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 Monday, December 18, 2017

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Cronin, J.R. Fake & Forged Trade Marks on Old & New Glass. Pueblo Antique Publications Service: 1976. A slim booklet dedicated to helping collectors avoid the most nefarious of fakes- fraudulently-marked glassware. The ease of buying the supplies necessary to produce fake acid-etched marks for Lalique, Tiffany, Hawkes and other fine glassware has long attracted a variety of nefarious do-badders, who have left a marketplace littered with forgeries of indifferent, good, and excellent quality. This booklet illustrates many "bad" marks, and explains how such marks are produced. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 39 pages, 10 black & white illustrations, plus many reproductions of forged trademarks. Light soil.

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[Cup Plates] The Mary Gregory Antique Shop -List of Cup Plates with Marble's Numbers For Sale. Gardner, Mass., no date (1940s?). A set of mimeographed typescripts listing various antique cup plates. A curiosity for cup plate collectors. 4 sheets. 8.5"x9.75, light wear.

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Davidson, Marshall B. & Elizabeth Stillinger. The American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York Harrison House: 1987. A stunning visual and textual survey of one of the most important Americana collections in the country. The bulk of the book is, of course, devoted to furniture, but there are also extensive chapters devoted to silver, ceramics, glass, paintings & prints, and sculpture. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 352 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear.

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Davis, Derek C. English and Irish Antique Glass. New York Frederick A. Praeger: 1964. A well-illustrated study which includes drinking glasses, sweetmeats, candlesticks, decanters, coin glasses, engraved glass, cut glass, enameled glass, Bristol glass, colored glass, and much more. A very good survey of English and Irish glass from the late 17th century to the early 19th century. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 152 pages, 94 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket a bit worn.

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Davis, Derek C. English Bottles & Decanters, 1650-1900. New York World Publishing Co.: 1972. A very pleasant and well illustrated little guide to the changing and varying styles and forms of English glass decanters and bottles. Great fun, with more information in the text than you would expect. Hardcover. 6"x9", 80 pages, 60 color illustrations, dj. Minor wear.

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Dolez, Albane. Glass Animals. 3,500 Years of Artistry and Design. New York Harry N. Abrams: 1988. A color-filled celebration of animals in art and figural glass, from ancient times to the 1970s. Packed with color illustrations of animals in figurine, perfume bottles, bowls, vases, tiles, windows, paperweights, beakers, lamps, and more! Hardcover. 9"x12", 224 pages, color and black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear.

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Duncan, Alastair. Tiffany Lamps and Metalware. Woodbridge: Antique Collectors' Club: 2007. "An encyclopedic visual record of the lamp and metalware models generated by the Tiffany Studios during more than thirty years of uninterrupted production. This beautiful and comprehensive work illustrates a seemingly inexhaustible selection of the oil and electric light fixtures issued by the Tiffany studios: table and floor lamps, chandeliers and sconces. Also included are the other metalware items produced by the firm, including fancy goods, desk sets, miscellaneous household goods such as toiletry and smoking accessories, inkstands, candlesticks, photograph frames, book ends, tea screens, clocks, tobacco jars, humidors - the list is almost endless. 'Tiffany Lamps and Metalware' is the ultimate pictorial reference work for both enthusiasts and collectors of Tiffany. There is a comprehensive index that cross references the firms original model numbers to the illustrations. Tiffany Studios never published a complete list of its incredibly prolific output this book is as close as one could possibly come to a catalogue raisonne". Hardcover. 10"x12", 528 pages, 913 color and 1044 black & white illustrations, dust jacket, slipcased. New condition.

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Duncan, George Sang. Bibliography of Glass (From the earliest records to 1940). Dawsons of Pall Mall for the Society of Glass Technology: 1960. There are no two ways about it -this is a massive, definitive, standard bibliography of glass books, with upwards of 20,000 entries. This was the result of 40 years of research and then another 12 years of editing after the author's death. An essential tool for the glass researcher and enthusiast, and becoming difficult to find. Hardcover. 8"x10.5", 544 pages, dj a superlatively fine, unblemished copy in a superlatively fine unblemished (a real trick) dust jacket.

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Eige, Eason & Rick Wilson. Blenko Glass, 1930-1953. Marietta Antique Publications: 1987. One of the only references to this unique hand-made glass. Illustrated with a selection of new photographs of Blenko glass, vintage catalog and advertising illustrations, photographs of the glassblowers, and more. Now difficult to find. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 144 pages, black & white and color illustrations. Light soil, a little wear, tips lightly thumbed, corner bump -in very good shape, but obviously has been used.

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Eisen, Gustavus A. (& Fahim Kouchakji). Glass, Its Origin, History, Chronology, Technic and Classification to the Sixteenth Century. New York William Edwin Rudge: 1927. Edition limited to 500 sets. A monumental and important study of ancient glass, focusing primarily on glass of the Roman period up to about the Fifth Century, although developments from the 6th-16th Centuries are also discussed and outlined. Eisen studied examples from numerous private and public collections, but his most important source was the collection of Mrs. W.H. Moore of New York, on which he based a large part of the work. What can one say about Gustavus Eisen? A profoundly inquisitive, seemingly inexhaustible antiquary, an immigrant from Sweden with his brother, Francis, with whom he founded a vineyard in California... Eisen also was a specialist in ancient textiles who was sent by Phoebe Hearst, in 1902, to Guatemala, and returned with 200 ancient examples, forming the world's largest and best-documented collection of 19th century Guatemalan textiles, and, not incidentally, a bevy of photographs. He authored one of the most authoritative studies of portraits of George Washington, a massive three-volume study he injected himself into the controversy and research involving the Holy Grail and Shroud of Turin and wrote a monograph on the controversial Great Chalice of Antioch. And, as we present here, he authored one of the cornerstone studies of ancient glass. Is "impressive" the word I am looking for? Why yes, I believe it is... Hardcover. 2 volumes, 7.5"x10", 768 pages, 10 color and 188 b/w plates, 284 line figures in the text slipcased. Books fine glassine somewhat worn, case somewhat worn.

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Eriksen, Svend. Early Neo-Classicism in France. The Creation of the Louis Seize Style in Architectural Decoration, Furniture and Ormolu, Gold and Silver, and Sevres Porcelain in the Mid-Eighteenth Century. London Faber & Faber: 1970. An important work on early French Neoclassic furniture, porcelain, silver, and other arts, based on a vast selection of photographs and much documentary evidence unearthed from the incomplete records that remain from 18th century France (in Paris, for instance, many early records were lost in the riots of 1871, following defeat in the Franco-Prussian War). The author notes- "This book springs from the fact that, in the course of some years' search in museums and private collections, I have come across a variety of objects which would seem to stand stylistically somewhere between Rococo and the Neo-Classical phases -between Louis Quinze and Louis Seize- and I have tried to assemble information that might increase our understanding of the artistic developments of that stage. To put it another way, the book is intended as an aid to the piecing together of a vast jigsaw puzzle which fell on the floor some two hundred years ago...unfortunately many of the pieces seem to have disappeared completely...yet no game is worth playing if it is too easy, and one can derive much pleasure from just piecing bits of it together". Hardcover. 9"x11", 432 pages plus 9 color and 499 b&w illustrations. Light wear.

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Fennimore, Donald L., et al. Eye for Excellence. Masterworks from Winterthur. Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1994. This lavishly-illustrated book documented an exhibition of "masterpieces" from the Winterthur collections, with each curator left to decide exactly what that word meant. Chapters feature metalwork, glass, ceramics, furniture, textiles, paintings & prints, and books & manuscripts, and each is preceded by a short essay by its curator. Hardcover. 9.5"x12", 144 pages, color illustrations, dust jacket. Fine.

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Fleming, Arnold. Scottish and Jacobite Glass. Glasgow Jackson & Son: 1938. A careful and considered examination of the glass of Scotland, the first to be written on this rather neglected subject. Fleming traces the history of Scottish table, bottle, window and painted glass, and treats important cities and glass-making centers individually. Fleming was the former Director of the Royal Scottish Museum and the National Museum of Antiquities in Scotland, as well as an advisor to the Marquese Cantagalli, the owner of the Della Robbia pottery in Florence. He writes- "I have tried to avoid that dread thing -a tombstone biography of the intrepid, accomplished and inventive proprietors of our native glassworks. Their products bear witness to their considerable influence in the past. I have endeavoured to enliven my story with personal opinions and incidents regarding these men and their work. It has, therefore, been a joy for me to recall them. Scotland may well be proud of the high quality of the glass produced within her borders. It is a tale worth telling. Moreover, other countries have published volumes on the subject, so I felt the time was opportune for a Scot to do likewise. This is the 'fons et origo' of this labor of love". Hardcover. 9"x11", xv + 196 pages, plus 57 b/w plates, dj light wear, jacket lightly worn. A very nice copy in the seldom-seen dust jacket.

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Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney. Louis Comfort Tiffany at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York Metropolitan Museum of Art: 2006. Accompanying an important exhibition, this book presents the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) in the context of his career, discusses his artistic themes and his devotion to nature, and sheds new light on his technical virtuosity. The author has illustrated her text with many of Tiffany's watercolor presentation drawings, selected from more than four hundred examples in the Museum's collections. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 104 pages, 100 full-color illustrations. Fine.

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Gatty, Charles T. Catalogue of Mediaeval & Later Antiquities contained in the Mayer Museum, including the Mather Collection of Miniatures and Medals Relating to the Bonaparte Family. Liverpool Gilbert G. Walmsley: 1883. An elegant catalog of Medieval manuscripts, ivory carvings, jet carvings, enamels, coins, seals and niello, Medieval and "modern" oriental, Venetian, German, Spanish, French and English glass later enamels French Revolutionary and First Empire badges and medals Wedgwood medallions illustrating the French Revolution and the Mather Collection of miniatures and medals relating to the Bonaparte family. The illustrated plates show the Medieval manuscripts and ivories, and some enamels, miniatures and Bonaparte items. Joseph Mayer [1803-1886] was one of the preeminent antiquarians of the 19th century, and a major benefactor to the cultural life of his adopted home, Liverpool. A goldsmith and jeweler by trade, collected a vast range of antiquities, illuminated manuscripts, and other objects, and also wrote several books on antiquarian subjects. He was a founder and benefactor to both the Liverpool Museum and the Liverpool Public Library, and most of his collections were eventually donated to the two institutions. Uncommon. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", viii + 108, i, iii pages, plus 16 b/w plates. Original red-brown cloth with paper spine label, covers somewhat worn and soiled, a bit faded along the extremities and spine spine label soiled and chipped a bit frayed at the tips and spine head. Contents with a little soil, small paper label of the Burlington Fine Arts Club.

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German glass periodical. Glastechnische Berichte. Frankfurt am Main Deutschen Glastechnischen Gesellschaft: 1927-1964. A German technical journal devoted to glass and glassmaking. The contents are basically devoted to current methods and developments, but there is also historical material. An interesting glimpse into the development of the German glass industry in the 20th century. This small pile includes- Volume 5 (1927/28) Volume 6 (1928/29) Volume 7 (1929/30) Volume 8 (1930) Volume 13 (1935) Volume 14 (1936) Volume 15 (1937) Volume 16 (1938) Volume 17 (1939) Volume 18 (1940) Volume 36 (1963) Volume 37 (1964). 12 volumes. 7"x10" and 8.5"x11", about 600-700 pages each, b&w illustrations bound in patterned hardcovers ex-company library several volumes either shaken or completely disbound, but all covers are present and most everything is clean.

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[Girl Scout Loan Exhibition] Long Text and Brief Sermon. [contained in] The Magazine Antiques. November, 1929. A short appreciation of the Girl Scout Loan Exhibition, with some pictures. This issue also contains the articles- "Newly Discovered Miniatures by Edward Greene Malbone" by Ruel P. Tolman "Some North of England Chairs" by G. Baseden Butt "New York State Glasshouses" by Harry Hall White, etc. Softcover. Light wear, a little soil.

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Glass Plates. A set of four 18th Century French copper-engraved plates showing Glassmakers at work. France, ca. 1770s. During the late 18th century several publishers expanded on the style set by Diderot's famous and influential "Encyclopedie", and issued well-illustrated publications detailing the tools, workshops and techniques of various craftsmen. These plates come from just such a work, which we have unfortunately been unable to identify. The plates were part of a larger series, and are numbered I, XV, XIX and XX. The four plates include two double-page spreads showing workmen engaged in a variety of tasks. There is a single-page plate illustrating a glass-spinning technique that looks, to say the least, a bit exciting, and finally there is a double-page plate illustrating the cavernous interior of a glasshouse. The double-page plates measure 13"x17" (sight) with a matte size of 17"x21" the single-page plate measures 8.5"x13" (sight) with a 12.5"x17.5" matte. These have not been removed from their mattes for the simple reason that the mattes have been glued down tightly -not at all a proper conservation method, but there you are.

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Grover, Ray & Lee. Art Glass Nouveau. Rutland Charles Tuttle: 1968. 2nd prtg. A visual survey of the myriad types of art glass made during the Art Nouveau period in America, England and Europe. The text describes each type and provides much interesting and valuable information. One of the standard studies of Nouveau-era art glass. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 231 pages, 424 color illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket worn and torn. With a wonderful inscription to renowned glass dealers George Abraham and Gilbert May, "from whom we have learned a lot" from both authors. A wonderful association copy.

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Hand, Sherman. The Collector's Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass. Paducah Collector Books: 1978. An interesting selection of pieces, gathered by one of the pioneering collectors. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 256 pages, color illustrations, dust jacket. Light wear.

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[Harding Collection] Old Irish Glass. The Walter Harding Collection. Including old English & other pieces. Liverpool privately published: 1925. An infamous collection within the small world of Irish glass collectors -though more through guilt by association than actual defect. Harding had been one of the best customers of Elizabeth Graydon Stannus, collector, glass factory owner, author of a well-known book on antique Irish glass, and antiques dealer. Unfortunately, Stannus has also been called "the greatest villain in the manipulation of the history of Irish Glass" (McConnell, Magazine Antiques, Sept.2004). In a talk in 1924 she seems to have obliquely admitted that she had produced some fake Irish glass using genuine old molds, and she was also thought to have "improved" some of her genuine old pieces with extra engraving and cutting. As if that was not enough to endear her to the hearts of local collectors, she also admitted to melting down pieces of antique Irish colored glass and using the metal to produce new pieces that would have the correct antique color. Such stories inevitably have endings, and this one came symbolically in 1936 when the Harding Collection was auctioned by Sotheby's for about 1/12th of what he had paid for it. The irony of that is that the collection is not known to have had an over-abundance of fakes, although in the auction, and in this earlier, private catalog, some of the date attributions are improbably early. Still, the collection was large and varied, and is presented elegantly, with most of the glass photographed against a black background. And if you are looking for a famous collection of Irish glass (for better or worse), this is it. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 108 pages, many b/w plates. Covers rather soiled, a little soil to the endpapers. Inscribed by Harding to HJC Grierson, the noted Scottish literary scholar and critic who wrote books about Tennyson, Donne, Blake, Scott, Byron and Swinburne and edited the Oxford Book of 17th Century Verse.

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Hartley, Julia Magee. Old American Glass: The Mills Collection at Texas Christian University. Forth Worth Texas Christian University Press:1975. The shelf catalog, with thumbnail notes, of a private collection of 2000+ pieces of 19th century pattern glass (and some other Victorian glass) assembled in Lubbock by Flora Rupe Mills. Hardcover. 9"x9", 279 pages, 16 color and 22 b/w plates, dj. Light wear, a little soil.

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Heller, David. In Search of VOC Glass. Cape Town Maskew Miller Limited: 1954. "VOC" was a monogram used in the 17th and 18th century by the Dutch East India Company. David Heller, an antiques dealer, kept running across fantastic antique 18th century glass with engraved VOC monograms and arms, but most of it just didn't seem quite "right". Heller's investigation showed that while there may be some genuine 18th century VOC glass out there, most of it, including some museum specimens, seemed to be "off", and moreover, much of it may have come from the same source... An interesting and informative tale of antiquarian sleuthing, and yet another example of collectors and dealers wanting to believe a bit too much in an otherwise somewhat improbable story... which is the factor on which fakers always rely. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 103 pages plus 22 b/w plates, dj a nice copy in a rather worn and chipped jacket.

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Heller, David. In Search of VOC Glass. Cape Town Maskew Miller Limited: 1954. "VOC" was a monogram used in the 17th and 18th century by the Dutch East India Company. David Heller, an antiques dealer, kept running across fantastic antique 18th century glass with engraved VOC monograms and arms, but most of it just didn't seem quite "right". Heller's investigation showed that while there may be some genuine 18th century VOC glass out there, most of it, including some museum specimens, seemed to be "off", and moreover, much of it may have come from the same source... An interesting and informative tale of antiquarian sleuthing, and yet another example of collectors and dealers wanting to believe a bit too much in an otherwise somewhat improbable story... which is the factor on which fakers always rely. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 103 pages plus 22 b/w plates, dj light wear, name blacked out on endpaper jacket very worn and with several chunks missing.

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Horie, Velson (ed.). The Conservation of Decorative Arts. London Archtype Publications: 1999. A series of papers presented at a Conservation conference on topics covering glass, wallpaper, tin-glazed tiles, window dressings, lacquer ware, straw-work, furniture & marquetry, trade signs, and more. Softcover. 8"x11.5", several color and many b/w illustrations. New.

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