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Jones, Yvonne. Georgian & Victorian Japanned Ware of the West Midlands. Catalogue of the permanent collection and a temporary exhibition. Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Museums: 1982. Wolverhampton was one of the leading centers of the Midlands japanning industry, and although most japanned wares were unmarked, many of the pieces in this collection are identifiable by manufacturer because the manufacturers had given them to the gallery. The exhibition was augmented by loaned examples. In addition to the catalog there is a good text describing the rise and fall of the Midlands japanning industry. Softcover. 6"x8", 126 pages, 51 b/w illustrations light wear.

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Kauffman, Henry J. American Copper & Brass. New York Thomas Nelson & Sons: 1968. A well illustrated study of copper and brass implements in America of the 18th and 19th centuries. Kauffman provides his usual thorough and detailed explanations of the craft of the metalsmiths and their wares. Includes kettles, pots, pans, stills, mugs, stencils, ladles, measures, funnels, basins, andirons, bells, door knockers, skillets, lancets, tomahawks, button, instruments, balances, sundials, lighting, locks, and much more! A standard reference. Hardcover. 7"x10", 288 pages, color frontispiece and numerous b/w illustrations. Light wear, edges sunned.

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Kauffman, Henry J. & Zoe Elizabeth Kauffman. Pennsylvania German Copper and Brass. Plymouth Meeting Mrs. C. Naaman Keyser: 1947. A pictorial and descriptive survey of various antique copper and brass items from Pennsylvania German makers. From the publisher's "Home Craft Course" series, although in this case there are not really any instructions for modern craftmakers. Softcover. 6"x9", 32 pages, color plates, and black & white and line illustrations. Light soil.

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Lasansky, Jeanette. To Draw Upset, & Weld. The Work of the Pennsylvania Rural Blacksmith, 1742-1935. Lewisburg Oral Traditions Project: 1980. An important study of rural Pennsylvania blacksmiths and their work in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Using old accounts books, advertisements, oral histories, and, of course, the objects wrought by the smiths, Lasansky examines the world of the blacksmith, his tools, his products, and his customers. Softcover. 10.5"x8.5", 80 pages, black & white illustrations. Signed. Minor wear.

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Laughlin, Ledlie I. Pewter in America. Its Makers and Their Marks. Boston Houghton Mifflin: 1940 [& Barre Publishers: 1971]. The first edition of this landmark reference, along with the later supplementary volume which contains additions and corrections. "Among the most exhaustive and thorough studies of any group of domestic artifacts produced in America, [this book] is still the definitive work on the subject. In addition to being an essential resource for the identification of pewter objects, Laughlin's biographies of pewterers are a major resource for anyone studying preindustrial artisans" (Ames & Ward). The original two volumes are also a masterpiece of elegant bookmaking, printed by the Riverside Press of Cambridge on fine paper with beautifully reproduced b/w plates and marbled endpapers. Hardcover. 3 volumes. Vols. 1+2: 9.5"x12.5", xvii + 139 + 242 pages, plus 80 b/w plates light wear, a little soil, spine labels slightly chipped, etc. From the library of noted decorative arts scholar and author Henry Kauffman, with his bookplates. Vol.3: 9"x11", 276 pages, 38 b/w plates, dj. Jacket rubbed.

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Laughlin, Ledlie I. Pewter in America. Its Makers and Their Marks. Barre Publishers: 1969 & 1971. A reissue of this landmark reference, along with the 1971 supplementary volume which contains additions and corrections. "Among the most exhaustive and thorough studies of any group of domestic artifacts produced in America, [this book] is still the definitive work on the subject. In addition to being an essential resource for the identification of pewter objects, Laughlin's biographies of pewterers are a major resource for anyone studying preindustrial artisans" (Ames & Ward). Hardcover. 2 volumes. 9"x11", xvii + 139 + 242 + 276 pages, plus 118 b/w plates, dust jackets. Jackets rubbed.

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Lindsay, J. Seymour. Iron and Brass Implements of the English House. Bass River Carl Jacobs: 1964. A reissue of this valuable illustrated survey of fireplace-related implements and equipment, including kitchen and cooking utensils. A meticulous examination of the wide variety of brass and iron implements used in 17th-early 19th century homes. Illustrated with excellent line drawings, reminiscent of Albert Sonn's work. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 88 pages of text plus 473 line illustrations.

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Luthgen, Eugen. Romanische Plastik in Deutschland. Bonn & Leipzig Kurt Schroeder: 1923. A very well-illustrated study of 11th century sculpture in Germany, including stone, wood and metals. Luthgen also wrote a book on Gothic sculpture. Hardcover. 10"x12", 180 pages of text plus a color frontispiece and 144 b/w plates covers worn, spine badly flaked personal card pocket on the rear paste-down. Not a great copy externally.

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[Metals] Catalogue of English and Continental Pewter and Other Base-Metalwork... London Sotheby & Co.: October 25, 1971. Includes a collection of Valais wine measures (illustrated). Property from the collections of Gwendoline Smith, Mrs. C.E. Burgess and Mrs. A. Gilbey. Softcover. 6"x9.5", 22 pages plus 5 b/w illustrations of 18 lots prices realised sheet stapled to title page a nice copy.

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Michaelis, Ronald F. Old Domestic Base-Metal Candlesticks From the 13th to 19th Century, produced in Bronze, Brass, Paktong and Pewter. Woodbridge Antique Collectors' Club: 1997. 4th prtg. For many years candlesticks in the humbler metals did not receive the attention and scholarship that those in silver and gold did. Fortunately that eventually changed, and this fine book was one of the major steps forward in the study of these pieces. A longtime dealer and collector with an impressively logical turn of mind, Michaelis discusses various forms and their development, as well as manufacturing methods. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 139 pages, 202 b/w illustrations dj bibliography. Fine condition.

Inventory #: 32953
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Mitchell, James R. (ed.). Antique Metalware. Brass, Bronze, Copper, Tin, Wrought & Cast Iron. New York Main Street Press/Universe Books: 1977. An anthology of articles from the pages of The Magazine Antiques. Authors include Joseph T. Butler, John Bivins, Jr., F. Gordon Roe, W.W. Kent, Donald Streeter, Wallace Nutting, R.W. Symonds, Gertrude Whiting, Erwin O. Christensen, Earl Robacker, Henry Kauffman, Dean Fales, Jr., Henry Chandlee Forman, and many more. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 254 pages, profusely illustrated in b/w light cover soil and wear, tips thumbed, etc., and light spatters as if someone was once spray-painting in the vicinity...

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Montgomery, Charles F. A History of American Pewter. New York E.P. Dutton: 1978. "Montgomery employs a cultural approach to pewter objects. He treats the functions of forms, the technology of production, and the distribution of objects" (Karpel). Hardcover. 7"x10", 246 pages, b/w illustrations although not marked as such, this copy is from the library of Charles & Florence Montgomery and is bound in full black leather with marbled endpapers and gilt spine title. Covers a bit rubbed, spine rubbed and scuffed.

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Myers, Louis Guerineau. Some Notes on American Pewterers. Printed for Louis Guerineau Myers by the Country Life Press in 1926. Edition limited to 1000 copies. The second study of American pewter and pewterers, as a whole, after J.B. Kerfoot's monumental and still important 1924 study. Myers notes in his Foreword- "These notes represent some mild incursions into the realms of early American pewter, inspired by Mr. Kerfoot's splendid work on the subject, and partly, of course, by the possession of a fairly comprehensive collection of examples by American pewterers". Certainly, as Ames & Ward point out, in the 21st century Myers' slender but elegant book is "now principally of historiographical interest", yet that interest certainly remains. Louis Guerineau Myers was among the pioneering collectors of American decorative arts in the first decades of the 20th century. Fellow collector R.T.H. Halsey wrote an appreciation of Myers after his death for the 1932 auction catalog of his collection of antique American furniture, silver, pewter and accessories, in which he notes- "He knew infinitely more about the touch of the old time craftsman and the wiles of the present day forgers than those of us who frequently called upon him... His judgment was unerring. There is no one to take his place. His ability and zeal as a collector has long been evidenced in his collections, and his much sought-after advice greatly improved the quality of several of the important collections of American furniture assembled during the past decade. It is safe to say that had not Louis Guerineau Myers lived, the knowledge of much of the excellence of craftsmanship of our eighteenth century cabinetmakers would not yet have been known to us. He led the way". Hardcover. 7"x10.5", xiii + 96 pages, plus 70 black & white plates. Minor cover soil, but overall an exceptionally nice example of this book.

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Naef, Ernest. L'Etain et le Livre des Potiers d'Etain Genevois. Geneve S.A. des Editions "Sonor": 1920. Edition limited to 385 numbered copies, plus 35 special copies this one of the 385, but unnumbered. A massive study of the 16th-19th century pewter and pewterers of Geneva. Complete with large b/w plates, marks, history and pewterers biographies, and a bibliography. There may well have been a larger, more sumptuous tome dedicated to this subject, but I've never seen it. Hardcover. 10"x13", 290 pages, 24 b/w plates plus other b/w and line illustrations. Bound in handsome quarter leather and linen ribbed spine, gilt titles, marbled endpapers. A little light wear, but a very nice copy.

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Peirce, Josephine H. Fire on the Hearth. The Evolution and Romance of the Heating-Stove. Springfield Pond-Ekberg Publishing Co.: 1951. "With 145 illustrations...showing an amazing variety of heating devices also entertaining anecdotes, excerpts from old diaries and other papers, alluring advertisements and interesting bits of information pertaining to their manufacture and uses". Includes iron stoves, tile stoves, parlor stoves, box stoves, Franklin-type stoves, foot stoves, dumb stoves, smoke-consuming stoves, stovepipe hats... well, o.k., not those. But everything else, primarily of the 18th and 19th centuries. I want to see some of those alluring advertisements... Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 254 pages, color frontispiece and b/w illustrations, dj. Light wear, a little soil.

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[Perleberg, Hans Carl]. La Sculpture Ornementale Moderne. (Paris, c.1910?). An interesting design portfolio of art nouveau metalwork, featuring art nouveau motifs on flat metalwork- medallions, mantel backs, cornices and the like. Although unmarked, these plates are from the working design library of Lunt Silversmiths, and were actively used by designers as inspiration for silver details and designs. Several of the plates have light pencil doodles and sketches of design ideas in the margins. Very uncommon in any condition. 10"x12", 26 [of 30] loose plates, tipped onto card pages, some cards with chipping at the corners or edges. Title hand-lettered on one plate. Housed in a plain card folder. Several of the backing pages are stamped "Represented by G.A. Fenney, North Court St., Providence, R.I.".

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Pinn, Keith. Paktong. The Chinese Alloy in Europe, 1680-1820. Woodbridge Antique Collectors' Club: 1999. An important study of the mysterious Chinese alloy 'paktong', a silver substitute used for making many household articles in the 18th century, including fire grates, candlesticks, inkstands, and other small items. The book also features pieces from Pinn's fine collection of both Chinese and English paktong. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 190 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. A fine copy.

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Plenderleith, H.J. The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art. Treatment, Repair, and Restoration. London Oxford University Press: 1969. 4th prtg. A wide-ranging survey by the Keeper of the Research Laboratory in the British Museum. Although technical in some respects, it was written for the advanced collector as well as the laboratory conservator or museum curator. The first main section concerns Organic Materials- skin, papyrus, parchment, paper, prints, manuscripts, textiles, wood, bone & ivory, and easel paintings. The second section covers Metals- gold, silver, copper and alloys, lead, tin, pewter, iron and steel. The third section covers Siliceous Materials- stone, ceramics and glass. There are also numerous technical appendices. Hardcover. 7"x10", 375 pages, plus a color frontispiece and 55 b/w plates with 11 text figures. A little light wear, but a very nice copy.

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Rauschenberg, Bradford L. A School of South Carolina Brass Andirons: 1780-1815. [contained in the] Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts. May, 1979. An examination of Neoclassical and Empire brass andirons, and related brass, including furniture fittings, made in Charleston, South Carolina. this issue also contains "John Shearer, Joiner of Martinsburgh" by John J. Snyder, Jr. Softcover. 6"x9", pages 26-75, black & white illustrations. Minor soil.

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Schiffer, Peter, Nancy & Herbert. The Brass Book. American, English and European, Fifteenth Century through 1850. Atglen Schiffer Publishing: 1978. A grand, standard survey of antique brass. "Large sections are devoted to andirons, candlesticks, fireplace accessories, kettles and tobacco boxes. There are useful dating charts for andirons and candlesticks. Smaller sections include horse brasses, scientific and occupational instruments, and table wares. The development of artistic styles in brass are fully illustrated and explained in their historical context. The accompanying text explains the composition of brass, eighteenth century method of sand casting, and ways to identify old copies and fakes. A fascinating eighteenth century brass-makers catalog is reproduced in its entirety at the end of the book. Unusual brass items from many private collections, museums and antiques dealers are presented and compared. Very few of these items have ever been published before." Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 447 pages, 1,247 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. New condition.

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Scott, Jack L. Pewter Wares from Sheffield. Baltimore Antiquary Press: 1980. Well-known for their production of silver plate, the Sheffield manufactories of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries also produced a wide variety of fine pewter, or Britannia, wares. The first scholarly, comprehensive study of these wares and their makers, this book includes information on the major and minor makers, over 500 marks, and illustrations and descriptions of a wide variety of antique Sheffield pewter. There is a chapter devoted to James Dixon & Co., and others detailing construction techniques, and design features characteristic of Sheffield pewter. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 261 pages, 6 color plates and 338 black & white illustrations, dust jacket. Jacket with light rubbing, a little wear. Book itself clean and fine.

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Terme, M.G. L'Art Ancien au Pays de Liege. Orfevrerie - Dinanderie - Ivories. Liege Comite Executif de l'Exposition Universelle de Liege: 1905. The illustrated catalog to an exhibition of silver, pewter and ivory either made in Liege or, in the case of ecclesiastical ivory, silver and pewter, found in Liege's churches. Includes many candlesticks, chandeliers and other lighting devices, and table wares in pewter and silver, and ecclesiastical pieces, including many elaborate reliquaries. The ivories date from the 14th-17th centuries, the pewter dates from the 14th-18th centuries, the reliquaries from the 10th-14th centuries, and the other silver, such as tablewares, from the 17th and 18th centuries. The plate list includes a short description, date, and the name of the owner the plates themselves are nicely shot and clearly reproduced. A companion album was devoted to furniture & sculpture. Hardcover. 7.5"x10.5", 11 pages with 2 b/w illustrations, plus 150 b/w plates original paper covers bound into newer coarse cloth a little soil, but a nice copy.

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Thomas, John Carl (ed.). American and British Pewter. An Historical Survey. New York Main Street / Universe: 1976. An anthology of scholarly articles from the pages of the Magazine Antiques. Authors included Cotterell, Montgomery, Laughlin, de Jonge, Watkins, and many others. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 156 pages, loaded with black & white illustrations. Light soil.

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Tracey, Hugh. African Dances of the Witwatersrand Gold Mines. Johannesburg African Music Society: 1952. A life-long interest in African tribal dance and music led the author to compile this interesting study, illustrated with photographs by Merlyn Severn. The mine operators had, partly at Tracey's urging, built "Dance Arenas" for the performances, and the tribal dances became something of a tourist attraction. The dances here are organized by tribe. An interesting sidelight on the history of the gold mines, as well as a study of African dance. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 156 pages, tipped-in b/w frontispiece and many b/w illustrations a fine copy in a somewhat worn dj.

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Tsuna, Masuda. Kodo Zuroku. Illustrated Book on the Smelting of Copper. Norwalk Burndy Library: 1983. This is a facsimile edition of Masuda Tsuna's 1801 treatise on copper smelting, with its original color woodcuts by Niwa Motokuni Tokei. It is translated by Zenryu Shirakawa and edited and introduced by Cyril Stanley Smith, with a preface by Bern Dibner. This title is from the Burndy Library series "History of Books on the History of Science and Technology". Softcover. 8"x10.5", 96 pages, color and b/w illustrations. New.

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