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We've been serving collectors, dealers and institutions since 1982 with interesting and unusual ephemera, books, photographs, and other
, including Americana,
the arts, architecture, design, technology, funeral arts & mourning customs, fakes & forgery, and life in other days.


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Catalog 407: Death, Funerals & Mourning

Catalog 406: Dresdens

Catalog 405: One if By Air, Two if by Sea, Air-Craft & Ocean Craft

Catalog 404: A Happy Little Picture -Pictorially Pleasing 19th C. Ephemera

Catalog 403: Patriotic American Sheet Music

Catalog 402: Americana

Catalog 401: Potent Potables

Catalog 400: Textile Labels

Catalog 399: We Will Not Stand for That! Sitting Women in Vernacular Photography

Catalog 395: Travelin' Man: Men on the Go in Vernacular Photography

Catalog 397: Going Places! Women & Vehicles in Vernacular Photography

Catalog 393: Americana

Catalog 390: All in a Day's Work

Catalog 389: Fashionista

Catalog 386: Oh Snap! 20th Century Vernacular Photography

Catalog 381: Vintage Camera Manuals & Literature

Catalog 380: The Fourth of July

Catalog 375: The Card Catalog, 19th Century Business Cards

Catalog 373: A Grave Affair: Graves, Mourning & Memorial Arts

Catalog 372: Jack of All Trades, A Survey 0f 19th Century Business Cards

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