents, an hourglass, and one with Atlas holding up the Earth. The third section features elaborate machinerey invented or envisioned by de Serviere, such as devices for raising water from streams, watermills, water wheels, and other water related apparatus, including several paddle-wheeled boats there follows a group of bridges, including pontoon bridges and other sectional works there are also gates and portable ladders for military use. Interestingly, in retirement Grollier de Serviere did not limit his tinkering to miniatures- he constructed a full-sized pile-driver in his gardens, powered by a water wheel held steady by two boats. The book ends with some ingenious plans for furniture, including the reading "wheel, where the sitter sits in front of a ferris wheel device of shelves, on each of which in an open book a wheeled chair a portable screen device for accurately sketching buildings, and something having to do with lamps which looks fairly lethal. As a collection of designs and inventions, the Cabinet of Nicholas Grollier de Serviere is as awe-inspiring and fanstastic today as it was in 1719, and it remains an important record of the work of one of the 17th century's most accomplished turners. This book was reissued in 1733 and 1751. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", (28) + 101 + (8) pages, plus 85 copperplate engravings (numbered 1-88 nos. 39, 48 and 76 were never issued) with several woodcut head and tailpieces and decorative vignettes in the text title page printed in red and black. Bound in old full calf with appropriate wear, with a new spine label hinges tight and apart from some minor soiling and several minor marginal dampstains, a very nice, wide margined and clean copy.

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Henniker, John. Two Letters on the Origin, Antiquity, and History of Norman Tiles, Stained with Armorial Bearings. London printed by John Bell...Bookseller to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales: 1794 [mistakenly noted as 1796 by Solon]. The earliest work in English located by Solon dealing specifically with tiles, and now very uncommon. The author's brother, a Captain in the English military, had been a resident of Caen and sent the first description of the armorial tiles to the author, who then tried to interest British antiquarians in them, with apparently limited success. The tiles are described here, quoting a Dr. Ducarel- "The floor is paved with tiles...each near five inches square, baked almost to vitrification. Eight rows of these tiles running from east to west are charged with different coats of arms, generally said to be those of the families who attended Duke William in his invasion of England. The intervals between each of these rows are filled up with a kind of tessellated pavement the middle whereof represents a maze or labyrinth, about ten feet in diameter, and so artfully contrived, that were we to suppose a man following all the intricate meanders of its volutes, he could not travel less than a mile before he got from one end to the other". Solon further notes- "The armorial-bearing tiles described in these letters belonged to a pavement, now partly destroyed, which adorned the state-rooms of St. Stephen Abbey or 'Abbaye aux hommes' at Caen, built in 1077 by William the Conqueror. Although local traditions and ancient chronicles agree in considering these tiles as containing the scutcheons of the noble families which accompanied William, Duke of Normandy, in his expedition, the date of their making cannot correspond with that of the building of the Abbey. One of these tiles bears the Royal Arms of France, adopted by St. Louis, and it is well known that the armorial bearings were not in use before the crusades the pavement cannot be, therefore, anterior to the thirteenth century". Ah, modern stuff... But still, a scarce and desirable tile book. Hardcover. 5.5"x8.5", 114 pages plus 3 engraved plates reproducing twenty tile designs bound in period marbled boards with a new leather spine and new endpapers boards worn and scuffed. Very minor internal toning and a few light pencil notes but overall internally a very nice copy with wide margins.

Inventory #: 34149
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[Hutton Collection] French Furniture, Bronze Dore & Other Ojets d'Art, Mrs. Edward F. Hutton, and other owners, including Mrs. Lottie Zork. New York Parke-Bernet Galleries: March 12-13th, 1965. Sale 2335. An extraordinary collection of French marquetry and decorations. This is understandable when you remember that Edward F. Hutton was the co-founder of the EF Hutton brokerage firm. His wives seemed to cultivate a taste for French decorations- his second wife (from whom he was divorced in 1935) was Marjorie Merriweather Post, founder of the Hillwood Museum. Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 114 pages, 419 lots, b/w illustrations light soil.

Inventory #: 9832
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[Jeanson] The Collection of Marcel Jeanson, Part III. French Ornithological Watercolours of the 17th-19th Centuries. London Sotheby's: 13 December, 1996. The catalog of an auction devoted to 17th-19th century French ornithological watercolours. Softcover. 8"x11", about 60 pages, 179 lots, color illustrations. Institutional stamp on front cover and title pages, else a fine copy.

Inventory #: 31677
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Johnson, R. Stanley. 19th Century French Prints, Drawings & Bronzes. Chicago R.S. Johnson International: 1985. A nice catalog of the work of noted French 19th century artists including Bonnard, Cezanne, Corot, Delacroix, Gauguin, Ingres, Manet, Meryon, Millet, Pissaro, Renoir, Rousseau, Signac, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Vuillard. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 199 pages, filled with b/w and some color illustrations light wear.

Inventory #: 3731
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Julia de Fontenelle, Jean Sebastian Eugene. Manual Complete du Verrier et du Fabricant de Glaces, Cristaux, Pierres Precieuses Factices, verres colores, yeux artificiels, etc. Paris Roret, Librairie: 1829. A comprehensive handbook to glass manufacture, formulas and techniques, including material on paste stones and glass eyes. A valuable snapshot of the state of the glass industry during the opening phases of the Industrial Revolution and the explosion of decorative styles taking place in the early 19th century. The engraved plates illustrate glass furnaces, tools and machinery, and some finished articles, including a table which strongly resembles the magnificent cut-crystal 'Table de Toilette' owned by Empress Josephine, which was sold at the Thelma Chrysler Foy auction in 1959. Reissued in 1854 and 1900 OCLC locates 9 copies of this, the first edition. The author [1790-1842], was a chemist who wrote other technical handbooks, including one for jewelers and goldsmiths. Duncan 4322. Hardcover. 3.5"x5.5", 335 pages, plus 1 folding table and three folding engraved plates bound in marbled boards with a black leather spine, gilt rules and title covers with some wear and rubbing, contents with light browning and some scattered foxing 3 tabs between the dedication page and Introduction a nice copy.

Inventory #: 7297
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Julienne, M.E. L'Orfevrerie Francaise les Bronzes et la Ceramique. Paris A. Morel: 1860s. A lovely collection of plates of French silver, including flatware, hollowware, dishes, chandeliers, and more. The plates feature tan backgrounds with white highlights and are very elegant. Although unmarked, these plates are from the working design library of Lunt Silversmiths, and were actively used by designers as inspiration for silver details and designs. Several of the plates have light pencil doodles and sketches of design ideas in the margins. Very uncommon. 11.5"x15.5", 46 [of 48] plates, title page, half-title, pictorial title page (1)-2, 4-36, 38-48. Some plates with edge chips, some soil. Housed in a plain board folder, spine perished, boards very worn.

Inventory #: 34801
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[Keck Collection] The Keck Collection from La Lanterne, Bel Air, California. New York Sotheby's: December 5-6, 1991. The contents of the faux French Chteau built by oil-heir Howard Keck. A number of records were set by the museum-quality French furniture, Continental porcelains, marbles and silver, and other French decorations. Quite simply one of the best private collections of French furniture to come under the hammer in years. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", about 300 pages, 293 lots, color illustrations and folding plates dj a near fine copy.

Inventory #: 8552
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Laliberte, Alfred. Legendes - Coutumes - Metiers de la Nouvelle France, Bronzes d'Alfred Laliberte. Montreal Librarie Beauchemin Limitee:1934. A survey of the work of this popular French-Canadian sculptor. Born in Quebec in 1878, as a child Laliberte learned to carve wood with a pocketknife on his family farm. At the age of 20 he completed a full-size statue of the Canadian Prime Minister for the Provincial Exhibition in Quebec City, and the Prime Minister was so enchanted that he encouraged the young man to attend art classes at the Societe des Arts in Montreal. Laliberte later also attended the Conseil des Arts et Metiers and then traveled to Paris, to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts for more study. After Paris he returned to his native land and completed both large commissions and smaller works. Although he had been heavily influenced by Auguste Rodin, Laliberte managed to move on into his own unique style, and it was in that style that he created perhaps his most famous sculptures. This was a series of 200 or so small pieces completed between 1928 and 1932, based on the humble workers of his own home town in Quebec, which he called " Legends, Metiers et Coutumes". These pieces show a wide variety of men and women engaged in the crafts and work of a typical Quebec rural community, and it was this work that earned him his title, "Sculptor of the Rural Tradition". This study is a well illustrated study of these rural pieces, illustrating French-Canadian men and women and their everyday tasks. Softcover. 9.5"x12", 7 pages of text plus 122 b/w plates covers with moderate wear.

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Lefevre, Edmond. Le Commerce et l'Industrie de la Plume pour Parure. Paris chez l'Auteur: 1914. My how those Art Nouveau-era ladies loved their feather-plumed hats! And it did not start with Fin-de-Siecle Paris, either. Men and women have always loved colorful bird plumage, as this comprehensive study illustrates. It includes both a history of the decorative use of feathers in fashion, and a survey of the state of the industry around the world as it existed just before World War One, with information on leading firms, the birds that were used, and their products. Lefevre was the President of the Comite d'Ornithologie Economique. Softcover. 7.5"x11", 363 + pages, b/w illustrations bibliography. Original softcovers, light soil and wear a very, very fragile book, printed on heavy, coated stock and not meant to have been kept in softcovers this long. Binding splitting in a few places but intact so far.

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