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Abercrombie, N.C. Demetrius the Silversmith. Vancouver; N.C. Abercrombie: [1940s?]. The much-expanded tale of Demetrius the Silversmith, a maker of silver shrines to Diana in the city of Ephesus who found his business threatened by the new Christian preaching of Paul and Aristarchus and mobilized his fellow craftsmen to throw them out of town. Softcover. 5"x7.5", 120 pages, chart.

Adams, E. Bryding, et al. Made in Alabama. A State Legacy. Birmingham Museum of Art: 1995. A large catalog to a groundbreaking loan exhibition. Included are furniture, ceramics, textiles and quilts, and silver. The coverage of 19th century furniture is especially fine. Softcover. 9"x12", 392 pages, b/w and color illustrations.

[Adams-Quincy Heirlooms] Adams-Quincy Heirlooms, from the Heritage of Mary Adams Quincy (1846-1929), Granddaughter of President John Quincy Adams. Belonging to Mrs. Dorothy Quincy Pope and Mrs. Margaret D. Nourse, Boston and Dedham,. Mass. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: January 12th, 1946. Sale 724.Includes the famous "Tutor Flynt" two-handled silver cup and cover made by John Coney; a Revere teapot, an Oriental Lowestoft Armorial punch bowl owned by Thomas Jefferson; Gilbert Stuart portraits, etc. Softcover. 7"x10", 39 pages, 76 lots, b/w illustrations.

Addicks, Lawrence (ed) Silver in IndustryNew York: 1940.   Hardcover.  6"x9", 636 pp, some b&w illustrations.

Addy, Sidney Oldall. A Directory of Sheffield Published by Gales & Martin in 1787, reprinted in facsimile with an introduction by Sidney Oldall Addy, M.A.   Sheffield; Pawson & Brailsford:1889. A facsimile of a rare directory of the city of cutlers, metalworkers, etc.  5.5"x8", 100 pages, engraved fronitspiece.

Addy, Sidney Oldall. A Glossary of Words Used in the Neighborhood of Sheffield including a Selection of Local Names, and Some Notices of Folk-Lore, Games, and Customs [with the] Supplement. London; The English Dialect Society: 1888 & 1891. A scholarly antiquarian work, containing a lengthy introduction describing the district, its customs, and prior works touching on such subjects. Addy began the project as a hobby, and as he became more serious was given access to other research and unpublished material, resulting in a quite comprehensive glossary. Uncommon in the trade, to say the least. Softcover. 6”x9”, lxxx + 331 + 66 pages.

A. Loisy. Fabricant Brevete S.G.D.G. Grande Specialite de Services de Table. Paris, 6, rue du Louvre. Grand Assortiment - Prix de Fabrique. Porcelaines. Cristaux. Orfevrerie. Coutellerie. Paris; A. Loisy: 1869-70. A small promotional booklet listing, pricing and illustrating, in simple line drawings, various lines of table porcelains, decorative pottery, crystal stemware and 2 decanters, a tea service, glass liqueur sets, and flatware and cutlery for the 1869-70 Season. Softcover. 3"x5", 10 pages, line illustrations.

Al-Jadir, Saad. Arab & Islamic Silver. London; Stacey International: 1981. A supremely well illustrated study of antique and traditional silver of North Africa and Spain, the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, Mesopotamia, Persia, Turkey, Caucasia, and Central and Southeast Asia. One of the few reference works on this subject, so it's nice that it's a good one. Hardcover. 10.5"x12", 216 pages, hundreds of color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Alcorn, Ellenor M. English Silver in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Volume II - Silver from 1697. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 2000. A companion to the Museum's earlier volume chronicling the early silver in their collection. This volume includes separate sections on spoons, Scottish silver, Irish silver, and items of "Doubtful Authenticity". The pieces are beautifully photographed and meticulously described. Hardcover. 9.5"x11.5", 384 pages, color and b/w illustrations; marks; dj.

Aldrich, Megan. Gothic Revival. London; Phaidon Press Ltd.: 1994. A richly illustrated survey of the full sweep of the Gothic Revivalist tradition in the arts and architecture. Most people think of the Gothic Revival as having been a Victorian phenomenon, and it did in fact reach its full heights in that era, but the first stirrings of the movement took place in the late 18th century. Aldrich explores all the various themes which intertwined as the Gothic style made its appearance and gradually gained popularity, and examines the work of the famous designers such as Pugin, Violet-le-Duc and Wyatt, as well as numerous lesser-known designers. The volume is profusely illustrated with both modern and period illustrations. Hardcover. 10"x12", 240 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Alemany-Dessaint, Veronique Orfevrerie Francaise Paris: Les Editions de i'llustration Baschet & Cie, 1988. 9.5"x11.5:, 215 pages, hundreds of b&w and some color illustrations, dj.

American Silver and Pressed Glass. A Collection in the R.W. Norton Art Gallery. Shreveport; R.W. Norton Art Foundation: 1967. A catalog produced for the annual 'Holiday in Dixie' celebrations in Shreveport. The silver includes pieces made between 1695 and 1797 in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. The pressed glass is made up of examples of the Lion and Westward Ho pattern. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 68 pages, b/w illustrations.

Ames, Kenneth L & Gerald W.R. Ward (eds.). Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America 1650-1920. An Annotated Bibliography. Winterthur; Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum: 1989. Ames & Ward is one of the most useful of the modern decorative arts bibliographies, covering architecture, furniture, glass, ceramics, metals, textiles, timepieces, artisans & culture, and "household activities and systems" (plumbing, heating, etc). Each section was written by an expert in the field, and all the entries are extensively annotated; as you may have noticed, we quote extensively from this book ourselves. Among the contributors were the two editors, as well as David Schuyler, Ellen Paul Denker, Kirk Nelson, Rodris Roth, Susan Burrows Swan, Thomas S. Mitchie, Edward S. Cooke, Jr., and Neville Thompson. The entries are cross-indexed by author and title. You simply must have a copy. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 392 pages.

Anderson, Hilary. Earning a Living in Eighteenth-Century Boston: Silversmith Zachariah Brigden. Hilary Anderson: 1996. A dissertation submitted to the University of Delaware Winterthur Program. A study based primarily on Brigden's surviving daybook, as well as other period records. Hardcover. 6.5"x8.5", 97 pages; a reprint from the original microfilm, on acid-free paper; bound in blue buckram. Note that the photos of silver submitted with the original thesis were not made available for reproduction.

Anderson, Lawrence The Art of the Silversmith in Mexico, 1519-1936. New York: Oxford University Press, 1941. Edition limited to 250 copies. A massive, well illustrated history of silversmithing and silversmiths in Mexico, with many illustrations of pieces and marks. Two appendices include a list of known Mexican silversmiths, and ordinances relative to silversmithing. There is also an extensive bibliography. An essential reference work. 2 volumes. Hardcover. 8.5"x12", 460 + xiv pages, plus 183 b&w plates.

Anderson, Lawrence. The Art of the Silversmith in Mexico, 1519-1936. New York; Hacker Art Books: 1975. A reissue of the original 1941 edition. Hardcover. 8.5"x10.5", 460 pages plus 183 b/w plates.

Andersson, Aron. Mediaeval Drinking Bowls of Silver Found in Sweden. Stockholm; Kungliga Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien: 1983. An in-depth study of 25 Medieval silver drinking bowls from Sweden, featuring exceptionally fine photography. The bowls are fully described and illustrated, and the author also explores the sources of their decoration by comparing them with other surviving artifacts of the period. An interesting study of both Medieval silver and Medieval art and iconography in more general terms. Hardcover. 8.5"x11.5", 118 pages, numerous b/w illustrations.

Andren, Erik, Brynolf Hellner, Carl Hernmarck, & Kersti Holmquist. Svenskt Silversmide 1520-1850. Guld- och Silverstamplar. Stockholm; Nordisk Rotogravyr: 1963. It is within the realm of technical possibility that there is a Swedish silversmith working between 1520 and 1850 whose mark is not recorded in this massive mark book of Swedish city, date and silversmiths' marks -but it seems very, very unlikely. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 791 pages, b/w illustrations.

Andrews, William Loring. Paul Revere and His Engraving. New York; Charles Scribner's Sons:1901. One of 135 copies on Van Gelder paper. One of the more elegant and pleasing books on Revere's work. Karpel notes that although Brigham's work has largely superseded Andrews' in terms of information on Revere, Andrews still "contains useful information on the Boston Massacre and some of Revere's contemporaries, such as Bernard Romans. Moreover, it is a beautifully printed and illustrated book". Well, it most certainly is a beautifully printed and illustrated book -the full-page plates and engraved chapter heads and tailpieces by Sidney Smith combine with the fine paper, stylish typography, red initial letters and Andrews' enthusiasm and tireless scholarship to create an elegant, wonderful journey for the Revere enthusiast. 6.5"x9.5", xiii + 170 pages, 17 plates, including a colored frontispiece and an engraved title page, plus numerous engraved vignettes as chapter heads and tailpieces, designed and engraved by Sidney L. Smith. Parchment spine and boards.

Andrus, Vincent D. Early American Silver. A Picture Book. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1955. A small book picturing and describing 28 17th and 18th century pieces or sets in the Met's collection, with a short introduction by Andrus. Softcover. 6"x8.5", 30 pages, b/w illustrations.

[Antique Dome] Liquidation of the Valuable Stock of Objets de Vertu, Silver and Porcelains, Furniture & Decorations Belonging to The Antique Dome, Inc. Part One [and] Part Two. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: October 7-8th and November 11th, 1955. Sale 1611 & 1623. The Miami Beach shop was selling its inventory of silver and other "decorative arts" to focus on jewelry. Some of the material is quite stunning, including much Faberge, Peter the Great's emerald signet ring, and Queen Anne's Book of Devotion, bound in filigree gold and jewels, in a gold and tortoiseshell case. 2 vols. Softcover. 7"x10", 93 pages, 438 lots, b/w illustrations [and] 6.5"x9.5", 46 pages, 233 lots, b/w illustrations.

Archaeologia Cantiana: being Transactions of the Kent Archaeological Society. Volume XXVI. London; Printed for the Society:1904. In addition to containing some very interesting studies of churches, abbeys, etc., there is an extensive section on "Church Plate in Kent -II" (a survey started in No.25) by Woodruff, Frampton & Gardener-Waterman. This section is 134 pages with 20 b&w illustrations. 7"x10", 367 pages, b&w plates.

Arfe, Juan de Villafane. Varia Comensuracion de Juan de Arfe y Villafane, Natural de Leon, y Escultor de Oro Plata. Nueva Edicion, corregida, aumentada y mejorada con estampes finas, por Don Josef Assensio y Torres, y Compania. Madrid; 1806. New edition. "Anyone studying renaissance goldsmiths' work in Spain must depend largely for information upon the writings of Juan de Arfe" writes Charles Oman of the V&A in his monumental book "The Golden Age of Hispanic Silver 1400-1665". Juan de Arfe, also known as the "Spanish Cellini", was a gifted goldsmith who came from one of the most important and influential goldsmithing dynasties in Spain. His grandfather Enrique emigrated from Germany at the end of the 15th century and is credited with first popularizing the grand "custodias" of the 16th and 17th centuries. His son and grandson followed in his footsteps. Juan de Arfe's book "De Varia Comensuracion" was first published in 1585 and included sections on geometry, human anatomy, animals, architecture and silverwork. The mentally omnivorous Arfe later added sections on birds, heraldry and sundials. Some of his work was from first-hand experience, as when he attended the flaying of corpses to gain material for the anatomy plates, and some was from other sources, such as Durer for the natural history engravings. The section on goldsmithing contains engravings of many fine and elaborate pieces, most designed for ecclesiastical use. The sections on geometry and architecture also have special meaning for students of goldsmithing. As Oman notes, Arfe viewed his silver designs as "architecture in miniature and, indeed, he would sometimes describe himself in documents as 'platero de maconeria'." He continues- "His aim was to lead his fellow goldsmiths back into the tradition of true architecture, that is to say, classical. He was quite blind to the idea that he was helping to create a new style which later generations would christen Renaissance...Both (he and his father) were fanatical admirers of the rules for architecture as laid down by Vitruvius and believed that they could be interpreted so as to provide perfectly proportioned church plate -not merely custodias fashioned like temples but chalices, paxes, etc." The Spanish Cellini, indeed, he was, as he said, "escultor de oro y plata", literally, 'A sculptor of gold and silver". 7.5"x11", 292 pages, plus 103 engraved plates; some of the anatomy plates are printed in red and black.

Argenti. Cornici, tabacchiere, candelabri, lampade, brocche, oggetti e motivi decorativi. Milan; SugarCo Edizione:1981. A selection of English patterns for table silver ware, mostly from the 18th century. 8.5"x11.5", 63 pages, 55 b&w plates, softcover.

Argentor. Volume II, No's 1-4. London; National Jewellers' Association: 1947. The 1947 issues of this interesting quarterly jewelry magazine, issued by the publisher and issued as a single volume. The subject matter of the articles is always jewelry-related, but ranges from art-historical to the latest in contemporary work. Novelist Muriel Spark worked for the publication for a time immediately after World War 2, and wrote about it in her memoir, 'Curriculum Vitae' (1992). "The year after the war I found a job on a good quarterly magazine called Argentor... Argentor was a beautifully produced magazine, resembling the Connoisseur in style and format, the official quarterly journal of the National Jewellers' Association. My job was mainly research in museums, libraries, art galleries; a truly refreshing occupation. I loved it...The journal, very well illustrated, aimed to express high standards of workmanship, and to give the readers an idea of the history of the jewellers' art, and that of goldsmiths, silversmiths, horologists and the allied crafts. The number of subjects connected with the goldsmiths', silversmiths' and jewellers' art was inexhaustible. The essays written by experts which needed some form of recasting were mainly passed on to me. I learned how to copy-edit tactfully. I recall that I took out a great many adjectives. My working days were long. I spent hours on research at the College of Heralds, the National Gallery, the British Museum and similar institutions. Further hours were spent in the office, writing and editing. And sometimes I would work at home on an interesting article, far, far into the night...But Argentor is no more. It is now an expensive production often quoted in the rare book lists". Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 272 pages, 1 color and many b/w plates.

Ark Antiques. Fine, Handwrought Early 20th Century American Silver -Catalog 1987. New Haven:1987. Very well illustrated catalogs of fine American handmade silver of the early 20th century from this noted and informative dealer. 8.5"x11", 53 pages, numerous b&w illustrations, softcover; with- 1987 Supplement No. 1; 1987 Supplement No. 2; Notes, No. 1 -Feb. 1987; Catalog 1988. 5 items.

Art Treasures Exhibition, presented by the New York Antique and Art Dealers Association. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: June 16-30th,1955. A benefit for the NY City Cancer Society. The exhibition featured furniture, silver, art, ceramics and other items from private and public collections as well as the stock of NYAADA members. Dealers included Chait, Kennedy Galleries, C.T. Loo, Frank Partridge, Israel Sack, John Walton, and many other noted names, and the private collectors and institutions also read like a who's-who of the tippy-top of the collecting world. Hardcover. 7"x10.5", about 200 pages, b/w illustrations.

The Art of the Renaissance Craftsman. An Exhibition of Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Workmanship. Cambridge; Fogg Art Museum: 1937. A loan exhibition, drawn from public and private collections, of silver, jewelry, books, sculpture and metalwork, enamels, tapestry, and other Renaissance crafts. The text includes an introduction to each type of work, and a short bibliography; the catalog describes each item. Softcover. 6"x8.75", 47 pages plus 38 b/w illustrations.

Artisans in Silver: Precious Illumination. Cranston; Society of American Silversmiths: 1997. An exhibition of modern candle holders by several silversmiths. Card covers. 5.5"x8.5", 9 pages, b/w illustrations.

Arwas, Victor. Art Deco. New York; Harry N. Abrams: 1980. The Art Deco lover's Dream Book. Big, bold, colorful -packed with color illustrations of metalwork, jewelry, glass, pottery, silver, lacquers, enamels, bronzes, furniture, bookbindings, and much, much more. 10.5"x12", 316 pages, 416 illustrations, including 200 in color; dj.

Ash, Douglas. Dictionary of British Antique SilverNY: Hippocrene Books, 1972.  Hardcover. 5.5"x9", 189 pp, line illus, dj.

Ash, Douglas. Dutch Silver. Cambridge; The Golden Head Press:1965. A brief but informative and insightful explanation of 17th century Dutch silver form and style. Mention is also made of pre-1600 and post-1700 pieces, but the main emphasis is on the "Glorious Century". 6"x9", 40 pages, 28 line illustrations, dj.

Ash, Douglas. How to Identify English Silver Drinking Vessels 600-1830. London; G. Bell and Sons: 1964. Drinking vessels have always been favorites with collectors, and early drinking vessels are some of the most interesting of them all. When that Saxon lord grabbed his silver-studded standing cup, now that was a drink! This clever little study begins with the Saxons and "Mediaeval Prelude", and moves to Tudor, Stuart, Queen Anne, and Georgian days. Raise your mug to this one! Hardcover. 5.5"x8.5", 159 pages, 24 b/w plates and 104 line illustrations, dj.

Ashbee, C.R. Craftsmanship in Competitive Industry. Being a Record of the Workshops of the Guild of Handicraft, and some deductions from their twenty-one years' experience. London; Essex House Press: (1908). One is always left, when discussing Charles Robert Ashbee's writings, with the problem of how fully to disclose the fact that, unlike his masterful designs in silver, his written work simply is not very good... even his wife described him as writing "through cotton wool". This document, however, transcends C.R. Ashbee's stylistic limitations, as it is nothing less than his own post-mortem of, and justification for, his life's work -The Guild of Handicraft, written at the time that the Guild had finally collapsed under a mountain of debts. Here he explains what the Guild was trying to do, why they were trying to do it, how they did it, why it did not work, and how it could be made to work. Here he attacks his critics and declares that the Guild and the Arts and Crafts Movement will rise again- he dedicates the book "To those Members of the Guild of Handicraft, who, whether working in the Guild's shops or not, have decided to stick to it and see it through". He further shows his determination by placing this quote from Cecil Rhodes opposite the Contents page- "If you have an Idea, and it is a good Idea, and you will only stick to it, you will come out all right in the end". Of course, it did not come out "all right in the end" for the Guild, but that is another story... this book remains as Ashbee's rather polemical but nonetheless important treatise on his work and the ideals of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Hardcover. 6.5"x10", 258 pages, b/w illustrations; original tan boards and cloth spine.

Ashbee, C.R. Modern English Silverwork: An Essay by C.R. Ashbee, together with a series of designs by the author drawn upon a hundred separate lithograph plates and coloured by hand, with a descriptive index. London; B. Weinreb: 1974. 2nd edition. Limited to 1000 copies.A facsimile of the limited 1909 edition, with new introductory material on Ashbee's life, work and this book, by Alan Crawford and Shirley Bury. When Ashbee described the lithographs as "tinted by hand" he meant a bit here and there -the pieces are silver so the tints are of the gemstone or enamel inlays. This handsome facsimile provides about 200 Ashbee designs for silverwork produced or drawn between roughly 1890 and 1909 -Ashbee was never much good at keeping exact records. Added to the designs is Ashbee's own rather polemical introduction, which was written at the time that his beloved Guild of Handicraft had finally collapsed under a mountain of debts. As Shirley Bury puts it- "If few of his pronouncements can be accepted as literal truth, it is not because he deliberately set out to distort and deceive, but because he always wrote to create an effect. In this instance, the Guild was in dissolution, and he had both to justify the past and proclaim his faith in the future". Hardcover. 10"x12.5", xxiii + 12 pages plus 100 plates, plus 34 pages.

Aslin, Elizabeth. The Aesthetic Movement. Prelude to Art Nouveau. New York; Frederick A. Praeger: 1969. Peacocks, sunflowers, Oscar Wilde and palm fronds... The Aesthetic Movement, which began around 1855 and petered out about 30 years later, rocked the block in Victorian England and America, claiming adherents including Charles Eastlake, E.W. Godwin, and Arthur Lasenby Liberty, and detractors like George du Maurier who mocked them all in Punch. Furniture, screens, tiles, greeting cards, china, wallpapers and silver tea sets were decorated with Japanese motifs, swans, lilies and other stylized flowers, butterflies and eucalyptus leaves. This well illustrated and interesting study chronicles and documents the ups and downs, fads and fancies of this important decorative movement. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 192 pages, packed with b/w and color illustrations, dj.

Atchley, E.G. Cuthbert F. A History of the Use of Incense in Divine Worship. London; Longmans, Green & Co.:1909. A massive study of this subject, divided into Christian and non-Christian histories. The non-Christian sections includes Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Jewish and Indian customs; the Christian section includes the various uses of incense at funerals, as a sacrifice, Demonfuges, processionals, consecration, fumigation, and so on. The illustrations include a wealth of censers and burners, many made of silver. A cacophony of scent. 7"x10.5", xxix + 404 + viii pages, plus many b&w plates.

Atterbury, Paul (ed.). A.W.N. Pugin. Master of Gothic Revival. New York; Published for the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts by Yale University Press: 1995. A.W.N. Pugin was one of the most influential designers and architects in the 19th century. As a collector and scholar he pioneered a new appreciation for Medieval art and architecture; as an architect he created cathedrals, churches, colleges and a wide variety of buildings whose design profoundly influenced architectural design in the Victorian era; as a designer he established Gothic as the Official Style of Great Britain and one of the most popular decorative forms to emerge in the nineteenth century. This massive catalog, which accompanied an equally massive loan exhibition, is packed with illustrations and features essays by Megan Aldrich, Paul Atterbury, and many others. Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 415 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj.

[Avar Treasure] Catalog of The Avar Treasure. Comprising one hundred and twenty-two gold and silver belt fittings of the Avar period, circa 700 A.D., together with two Byzantine silver plates bearing Constantinopolitan control stamps of the 7th Century. The Property of a European Collector. London; Sotheby Parke Bernet: December 14th, 1981. A curiously bewitching collection of cast and cut ornaments of deliberate and strong design; the pieces were lotted so that the fittings of each belt were sold separately. Striking. There were also 2 Byzantine silver plates. 14"x10", 30 pages, 73 color illustrations, including reconstructions of each belt and then the fittings in close-ups; green linen covers with a gilt device.

Avery, C. Louise. American Silver of the XVII and XVIII Centuries. A Study Based on the Clearwater Collection. New York; Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1920. Edition limited to 1000 copies. Judge Clearwater's collection, formed by a single-minded, enthusiastic jurist, was one of the first major collections of American silver in private hands; actually it was one of the first such collections in anyone's hands. Three-quarters of a century later it remains a testament to his skill and fine eye. Hardcover. 5.5"x9", 216 pages, b/w illustrations.

Avery, C. Louise. Early American Silver. New York; The Century Company:1930. "Sections on regional characteristics and the silversmiths' methods of work are fundamental. Equally useful are hundreds of tiny drawings arranged chronologically in the chapter 'The Evolution of the Principal Forms in Early American Silver'. This is still a basic book" (Montgomery). 5"x8.5", 378 pages, plus 64 b&w plates.

Avery, C. Louise. An Exhibition of Early New York Silver. New York; The Metropolitan Museums of Art: 1931. Edition limited to 1000 copies. An early exhibition which drew on many private collections, among them those of Clarke, Clearwater, de Peyser, Gillingham, van Cortlandt and van Rennselaer, as well as the collections of almost a dozen New York churches and several institutions. John Marshall Phillips worked on the exhibition. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", (vi) + 20 pages plus 104 b/w illustrations.

Baarsen, Reinier, et al. Courts and Colonies. The William and Mary Style in Holland, England and America. New York; Cooper-Hewitt Museum: 1988. The magnificent catalog to this important loan exhibition of furniture, silver, metalwares, ceramics and other decorative arts. Includes essays by Baarsen, Gervase Jackson-Stops, Phillip M. Johnson, and Elaine Evans Dee. Softcover. 8"x11", 249 pages, b/w and color illustrations.

Bacot, H. Parrott. Natchez-Made Silver of the Nineteenth Century. Baton Rouge; Anglo-American Art Museum: 1970. An important loan exhibition of Natchez silver, primarily made between 1820 and 1861. The work of 8 silversmiths is represented, and there are notes on an additional 8 silversmiths who were identified by Bacot but examples of whose work could not be located. Softcover. 10"x8", 48 pages, b/w illustrations; marks.

Badcock, William. A Touch-Stone for Gold and Silver Wares. Or, A Manual for Goldsmiths, and All other Persons, whether Buyers, Sellers, or Wearers of any manner of Goldsmiths Work. Discovering the Rules belonging to that Mystery, and the Way and Means how to know Adulterated Wares from those made of the True Standard Allay; And what are the True Weights appointed for weighing of the same. Together with several Statutes now in Force for Regulating Abuses committed in that Craft. And the Charter of the Goldsmiths Incorporation taken from the Record and truy rendered into English. To which is Annexed The Laws in force against Brass Hilts, and Brass Buckles, &c. And Directions for Discovering the Countefeit Coyn of this Kingdom. And also a Catalogue of the Forraign Coyns, with the particular Weights, Allay, and Value of each Coyn. London; printed for John Bellinger in Cliffords-Inn Lane, and Thomas Bassett at the George near Cliffords-Inne in Fleet-street: 1677. The first edition of this most important treatise, the first technical study in English on working gold and silver. A second, expanded edition was published in 1679. The famous frontispiece illustrates the Patron Saint of the Goldsmiths Company, Saint Dunstan, seated in the middle of a goldsmith's shop, where one worker weighs coins at a counter while others chase and hammer pieces of plate; the lower part of the plate illustrates a workshop interior with furnaces, workmen, and all the tools of the plate-worker's trade. 4.25"x7", engraved frontispiece, title page, [1], [v], [v] [xii], 115 pages, 1 engraved plate.

Badcock, William. A New Touchstone for Gold and Silver Wares. New York; Praeger Publishers:1971. A facsimile of the 1679 2nd edition of this important goldsmith's guide. This includes complete instructions to the 17th century smith on how to conduct his business. Also included here is John Reynolds 1679 "Tables to cast up Silver and Gold...". There is a new introduction to both books by William O'Sullivan. Hardcover. 5.5"x9", x + about 250 pages, reproduction of original woodcut frontispiece.

Bailey, Dennis, et al. Modern British Silver. A picture review of gold and sterling silver by British designers. London; Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths:1963. Work by noted and un-noted English silversmiths from 1960-63. 8.25"x8.25", 38 pages, 70 b&w illustrations, softcover.

Bailey, Major C.T.P. Knives and Forks, Selected and Described. London & Boston; The Medici Society: 1927. What is it that fascinates us so about ancient cutlery? Is it the queer, long-tined forks, the ferocious, wickedly-pointed knives? The grotesquely carved ivory handles of the 17th century? Are we bemused by the mere thought of some 16th or 17th century lord or traveling commissioner skewering a guinea fowl with these implements, preparatory to wiping his greasy fingers on the tablecloth and belching in satisfaction? Perhaps it is all of these things, perhaps none. Whatever. This is the first collector's study of knives and forks, based primarily on the fine collection of 15th-18th century specimens at the V&A. The plates are arranged chronologically. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", viii + 15 pages of text plus 3 color and 72 b/w plates.

[Baldwin Collection] Old English Silver 1532-1830. The Magnificent Private Collection of Mrs. Elizabeth H. Baldwin, Parkersburg, W.Va. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: November 23rd, 1946. "Including numerous examples by Paul Lamerie and Paul Storr". Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 72 pages, 241 lots, b/w illustrations.

Ball, T. Stanley. Church Plate of the City Chester. Manchester: 1907.

Banfield, Edwin. Visiting Cards and Cases. Trowbridge; Baros Books: 1989. A well illustrated guide to Victorian card cases in silver, brass, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, ivory, lacquer, papier-mache, Tunbridge and Mauchline ware, wood, leather, needlework, and other materials. Hardcover. 6"x9", 149 pages, b/w illustrations.

Banister, Judith. English Silver. London; Paul Hamlyn, Cameo Series: 1969. A colorful survey and history of English silver. Just a darn fun little book. Hardcover. 5.5"x7.5", 157 pages, color illustrations, dj.

Banister, Judith. Old English Silver. New York; G.P. Putnam's Sons: 1965. An extremely readable study, focusing on how the silversmith's craft and silver objects have developed. There are also chapters on marks, forgeries, and the silversmiths themselves, as well as a chronology of the development of English silver from before the Restoration to the machine age. Hardcover. 7"x10", 287 pages, b/w and line illustrations, dj.

Bapst, Germain. Etudes sur L'Orfevrerie Francais au XVIIIe siecle, Les Germain, Orfevres-Sculpteurs du Roy. Paris; J. Rouam et Cie.: 1887. A scarce early study of the Germain family of silversmiths and their work in 18th century France. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", xxxi + 254 pages, 90 b/w illustrations.

Bapst, Germain. Etudes sur l'Etain dans l'Antiquite et au Moyen Age, Orfevrerie et Industries Diverses. Paris; G. Masson:1884. 6.5"x10", 330 pages, 10 lithographed plates.

Bargellini, Clara, et al. Mexicaans Zilver / Mexican Silver. Gent; Museum voor Sierkunst: 1993. An extremely fine catalog which accompanied the exhibition of 16th-20th century Mexican silverwork at the Museum voor Sierkunst in Ghent. Many types of silver are illustrated and discussed, along with historical essays which include- The New-Spanish Mining Towns; Extracting Silver in Colonial Times; Mining and Silversmiths Trade in pre-Columbian Mexico; The Silversmith's Trade in New Spain; Mining and Technology in Colonial Times; Baroque in the Mexican Silversmith's Trade; Mexican Silverware in Neo-Classicism; and Contemporary Silversmith's Trade. The photographs are clear and crisp, and there is an English/Dutch text. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 173 pages, b/w and some color illustrations.

Barnard, Toby. Making the Grand Figure. Lives and Possessions in Ireland, 1641-1770. New Haven; Yale University Press: 2004. "In this pioneering study of the material culture of Stuart and Hanoverian Ireland, Toby Barnard reveals a hitherto unsuspected richness and diversity of lifestyle, habitat and mentality. The compass of the book is impressively wide, from the governing elite of Dublin Castle to provincial towns and the countryside beyond. Looking yet further, it follows the Irish overseas to Britain and the continent of Europe. Through such everyday articles as linen shirts, wigs, silver teaspoons, pottery plates and engravings, Barnard evokes a striking variety of lives and attitudes. Possessions, he shows, highlighted and widened divisions, not only between the rich and poor, women and men, but also between Irish Catholics and the Protestant settlers." There are chapters focusing on the house, interiors, goods, pictures, the park & garden, sport, dress, Dublin, going abroad, and Society. Hardcover. 8"x9.5", xxii + 497 pages, b/w and some color illustrations, dj.

Barnhill, Georgia Brady (ed.). Prints of New England. Papers Given at the Seventh North American Print Conference. Worcester; American Antiquarian Society: 1991. Seven papers- the first is "James Turner, Silversmith-Engraver" by Martha Gandy Fales. Also- William Bentley: Connoisseur and Print Collector; 18th Century American Portrait Prints; The Joys of Publishing in 1820; Political Cartoons of New England, 1812-61; Franklin Leavitt's Pictorial Maps of the White Mountains; and Calico Printing. Hardcover. 7.5"x11", 164 pages, b/w illustrations, dj.

[Baron de Lemmerman Collection] Gold, Silver and Enamel Objets de Vertu, with an Extensive Group of the Work of Carl Faberge, also Jewels and Icons, Property of Baron Basile de Lemmerman. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: December 11th, 1952. Sale 1391.I'm not sure if there is such a thing as "run of the mill" Faberge, but even if there is, this wasn't it. A really interesting collection, which included a massive gold cigarette case with a sapphire by the craftsman Bok, an Imperial set of 6 gold-mounted rock crystal vodka cups, a unique carved lapis lazuli dancing bear, a gold-mounted purpurine charka with rubies and emeralds given by Alexander III to Queen Olga of Greece, and more. Softcover. 7"x10", 42 pages, 131 lots, b/w illustrations.

Barquist, David L., et al. Myer Myers. Jewish Silversmith in Colonial New York. New Haven; Yale University Art Gallery: 2001. Born in New York in 1723, Myer Myers became the city's leading silversmith during the late colonial period, and is now remembered as one of America's great craftsmen. This catalogue explores his career in the larger contexts of the Jewish community, the silversmith's trade, and his network of patrons. Large-scale color photographs of his teapots, tankards, milk pots, and candlesticks are presented alongside maps, paintings, and other illuminating documents. An appendix focuses on the nine signature marks that Myers employed, and an extensive bibliography is provided. Hardcover. 9.5"x11.5",304 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Barr, Elaine. George Wickes, Royal Goldsmith 1698-1761. London; Studio Vista: 1980. The discovery of a virtually complete set of ledgers and account books gives a graphic and vivid picture of the life and work of a Georgian-era silversmith. An important scholarly study which breaths life and depth into a world of long ago and far away. Hardcover. 8"x10", 210 pages, b/w illustrations, dj; bibliography.

Barraud, Phillip. A New Book of Single Cyphers, Comprising Six Hundred Invented and Engraved by Ph. D. Barraud. London: 1782. A clever compendium of just about any possible combination of initials a silversmith or engraver might want to engrave, set up as decorative cyphers with the occasional duck, dragon, bee or flower poking out from a curlicue. There are also three elaborate engraved dedication pages- the first bears a Royal cypher in a wreath under the crown; the second shows the conventional Royal Arms, and the third has the lion and unicorn from the Royal arms looking up at an eagle which is perched on a Royal cypher. A joyous celebration of the engraver's art. Scarce- OCLC locates only 2 copies. Hardcover. 6.25"x8", 3 elaborately engraved Royal dedication pages, plus 100 engraved plates

Barraud, Abbe & Arthur Martin, S.J. Le Baton Pastoral, etude archeologique... Paris; Chez Mme. Ve Poussielgue-Rusand:1856. An interesting study of the decorative heads of pastoral staffs as they have developed over the centuries, from ancient times. Much of this work was done in either silver, gilt or gold. An offprint from Volume 4 of Melanges d'Archeologie. 11"x14", 112 pages, 156 line illustrations of good size and detail.

Barrett, G.N., et al. Norwich Silver 1565-1706. City of Norwich Museums: 1966. A loan exhibition of 135 pieces; light on illustrations, but the entries are more extensive than usual for a catalog this size. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 39 pages, plus 8 b/w illustrations.

Barsali, Isa Belli. Medieval Goldsmith's Work. London; Paul Hamlyn: 1969. From the "Cameo" series. A wonderful little book, with 71 color illustrations drawn from a number of churches and museums. Hardcover. 5.5"x7.5", 157 pages, 71 color illustrations, dj.

Bartlett, Louisa. American Silver. Saint Louis Art Museum; Winter Bulletin: 1984. A catalog of 36 pieces or sets from the Museum's collection. Each is nicely photographed and fully described. Presented chronologically, they range from a John Coney tankard to a 1958 chalice by St. Louis silversmith Dwight Dillon. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 60 pages, b/w and color illustrations; bibliography.

[Bateman silver] Georgian and Victorian Silver. New York; Sotheby Parke Bernet: December 20th, 1972. Includes a nice selection of Bateman family silver. Items from the collections of Philip Schnitzer, Frank Kysela, Fred Maguolo and Harold Bauer. Softcover. 9"x9", 21 pages, 175 lots, b/w illustrations.

Bates, Albert An Early Connecticut Engraver and His Work Hartford: privately published, 1906. 6"x9", 48 pages of text plus 42 b&w plates, softcover.

Beckman, Elizabeth D. An In-depth Study of the Cincinnati Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watch and Clockmakers through 1850. Also Listing the More Prominent Men in These Trades from 1851 until 1900. Cincinnati: B. B. & Co.: 1975. An important study of Ohio silver and silversmiths, based on a great deal of original research by the author. The book also includes extensive excerpts from the diary of silversmith Jacob Deterly from 1819 to 1833. Robert Alan Green wrote the laudatory Foreword. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 167 pages, b/w illustrations, marks.

Bedinger, Margery. Indian Silver. Navajo and Pueblo Jewelers. Albuquerque; University of New Mexico Press: 1974. 2nd ptg.An informative, well researched and very useful study of Navajo and Pueblo jewelry from "old times" through the 20th century. Bedinger, a long-time collector, not only discusses and describes the jewelry itself and the techniques, materials and tools used for making it, but also its history and development over the centuries. The text is extensively annotated and there is a thorough, quite comprehensive bibliography. Well illustrated, this is a standard, highly recommended reference work. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 264 pages, 4 color plates and 92 b/w illustrations, dj.

Belden, Bauman L. Indian Peace Medals Issued in the United States. New York; American Numismatic Society:1927. Edition limited to 350 copies.A descriptive catalog of late 18th and 19th century peace medals, with a running commentary on their use and history. 9"x11.5", 46 pages plus a frontispiece of Chief Red Jacket, a pasted-in b&w plate, and 22 b&w plates.

Belden, Bauman L. Indian Peace Medals Issued in the United States, 1789-1889. New Milford; N. Flayderman & Co.:1972. 2nd printing. Originally published in an extremely limited edition in 1927, this has remained a standard reference to silver and other peace medals made for trade and presentation to Native Americans. 9"x11.5", 46 pages plus a frontispiece and 22 b&w plates; dj.

Belden, Louise Conway. Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection. Charlottesville; University Press of Virginia for Winterthur: 1980.A massive study, with photographs of 1,700 marks. This has become the standard modern reference to silversmith's marks of the 18th and the first half of the 19th century, and also has an extensive bibliography. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 505 pages, b/w illustrations; dj.

Belknap, Henry W. Artists and Craftsmen of Essex County, Massachusetts. Salem; The Essex Institute: 1927. One of the first studies to gather together period newspaper notices, advertisements and other data on cabinetmakers, carvers, turners, glass makers, silversmiths, potters, engravers, paper cutters, silhouette artists, etc. Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 127 pages, b/w illustrations.

Benjamin, Chaya. The Stieglitz Collection. Masterpieces of Jewish Art. Jerusalem; The Israel Museum: 1987. A magnificent catalog of this stunning and important private collection of Jewish art, begun by Joseph Stieglitz's father in the 19th century and continued by his son until it was purchased in its entirety by the Israel Museum. The catalog is divided by subject- The Torah Scroll and Its Ornaments; The Sabbath (candlesticks, Kiddush cups, etc.); The Festivals; The High Holidays and Succot; Hanukkah; Tu B'Shvat; Purim; Passover; Life Cycle; The Home; and Personal Objects. Each item is superbly photographed in color, often with supplementary photos in b/w, and described technically and stylistically. Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 462+ pages, packed with color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Bennett, Douglas. Irish Georgian Silver. Cirencester; The Collectors Book Club:1973. The massive and definitive reference on this subject. 9"x11", 369 pages, hundreds of b&w illustrations, dj.

Bentley, Esther Felt. A Vanished Society. Essays in American History. Princeton University Library: 1962. A collection of essays which includes "The Madison Medal and Chief Keokuk", regarding a pair of Peace Medals, one silver, one bronze, given by President James Madison to Chief Keokuk of the Sac and Fox nations. First published in the 'Princeton University Library Chronicle', Spring & Summer, 1958 issues. Hardcover. 6.25"x9.5", [article- pages 16-21, and 3 b/w illustrations]; entire book 74 pages, b/w illustrations.

Benton, Rev. G. Montagu, et al. The Church Plate of the County of Essex. Colchester; Benham & Co.:1925. Edited by Rev. W.J. Pressey, with illustrations from photographs by Rev. Canon F.W. Galpin. 9"x11", x + 335 pages, plus 27 b&w plates.

Berg, Sven Dan & George Hassell. The Geddy Foundry. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: 1992. An excellent look at how silver or brass candlesticks and other objects were cast and assembled, illustrated with period prints as well as photographs of craftsmen at the Geddy Foundry using historic methods and tools. A book from the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Trades series. Softcover. 8"x10", 60 pages, color and b/w illustrations.

Bergling, J.M. Heraldic Designs and Engravings for the Workshop, Studio and Library. A practical handbook of 2000 illustrations with sufficient text essential to the most important features in Heraldry. A design treasury such as was used by silversmiths when engraving arms and crests. Chicago; J.M. Bergling:1913. 10"x8", 72 b&w plates.

Bernstein, Bernard. Artisans in Silver: Judaica Today. Society of American Silversmiths: 1997. A traveling exhibition featuring the work of some master silversmiths. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 14 pages, b/w illustrations.

Berry, Francis, Andre Masson, et al. Wine Trade Loan Exhibition of Drinking Vessels, Books, Documents, etc., etc., etc. London; Vintners Hall: 1933. A massive and important loan exhibition which featured books, documents, glass, ceramics, silver, treen, pewter, and lots of other types of wine accessories of the last few millennia. Amongst those who worked on the exhibition were Owen Evan-Thomas, Arthur Churchill, and E. Alfred Jones. Dozens of leading collectors loaned their most interesting and precious objects, including the King, who allowed Queen Elizabeth's wine glass to be exhibited. Softcover. 7.5"x9.5", 91 pages of text plus 135 b/w plates.

Berry-Hill, Henry & Sidney. Antique Gold Boxes, Their Lore and Lure. New York; Abelard Press:1953. An important work, covering English and European boxes of the 18th and 19th centuries, and including lists of makers. The b&w photographs illustrate a wide variety of boxes, and the variety of forms and ornamentations these boxes feature is quite extraordinary. 8.5"x11", 223 pages, color frontispiece and 218 b&w illustrations, dj.

Beuque, Emile. Platine, Or & Argent. Dictionnaire des Poincons officiels francais & etrangers, anciens & modernes de leur creation (XIVe siecle) a nos jours. Paris; Librarie F. de Noble (Imprimie C. Courtois): 1925 & 1928.A standard reference to French gold and silver hallmarks. One nice thing about Beuque is that the hallmarks are reproduced very large and clear, with no squinting or magnifier necessary. 2 volumes. Softcovers. 7.5"x11", 375 + 310 pages, hundreds of hallmarks.

Bevan, G. Phillips. British Manufacturing Industries. Guns, Nails, Locks, Wood Screws, Railway Bolts and Spikes, Buttons, Pins, Needles, Saddlery, and Electroplate, Pens and Papier Mache. London; Edward Stanford: 1876. The spine title is "The Birmingham Trades". A history of the mentioned British trades as well as a survey of their latest developments; part of a series. All right, you dozed off during wood screws and railway bolts, but I'll bet that "buttons" and "electroplate" woke you up, and that "pens" and "papier mache" really got your heart beating. Hardcover. 4.75"x6.75", iv + 180 pages, plus 16 pages of publisher's advertisements.

Bigelow, Francis H. Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers. New York; Macmillan: 1917. Bigelow's book was the first attempt at a comprehensive study of American Colonial silver, and his vast knowledge of the subject enabled him to write a classic work, organized by form, which retains its usefulness. Bigelow had been intimately involved in the preparation of Jones' landmark "Old Silver in American Churches" (1913) as well as the 1906 and 1911 Boston exhibitions, and was the man best prepared to write a study such as this. He organized his study by form, and his writing will still entertain and interest the silver collector today, as will the very interesting Introduction by his fellow collector and author, George Munson Curtis. Hardcover. 6"x8.5", xxiv + 476 pages, 325 b/w illustrations.

Bigelow, Francis H. Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers. New York; Macmillan: 1925. Reprint edition.  Hardcover. 5.5"x8", xxiv + 476 pages, 325 b/w illustrations.

Bigelow, Francis H. Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers. New York; Macmillan:1931. New Edition. Hardcover. 5.5"x7.5", 476 pages, 325 b&w illustrations.

Bigelow, Francis H. Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers. New York; Macmillan: 1941. New Edition. Hardcover. 5.5"x8", 476 pages, 325 b/w illustrations.

Bigelow, Francis Hill. Historic Silver of the Colonies and its Makers NY: Tudor Publishing, 1948 reprint .

[Bigelow Collection] Original Photographic Illustrations for (the) Catalogue prepared by the Anderson Galleries, New York, for the sale January 17, 1924 of the "Colonial Furniture -the Superb Collection of Mr. Francis Hill Bigelow of Cambridge, Mass. Part I". New York; Anderson Galleries: 1924. An exceptional scrapbook of original photographs taken for the auction of furniture from the Bigelow Collection. The title of this item is taken from the penned note on the first page. Francis Hill Bigelow was one of the foremost collectors of American colonial silver and furniture of his era, and a founding member of the Walpole Society. His book "Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers" remained a cornerstone work for decades. Hardcover, ribbon-tied scrapbook. 10"x12.5", penned title page plus 47 leaves with 85 b/w prints mounted and several loose prints. Very few are identified in any way.

[Bigelow Collection] The Francis Hill Bigelow Collection of Early American Furniture, together with Rare Early American and English Silver, property of several owners... New York; American Art Association: February 8th, 1936. Sale 4232.The very fine collection of one of the foremost American collectors of the early 20th century. Softcover. 7.5"x10.5", 95 pages, 252 lots, b/w illustrations.

Binder, Deborah. St.Louis Silversmiths. Saint Louis Art Museum: 1980. The catalog to a loan exhibition which included both antique and modern silver. There is an essay on St. Louis silversmiths, as well as short descriptions of each item, with thumbnail notes on the silversmiths. Softcover. 7"x11", 40 pages, b/w illustrations.

[Bistritzky Collection] Judaica. Hebrew Manuscripts and Books, Ritual Silver and Other Objects from the Collection of Alexander S. Bistritzky. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: April 18th, 1967. Sale 2549.A very fine collection not only of ritual silver, but also manuscripts and books. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 65 pages, 304 lots, b/w illustrations.

Bivins, John and Forsyth Alexander. The Regional Arts of the Early South. A Sampling from the Collection of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. Winston-Salem; MESDA: 1991. A selection of furniture, ceramics, silver, paintings and other decorative arts, drawn from the Museum's collection of Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee arts made before 1821. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 170 pages, color and b/w illustrations.

Blaauwen, A.L. den. Nederlands Zilver - Dutch Silver, 1580-1830. Amsterdam; Rijiksmuseum: 1979. An important and scholarly catalog to an important loan exhibition featuring fine Dutch silver and many good b/w illustrations, biographies of silversmiths, etc. The exhibition also appeared at the Toledo Museum of Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Softcover. 7"x9", 390 pages, many b/w illustrations.

Blackburn, Roderic H. & Ruth Piwonka. Remembrance of Patria. Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America 1609-1776. Albany Institute of History and Art: 1988. Although England took control of New Netherland in 1640, many aspects of Dutch culture persisted in New York until the Revolutionary War. This exhibition examines this phenomena and the silver, furniture, textiles, portraits, drawings, ceramics and other objects which illustrate the "Remembrance of Patria". Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 318 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Blair, Claude, et al. The Goldsmith & The Grape. Silver in the service of wine. London; Goldsmiths Company: 1983. The Goldsmiths Company and the Vintners Company combined to stage this fine exhibition of silver and gilt wine accouterments of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Includes cups, tankards, flagons, chalices, tasters, labels, corkscrews, and more. Features a good overall text explaining the development and use of various items, and crisp black & white photography. Softcover. 8.5"x11", 47 pages, b/w illustrations.

Bly, John. The Confident Collector. How to Recognize an Authentic Antique. New York; Prentice Hall Press: 1986. "Completely fake antiques are few, but items that are not quite genuine abound. There are copies, adaptations and dubious restorations; labels that do not always tell the truth, marriages of commercial convenience...'The Confident Collector explains in fascinating detail exactly how the experts judge authenticity and illustrates through hundreds of examples the tricks, old and new, that can deceive collectors". Chapters on American silver by Brand Inglis, English silver by Peter Waldron, Sheffield Plate by Eric Smith, base metals by Peter Hornsby, Glass by Charles Hajdamach, American furniture by Donald Sack, Continental furniture by Christopher Payne, English furniture by John Bly, ceramics by Gordon Lang, and also decoys, clocks, netsuke, quilts, scientific instruments, scrimshaw, and toys. Hardcover. 7"x10.5", 224 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Boesen, Gudmund & Chr. A. Boje. Old Danish Silver. Copenhagen; Hassing: 1949. A pictorial treasury of 18th and early 19th century Danish silverwork, with 496 pieces illustrated. 8.5"x12", 43 pages of text plus 496 b&w illustrations.

Boesen, Gudmund & Erik Lassen. De Danske Dronningers Guldtoilette. Copenhagen; Det Berlingske Bogtrykkeri: 1955. A study of the magnificent mid-18th century gold toilette service of Sophie Magdalene of Denmark. The sumptuously decorated service originally included a mirror, water basin & ewer, candlesticks, snuffers & tray, four graduated pairs of boxes, two brushes, four flasks, a salver, two pin trays, a covered bowl, a plate, a knife, spoon & fork, and two more flasks; in later years more articles were added, until the assemblage totaled 46 golden articles weighing 20 kilos. This careful study of the set includes an English summary as well as notes on the decorations and makers, and illustrations and descriptions of each piece. 8"x11", 94 pages with 4 color and 5 plates of line illustrations , plus 30 b&w plates; red & gold patterned boards.

Bohan, Peter & Philip Hammerslough. Early Connecticut Silver, 1700-1840. Middletown; Wesleyan University Press: 1970. The definitive work on this subject, illustrating and describing almost 200 pieces of silver. There is an index of marks with 495 photographs and other marks illustrated with drawings, and biographical notes. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 288 pages, 184 b/w illustrations, dj; bibliography.

Bohan, Peter J. American Gold, 1700-1860. A Monograph Based on a Loan Exhibition. New Haven; Yale University Art Gallery: 1963. The catalog to a loan exhibition of 147 pieces of American gold, 25 of which are illustrated. As Bohan points out in his foreword, it is curious that so little goldwork from this time period has survived to the present day, but such is the case. Those examples that have survived show fine workmanship and design; interestingly, they are almost all small items such as jewelry, snuff boxes, buttons, etc., which provides a dramatic comparison to the large-size objects Alfred Jones illustrates and discusses in his monograph on English goldwares of the same periods. Bohan provides an overview of American goldwork and goldsmiths, as well as a descriptive catalog of the exhibition in this diminutive but scarce catalog. Softcover. 7"x7", 52 pages, 25 b/w illustrations.

Bohan, Peter, et al. Precious Metals. The American Tradition in Gold and Silver. Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami: 1976. A loan exhibition of both antique and modern silver and gold work, with most of the modern work being jewelry (more or less). Includes the essays- "Precious Metals: The American Tradition in Gold and Silver" by Bohan; "The Art of Gold and Silversmithing" by Bob Ebendorf; "Contemporary Gold and Silversmithing: A Fascinating Gamble" by Dr. Henry P. Raleigh, as well as thumbnail artist biographies and a brief catalog of the exhibition. A somewhat hard-to-find catalog. Softcover. 9"x10", 78 pages, 33 b/w and 16 color illustrations.

Boje, Chr. Danske Guld og Solv Smedemaerker. Kobebhavn: 1951. Hardcover, dj.

Borthwick, William. Remarks on British Antiquities...[including] The Ancient and Modern Use of Armorial Figures. Edinburgh: William Gordon, 1776. Includes 59 pages on armorials and 10 pages on 'The Form of Funeral Service'. 6"x9", 144 pages.

Bouilhet, Henri. Christofle -Silversmith since 1830. 150 Ans d'Orfevrerie. Geneva; Chene/Hachette: 1981. The first major study of Christofle, with an English/French text. A large, profusely illustrated study with an emphasis on the first hundred years, from 1830 through the Art Deco period. 9.5"x11.5", 272 pages, packed with hundreds of b&w illustrations.

Boultinghouse, Marquis. Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watch & Clock Makers of Kentucky, 1785-1900. Published by the author: 1980. A standard work which includes a history of the silversmith's craft in Kentucky, biographical notes on identified silversmiths, and photographs of pieces and marks. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 368 pages, b/w illustrations, dj.

Bourdon-Smith, Charmian & John. Charmian and John Bourdon-Smith invite - to inspect their collection of Silver Boxes between 17th and 21st July, 1978. London; 1978. A brochure of antique silver tobacco, toilet and snuff boxes, nutmeg graters, vinaigrettes and card cases. 4.25"x8.25" (folded size); a sheet folded so that there are 12 panels; 11 b/w illustrations illustrating 36 items.

Bourdon-Smith. Illustrated Catalogue of Antique Silver. London; J.H. Bourdon-Smith Ltd.: nd (1965). A catalog illustrating a wide variety of antique English table silver in clear b/w pictures with 1-20 items in each shot; thumbnail descriptions. Softcover. 5"x8", 31 pages, b/w illustrations.

Bowen, Richard LeBaron. Rhode Island Colonial Money and Its Counterfeiting, 1647-1726. Providence; Society of Colonial Wars:1942. A very detailed study, with many pages of transcripts of original court records and depositions. 6"x9", 112 pages, 14 b&w illustrations.

Bovin, Murray. Silversmithing and Art Metal for Schools, Tradesmen, Craftsmen. Forest Hills; Bovin Publishing: 1976. 5th prtg. A well illustrated instructional book, showing how a craftsman constructs various types of silver. Softcover. 7.5"x10", 160 pages, b/w and line illustrations.

Bowman, Leslie G. et al. Silver in the Golden State. Images and Essays Celebrating the History and Art of Silver in California. Oakland Museum History Department: 1986. Victorian and Arts & Crafts silver in California (though not necessarily of California) are explored in essays by Leslie Greene Bowman, John Burke, Deborah Cooper, Donald Chaput, Elliot Evans, Donald Hardesty, Edgar Morse and Gerald W.R. Ward. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 119 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Boylan, Leona Davis. Spanish Colonial Silver. Santa Fe; Museum of New Mexico Press: 1974. A well illustrated study of New Mexican colonial Spanish silver which argues that New Mexican colonial silver had stylistic characteristics which differentiated it from other Spanish colonial silver. Based on silver collections in five New Mexican museums, this study includes chapters on the collections, the historical background, ecclesiastical silver, domestic silver, "accessories and gear", and provincial styles, as well as an extensive photographic mark section and a good bibliography. An important and enjoyable study. Softcover. 7"x10", 202 pages, many b/w illustrations; marks.

[Boyle Collection, et al] Important Gold Boxes, The property of Miss Mary A. Boyle, the Covington/ReQua Family Trust, and others. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: November 20th, 1970. A magnificent selection; I was going to list highlights, but there are too many to know where to start, so I'm just going to go back to looking at the pictures. Softcover. 7"x10", 83 pages, 83 lots, b/w and several color illustrations.

Bradbury, Frederick. History of Old Sheffield Plate, Being an Account of the Origin, Growth and Decay of the Industry and of the Antique Silver and White or Britannia Metal Trade. Sheffield: J W Northend Ltd, 1968. Reprint of 1912 first edition. 9"x11.5", 539 pages, numerous b&w illustrations and marks. dj

Bradbury, Frederick. British and Irish Silver Assay Office Marks 1544-1932 - Old Sheffield Plate Makers' Marks 1743-1860. Sheffield; J.W. Northend: 1932. A distinctive copy of this handbook, bound in full limp dark-blue leather with gilt rules and lettering, stamped "Tiffany & Co". on the cover. 3.75"x5.75", 80 pages.

[Brenauer Collection] Important Early American Silver, Watches, Snuff Boxes & other Bibelots, Early American Miniatures, Property of the Estate of the Late Joseph B. Brenauer, New York. New York; Parke-Bernet Galleries: October 11th, 1946. An auction of fine silver, including a Washington Indian peace medal by Richardson, and a London 1772 presentation covered cup to Jonathan Boucher of Virginia. Softcover. 6.5"x9.5", 52 pages, 203 lots, b/w illustrations.

Brenner, E. Alberta. The Romance of Silver. Lecture Program with Extensive Exhibit. [New York: 1940s]. A promotional brochure for a lecturer about antique silver, its history, construction and collecting, who offered a program "well adapted for any hour of the day: morning, noon, afternoon, tea, dinner or evening. Equal interest has been manifested before women's, men's, or mixed audiences ranging in age from eight to eighty". Folder. 9.5"x7", b/w front and rear cover illustrations.

Bridenbaugh, Carl. The Colonial Craftsman. New York University Press: 1950. Although it has been noted that Bridenbaugh tends to idealize the colonial-era craftsman and is sometimes overly-sweeping in his conclusions, this remains an interesting and important study of the artisan and his place in colonial society. Chapters comprise: The Craftsman of the Rural South; The Village Craftsman of the Rural North; The Urban Craftsman; The Craftsman at Work; The Craftsman as a Citizen. The text is fully annotated. Hardcover. 6"x9", 214 pages, 17 b/w illustrations.

Brigham, Clarence S. Paul Revere's Engravings. Worcester; American Antiquarian Society: 1954. A scholarly, definitive reference to the full range of Revere's varied and interesting work. An essential reference, and this, the first edition, is much grander and more physically pleasing than the more common reprint. Hardcover. 9.5"x12.5", 181 pages, plus 77 plates, several colored, and some folding.

Brigham, Clarence S. Paul Revere's Engravings. New York; Atheneum: 1969. Revised edition.  Hardcover. 9"x11.5", 262 pages, b/w and several color illustrations, dj.

Brix, Maurice. Philadelphia Silversmiths 1682-1850. Philadelphia: 1920. Vard covers.

Brocklehurst, Charles. Exhibition of Antique Silver Lent by The National Trust of England. Palm Beach; The Society of Four Arts: 1959. Forty-seven magnificent pieces of silver were lent for this Florida exhibition during the months that the National Trust houses where they usually resided were closed for the Winter. Pieces from Polesden Lacey, Surrey; Ickworth, Suffolk; and Attingham, Shropshire. Softcover. 8"x10", 27 pages, b/w illustrations.

Brown, Walter R. The Stuart Legacy. English Art 1603-1714. Birmingham Museum of Art: 1991. A loan exhibition exploring the unprecedented flourishing of the arts in England which took place under the Stuart kings. During this hundred years period English craftsmen, architects and painters gradually shook off European influences and developed striking new and vibrant English styles. This exhibition features furniture, silver, metalwares, ceramics, glass, textiles, and architecture. Softcover. 8.5x11, 176 pages, color and b/w illustrations.

[Brownlow Silver Collection] Catalogue of Magnificent English Royal Plate, the property of the Right Honorable The Lord Brownlow, removed from Belton House, Grantham. London; Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd.: May 29th, 1963. A highly important and impressive collection of plate, much of it with Royal connections -Queen Charlotte's inkstand, the Speaker of the House of Commons' 1768 dinner service with Royal Arms, Queen Mary II's gold patch box, and more armorial plate for minor Royals. In addition to all the armorials flying around, many of these pieces are rare and unusual forms. Hardcover. 7.5"x10", 35 pages plus 1 color and 27 b/w plates and 3 folding b/w plates.

Brunner, Herbert. Altes Tafelsilber. Munchen; F. Bruckmann: 1964. The original German edition of this popular and well illustrated study of old table silver. An English edition was also published. Hardcover. 7"x9.5", 223 pages, 276 b/w illustrations, 640 marks, dj.

Brunner, Herbert. Old Table Silver. A Handbook for Collectors and Amateurs. London; Faber and Faber: 1967. A great history of table silver, including all sorts of bowls, pitchers, beakers, tankards, jugs, coffee and tea pots, caddies, castors, breakfast services, tureens, sauces, eggs cups, plates, salvers, chargers, trays, stands, flatware, and more! Hardcover. 7"x10", 225 pages, color frontispiece and 261 b/w illustrations, dj.

Buchanan, Margaret. Silver on View at the Grosvenor Museum. An exhibition of silver for the Chester Festival 1973. Grosvenor Museum: 1983. A loan exhibition of the silver of Chester silversmiths. Softcover. 6"x8.5", 55 pages, b/w illustrations.

Buck, John H. Old Plate, Ecclesiastical, Decorative and Domestic; Its Makers and Marks. New York; The Gorham Manufacturing Company: 1888. One of the first attempts to study old silver as an item of interest to collectors, and without doubt the best of these early studies. It was also the first study to treat American colonial silver seriously, albeit with only a single chapter, and that was mostly devoted to church plate. In the second edition of this book in 1903 Buck would greatly augment this material. Buck was later instrumental in the organization of the historic 1906 exhibition of American silver at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the first such exhibition devoted to American silver. Hardcover. 6"x9.5", 268 pages, 82 b/w and line illustrations.

Buck, John H. Old Plate, Its Makers and Marks. NY: Gorham Manufacturing Company, 1903. Enlarged edition. 6.5"x10", 327 pages, b&w plates and line illustrations.

Buck, John H. The Early Church Plate of Salem, Massachusetts. Salem; printed for the Essex Institute: 1907. Reprinted from the Essex Institute Historical Collections, Volume XLIII, pp. 97-114. Most of the pieces, with only a few exceptions, were made by Colonial silversmiths. Jeremiah Dummer, John Coney, John Burt, Benjamin Burt, and others. Churches include the First Church; Second Church; St. Peter's Church; the Tabernacle Church; The North Church; The South Church; The First Baptist Church. Softcover. 6.25"x9.5", 18 pages 1 b/w plate illustrating plate from the First Church.

Buck, John H. Catalogue of the Collection of Spoons Made by Mrs. S. P. Avery. New York: 1914. Softcover.

Buck, John H. & R.T.H. Halsey. American Silver, the Work of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Silversmiths. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1906. This exhibition was the first to be devoted exclusively to the work of American silversmiths and was of great importance in generating interest in the work of American Colonial silversmiths. It also provided valuable information to scholars and early collectors, and the enthusiasm that it generated was in large part responsible for several important subsequent exhibitions. But more than that, it began the tradition of elegant design for silver catalogs. Printed in red and black, with tipped-in plates and a carefully selected typeface and setup, the catalog itself is a typographic delight. Engraved designs are reproduced, and inscriptions are set in italic type. Card covers. 7"x10", 100 pages, plus 30 b/w plates.

Buck, John H. & R.T.H. Halsey. American Silver, the Work of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Silversmiths. Concord; Joslin Hall:1990. A facsimile reprint of the 1906 edition. Softover. 7"x10", 100 pages, plus 30 b&w plates.

Buckton, David (ed.). The Treasury of San Marco. Metropolitan Museum of Art / Olivetti: 1984. The beautifully-produced catalog to this exhibition, featuring the fabulous silver, gold, enamels and other "treasures" of San Marco in Venice. Hardcover. 9"x10.5", 337 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj.

Buhl, Horst, et al. Andreas Moritz, 1901-1983. Nurmberg; Horst Buhl: nd (1980s). A tribute to the life and work of this important silversmith/designer. Copiously illustrated, with several essays (in German). 8.5"x9.5", 282 pages, 112+ b&w (and some color) plates, marks, etc.

Buhler, Kathryn C. Paul Revere, Goldsmith 1735-1818. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1956. The Curator of silver at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and cataloguer of the MFA and Garvan Collections, take a shot at Boston's best-known silversmith. Good reading. Softcover. 8"x9.5", 7 pages plus 64 b/w plates.

Buhler, Kathryn C. Colonial Silversmiths -Masters & Apprentices. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts: 1956. A loan exhibition which explored the relationship between the work of master silversmiths and their apprentices using surviving examples and records. This exhibition was staged to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1906 Exhibition. Softcover. 7.5"x8.5", 98 pages plus 126 b/w illustrations.

(Buhler, Kathryn A.) American Silver: A Fiftieth Anniversary (in the) Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Vol. LIV, No. 297. Autumn:1956. A well illustrated overview of the exhibition. 7"x11", 25 pages, b&w illustrations, softcover.

Buhler, Kathryn C. Mount Vernon Silver. Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union: 1957. A well-illustrated study of Washington's silver by one of the foremost scholars on American silver. Buhler makes extensive use of documents and letters in the Mount Vernon archives. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 75 pages, b/w illustrations.

Buhler, Kathryn C. Masterpieces of American Silver. Richmond; The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: 1960. The catalog to an important loan exhibition which drew pieces from numerous public and private collections and focused on southern silver, a much-neglected area at the time. There are important and interesting essays by Kathryn Buhler titled- "The Hand Craft Era in American Silver", "Important (silversmithing) Centers", "Techniques of the Craft", and "Types (of silver) and Their Uses". Softcover. 10"x8", 99 pages, b/w illustrations; wire-bound.

Buhler, Kathryn. American Silver and Art Treasures, An Exhibition... London: 1960. Softcover.

Buhler, Kathryn C. Three Teapots with Some Accessories (in the) Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Vol. LXI, No.324: 1963. Teapots by Hurd, Brigden, and Revere. 6.5"x10.5", 11 pages (article), b&w illustrations, softcover.

Buhler, Kathryn C. Massachusetts Silver in the Harrington Collection. Worcester; printed by the Stinehour Press in an edition of 300 copies: 1965. This fine collection was assembled in the space of just five years, and includes some premier examples of Massachusetts 18th century colonial silver, and several rare examples of the 17th century. Kathryn Buhler catalogs the collection and includes an interesting foreword on the history of collecting American colonial silver. Hardcover. 8.5"x10", 121 pages, b/w plates throughout.

Buhler, Kathryn, et al. A Century of Alexandria, District of Columbia & Georgetown Silver, 1750-1850. Washington; Corcoran Gallery of Art: 1966. Limited to 1500 copies.A loan exhibition drawing on private and public collections. The works of 13 silversmiths are represented, and there is an additional list of other area silversmiths who have been identified. Softcover. 5.5"x8.5", 28 pages, b/w illustrations; marks.

Buhler, Kathryn & Graham Hood. American Silver. Garvan and Other Collections in the Yale University Art Gallery. New Haven; Yale University Press: 1970. The Garvan Collection is thought by many to be the single finest collection of early American silver ever assembled. In many ways this important catalog of the collection is the twin of Mrs. Buhler's superb catalog of the Boston MFA Collection. It was a dual effort- Graham Hood took Mrs. Buhler's first draft of the Garvan catalog and expanded it into this handsome and scholarly set which exhaustively documents the pieces. Superb photography by E. Irving Blomstrann combines with detailed and scholarly entries to result in a model reference work. 2 volumes. Hardcover. 8"x10", 644 pages, hundreds of b/w illustrations, slipcased.

Buhler, Kathryn C. American Silver 1655-1825 in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Boston; Museum of Fine Arts/ New York Graphic Society: 1972.   A very important and finely written catalog of this extensive collection of New England, New York, and Philadelphia silver. Each entry is illustrated and fully described, and many marks are illustrated. A handsome production, and a pleasure to use and peruse. Both physically and scholastically, the model of what a collection catalog should be. Softcover. 2 volumes. 7"x11.5", 708 pages, b/w illustrations.

Buhler, Kathryn, et al. Silver Supplement to the Guidebook to the Diplomatic Reception Rooms. Washington; Dept. of State:1973. When you receive diplomats it pays to have lots of nice silver on display. The rooms have LOTS of nice silver -the vast majority is American colonial, catalogued by Buhler, with some nice Paul Storr silver, described by Mark Clark. 8.5"x11", 106 pages, b&w illustrations, softcover.

Buhler, Kathryn C. American Silver. From the Colonial Period through the Early Republic in the Worcester Art Museum. Worcester Art Museum: 1979. It is the misfortune of the Worcester Art Museum to live in the shadow of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, but she has had her own grand benefactors over the years, and has amassed a distinguished collection of American 17th, 18th and 19th century silver. Although many of the more famous pieces have been described elsewhere, this fine catalog by Kathryn Buhler provides a view of the entire collection for the first time. Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 95 pages, b/w illustrations, dj.

Bunt, Cyril G E The Goldsmiths of Italy, some account of their guilds, statutes and work, compiled from the published papers, notes and other material collected by...Sidney J A Churchill. London: Martin Hopkinson and Comapny, 1926. Hardcover. 10"x13' 182 pages, plus color frontispiece and 20 b&w plates.

Bunt, Cyril G E. Chaffers' Handbook to Hall Marks on Gold & Silver Plate. London; William Reeves:1949. 7th edition. 5"x7.5", 158 pages, b&w illustrations.

Burfitt, Ltd. Burfitt, Ltd. Silver Catalogs. London; Burfitt, Ltd: no dates. Four catalogs of antique English silver and Sheffield plate offered by Burfitt. These catalogs have no dates or numbers, but appear to be from the 1930s. One is earlier, with real photos pasted in as the illustrations, instead of printed in halftone as in the other catalogs. These give a very nice selection of antique, mostly 18th and early 19th century English silver and Sheffield plate. 4 catalogs. Softcovers. 11"x8", each has about 20 b/w plates with facing text; 100-180 items in each catalog, all illustrated; one catalog, as noted, has actual photos pasted in.

Burke, Doreen B., et al. In Pursuit of Beauty. Americans and the Aesthetic Movement. New York; Rizzoli & The Metropolitan Museum of Art:1987.The massive, scholarly and profusely illustrated catalog of this major exhibition. There are essays touching on a wide variety of subjects by a number of scholars, and a biographical dictionary of leading Aesthetic Movement figures and companies by Katherine Voorsanger. 10"x12.5", 511 pages, profusely illustrated in color and b&w, softcover.

Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of a Collection of Silversmiths' Work of European Origin. London; printed for the Burlington Fine Arts Club:1901. A loan exhibition of English, French, German, Italian, Flemish and Spanish silver of the 14th-17th centuries. The arrangement of the plates is roughly chronological, providing a progressive survey of the development of European and English silver. A massive catalog. 13"x16.5", lvii + 185 pages plus 120 b&w plates with tissue guards, illustrating 229 pieces.

Burton, E. Milby. South Carolina Silversmiths 1690-1860. The Charleston Museum: 1942. The first edition of a primary, and one of the first, studies of Southern silver. Burton identifies and includes information on 320 silversmiths, arranged by community. Much of the information was drawn from old newspaper advertisements and notices, census records, and similar sources; Burton provides a complete listing of his sources, and the text is annotated. There is a short section of negro silversmiths in 18th and early 19th century Charleston, with a discussion of slave craftsmen and brief notes on 4 who were identified. Softcover. 6"x9", 311 pages, 17 b/w plates.

Burton, E. Milby. South Carolina Silversmiths 1690-1860. Rutland; Charles Tuttle: 1968.  Hardcover. 6.5"x9.5", 311 pages, 17 b/w plates, dj; marks.

Bury, Shirley. Victorian Electroplate. London; Country Life: 1971. A concise and scholarly survey of the world of electroplated silverware in Victorian times. Electroplate, invented by Elkington & Co. in 1840, became wildly popular, and made highly decorated and stylized silver forms available at nominal cost to the English middle class. From the Country Life Collectors' Guides series. Hardcover. 5.5"x7.5", 63 pages, b/w illustrations, dj.

Butler, Robin & Gillian Walkling. The Book of Wine Antiques. Woodbridge; Antique Collector's Club: 1986. An enormously popular, profusely illustrated, enthusiastically written book. Labels, corkscrews, tasters, coolers, funnels, decanters, coaster, glasses, furniture, punch stuff, and much, much more! Hardcover. 8.5"x11", 287 pages, loaded with color and b/w illustrations, dj.

[Butlin Collection] Magnificent Old English Silver-gilt and Important Silver. The property of Sir William Butlin, M.B.E. London; Christie's: July 17, 1968. Magnificent Georgian and Regency silver-gilt pieces, as well as 4 Charles II gilt sconces; really a very nice collection. Softcover. 7"x9.5", 35 pages plus 1 folding color and 27 b/w plates, 1 folding; 47 lots.

Butt, Lillian Stuart (&) Bernard L. Herman. Michael Shaver, Silversmith [contained in] The Historical Society of Washington County, VA Series II, No. 12. Abingdon; The Historical Society of Washington County: 1974.A short biography of this Abingdon silversmith who lived from 1775-1859.  Softcover. 6"x9", silversmith article- 6 pages, 5 b/w illustrations.


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